Beyond: Two Souls Coming to PS4 on Nov. 24th, Heavy Rain Out Next Year

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Beyond: Two Souls Coming to PS4 on Nov. 24th, Heavy Rain Out Next Year

Hello, PlayStation fans. I’m pleased to announce that Beyond: Two Souls is coming to PS4 next week, complete with graphical improvements and new fan-requested features. You’ll be able to download it from PlayStation Store starting November 24th for $29.99.

Players will have another chance to experience the story of Jodie Holmes (played, excellently, by Ellen Page), a young woman who possesses supernatural powers through her psychic link to an invisible entity. Holmes’ journey is intertwined with the complex Dr. Dawkins (brought to life by the inimitable Willem Dafoe), on PS4.

Beyond: Two Souls on PS4

The PS4 edition of the game features a number of improvements:

  • Enhanced 1080p graphics including motion blur, bloom and depth of field effects, as well as improved lighting and shadows. The game also makes use of the DualShock 4 speaker to improve immersion when playing as the Entity.
  • Decisions are highlighted at the end of each scene and compared with those made by other players.
  • You can now play the game in chronological order right from the start – a much requested feature in the PS3 version!
  • Increased difficulty in certain fight scene, combined with improved controls for action sequences.
  • Includes the “Enhanced Experiments” DLC.

Update: An earlier version of this post stated that players would have to complete the game before being able to play it in chronological order. This feature is unlocked from the start of the game.

Beyond: Two Souls on PS4Beyond: Two Souls on PS4

We can also now confirm that Heavy Rain will be coming to PS4 digitally next year on March 1st. For those attending PlayStation Experience this year, you’ll be able to get hands-on time with both Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain.

What’s more, those who purchase Beyond: Two Souls digitally will be entitled to download Heavy Rain on PS4 when it releases at a discount.

We really hope you enjoy revisiting these games or experiencing them for the first time!

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  • Any chance of a physical package with the two games bundled together?

    • Yes, confirmed on the .FR PlayStation Blog

      ~I had to translate the page to English~

      “We are also able to confirm that The Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls Collection, announced in June this year, will be available at all dealers from March 2, 2016 (and March 4 in the UK)”

    • A phsical package containing both games is planned,however,it is looking like a late march 2016 release..
      Theses titles were already in development for ps4,guessing the heavy rain title brought a few problems to the table,hence the late release of it.I think both titles were planned for a christmas release…

    • I’d gladly pay $59.99 for a physical 2 pack of these games. I technically still have plenty of HDD space on my PS4, I just prefer physical media.

    • I was hoping that beyond:two souls would be release on disc for PlayStation 4

    • I didn’t get the chance to play them on my PS3, so this is good to hear. I really wanted to play Heavey rain. I too would like it to be in physical media but since I just got the 1TB PS4, I say, bring it on!!!!

    • Both titles will be available as individual digital releases, with a two-game bundle also available both digitally and physically.

  • Oh nice! Can we please play chronologically from the get go? :)

  • Why not both in pack?
    What price for unit?

  • No physical edition? My HDD is suffering.

    • @NX_Nytrux both physical an digital games take the EXACT same install size on console.

    • i also prefer physical games as well due to hard drive constraints. I know they take up the same amount of space but its easier to delete a game and reinstall it later from a disc for those of us that have slow internet. I live in an area where the fastest tier offerred (which i have) just isnt fast enough to download massive games from PSN quickly.

    • Yeah, but the disc is my backup for future reinstall.

  • I wish you guys would release a retail disc with both of them on it for like $39.99. I really like that you brought them to PS4 but having them at retail would have been a good idea as well.

  • I was hoping for a cross-buy copy if already owned digitally on the PS3, but barring that, I’m surprised there’s no discount for people who already own the PS3 version digitally.

    Steam has discounts for re-releases of games if previously owned (Sleeping Dogs and Van Helsing come to mind immediately), I was hoping PSN would do something similar.

  • Wow, I didnt see that coming. Never had the chance to try it on PS3, so its very welcomed.

  • i really want to buy these games but only on a disc. my internet is to slow for these big game file. and i see I’m not the only person hoping for a double pack disc release. make it happen sony

  • I would buy a physical copy, but I’m not buying a digital one.

  • Yeey was realy looking forward to this one on the PS4. Nice supprice it’s verry soon.
    I only hoped for a hard copy.
    @Guillaume, is there a hard copy comming for this one?

