Star Wars Battlefront: Final PS4 Hands On

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Star Wars Battlefront: Final PS4 Hands On

After spending almost eight hours with the final game, it’s clear that Star Wars Battlefront is reaping the benefits of developer DICE, veteran multiplayer designers and creators of the Battlefield series.

Star Wars Battlefront sits in a unique niche in the current FPS landscape. The controls are simple and streamlined, making the game accessible to players of varying experience levels.

Star Wars Battlefront for PS4

But its deep character progression, sprawling mode selection, and tight gunplay will satisfy the veterans, too. Thanks to the expanded arsenal in the final game, the combat is far, far richer than last month’s (excellent) multiplayer beta.

Of the 11 or so weapons, my current favorite is the T-21B Targeting Rifle, a high-damage, high-range blaster with a deliberate firing rate and murderous accuracy. Very satisfying.

The CA-87 Shock Blaster is another standout, shredding armored targets with its shotgun-like spread. Fans of Destiny’s pulse rifles will love the burst-fire EE-3 Blaster Rifle, while Han Solo’s iconic DL-44 Blaster Pistol is, shot for shot, one of the most deadly blasters in the game.

They all look great, sound great, and feel great. Mechanically, DICE hit the bullseye here. As a shooter, Battlefront is a joy to play.

Rounding out your arsenal are Star Cards, specialized secondary gear that can briefly tilt the odds in your favor. Chewie’s signature weapon, the Bowcaster, excels at zapping several infantry at once, as does the Barrage grenade launcher. A new Ion Torpedo dominates enemy vehicles with homing rockets.

Star Wars Battlefront for PS4Star Wars Battlefront for PS4

And those are just the tip of the lightsaber; there are so, so many unlockable abilities and collectible power-ups in the final game that I had a hard time cataloging them.

And that’s not to mention the Charged Star Cards, which are consumable items you can deploy as needed. These introduce interesting tactical wrinkles, allowing you to deploy a short-lived personal shield or briefly eliminate blaster overheating.

Then there are the playable Heroes and Villains, an undeniable part of Battlefront’s charm. My early favorite may be Boba Fett, with his jetpack and mix of long- and close-range firepower. Princess Leia takes a bit of getting used to, with skills best suited to a support role. As you’d expect, Emperor Palpatine’s Force Lightning makes him a crowd control expert.

I particularly loved the new Hero Hunt mode, an asymmetrical battle which casts one player as a random Hero or Villain and pits him against the other players. Only the Hero or Villain can score points, and the only way to play as a Hero or Villain is to kill one. This leads to entertaining and energetic matches, with Stormtroopers scrambling frantically after a fleeing Luke Skywalker or Boba Fett.

Star Wars Battlefront for PS4

I also enjoyed Battlefront’s fun spin on Capture the Flag, Cargo mode, which sees two teams battle over control of 10 packages. And the new Droid Run mode is basically Conquest with mobile capture points.

Visually, the game is a knockout on PS4. The entire game is peppered with loving details, from squealing Ewoks fleeing indoors on Endor, to the Sarlacc pit on Tatooine, to the wide array of colorful alien species you can unlock for your Rebellion trooper.

Star Wars Battlefront launches on PS4 next week. Have questions? Let me know in the comments!

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6 Author Replies

  • Thanks for the details, Sid!

    By any chance did you check out the local splitscreen option? More and more games are dropping that feature, so the fact that Battlefront has it (as far as I understand) is a great thing :-)

    • Yea yea, split screen. Tell me more about it!

    • I haven’t played it myself, but the splitscreen allows you to play the missions mode together.

      Survival: Fight off 15 waves of enemies with increasing difficulty together (can change the overall difficulty).

      Trials: Helps you learn mechanics about the game but can also have a bit of fun like Speeder bike racing.

      Battles: Fight against AI together or against each other on different maps.

      Hero Battles: Play 1 on 1 as Heroes and Villains or against AI.

    • Did not get a chance to try this, but I have tried the co-op survival missions – fun!

    • Like what ? COD Black Ops 3 is still Multiplayer Split Screen , Hell most of your games like this are , The ones i play have it anyway . Would suck if this didn’t though , Not for me but for my buddies cause they would be watching lol !

    • i looked at future releases and i did see any metal gear,ratchet and clank, or ANY superhero games coming out wher dey at sony, WHER DEY AT!!!!

    • I liked the Beta and I can’t wait for the game release. So much fun and potential.

  • Can you comment on how the end game stat boards ended up?

    One of my issues with the beta is that I think it could hurt the game if kill/death and KDR stats are impacted by playing objective type games like Drop Zone, cargo, walker assault, etc. I think you’ll have many players just trying to camp the objectives for kills and not really caring about the win/loss outcome.

    I’ve seen this happen first hand through out playing Uncharted online and they eventually came to the realization that kill/death stats shouldn’t count toward your KD ratio in objective type games….Only deathmatch modes. When that switch was made, the gameplay was enhanced and all the kill farmers left the objective modes.

