Eiyuu Senki — The World Conquest Begins November 24th

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Eiyuu Senki — The World Conquest Begins November 24th

Ever dreamed of conquering the world as a kid? Well, neither did I, but life works in mysterious ways sometimes. Our first console release, Eiyuu Senki — The World Conquest, invades PS3 on November 24th. As long-time SRPG fans, this is a dream come true for our team. During the nearly two years we have put into localizing the game for English-speaking audiences, we’ve paid special attention to transferring the game’s original charm into English.

Eiyuu Senki -- The World Conquest

Our starting point was the same as it always is: that we’re keeping the original Japanese audio in the game. Eiyuu Senki has more than 40 famous voice actresses who pull off stellar roles, so replacing them was hardly an option.

Fans of Japanese games and anime would be hard pressed to not find familiar voices in the game, and many of them have appeared in 5pb.’s other games as well. To name just one example, Minamoto no Yoshitsune is voiced by Imai Asami, who’s also Makise Kurisu in Steins;Gate and Chihaya Kisaragi in iDOLM@STER. Incidentally, she also performs the opening song “Infinite Melody” for Eiyuu Senki.

Eiyuu Senki -- The World ConquestEiyuu Senki -- The World Conquest

Keeping Japanese voices, which most players can’t follow by themselves, also presents some challenges in localization. As is often the case with RPGs, Eiyuu Senki has a lot of voiced character commentary that never appears in writing at all: battle dialogue, responses to player’s orders, and acknowledgements for game events. Sure you can garner the general meaning from tone alone, but I still feel that something is easily left behind in the transition.

When we discussed this during our internal testing, we found a solution that was both simple and challenging in several ways. We would have to create a way to add subtitles for all the character commentary into the game, despite its sheer volume and the fact that there was neither a system in place to display it, nor even proper text data for the voices to translate from. We had received the original recording data for the voices, but its structure was such that it could only be used as a reference rather than translated from.

When we started building a prototype system to display the voices, we already knew it’s going to be a long operation, and without any guarantee we can create a solution good enough to keep. That was early this spring, and we had originally scheduled to release Eiyuu Senki in summer 2015, so you can imagine that the decision wasn’t easy. But we’re firm believers in the saying “whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.”

Eiyuu Senki -- The World Conquest

There’s not much to say about the actual process, except that it did take a few extra months as expected. But most importantly, the end result was a completely natural looking way to show the character comments in the game. I daresay that those who don’t know that it’s a later addition won’t realize it wasn’t always there. And in the end, the less feedback we get about the new feature, the better — if no one pays conscious attention to it, that’s the best feedback possible.

It’s been a long road for us, but now the wait is finally about to end. As a parting comment, I’d like to mention that Eiyuu Senki — The World Conquest hasn’t been censored in any way over the original Japanese PS3 version.

We hope everyone will enjoy conquering the world together with their favorite cute world leaders!

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7 Author Replies

  • I like stats-based games! The artwork looks nice & I’ve still got my PS3 so… Interests High!

    Any DLC btw?

    • Glad to hear! We have no DLC plans at the moment. The original Japanese version has no paid DLC either, so it’s unlikely there will be any.

    • There was a pre-order DLC character for the Japanese release (you could see them at the end of the game’s OP trailer), so I’d be happy to see that one roll in if at all possible.

  • The fact that your team chose to develop a method to translate all of the flavor speech so that the English audience wouldn’t miss out is absolutely phenomenal! I was already interested in the game before but that bumped it up to a guaranteed purchase.

    Looking forward to the game!

  • This totally caught me off guard. I like your quote:
    “But we’re firm believers in the saying “whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.”
    I think what you guys did was awesome! This month is so crowded in games but I really am interested in picking this up, it doesn’t seem like something that’s out here in the West but it kind of reminds me of the other games Japan is doing in personifying countries or general/leaders into Female anime characters and I love that. Good luck and it’s nice to hear of another localizing company!

  • From the screen shots, i’m interested and curious about how battles work. Maybe you should tell us about your game…

    • Hi there!

      Battles are basically turn-based, with speed determining turn order. Beyond basic attacks, all skills use “Brave Points” which are gained in several ways, mainly by hitting enemies and being hit with an element your character is weak against. If you strike an enemy weakness, you deal extra damage, but the enemy gains Brave Points instead that they can use on their skills.

