World of Tanks Open Beta Hits PS4 December 4th

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World of Tanks Open Beta Hits PS4 December 4th

Tanks. Tanks, tanks, tanks!

Hello again. TJ, Project Lead at here with some great news. World of Tanks is holding an Open Beta Weekend December 4th through the 6th. No sign-ups are necessary, just download the game on PS4 and start battling it out in 15v15 heavy metal tank battles!

“What is World of Tanks?” you may be asking yourself. Well simply put, it’s the most successful tank action\MMO\shooter out there and now it’s coming to PS4. You choose from a variety of tanks from different nations (ex. USA, Germany, Russia, etc.) to get started, and then hop into battle. Every match earns you rewards to upgrade your tanks and acquire new ones. You can also use these resources to customize your tanks with supplies, equipment, camos, emblems and inscriptions.

There are 5 tank classes to choose from to fit your playing style, light scouts, medium brawlers, heavy monsters, tank destroyers and Artillery. You’ll play in 15 versus 15 multiplayer battles on dozens of maps from around the world. Fight it out in lush jungles, barren deserts, dense cities, and more.

World of Tanks is completely free-to-play, it costs nothing to check it out and nothing to reach the furthest point in the game. There’s no pay-to-win here as all premium items are cosmetic or help you earn experience faster. All your progress in the Open Beta will carry over into the full game when it launches, so get a head start on your friends while you can.

As a bonus, we’re giving away an exclusive PS4 premium tank with a PlayStation inspired skin just for downloading the game. Play during the Open Beta weekend and we’ll award you with a second premium tank with a custom emblem. This free premium tank, the M22 Locust, is one of my all-time favorite American Scout tanks and I’m excited to have you try it out.

Are you heading to PlayStation Experience on the same weekend as the Open Beta? Fear not, World of Tanks will be there on the floor at booth #1200 playable on PS4, with developer stage presentations, a player gathering, and more. We’ll have live game competitions with prizes every hour and you’ll even get a chance to get another free exclusive premium tank. That means you can get at least 3 exclusive premium tanks and additional prizes if you play your cards right.

World of TanksWorld of Tanks

World of Tanks on PS4 will continue to have exclusives at launch, like custom and earnable free Girls und Panzer content (hint, think tank). There will be two PS4 exclusive maps at launch including the biggest map ever made for World of Tanks.

It doesn’t stop there either as we’re supporting the game with huge monthly releases of more maps and tanks. To learn more about World of Tanks on PlayStation 4, head over to and sign up. We’ll send you regular updates about World of Tanks on PS4, including game tips and further announcements regarding the beta and release.

It’s hard to believe the Open Beta is launching in just two short weeks. Mark your calendars and I’ll see you on the Battlefield in World of Tanks on PS4.

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  • Hmmm, and does it have cross-platform servers? I wanna play with/against my brother but he doesnt have PS4.

    • There is no cross-platform play for PlayStation 4 – PS4 players can play against PS4 players, etc. This game is separate from the PC version.

    • WG i play on pc and on WOWS i put £50 in the game can i have my tanks swap to ps4 ?. And to all ps4 players the a good mod to have call XVM give the win % u have to win the game. ( it will not go pass 10% )

    • It would be great if ps4 players could go against xbox one got a few friends that play on xbox

  • Sorry, the website cannot be found.

  • Will be cool to see how this game is since I never played it before. Also hope it will launch in January to give playstation players a few games for that month :)

    • Prepare to be addicted, after having played many thousands of battles on pc and 360 I am really excited for ps4 beta! Shoot me a friend request on psn and when the game drops we can platoon together and I’ll help you learn the basics. Happy Tanking!

  • Nice! I’ve heard a lot about this from a good friend of mine. I cannot wait for the beta!

    A question or two though. Will progress and such for PC players transfer or will the PS4 version be its own and separate? Also, any shiny trophies for this game too?

    • Hey ossie!

      The progress for PC won’t transfer over to PS4 as they’re different games (with some balance, gameplay adjustments, etc). The PS4 will be it’s own separate version. :)

      In regards to Trophies – nothing to announce at this time.

  • I’m excited to play WoT again. Really enjoyed it way back when. You guys should get some Valkyria Chronicles tank skin DLC going. ;)
    I wanna drive the Edelweiss

    • Oh also, is it possible to link my old account?

    • Hey Ouren –

      The PS4 version of the game will be separate to the other versions, meaning that you can’t transfer progress from one platform to another. Your account for PS4 will actually be separate from your account as it will be tied to your PSN ID.

  • “Girls und panzer” content. Guess they’re anime fans too!

  • Hey guys,question here.I live in Donbass and i have Ps4,im ready for WOT,so hype!So,my question is,where there be some russian servers?Or Europe ones ?If so,where they will be located,asking for connection purposes since i wont be able to play on NA servers with 300 ping :( hope you understand,also i have 2 megabyte speed and will i be able to play it ?Thank you!