    • Yeah, this is an issue for any larger multiplayer game with an emphasis on objectives… would love to see some enterprising developer come up with a creative solve some day!

  • Jar Jar Binks DLC, yeah?

  • Yoy listed a lot of positives. Can you please list a few “negatives”?

    • IGN had their review and they said walker assault, supremacy, and drop zone were the best modes. Everything else felt like game filler. I have a feeling the dlc content will be staggering.

    • To be honest with you, I’m pretty hot on the game. I don’t have a lot of negatives to report – obviously, if you’re looking for a deep story-driven campaign, you won’t find it here. Otherwise, there’s a lot to love with Battlefront. Will be playing it day one for sure (assuming I can pry my hands off Fallout 4)

  • You listed a lot of positives. Can you please list a few “negatives”?

    • The PS Blog team unfortunately isn’t allowed to say anything negative about any game – they have to praise them all. If you want unbiased reviews, you’ll have to look to YouTube or other websites.
      From what I played, I didn’t like Battlefront. I loved BF3 and I’m a big fan of the original Star Wars trilogy, but Battlefront just feels like another mod (like Hardline) and it’s just another cash grab by EA while DICE continues working on BF5, which will release next year.

      Based on the reviews I’ve watched and read, people generally think this game is just okay.

  • How is the COOP? I have already preordered this. I am just curious as my son and I are going to get lost in the COOP first thing.

    • Co-op isn’t that great, unfortunately. I played it with a friend during the beta. It’s just a survival mode for 1-3 players. You play 10 waves and it’s over. Nothing epic happens. Sometimes an AT-ST walker shows up and you just fire rockets and lasers at it ’til it dies, then wait for the next wave of mindless AI.
      As someone who is not big on competitive multiplayer, co-op is what I was most excited about. It was a disappointment to both me and to my friend.

    • Sorry PanTheMan16, but there’s a few incorrect things in your post.

      First of all, you played 6 waves in the beta, but a Survival mission in the full is 15 waves, so “nothing epic happens” could be wrong when we get to play the remaining (and probably hardest) waves.

      That was also only 1 out of the 4 Survival missions of the full game.

      On top of that, Survival is only 1 of the co-op modes. There’s Training missions, Battle missions and Hero Battle missions too.

    • Co-op is super fun. If you like Horde modes, this is a good one.

    • Ah yeah, I forgot it was 15. My mistake. For those who buy this for co-op, I hope they won’t be disappointed. I know I would be, so I’ll be skipping this and hope that BF5 can be at Least as good as BF3 was. After BF3, they haven’t released anything to get excited about.

  • ****CAUTION****

    Please do not take this article as an objective review. This is a promotional article. Sony will be profiting from the sale of this game. This article is highly irresponsible and unethical.

    Sony if you want to advertise and promote a game, go ahead, but please don’t try to deceive your customers by imitating an objective review. Be honest and up front please. And to Sid, shame on you for posting this. You can be better. I hope there is some soul searching that you will do after this.

    ****GAMERS BEWARE****

    • I don’t like how they praise everything, either, but Sony is what allows this blog to exist and allows these guys to have jobs here. They gotta do what they gotta do. Personally, I feel like it eats away at me when my work forces me to say and do things I don’t believe are okay, but I have to do it anyway to collect that paycheck.
      In essence, the blog team may be conning people, but they probably mean well… if that’s any sort of consolation.

    • I appreciate your concern and a healthy dose of skepticism is always important. That said, I would never put my name on an article that was BS — you can take that to the bank. I stand behind everything I wrote here. I had a ton of fun with the game. I liked the Beta a lot, too. But this article is certainly not a “review.” We don’t do reviews here on the Blog.

    • I appreciate your feedback, Sid, but whether it’s you or one of your colleagues, every game mentioned on this blog gets mega praise. These articles aren’t official reviews, but when you are discussing how awesome a game/mode is, you are reviewing it. Even if you think a game is simply mediocre, you’re (not necessarily you, specifically) going to talk it up and attempt to build hype. You never actually voice criticisms, even if they are completely objective, such as framerate issues.

      But that’s more or less fine. It is what it is and we all have places we like to go to get official and customer reviews, but it would be cool if you could do that here, too. Just as it was with Rubenstein, people can see that you (Sid) know your stuff and are passionate about what you do. I think PS Blog readers would enjoy and find value in hearing your unfiltered thoughts about the games you play.

    • ****THIS JUST IN**** This entire site promotes PlayStation and PlayStation-related products and services. As shocking as this may be to some, most companies that sell consumer goods feel the need to advertise and promote them to spread awareness of said products and services in a crazy scheme to SELL THEM. I’ve also heard that and are ALSO guilty of this unethical practice as well… ;)

  • It’s dissapointing that this game is so focused on online multiplayer. It would be nice for a single player story mode or something more than just fighting waves of enemies offline. I’ve never been a big online gamer and for this reason I will not purchase the game.

