Sword Art Online: Lost Song Soars onto PS4, PS Vita

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Sword Art Online: Lost Song Soars onto PS4, PS Vita

It’s time to put on a NerveGear headset and Link Start into the world of ALfheim Online for Sword Art Online: Lost Song! The game is available to purchase and play on PS4 and PS Vita today!

The latest chapter of the Sword Art Online game saga was developed under the close supervision of series creator Reki Kawahara and features an entirely new story that is split from the light novel and anime series. Kirito and his friends are in a new area of ALfheim Online called Svart ALfheim, and are keen to be the first to beat ALO! Along the way however, they meet members of a mysterious new guild, Shamrock. Headed up by katana-wielding swordsman Sumeragi, Shamrock guild’s most famous member is actually the real life genius/in-game pop idol Seven. Will they join forces to beat the game? Or is something more nefarious afoot?

Sword Art Online: Lost Song

In addition to the new story, Sword Art Online: Lost Song allows SAO fans to play as characters other than Kirito. With 18 different options from throughout the series, including Asuna, Leafa, Klein, and more, it’s a great way to spend more time with your favorite characters!

If that’s not enough, you can also create your own character to take into flying or ground battles! Take a peek at the character creator below.

Sword Art Online: Lost Song

Sword Art Online: Lost Song, explore the land of ALfheim Online with up to 3 friends in online co-op, or throw down in 4 vs 4 online PvP. Who do you think would win in a fight like that?

Sword Art Online: Lost Song

What are you looking forward to most in Sword Art Online: Lost Song?

…Link Start!

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  • My money…

  • Played a bit after midnight. Daggers are really fun, and it’s nice having options that are not-Kirito! Haven’t used him since the tutorial. I hear the character customization is severely lacking though but the variety of characters to play as makes up for it a bit.

    The basic attacks are simple weak and heavy attacks, though I’m sure the combat will improve once I unlock more skills.

    The lock-on is iffy as I can’t move the camera without changing targets, target switch being on the right stick is terrible.

    • Once you dig deeper into the gameplay SpeckTech, you can mix in Magic, Battle Skills, Passive Skills, and more to add more variety to your combat!

  • I just wish this games mechanics and combat were a little more interesting. It has pointless story, not even a good main story, and there’s so many characters I just want gone. It”s weird, and maybe enjoyable for a week or so, but after that, it’s quite forgettable.

    • Have you….Played it already, for a while week? You know…Since the U.S. version is coming out later tonight on PSN? Just wondering how you know this information already.

    • @drd7of14 The PS4 version had a midnight launch on PSN.

    • @drd7of14 The Asian version of SAO Lost Song with English subs was released on May 12th 2015. Maybe that’s the version djd-dueces_95 played? I doubt there are major differences though.

    • According to his trophies, he’s done 20% of the trophies, and started playing it in June.

      People always say trophies have no point, no purpose. I always say “What are you talking about, you can find someone’s gaming history and preferences in minutes”

      Which is why it infuriates me that Destiny doesn’t have trophies with progression after the original game. It would be so helpful to be able to see if someone has a light level of X as a minimum, or if they did a raid before, or even if they have the dang expansion or not.

    • My only problem with the game is the combat system. Thanks to dumba$$ namco/bandai I had to import the ps3 version the tutorial nor manual tell me how to block. Once i found out how i discovered it was horrible and useless. You have to be facing your attacker to block that doesn’t help when your best bet at hitting an enemy is locking on to them first.

      the combat bugs me so much that i haven’t even tried online and i still don’t know when i get to create my own avatar. I haven’t touched it in a while it’s been sitting on mt shelf since august i’m glad it only cost me $40 and came with a free copy of gran turismo 6

  • So… Why isn’t it available for download from the store for the vita?

  • Love it so far! Been waiting ages for this!

  • Played a little bit last night. Looking forward to giving it some more time soon. I’m liking it a lot so far.