  • I can not wait to play! There is so much hype for this. I’ve been practicing on Xbox 360 and pc t o get ready for this. I have a small question. Can you please show us a little of the Girls Und Panzer? Or at least say if it includes most of the anime series important tanks like the Hippo Team’s tank Sturmgeschütz III Ausf.F?

  • Awesome TJ Wagner!Just wanted to know where is it going to be?Secret info?Anyways,thank you for the answering the question!I think the success of the game lies within developers and their communication with players ;)

    • Europe datacenter is fin Frankfurt. Eastern Russian hasn’t been decided upon yet but we have multiple datacenters there for the PC version so I am sure we will share with one of theirs.

  • WOT was one of my favourite games on the PC and I’m delighted to see it has now been ported to the PS4. I’m disappointed the T-50-2 has been scrapped, as it was by far my favourite tank. I guess I will have to get my head around the MT-25, although I understand it’s rather a downgrade. Anyway, the game is a blast, whatever tank you use. I’m looking forward to it.

  • I’m going to earn all of the girls und panzer content before all my friends do.

  • TJ,amazing!I love this already!Upcoming question,if i play on EU and get something on it,but later on u will release RU servers as well,do i have to start from the beginning or i can jsut transfer it ?

    • The console version is worldwide so no matter what server you play on your account is the same. No account transfers necessary.


  • Are these dates conflicting with the Uncharted 4 multi beta? I don’t hope I have enough storage on the SP4 to participate and contribute to both betas

    • They both start on the 4th but Uncharted runs till the 13th, so play World of Tanks 4th – 6th and then switch to Uncharted. Then you can decided for yourself which is the best multiplayer experience ;)


  • yes finally when i saw this just a few weeks a go i got so exited since ive played on both pc and xbox i did better on xbox three tere ten in a matter of weeks just grind that out now im so happy iget to do it agin

  • I AM SO EXCITED. I have been playing World of Tanks on my XBOX 360 and now XBOX ONE for quite some time. But most of my close friends that live in the same city as me play on Playstation. I have been telling them for so long about WOT and when I heard that is was coming to PS4 I told them to get ready. If you have played War Thunder on your PS4 you will never play it again. WOT is such an amazing game. I also play World of Warplanes on my PC and World of Warships also. If and when they bring them to PS4 I dont think I will have a need for any other game.


    • “If and when they bring them to PS4 I dont think I will have a need for any other game.”

      OK, I have a new goal now, thanks.


  • Hello! A wayting WOT on PS4 for a long time! I hope that PS4 cant be without such greate game like WOT! And she come, its very good! I have two questions – 1. I heared that WOT will be on 30 fps tthis is the final and no changes are planned to do 60fps. Or maybe i heared wrong information? 2. Do you concede the possibility of developing mods for PS4 version of the game like PC version (maybe it will be a payed content and the developers of the mods can have the money for it) I not a developer i just player who want to play with comfort =) Thanks for answering! You do greate game!

    • Hello!

      Thanks for the questions, in answer:

      1. World of Tanks for PS4 will be full 1080p at 30fps. We felt that full screen res and high detail tanks and maps at 30fps was a better experience for the game than downscaling or reducing textures. It is 30 super high detailed tanks on large maps after all.

      2. That’s right, we can do mods on PS4! We’ve been so heads down on getting the game ready I didn’t even think of that. What are some of your favorite mods?


    • Sorry that answer no fast, favorite mode are from Jove(Virtus pro team) I think that this mod has all function which original game does not have;)

    • And for 30 fps – I understand that you want that the game have best resolution and high quality detail but I very hope that you do great optimization that the game not will be like slow motion like in games such as GTA 5 and others. Do not lost dynamic ;) Good luck I believe in your team!!!

  • I loved playing the game on the PC and got up to tier 8. Then I took a break for a long time. I was wondering if I log onto my WoT account onto the PS4, will I still have my tier 8 tanks? I would like to keep all the tanks I currently own if that would be possible. Thanks for reading!

    • Kurrrl,

      Transfer from Xbox or PC is not possible at this time. We haven’t given up on finding a way but there are some barriers that are hard to overcome.


    • can you go into more detail as to why you can not do that? it shouldn’t be to hard to make a data compiler that you can connect your xbox and PS4 accounts to a wargaming unified account thing you have for (world of tanks/world of warships/ world of tanks generals)

  • Do you need PS PLUS to play.

  • Great TJ! This means that there will be no such thing as on PC,when u need to create a new profile if u want to play on different cluster.On ps4 u will just choose any server and u will be playing with ur account,that is the best for me!

  • Will we be able to get a head start on the download before Open Beta?

