HTR+ Slot Car Simulator Crosses The Finish Line Today on PS Vita

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HTR+ Slot Car Simulator Crosses The Finish Line Today on PS Vita

Attention, racing enthusiasts! I’m Guilhes Damian, co-founder of Brazilian indie game studio QUByete. We are really happy to announce that our game HTR+ Slot Car Simulator is coming to PS Vita today! So this is a great opportunity to talk a little bit more about the game.

HTR+ Slot Car Simulator

This is the fruit of the combination of our passion for racing cars, old toys like the classic slot cars (or “autorama”, as we call it here in Brazil) and our desire to improve the racing games experience on handheld devices. In a certain way, we always asked ourselves here at QUByte if racing games on these platforms could have simpler and more user-friendly controls. Thus, our goal was to create something that completely eliminated the directional controls so we could focus on optimizing other aspects of the experience. And we thought slot car races would be perfect for that.

HTR+ Slot Car Simulator was designed to make the player feel the adrenaline and the speed of piloting these little fireballs, focusing only on the acceleration control. You only need one finger to control the car – a sliding bar simulates the analog acceleration control like the one on the real toy. The expectation before each curve delivers a vibrant experience of tension and suspense we were looking for.

HTR+ Slot Car Simulator

The little cars can be prepared and set with chassis, wheel, tire and motor changes in a total of 240 possible combinations to adjust them to perfection for each one of the 20 available tracks with three different difficulty settings that will please both begginers and those willing to take lots of risks! You can also build your own tracks using all kinds of pieces like loops, curves and much more to create awesome and challenging circuits. Pretty cool, right?

And if you are thinking about seeking your spot among the very best pilots, you will be pleased to know that the game is a multiplatform title, so you will be competing with players from all over the world!

HTR+ Slot Car Simulator

We hope you like our game and that it makes you remember those moments from your childhood when you imagined yourself piloting potent racing cars.

And, of course, we can’t wait to hear what you think of the game! Please, use the comment box below to let us know how this nostalgic experience feels to you. See you on the tracks! :)

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