  • Is this available digitally for PS Vita? I cannot seem to locate it on the Playstation Store for PS Vita.

  • The ps vita vrsons not on the ps store

  • Now, why were we not able to preorder the Vita version on PSN like PS4 owners can? (same goes for Digimon CS)

    • Also are the Share features (including screenshots on Vita) blocked once again, a la Tales of Zestiria?

    • Because it’s the Vita, and it’s unfortunate there’s not better support for it.

    • For your other question Tjoeb123, the only time you shouldn’t be able to share is during in-game movie cutscenes. You should be able to take screenshots at your leisure on your PlayStation Vita!

  • Take my money. I love SAO games after I had watch the anime show of both SAO and SAO II. I current play the SAO Hollow Fragment and can’t wait get my hand on this game in digital. I hope they will release the next SAO game call Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization.

  • I played it on ps4 on midnight until the first boss…
    The good: Flying is amazing, combat promises, since there are a ton of skills on top of light/weight attacks. Areas are huge, and full of enemies. At some points it looks like a musou game (the good parts!). Good framerate for dozens of characters onscreen. Story is light hearted as usual

    The bad: Graphics looked meh, (a couple of ps1 era horrendous textures here and there) and some music was not my taste.

    But overall, a recommended game more so if you are looking for an action JRPG ! :D

  • I’m picking the PS Vita version later today!

    • Hope you like it Hakumen__! I’ve been playing it on the PlayStation 4 but I can’t wait for Thanksgiving weekend to be playing it on my Vita. Yay for Cross-Save!

  • Been playing since last night. If you’re an SAO fan you need this game!

  • Already picked up my VITA version!

  • I’m not a fan of Sword Art Online, but I absolutely adore the .hack series. .hack//GU is one of my favorite set of games from the PS2 era. I would love to see Bandai Namco and CyberConnect2 release more games in that series or, at the very least, sell the series as PS2 Classics on the PS3. Thanks.

    • *Fistbump* I’m right there with ya. I’d love that, too, since those games are pretty pricey now.. HD rereleases with trophies of the GU and original games would be lovely, as well.

    • I am a diehard .hack// fan and I can assure you that Lost Song plays like a.hack// game. I was pleasantly surprised. It is scratching an itch I’ve had for a very long time now…

  • It makes me sad that I have to wait a few weeks to buy this game.

    • What’s the online play like?

      At the moment I don’t have a PS4, but I will be buying one in a couple weeks when I get home from school. Bought some Plus Cards; just need to buy the PS4 and Lost Song.

  • Is this Playstation TV compatible?

  • Hey, will Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment be updated on the Vita to be cohesive? A lot of people paid for it and can’t understand the poorly translated English.

    Thanks for ignoring me in advance.

  • One question, When do you actually get to create your character?

    • Won’t spoil anything… do the story missions first(red arrows pointing on spots on the mini-map) and you should get access to that within an hour-ish. Good luck!

    • I’m plenty of hours in, yes I did do side quests and so on, but unless it unlocks without you realizing, I have not seen this option and my characters are about level 150ish

  • While Kirito is stubborn enough to keep using his NerveGear to log in to ALfheim Online, most ALO players make use of the AmuSphere instead. (Well, there is one other type of interface that is good for ALO, but that one is for a very select type of user.)

    I noticed that the start screen for the Vita retail version lists it as version 2.1.0. Does that mean the game already includes the updates added post-launch in Japan for that edition of the game (such as adding Lux as a playable character, and including the Accel World crossover with Kuroyukihime)? And if not, are there any plans to add those features in a later update, akin to the patch that was offered last year for the Hollow Fragment release?

