Final Fantasy XIV: New Quests Arrive Today in Patch 3.1

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Final Fantasy XIV: New Quests Arrive Today in Patch 3.1

The last time I wrote to you, we came to the shocking end of the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn storyline and opened a pathway to the Holy See of Ishgard in the game’s very first expansion: Heavensward.

You have been very busy unravelling the story of Ishgard and its new dangers so far! The story of Ishgard must continue, and more shocking revelations wait behind every corner — and with them, massive amounts of new content to challenge.

Today, we bring to you the latest update to the ever-expanding world of Eorzea! Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.1: As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.1

Continue the Main Scenario

The Warrior of Light has returned to a shaken nation after uncovering an enormous scandal. What will fate have in store for these people who have lost the very foundation they built their nation on? Continue the story and discover the answer the Darkness has given to your very being…

Discover the Void Ark, Remnant of a Lost Civilization

Traveling the skies for times untold, the massive Void Ark was meant to help an ancient civilization to flee from an unknown threat. Now a ghost ship, rumors of its existence have made the rounds among the sky pirates — and with them stories about it carrying an unknown power. Explore this brand new 24-man raid with your fellow adventurers and recover the spoils of a lost civilization!

Grab your Friends and Explore the Great Blue Yonder!

Exploratory missions are here! Grab your friends and embark on a quest to explore a region with unknown dangers and resources. You may even meet other adventurers on your journey! Go forth into the great blue yonder — and bring back riches!

Explore Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum

Gardening has always been a pastime for people with too much time on their hands, but this smorgasbord of flora and fauna from all over the realm has been left alone for way too long, and developed a rather threatening life of its own. Explore this new dungeon and don’t forget to bring the weed killer!

The Minstrel’s Ballad: Thordan’s Reign

A new song of heroes facing an immense threat, and it may bring back memories for all you old-time Final Fantasy fans. Ten strikes, ten times certain death — how will our heroes master this challenge against the Knights of the Round and escape the Ultimate End? Face this epic challenge, spiced up by the wandering minstrel!

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.1Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.1

Be the Lord of Verminion

The Manderville Gold Saucer has a new attraction — Lord of Verminion! Pit your minions against each other in this new real-time strategy game where you challenge other players in one-on-one matches, or face-off against boss minions, and more! Do you have what it takes to dominate the most adorable battlefield of them all?

…and so much more!

If you want to find out more, be sure to check out the Patch 3.1 website and the latest patch notes on the Lodestone! Wait — what do you mean, you’re not playing yet? Well, we obviously can’t have that! Check out the FFXIV trial version on PlayStation Store and play for free for 14 days while having a look at the realm of Eorzea!

We’re looking forward to seeing you in-game!

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