      Both sides play under the same rules so you need to make tactical decisions over whether to hit enemies hard and fast but risk getting hit back with devastating attacks if you fail to take them down fast enough. Damage you take in battle remains on the map, and you need to spend your hard-earned coin to replenish your troops, so it’s not a trivial decision. There’s no experience, but instead of you use money to recruit more troops to fight under each hero (so if all your money goes to healing, that leaves you weaker on the long run).

      With over 70 heroines, there are tons of different skills with cool tactical uses that aren’t always obvious at first glance, and you can customize the heroes further by equipping items on them.

      Hope that gave you some idea! It’s pretty easy to pick up when you’re actually playing.

  • The genre of the game and the artwork caught my curiosity… but the effort you put into the localization grabbed my attention! I’ll definitely pick this one up once it drops.


    You’re great, Fruitbat Factory.
    Really looking forward this game.

  • Hi!
    you are gods for this work in the dialogue!
    day one buy for me, and really like the effort you put in this!


  • Going the extra mile instead of just shoehorning a low-cost english VA shows how much you guys value and respect the source material.

    You’re in my book now, Fruitbat Factory.

  • Game looks really cool! I love “conquest” style games where you take over territory. Will definitely check this out.

  • price and how long this game is?btw, thank you for translating everything and i wish your company lots of success!

    • The NA version is priced $39.99. I’d give it 50-100h playtime, depending on whether you want to complete all the optional content or not.

  • Boobies.

    • When waging war and world conquest, it’s recommended to wear your best bikini and lingerie.
      Of course they’re going to us those pics to sell the game. ;)
      At least not all of the women are fighting in their underwear.

  • Will tehre be PS4 or VIta versions ? I want to retire my ps3…
    You had me at jsrpg :)

  • Looks interesting. What’s the price?

  • This game honestly wasn’t on my radar, but after looking it up it sounds interesting – more than that, though, your dedication to bringing it to the west true to its original form really means a lot, and I feel that buying the game is the least I can do to pay respect to your efforts (Although I plan to enjoy it on its own merits as well:-) ).
    I hope the rest of the industry takes note of your example; while localization is important in appealing to a broader audience, it should not come at the expense of bringing the experience over in as true a form as possible. Doing so is simply disrespectful to the original work, and goes against every effort to have games gain acceptance as works of art. No movie release today would think of not including the original soundtrack of a foreign production.
    Again, thanks for your all your efforts, and know that they are greatly appreciated.

  • Will this be have a retail release or will it be digital only?

  • Really interested in this game, and the amount of work put in as a publisher only makes me want to buy more. Sadly I haven’t turned on my ps3 in ages. Nearly every game for ps3 lately has a Vita counter part, which is the one I always opt to buy. I may have to find my ps3 controller for this game.

  • Cool! Looking forward to seeing more. Shame about it being on PS3 but given the development cycle and everything else involved with it coming out in Japan, it makes sense.

    All in all, good stuff!

  • *Sigh* Seems like I’ll have to buy a PS3 now just to play it. Any plans for a PS4 port in the future?

  • I have a sony dvd blue ray and 3d blue ray player and unlimted streaming box and they sould have vu streaming service on that box to plus when will vu come to canada

  • I’d just like to say thanks for all the supportive words here, they really mean a lot. I’m honestly surprised to see such a strong positive response to our work. It wasn’t a given that people care one way or another about this kind of detail.

  • Glad the PS3 is still getting releases! Though I’d love this RPG on Vita, but this looks too interesting to pass up.

  • Ps4 or vita i woulsd buy

    • Well this game isn’t even for the ps4 or Vita (I believe not the Vita) to begin with, it was ported from PC to the PS3. Anyways when you localize a game usually it’s whatever console it was originally on.

    • The game actually has a Vita port in Japan. Fruitbat has previously said its localization will be tied to how the PS3 version performs. Given how most digitally minded PS3 owners in the west have upgraded to PS4, I don’t have high hopes.

  • Thanks for the release! Initially I was worried about too much fanservice, but a quick gameplay video and your blog post quickly convinced me to put this on my wishlist. More VNs, more happiness. :)

  • this sounds really awesome :D any chance we’ll see a Vita release as well? :D

    • Vita version is possible down the line, but it frankly depends on PlayStation 3 version’s reception. I’d personally love to see it happen.

