Spelunker World Out Today on PS4

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Spelunker World Out Today on PS4

We are extremely delighted to announce and launch Spelunker World in North America today for free! More than thirty years ago, an 8-bit game Spelunker emerged — where the main character braved the depths of a deep and dark cave encountering bats and obstacles in the search for treasure. After the critical success of “Minna de Spelunker Z” in Japan, we are proud to announce that Spelunker World is available exclusively for PS4 starting today.

Let’s begin by checking out the trailer and digging into the story!

There was once a Spelunker who dared to brave the caverns of the world despite his frail body. After discovering the location of a cave which held legendary treasure, he equipped himself for whatever might lie ahead and journeyed within. Alas, he never returned…

Ten years have passed…

Now, you are an amateur Spelunker! Follow in the footsteps of your father who disappeared 10 years ago as you head out on your first real spelunking adventure. Find your father and the legendary treasure!

Spelunker WorldSpelunker World

If you check at least 3 out of the 6 boxes below, this game is for you!

  • ❏ You like teamwork and consider yourself a team player. In “Group Expedition,” up to 6 players can explore caves together online.
  • ❏ You like dogs.
  • ❏ You like cats.
  • ❏ You like treasures! Collect sparkly treasure or Moon Gems. (The game is full of them. You will collect Moon Gems which allow you to get more awesome stuff!)
  • ❏ You love Customization! You can obtain equipment and pets by collecting all the Litho-stone fragments! Pets each have their own special abilities that can aid Spelunkers. Equipment will increase the Spelunker’s abilities when worn. Put on powerful equipment and bring along a pet for a great advantage in your adventures!
  • ❏ You like Square Enix games (there are in-game events where you get costumes and in-game items from Lara Croft Temple of Osiris and other Square Enix Heroes)

Here’s a look at our collaboration with Lara Croft!

Spelunker World

Cute, huh? And here is our collaboration with Just Cause using Rico Rodriguez’s signature wingsuit and grapple in Spelunker World!

Spelunker World

Jump over dangerous pitfalls! Use bombs to blow up boulders that block the way! Use flares to keep bats and their guano at a distance! Blow away spooky ghosts with your portable fan! Head deep into a cave to find the mysteries that lie in its depths. A variety of traps, creatures, and even wicked ghosts within the caves will stand in your way — but the goal is to explore mysterious caves and find the legendary treasure waiting in the deepest depths.

Spelunker World is giving out ten cakes as a North American launch bonus! All players who boot up Spelunker World will receive ten cakes from 11/11 12:00 until 12/2 23:59 (Pacific). With this special bonus, all players can experience Doggie Digging x 10 + Chance Bonus!

Let the adventures begin — happy spelunking!

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13 Author Replies

  • I really loved Spelunker HD – Got its platinum twice, and even braved and finished Spelunker Black, though I haven’t gotten the Platinum on that.

    I tried Spelunker Z in Japanese, but it was too hard to make out the different options and their meaning. Can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am that this got localized, thanks!

    • So jealous you have Spelunker Black! That game got delisted before I even discovered how awesome Spelunker HD was D:.

    • Hi LeeorV—- such sweet words! You’ve braved deep into the caves huh? There’s actually tons of content in preparation for this game. It’s actually pretty engaging and it’s even funner when you play with your friends. Please check back on our official Twitter page: https://twitter.com/spelunker_world or our website~! Thank you for playing!!!

    • Remember when there were enough game spaces that you didn’t have to try and rip off Spelunky?

      Yeah, the Old Days were Kinda Funny. I guess the vocal minority didn’t love the ending of Mass Effect 3 enough.

      It is all…

      Kinda Funny? Greg, am I getting paid for this?

  • What about Vita!?

    • Seriously. This game has a Vita version in Japan. I guess any hope of Chaos Rings Trilogy, Setsuna, Star Ocean 2, Final Fantasy Adventure, Dragon Quest Builders, SaGa Scarlet Graces and Dragon Quest Heroes 2 making it out of Japan on Vita are dead. Wouldn’t surprise me if they cancel the English release of World of Final Fantasy either.

  • Looks fun. Is the co-op local? If the game is free, can you elaborate on what the payment structure looks like?

  • I *love* the mario-esque feel! I will certainly be giving this a download today!

  • Can anyone tell me where this game is on the store? I looked everywhere but can not find it. Am I missing something?

  • Not findable and not linked in the story

  • Not lookng to be my type of game. I LOVED Spelunky, and played a LOT of hours to beat it (never did finish the last boss, too hard haha). But this game is looking like a kind of little big planet multiplayer game, which I do not like. I’ll still try it a bit to test it out as it’s free, but I don’t think I’ll play.