  • With the Euro at almost 1:1 in exchange with USD, I’ll just import if I still feel like buying it next year.

  • In the original press release (found here: It was stated that a physical edition would be available in the EU. Will this physical edition come out here as well?

    note: this press release stated that the ENTIRE release would be limited to EU originally but later it was specified that it would get a NA release as well. as we’re seeing with today’s announcement.

  • i won’t be home on November 24 to buy it and download it. i am going visit to my sister in another state. is there pre-order for this game ?

  • I just wanted to chime in to say that I would also greatly prefer a physical version of these games. Whether it is a double pack or individual releases doesn’t matter.

  • I’m in agreement with most of the people here: I’d be interested in a physical purchase but a digital one (for the same price because it costs the same to release digitally?) is out of the question unless it’s the ~only~ way we can experience it and, well, both of these games came out already. Still unhappy about the Yakuza 5 digital release but, you know, Sega.

  • I can’t wait for Quantic Dream to announce the game they make after “Detroit”- “PSILoveYouXOXO: A Journey”

  • You know who is REALLY excited about this news?

    That guy on Playstation Live who constantly streams the dinner date scene from this game off-screen!

  • I second the notion of a physical bundle of the 2 games. Please!?

    • Actually, I’d prefer SEPARATE physical copies of the two games.

      It would be annoying to have one or the other out of place on my game shelf. I like to keep that thing organized, yo. This ain’t a bucket of LEGOs! :v

  • Another Remaster…. Gee Thanks?? Hey how about fixing the PS4 by :
    1-Make it backwards compatible
    2-Remove Online play Paywall from behind PSMinus OR chill out on the shovelware and add some AAA Titles to PSminus
    3-Improve controller durability and battery life
    4-add standard 1tb hdd

    Keeping in mind both the XB1 AND PS4 are already outdated with inferior hardware, I have to say Microsoft has done circles around sony these past 2 years from everything i’ve seen, read and heard…. Just saying. I own PS3 and 4 along with a gaming PC; I Never use the PS4, sometimes i play Ps3, 90% of my gaming and gaming purchases are on PC/Steam.

    Cyas when you announce the yearly Outdated Triple A for xmas and to hook in the day one adopter subs for another year of junk mail. Good day and happy gaming everyone :)

    • If they make it backwards compatible will you actually be playing any of your old games on it? Also if you play/purchase 90% of your games on the PC then why you are wanting them to remove the paywall on the PS4 since it clearly doesn’t impact you in anyway since you don’t even game on it. Sure it’s terrible they decided to lock it behind a paywall, but you have to remember we have to blame Microsoft who you clearly praised in your post for making such a feature a reality when they did it with Xbox Live.

    • None of those are issues that need to be “fixed.”

      But you did leave out:
      -Allow changing of our freaking PSN IDs.

    • PS4 will never get PS3 backward compatibility. There simply isn’t the horsepower in the PS4 to emulate the Cell. Any hopes of that happening just need to be put away.

      Online play will likely never be free again, either. You can thank Microsoft for that. I’d imagine that some AAA games will start making their way to Plus in the not too distant future, however. It’s just kind of crazy to expect big games on the service this soon into its life. The Vita didn’t get much in the way of AAA games until it had been out a while, either.

      Controller durability isn’t an issue in my experience. Take care of your stuff. Battery life, on the other hand…

      There’s already a TB SKU for the PS4.

  • Beyond Two Souls is one of my favorite PS3 games and possibly my favorite game of all time. But I’ll hold off on this purchase because the Bloodborne DLC comes out on the same day. Hoping for that physical package with Heavy Rain. Come on guys, we got Sony to make a physical copy for Gravity Rush Remastered, let’s do the same for this!!

  • Please PlayStation, answer us!

    Physical Edition when? many of my friends are done with the HDD capacity and many of then can’t afford to buy a Nyko Data Bank or a total HDD replacement, understand us please. Hoping to your answer, thanks!

    • A physical edition doesn’t make a difference in hard drive space, since all PS4 games install on your hard drive whether it’s physical or digital.

    • @Hiroshima711: Please stop repeating yourself on this issue.

      Most folks are well aware of the fact that all games install to the HDD, not just digitally licensed copies. However, installation and reinstallation are vastly different between a digital license and a physical game–both with regard to HDD space management AND download time.