  • I soooooooooo need this back in my gaming life atm..
    It’s been so long since my pc died on me.

  • TJ, most of ppl love the mod when on mini map u can see what’s your view range,if you understand what i mean :) Also some people love those XVM stats,as a PC player i can assure you,that XVM will be a nice addition to a full game.Also looking forward to personal missions like on PC version if there will be any! ;) Thank you for your answers!

  • Can’t wait to get back into my Tank Destroyers. I’ve missed WoT since I moved over from the Xbox 360. Will the Russian Tanks be in the Beta?

  • I understand I wont be able to play against PC since it’s a whole different animal. But will we be able to play our XBOX friends?

    • Considering XBOX 360 and ONE are two different consoles as well?

    • Unfortunately no, that’s not allowed.

    • the xbox one and the xbox 360 player can play against each other, however they can not interact with each other outside of the match they are randomly thrown into.
      you can invite them to a platoon, you cant send friend requests or send player feedback

      but than again xbox one and xbox 360 are much, much more similar to each other than the PS3 and PS4 are.

  • When we will be able to download client?

  • how are you going to make the PS4 version successful when PC has most of the people interested in the game and xbox has all the people that can’t afford a PC to play it on and the people that want to play on a console for the controls and a game network like xbox live?
    no one is going to switch over from PC or xbox, throw away all their had work and money they have put into the game to buy a PS4 and start from scratch with nothing. that only leaves you with people that already have a PS4 AND were not interested in world of tanks enough to buy a PC or xbox to play it.
    now if you were at least able to let me transfer my research progression and premium tanks over from my xbox account (even if it was only a one-time thing) I would switch in a heartbeat, and im sure many other would to and it shouldn’t be to hard to link the progression data from a xbox or PC account to a PS4 account. wargaming owns all the data on its own servers, you can just link it all through the hole unified account thing you have going on with the PC “would of tanks/world of warships” account, you don’t have to have a good PC to make a wargaming account, and EA does something similar with their games.

    • Well… I am one of this people who played WOT on Xbox and PC and when I heard that wot release on ps 4 I waiting it and will play only on ps4 because I have not powerful PC. And I think that I am not alone ;)

    • when u write a comment it says “Open to everyone.but don’t be a jerk”,you should read it mate
      u asking brand new platform and game to be able to transfer all your stuff from PC game(which made by Minsk)to a PLaystation game(which made by different people)in some moments it is similar,but PC WOT is dying and Minsk is hardly doing anything to restore it,even after Viktor Kisliy’s interview,where Murazor and Jove with Amway921 tried to tell him what the hell is going on with the game right now.WG cannot transfer an account from NA to RU servers just for PC and here you are demand transfer your profile from a Computer to a totally different platform.It is not possible,at least for now and probably wont be at allToo much work,PC WOT is broken at the moment and it has waaaay more problems if talk only about gameplay,not even taking graphics and sound and so on.I have been working with RU community and developers and trust me the biggest problem with Tanks on PC is that developers dont actually listen to their players and they do what they want.World of Tanks on different platforms is an amazing idea.Gives u the opportunity to take a huge break from old-broken PC version.

    • Some people don’t play Xbox because of personal experience. I used to be a hardcore Xbox user but I switched to PlayStation because of unfairness of the Xbox. I loved World of Tanks on Xbox and I will gladly start over on my home system even though I had most of the trees researched. It’s all just personal opinion in the end. People will play what they want on what console they want.

  • The uncharted 4 beta is out on that same day so it looks like i wont be playing this lol

  • What date when WoT comes out?

  • I love German tanks and I was wondering if the German Tank Tree will be in the beta? If it’s possible could you tell us which Research Trees are in the beta?

  • Question,how much will beta weight ?or a last version ?

  • WG can i swap my tanks from pc to ps4 i put £50 playing WOT

    • Im afraid you cant from pc to PS, its the same from pc to Xbox or Xbox to PS, they are technically different games and the design is different for each. you will be very unlikly to swap the tanks over

  • Hey i play wot on xbox, will everything be transferred over?

  • Guys,guys,guys,guys………….guys,the question about transferring was answered like a million times-no

  • When the first beta weekend is done will it be shut down or will it continue til the full release

  • Question,will there be a tank reward for testing ?I mean there will be a locust,but what about high tier tanks ?So after the release some of beta-players would have already something big?

    • Hi, the only tank they have said is the locust, I’m guessing by what they said above there are 2 more tanks but probably by completing missions on the 4th-6th of december, they wont release what the tanks are until the 4th when you can download the game

  • TJ,how do you support an idea about making a dead tank on Halloween?I know it has past already,but the main thing of dead tank will be that his crew members are already dead and you cannot knock them out :)

  • Will world of tanks be free to download when the full game comes out?