  • Is Bandai/Namco doing anything about the cheater in Multiplayer/PVP Mode? Yesterday i got 1-Shot by a Katana Player which had +15 Weapons in all his gear slots,

  • Hi I’m going to get this game for sure I love sao I’m a die hard fan but….I played the hell out of hollow fragment… and the first thing that caught my eye and drew me in without a doubt was the ability to customize your character to your liking and naturally I thought wow this can only get better then I see this and it’s just like wtf happen who decided TWO hairstyles TWO! !! Is enough to satisfy hundreds of thousands fans who would play this I mean. .. that person who decided that should be fired immediately. .I really how when I pick this game up you guys updated it because I haven’t checked it yet or you guys need to come out with dlc. Pronto I mean 2 styles ur either this or that come on Bandai your better then this. And don’t get me started on the 2 colors and 3 voices I mean come on guys get it together hire me I’ll help u appeal to your mass crowd of fans and give them what they want and then u can only make a spriggan female so all kirito followers are SoL guys u can do better than that what if someone wanted to be a female salamander who cares? That’s it… no. That’s not right man if it’s not fixed please fix it soon

  • I’m looking at picking it up, but I don’t wanna commit to the wrong version. Besides the £20 price difference in the UK PSN store and the obvious graphical capabilities, what are the differences between the PS4 and PS Vita Versions?

    • Mobs. the amount of monsters on the screen. is something i really noticed. Vita has far less on the screen.. where the ps4 version. the world is just full of them every where.. 20 fly monsters over 20 or so monsters on the ground. that is just counting what is right there in front of me.which actually can be a bit challenging. as your fighting you find your self just surrounded by monsters..other then that graphics which you already know. but other then that. i have yet to notice anything else really..

  • Hi

    Any chance to extent the offer to get Lost Song and get free Hollow Fragment?


  • I am loving the game.. i am one of the people who sadly have it on both vita and ps4 just like Hallow Fragments lol.. what i am wondering most is . is all the DLC in the game already that was released in japan. because i have noticed that some of the dlc is in the game already.. I have tried looking up the info on this. but i really cant find anything on it. most things are from when it was released in japan. i know it just released here so information is limited.

  • THE GAME IS AMAZING . i absolutely love it . was playing it from yestarday and already got to level 600+ but . Bandai namco like to shift the blame of the problem thats the only thing that annoys me .. today i have been in contact with playstation repeatedly for the problem i was playing an online game and after having levelled so much i got the 3 most inconic weapons for the game . i had the ka+@e_su%204 which turned out to be the photon lightsaber that kirito uses in Gun Gale Online
    I also received the Monolith sword which was the big sword he used in alfheim online
    and then the infamous dark repulser blade from the original sword art online

    But then the playstation crashed . and came up with the error code CE-34878-0 and when i re opened Lost song I HAD LOST ALL MY DATA that i had got that day .. started back from the beginning of this morning at level 395 . lost all my swords . my crest of rota which gave me immunity from binding and curses . all my charms . and talismans . and all my levels . in battle magic . sword skills and overall character level . which i was using kirito for .

  • And now Bandai Namco are telling me that they themselves dont have access to my save data . of what happened inside the game . and playstation are telling me its bandai namco thats at fault . and bandai namco are teling me that Playstation are at fault .. and im being passed around like pass the parcel between the two of them not knowing what to do or who to believe and getting no where .. :/

  • Hi +David Lee
    You said cross-Save?!
    I was wondering in order to double dip. I already have my PS4 version and want the Vita version for on the go.
    But was worried I’d have 2 different characters going through twice. Please confirm
    The game is awesome! Missed out on the predorder artbook though. Apparently they only recieved 5 Books :/
    Game’s fun!


  • Maybe a silly question but is everyone else got that squashed screen thing? doesn’t fill your tv

  • ok my bad im new to ps4 :) i retract my previous comment

  • can I switch the voice to japanese voice and english sub ?

  • I was wondering if someone can help me out , i want to get lost song but when i looked it up i saw a price difference on the psp vita and the ps4, My question is , are there some things that the psp vita version does not have and the ps4 version does

  • is the ps vita and ps4 versions cross play online?

  • Who do I contact for help? This cross save function isn’t working right. I’m missing armor for one of my characters.

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