      All of that also ignores the relevant consumer ownership rights issues inherent to the digital/physical debate. You literally own nothing when you pay for a digital license.

    • We’re really excited to finally reveal that two classic Quantic Dream games are coming to PlayStation 4 only for Europe and the PAL region – we’re bringing both Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls to a PS4 near you soon. Both titles will be available as individual digital releases, with a two-game bundle also available both digitally and physically. Late march

  • Awesome. Never had a chance to play these before, and have always wanted to. Great news.

  • Beyond was so good, but I felt it was overlooked because it was released very close to the PS4’s release. It’s definitely worth picking up. Great story.

  • We need physical copies of both of those games .

  • I’m looking forward to Heavy Rain! Have always wanted to give that title a go.

  • I’m gonna complain about the lack of a physical release that includes both games like the one being released in Europe. Hopefully Sony will listen to fans like they did with Gravity Rush Remastered. I’ve already played (and loved) Heavy Rain, and I’m looking forward to playing the Beyond remaster.

    • As someone who feels that Heavy Rain is one of the greatest games in the history of PlayStation, I found Beyond to be a massive disappointment. Although they are story-driven games, Heavy Rain really lays it on with some stressful moments and challenging button presses. In Beyond, you basically just press circle for the entire game.

  • I’m looking forward to this one, and at such an outstanding price! I’m enjoying a bit of PSNow at the moment, but hopefully I’ll be able to get to this soon!

  • I NEED a physical copy of both games. Not a fan of digital only at all. Otherwise I will be waiting until these games are super cheap.

  • Will owners of the digital version of Beyond: Two Souls for PS3 get a discount for the PS4 version?

  • To Quantic Dream & Sony,

    Physical retail disc release for both Beyond Two Souls & Heavy Rain or I am simply not buying. I do not support digital distribution.

    Why physical disc?

    1. I can replay these games when I am 80 years old & not worry when these titles are no longer on servers. And I don’t want to stream my games via a PS Now or whatever it’s called in the future.

    2. I am a collector & love to have my disc cases displayed.

    3. I can delete & reinstall at my convenience.

    • Disc version or get out.

    • Same here. I was interested in this but if there’s no physical release I’m not getting it. Same with Bloodborne the Old Hunters and Yakuza 5(which you guys are the reason it’s over in the US in the first place.)

      I’m a huge Yakuza fan, finished the first two and platinumed Yakuza 3 and 4, but unless I buy it for $10 or less, I’m not touching a game I won’t be able to play after PSN eventually shuts down on the PS3.

  • “Our Focus is on the new Games” – SCEE President Jim Ryan and this isn’t a new game
    Sony is again Arrogant people

    Give us at least PS1 and PS2 backward compatibility DIGITAL and RETAIL

    • Quantic Dream is not Sony.

      And that’s not what “arrogant” means.

    • i would appreciate if you guys stop defending these corporations thanks
      btw Heavy Rain and Beyond is Sony’s IP

    • I wasn’t defending anyone, just showing you that your comment was wrong in every way it could be wrong.

    • my comment wasn’t wrong, i think your comment is wrong since you said QD is not Sony
      but the IPs are owned by Sony

      so Sony can do whatever they want with their IPs.

    • EDIT. Yes QD is not owned by Sony, But the Ips are owned by Sony

    • Why do you think that remastering games and focusing on new games at the same time isn’t possible? Most of the time, the remasters are done by different studios, not the original makers of the game. Like the Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection was done by Bluepoint, not Naughty Dog. This remaster was probably done by another studio because Quantic Dream is working on Detroit. There’s not reasonable argument you can make against remasters because they take little to no effort to release, and they don’t affect other game projects. Besides, no one is forcing you to buy it.

    • Nobody is forcing you to buy, the same thing was said about microtransaction and dlc and look what we have today

      i quoted what the president of SCEE said when people asked him why we don’t have BC on PS4
      now, i know PS3 games can’t be emulated, but why they didn’t included the PS1 and PS2 BC?

    • You do realize that the release of Beyond and Heavy Rain on PS4 is basically setting the table for the release of Quantic Dreams’ NEW game, don’t you?

  • I loved playing Heavy Rain with the PS Move, but with Beyond lacking this option I never played it

  • How is the discount for Heavy Rain going to work? Will they send us a voucher code?