    • yea this game has in game purchases, which dont have to be bought to be good at the game, meaning this game can be free and still make a profit

  • cant wait! played on pc for years, but more friends on ps4 and easier to join teams and chat (and record footage) what date is release for the full game?

    (birthday on 6th of december so this is great timing ;) )

  • Where can i downlode WOT to my ps4? Is IT from PlayStation store or wargaming net? Thanks for reply:)

  • Look me up on XBOX (purepr2008), play 360\XBOX1 will be happy to help any PS4 member out to learn the game correctly. As soon as you can get the

    I primarily play American and Russian

    American Line: M4, RAMII, T1 Heavy, T20,T29,T32, T14 and M6

    Other tanks to get all the Maitildas, Churchill’s and KV’s

    Stay away from China and Japan, week armor

    Crew Perks: Sixth Sense, Camouflage, Binoculars and Repairs

    Tip easiest way to kill any tank sides or rear or if you are a good shot commanders hatch, never the front Turret

    See you all Friday and bring your game face

  • Key to remember you can better help your team with a head set, so please have one. unlike the Xbox community the PS4 players are not as adolescent

    Tip 2: if you find yourself in a tier 7 game as a Tier 5 player, play wisely and use cover and either spot for your team or wait till you know you can get the kill. Arties are the easiest to kill in the game

    This game has a high learning curve, so new players then to get killed a lot at first, I had no one but YouTube to help me out how to play. Look up mighty jingles he has good videos about WOT

    You guys do what you want. but learn the maps so you know where not to go and don’t always feel you have to get every kill, it is a team game and not a solo effort

  • WOT you need to let XBOX players bring over bring their tanks to the PS4, everyone at my level worked hard to get their and yes it can be done. PS3 to PS4 game did it and brought some content over, they gave us a very short window and a one time offer. I work in corporate IT so I know you can get her done and more people would be happier on the PS4 playing?

    • Purepr Who are you trying to teach a game??So rude,so rude…Did you really think people here dont know how to play a game?Coming here like a “Smart-butt”and trying to show yourself off,we all know what need to do and what’s happening and i still cannot understand how ignorant people can be if developers said NO TRANSFERS…and yet there are blind people with disabilities who cant see or read :)Right purepr?

  • Not rude, just want PS4 players to know things a head of time that’s all, so they can have a better experience playing WOT.

  • Not to you to decide it.Everyone knows about it,so no need to show yourself like that.It’s up to them to decide what they want to grind for and play on,so keep your experience to yourself.Only thing u want is attention…pathetic

    • This is a blog it is just information in one of my comments had you read them all the way through I stated:

      “You guys do what you want”

      This information may help others who are not well verse in the game, do you have over 3,300 battles on WOT?

      If so you should share some information for new people like I have so they will have a better idea on how play and die less in the game.

      Please stop replying back to my comments it quite evident you do not comprehend what I was saying to others that may find some of this information useful, but thank you for your comments anyway

      See you on the battlefield everyone

  • This isnt just a blog of information,here we communicate with developers,not guys like you,having 3k battles…
    Baby-girl,i have played 45k in total on PC,30 on RU and 15 on NA.So the only info u should share that people have to experience on their own what tanks they want to play. I have 54% win ratio,around 2k wn8 and i love Japanese meds and Chinese tanks.You think that they dont have armor so they cant be played as equivalents to other tanks…Sad man,really sad.Thinking that armor can count for something….Now it is time of GUN-SPEED and paper tanks.

  • I will reply to whom i want,alright?World of Tanks got around half a World popularity and yet here you are thinking that new players will try it,first of all, they will look for some gameplay-learning vids and about 70% of people who will be playing on PS4 knows what WOT is and how it should be played.I would understand if you were talking like that when the Xbox version was coming out,but not with ps4….Same if a Blizzard releases Warcraft on Tablets and Phones and you will be screaming on forums how to play it :)
    World of Tanks barely gets a new amount of players.Even if they do,they wont be even knowing of this blog and so on.
    You are reminding me about one of WOT patches when they released a training with bots….Like cmon,game has been around for 5 years and not so long ago you decided you introduce training with bots….

    As i said,you are trying to get an attention from people here:”Oh,add me up on Xbox,i will teach you,i will tell you,im the best”
    Like….really m8 ?

  • Please stop trolling and add some something positive to the blog, I am sure others would appreciate a positive comment from you about WOT.

    As far as attention goes sorry I am not the one ranting on this blog, I help anyone who wants to play a game I play and no I am not the best in any game, but I do learn from good players how to play a game correctly and share that information on to whom ever needs it.

  • Says the one,who is trying to promote himself here.You should have said everything in the first place and show yourself in more simple way…As you say,mister “Jesus-help everyone and add me up because i will teach you something with 3k battles”

  • Do we know as to what time tomorrow it will be available to download and play?

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