    • I’m a big fan of Spelunky on the Vita, but this… I don’t know, I get the feeling that this one is going to require Internet connection at all times, and I’m not a fan of online-only games anymore…

    • Spelunky and Spelunker are different franchises from different devs, btw.

    • Hello Senjutsy_Dav! :) I hope you do give it a try!! It gets good as it gets more challenging!

  • Hello, I bought Spelunky for the Vita awhile ago and it’s one of my favorite games ever, but I have a question about this one.

    Is it online-only with required internet connection? Or can I disconnect my console from the world and play offline by myself?

    • Hello hypersk_us! Really glad that you enjoyed the other games around spelunking! This is actually a game where you’d have to be connected to the internet to play at all times. Thanks!

    • Thanks for the reply Kaori Takasue!

      While I’m not a fan of online-only games, I am interested because of my love for Spelunky and I will probably give this game a try.

  • Can’t find it anywhere in the store, not on the PC web browser and not in the PSN store on PS4, nowhere.

  • I loved Spelunker Z and am excited to play through Spelunker World all over again!

    • mademankevin… there is something very cute and charming about this game! Hope people really take advantage of all of the multiplayer fun in the game!

    • Yeah me and MadMan powered through our lack of Japanese reading skills to play Spelunker Z and cant wait to do it again in english.

  • Spelunker HD is one of my favourite platformers of all time, and I’m so glad you guys were able to bring this to North America!

  • the uk gets left out yet again well we got better games

  • when because its not up there i just tried and its no were on the site , even if you search

  • Any trophies?

  • The trophies for the game don’t load up please fix thanks.

    • Hi x_Thug_Angel_x! Thanks for bringing it to our attention! We’ve confirmed that the 13 trophies are unlockable but don’t show up on the Trophy Screen. You will still get your trophies so please keep playing! The sites should be updated soon with the existing trophies!

  • Where’s the Vita version?

  • You can find it via the web store now. I posted the link but I guess including the link flagged my comment for moderation. But it’s there.

  • I’m waiting for a Vita version. While this does seem like fun with friends, I can’t bear the idea of Square Enix thinking that localizing the PS4 versions only is acceptable. They’ve already announced many Vita games that I’m interested in, and have no intention of getting for my PS4.

  • Why are you not bringing over the PS Vita version? I don’t own a PS4 and I’m not interested in buying one at the moment. Can you give us an explanation please Square Enix? Or will you stay quiet and don’t tell us your stance on the PS Vita? This would be very unprofessional from a video games company with your size.

  • If there’s a Vita version of this game why not release it as well? The localization isn’t the same? This makes me worry that we’re not gonna get the Vita version of all the other games Square is releasing in Japan. :( Let alone the exclusive ones like Saga Scarlet Graces.

    • Square Enix was earning back a lot of my trust with their recent plethora of games also coming to the Vita, but if that’s only for Japan, I’ll be fairly upset. They could at least explain why the localization of a PS4 version only is better than putting out the game on more platforms.

  • Please localize the Spelunker game that includes the original arcade version of Spelunker. Bring it to PS3 or PS4 via PSN, please.

    • Now arcade Spelunker gilgamesh21? Now we’re talking!!! Arcade games were pretty hard. Do you think Spelunker World will get challenging? Thank you for the support!

  • No Vita version?

    Call me when vita version gets up and il purchase 12000 moon gem

  • After seeing the Japanese trailers for this game, I was really hoping we would see a release in the West! Very happy you guys brought it over for us, will play it tonight. :)

  • @Kaori Takasue

    I’m sure Spelunker World will be challenging! I’m really interested in the arcade version. Thanks for continuing to bring Spelunker games to the West!

  • Thank you so much for bringing the game over to the west! Will we ever see the Vita version released as well? I also got the platinum in Spelunker HD on the PS3 and have one trophy left in Minna de Spelunker Z.

    Also, I own the Spelunker World community on the PS4, so to all fellow spelunkers, please feel free to join!

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  • Since Megadimension Neptunia VII has a “Neplunker” collaboration dungeon (in Japan, at least – I’m not sure if Idea Factory International will include the feature in next year’s Western release of the game), have there been any thoughts of adding a Nep-themed crossover in this game?

  • How about games like Mark of the Ninja, and Invisible Inc instead?

    I really didn’t like this game.

  • Wow that PR person is clearly ignoring all questions about the Vita version.

    Nice going SE. Definitely going to avoid bothering with this game now.

  • No local coop :( That’s just to bad…

    I’ll still try it out, because it looks like fun.
    But please guys, start looking into local coop, because a lot of us play with family!

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