    • After you complete Beyond you will recieve instructions to walk around a public place screaming Jason, Cage will find you himself and give you some change.

    • More than likely it will be similar to how PS+ works. With the digital license for Beyond attached to your account, you’ll see the discounted price on Heavy Rain when it releases. I doubt you’ll have to do anything extra.

  • Glad to see more PS3 games are coming to PS4, any chance the Jak and Daxter Collection will come to PS4? Don’t care for another graphical improvement, I just want it playable on PS4.

  • It would be great if the “play in chronological order” was unlocked from the start

  • Getting this. It’s odd. I just put my Jodie avatar back about a week ago and then this news shows up. Sweet. Just one question. Will it preload?

  • But beyond in chronical order will make the illusion of decision even more apparent that it really had none. Platted the game and got really bored that my decision always cause the exact same thing to happen next.

    Anyways excited for heavy rain that’s probably one of top favorite games from the PS3. Kind of glad the physical is coming in March cause that’s an easy wait for me since I wouldn’t by Beyond ever again unless it was in a bundle.


    • this was announced quietly last june

    • I don’t think it was announced for NA then though, I remember there being a lot of is it coming here questions.

    • If a game like Beyond Two Souls get announced for Europe, it always (for the most part) comes to US at some point. When this was announced for Europe in June, I presumed that it would also come here.

  • The chronological order needs to be available from the start for people that already played it through why can’t developers just get things right? You shouldn’t have to force somebody to do something they already have done . completely lost my sale. Stupid

  • Why no disc release for the US? Only way I will buy it.

  • I never got a chance to play beyond two souls in 2013 because I was saving up for ps4 and heavy rain I will play again on ps4 and all my ps4. Or all Digital and it’s the future

  • I really don’t understand why people support these re-releases, especially for the prices they sell them at. I just don’t… Oh well, I guess this is what we get this generation of gaming.

    • Because:
      1) they might not have had a PS3 and PS4 might be their first console.
      2) might have not had a chance to play this even if they did have a PS3 (me).
      3) might one the remaster (or port) on the next console.

    • They’re sheeps,most don’t even realize the evil they’re contributing to…PS4 generation is proving itself the worse ever,more and more.Recycled games like these are a cancer in the gaming community….PS3 generation already brought irreversible sickness into the gaming community,it took some time though.PS4 is only in its 2nd year and we already have a thing such as recycled PS3 games…can’t imagine what the future hold for us.”Gaming” is walking to the abyss.

  • I want the bath scene.

  • Slow internet here. Definitely looking forward to a physical retail release. Preferably both games in one package would be super.

  • I probably won’t buy it again but for people who do get it, I hope you guys improve the camera controls with Jodie and instead of the camera constantly trying to force itself in the direction of where you’re “supposed” to go and it feeling like you have to fight against it to freely look around, just let the player have complete control over the camera. Also when playing as Aiden, it would be nice if the camera angle didn’t affect his up and down movement since you had buttons for that and that’s really how it should be. It got very annoying navigating around with him when you’re trying to move around through walls on the same vertical plane and look around but every time you move while looking up or down he also moves in that direction or the opposite if moving backwards. You have the buttons to make him move up or down, which is perfect and exactly why he shouldn’t move up and down based on the view.

    I might also wait and see, if you guys do a physical release with both games, that would be cool and I would almost certainly buy that. It would really be great if those improvements I mentioned in Beyond were present because they were my only real gripes about the gameplay.

  • So are you saying that requested fan feature will be available only for PS4 ver. of the game? And QD nor Sony aren’t going to update the PS3 version of the game with the features?

    That’s because we need to pay second time for the PS4 edition with this fan requested feature, BIG disappointment here!

    I remember than updates and patches were free, now this new trend is terrifying.

  • I am so excited for this. Despite their minor flaws, these are the kind of games that I stick to PlayStation for. I’m so glad 360 and Wii owners who got a PS4 will be able to experience them. I hope that Puppeteer gets a PS4 version soon, as well.

    I’m glad there will be a discount when buying them both. Will Heavy Rain include both the Move and DualShock control schemes? Will Beyond include support for the mobile app? Will Heavy Rain use the touchpad or any other DS4 features?

    I’d *love* to see the Kara and Dark Sorcerer demos as pause-able experience on PS4.

  • Will this be a physical copy soon?

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