  • this has me wondering how real this is as every one i know including my self thought the beta was horrible and empty plus the game was fun for 1 hour than turned boring so it was far from excellent and as i say every one i know in the beta felt that way they sure as hell would not say it was excellent.

    also $90 for a mp only game is a joke at least hardline and battlefield had big decent campaigns for a cheaper price. Lucky i got a free copy but i will be getting the money instead as to me $90 is better than this game from what i played so far. also just because they use star wars as the theme does not make it a must buy. Also not when you have a game thats the same price that comes with a great sp and a zombie campaign and the best MP cod in decades all for the same price this seems like EA is the new AC pushing out these battlefield clones yearly . to each his own kudos if you love it buy it i just know from my experince and friends its a cash grab and a bare one for the asking price of standard copy at $90 here or deluxe costing $110 or a bit more after tax is way way to much for a mp only game that is empty

  • Hi, is there chance of a hardcore mode?

  • Sony customers would have has a chance to try it for 10 hours before launch too, if Sony didn’t decide for us that EA Access wasn’t a good deal.

  • I have a PS4 copy pre-ordered from for a mere $48 CDN including taxes. That’s a pretty solid price for what’s being marketed as a AAA title for the holidays. Also, I’ve played about 3 hours so far on EA Access on my Xbox, and I have mixed feelings.

    Visuals – wow. Impressive, and it comes with a solid framerate based on what I’ve experienced so far. Sound – from the music to the myriad of Star Wars sound effects, and of course the iconic theme music that occasionally plays. It all blends together and helps set the mood.

    The gameplay is where I end up with the mixed feelings. There’s not really all that much variety if you look past EA’s little smokescreen of sorts. A lot of them feel like bland filler content, though Cargo and Hero Hunt are particularly fun. You’ll die a lot in most of the modes, so get used to that idea. I find by the time I’m nearing the end of most matches though, I’m bored and I just want it to finish up. In one instance tonight, I actually just left my controller and went to make food.

    Anyhow, I see the game being fun for about 10-15 hours, MAYBE, but then I see myself picking it up for 20 minutes or so at random times just for a quick fix.

  • I found this game as most hype game in 2015 release

    Then I play the Beta and no matter how Hard I try to like the game, I just cannot.

    The environment is so bland, battle is so simple. Sometimes AT ST comes but it is not that epic. Sound might be so Star Wars but really, the wars dosent seem so much of wars with pew pew Sound like that.

    Gameplay itself is boring, charscter Details is not that good either. Oh Man, I try to like this so much but really I cannot

  • Maaaan. Do want! I’ve gotta get myself a dang PS4 soon all of these amazing games coming out.

  • Any new update on the Final resolution? I know it was running at 900p beta which is great but 1080p would be awesome. I know there’s probably little chance of further improvement before the final launch. Thanks!

  • I am really deciding what platform i am going to get this game to. im thinking of PC also PS4 but i have to wait for my FRAGFX for PS4 controller.

  • The beta was fun. People who are on here saying they don’t like the game based off of a beta, probably shouldn’t beta test or stress test games. I enjoy just being a gamer, I don’t really get why so many people are overly critical of these games. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. It’s rather simple. I don’t need long winded reasons why some of you do t like a game.

  • Can’t wait til Tuesday!

  • Are there any specific details on whats coming with the Season Pass? Will there be any Darth Vader Secret Apprentice or The Force Awakens battles? I would love to know more…

  • This game I would catalog as a game I can’t wait to play and at the same time a game that won’t be that great, in fact it would be my least favorite game I’ve ever played and those reasons is because there is no offline story or space battles.

  • Okay you people thinking this is just a review and giving a lot of BS to Sid. I played the Beta myself and I absolutely loved it!! I would be the one trying to get all my friends to buy it, by the way I already got two down. So please don’t give Sid a hard time damn it.
    Man, this is to you Sid, I’m sorry for those people who are not smart enough to realize that you actually loved the game. Thx for giving your input on the game. I truly loved it as well…. so peace out.

  • When you’re playing walker assault can their now be more than 1 hero or villain at a time since now you get to chose who to be(3 from each side, empire or rebellion), now that would be pretty sweet.

  • hey guys i bought the deluxe edition and I didn’t get hans pistol,is there way im missing out on from downloading it?

  • Taking Dice wanted to go the route of Bungie,ie(Destiny)as an exercise in paid dlc content to flesh out what is a bare bones title.
    There is no justifying lazy development with a license such as Star Wars,so rich in lore and imagination to omit a campaign.
    Sadly,i will be bycotting this title based duely on content vs price,65euro….Treyarch went above and beyond with ops3.

  • Ok this game is mostly online game. & if you are not paying extra for ps plus then it’s not really worth it. No single player storyline.

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