    • this is too bad.. I believe a large portion of the japanese digital game buying audience has transitioned to the ps4 or ps3.. I’m sure there’s still a good size left at ps3.. but I’d say 20%~35% even may have moved on to vita and ps4.. so if losing that amount of sales on ps3 discourages the vita localization, it would be unfortunate because I think this series could fill a good gap in the genre on ps4 and vita currently

  • I really have to applaud you guys on this.
    a lot of games just leave battle dialog, and other non -story stuff untranslated, and there was always that lingering feeling that i was missing out on things like jokes, quips, and characterization.
    So it’s pretty dang refreshing to see someone step it up like you guys did, even modifying the game itself to do so.
    So yeah thanks, for that and for bringing another strategy game over, I’ve been itching for one for a while now.

  • Sounds very good compared to latest releases…

  • I know you guys have heard this enough already, but I would really love it if you localized the Vita version.

  • Would you be able to tell me the resolution and frame rate of this game and i hope you guys translate more japenese only titles in the future.

  • Would you be able to tell me the resolution and frame rate of this game.

  • May I ask why no dub? Please dont give the BS reason of “we wanted to keep the original feel” Is it cause the funds just werent there?

  • Why go to all this trouble and release it for a system that barely lets you get on the PSN to buy stuff anymore? The last time I tried to load the PSN on my PS3 it took three minutes to get the first page loaded. When I started moving around it seemed to take about that long to get other pages to fully load. They need to put this on the PS4.

  • I wish this was for PS4, I would totally buy it. Looks amazing.

  • PS3? LOL

  • Looking forward to this!

  • Uncensored?
    Always good to have a nice cup of LIBER-TEA!

    …sorry, i’ve been playing too much Helldivers lately.
    Anyways, bravo to you Fruitbat! <3

  • No PS4 version?

  • Seriously, why is this not on PS4?

  • This seems like something that I’d be absolutely interested in, although my PS3 kicked the bucket last month. I’ve noticed you say this is to gauge interest in a possible port down the road for either Vita or PS4. Any chance that would be cross-buy? I’d buy it in a heartbeat if that were the case.

  • Thumbs up for Vita version! Sold my ps3 a long time ago..

  • I would buy a PS 4 or Vita version. Both even !

  • I’d drink with you anytime.

  • Dayum! That is some awesome work there you guys, I can only imagine how much time all that translating and text took! And without any censorship as well, bravo!!

    I’d buy this up right away were it even just ported to PS4 without any updates or anything, that game looks amazing! I’m seriously contemplating re-acquiring a PS3 simply to buy and play this.

    Seriously, port this to PS4, money. You will take it all from me.

  • I’m interested Eiyuu Senki. I like what I see but I’m not sure if the gameplay is for me. I’ll scope some videos. I spent my PSN credit on the Yakuza 5 preorder. Thank you Fruitbat for the offering. *888*

  • Wow its awesome to see the support for PS3 really awesome…great job y’all at Fruitbat Factory.

  • YES! YES! YES! I love that you guys didn’t censor ANYTHING, and translated EVERYTHING! That’s the way it should always be. And i love that you’re still showing love to the PS3! I’m getting this title without a doubt now.

  • I am glad to see you guys understand the importance of preserving as much of the original game as possible during the localization process.

    I believe this is what other localization teams should strive for. Keep the original voices, do not alter the script or characters by westernizing it or inserting their own “creative liberties” into it and do not censor it. My belief in a good localization is simple. Provide me with the same experience the originating country’s audience got to experience with assistance in tearing down the language barrier.

    Based on what I’ve read, this is exactly what you and your team is trying to accomplish and I truly respect that.

  • Huge props to you guys for not censoring the game. You’ll made a lot of customers happy/satisfied and hope you guys keep up the good work, FBF.

  • No dub no buy
    If you don’t care enough about your game to give it a proper localization then I don’t care enough about your game to buy it or other games from your company

  • Oh, Fruitbat Factory…. the publishers of 100% Orange Juice and its kin on Steam. That name alone gives me lots of faith in the quality of this release. :)

  • Got a question, I’ve known this game for a while, it’s originally an eroge, does this port will have the erotic portion too? or is it censored?.

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