Darkest Dungeon Coming to PS4, PS Vita Next Year

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Darkest Dungeon Coming to PS4, PS Vita Next Year

Let me share with you the terrible wonders I have come to know…

We’ve all played dungeon crawlers before, but have you ever had your fighter go on a bender to cope with the horrors he’s witnessed in the darkness? Darkest Dungeon deals with the psychological toll adventurers endure as they brave the nightmarish horrors of the pit. This December, Darkest Dungeon will be coming to PlayStation Experience.

Darkest Dungeon

We’ve always been fans of dungeon crawlers and we’ve all grown up with the gospel of Gygax, but there was one aspect always missing from these adventures of fame and glory. Warriors are always brave, clerics always faithful to their deity. But humans are fragile and become irrational as pressures mount. So we wanted to make a game set in a dark gothic low-fantasy world that would begin to capture what it would be like if a human, not a superhero, lived through the events we see so often in RPGs.

We’ve been working on Darkest Dungeon since April 2013. And coming up this December, a major milestone is happening: for the first time ever we’ll be showing Darkest Dungeon running on PS4! Seeing your game running on a console is a big deal for any developer, and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve always been proud of our game’s visuals, but seeing it on a large TV… it’s never looked better.

So be sure to come by our booth, check out the game and say hello! We will have a special goodie to hand out for those who were brave enough to battle the nightmares that lurk below.

Darkest DungeonDarkest Dungeon

Can’t make it out to San Francisco? That’s a bummer, but don’t worry! Darkest Dungeon will be launching on PS4 and PS Vita in Spring 2016. That being said, PlayStation Experience will be one of the few chances to play the game on PS4 before we release it.

We couldn’t be more excited to bring the game to Playstation, and we look forward to seeing you this December!

A devil walks these halls… only the mad or the desperate go in search of him…

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