New Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer Marks N7 Day

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New Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer Marks N7 Day

My love of the Mass Effect series brought me to BioWare in 2012. I’ve connected to it on an emotional level I never thought possible with video games. I still recall the pivotal moments throughout the trilogy with fondness, and think about all the time I spent with the Normandy crew, laughing, crying, and saving the universe.

New Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer Marks N7 Day

I remember the tingles I felt after becoming the first human Spectre. I remember the excitement of pursuing a romantic endeavor with Liara… then Miranda… then Tali (my Shepard broke a few hearts along the way, apparently). I remember fighting the human Reaper in a state of genuine panic. I remember “M4 (Part II)” by Faunts playing as the credits rolled, and I caught my breath. I remember leaking a few tears after my final goodbye with Garrus: “Go out there and give them hell. You were born to do this.” There’s no Shepard without Vakarian, after all.

If you’re a Mass Effect fan, there’s a good chance more than one of my memories puts a smile on your face. You’ve got plenty more of your own, no doubt, and that’s why N7 Day was created: a day each year for us to come together and share the stories, fan art, cosplay, and moments that touched our hearts.

This N7 Day, we invite you to be a part of the celebration by using the hash tag #N7Day. Now that you know my passion — what does Mass Effect mean to you?

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  • :'( The wait is worse than the reaper threat.

    Hope to see more at PSX this year. Going to the local gaming bar to celebrate N7 day with some of my other N7 buds before heading home for some ME3 MP. Just gotta figure out which platform I’m playing on.

    • PS Mass Effect The Commander Shepard Saga HD Remaster for PS4 please. With ME3 MP that is able to play with the PC userbase.

  • I didn’t like mass effect when I first picked it up but I kept it and tried it again and again over time and it finally stuck last year I played through it 3 times straight one after the other because I loved it so much and I was heartbroken when it ended especially watching Samantha traynor (my paramour) hang femsheps name on the Normandy wall because in my head they are canon for my Shepard

  • I’m looking forward to Mass Effect Andromeda, truly. I’m grateful that I will get to play through Mass Effect 2 on Playstation Now for the first time, and I’m hoping that Mass Effect 3 is available so that I can play through that as well in anticipation of the latest in the saga.

  • Soooo will there be any mention about the new game in this post?

  • Bye Shepard…

    Bye Garrus…

    Bye Tali…

    Great, now I’m crying.

    Bye Professor Mordin, Wrex, Thane.

    Bye Joker, EDI, Legion. Bye Normandy.

    I love you guys. Thanks for the memories.

  • I played masseffect 2 first because the original wasn’t on the ps3. I fell in love with everything. The characters (thane is my true love), the world, the lore, being a biotic, my son grunt, my bff garuss and my sister tali. I always laugh, i alwaya cry and this series is my favorite. When i finally got to play masseffect i fell in even more in love, yes it is possible. So many things connected that i didn’t really understand in the 2nd one. The whole thing is gold. Masseffect 3 torn my heart in a million pieces, r.i.p thane and mordin but i still love it. I have a paragon tattoo on the back of my neck. I’ve played the series so many times i lost count but i still love it. It’s my true love.

  • I wanted to get into mass effect and was hoping for a trilogy on ps4 considering my ps3 is retired for the time being but it seems EA doesn’t want my cash. Sad.

    • They’ll likely release a PS4 collection of all 3 games half a year or so before the new one comes out like lots of companies seem to be doing.




  • It would be great to be able to play the full ME saga on PS4!

  • I would also like to see the Mass Effect Trilogy (with all the DLC included) on PS4 as either a Remaster or a port.

  • not a big fan of rereleases but i agree with everyone. all dlc and you gotta deal. love mass effect!!

  • Coming from EA… “CAUTIOUSLY” optimistic on Mass Effect Andromeda. You know they’ll find a way to F*<k it up somehow. They'll find an excuse to shoehorn ALWAYS online/mp via space invasions and/or microtransctions.

    I want to be wrong, i liked Mass Effect 1 and 2. ME 3 was S#!t imho. Hopefully they've learned by now that is not a good idea to change writers after 2 games for continuity and storytelling sake.

    My .02

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  • People asking for them to recycle their games…unbelievable just unbelievable.The blindness is strong.

  • Add me to the list of those requesting the Mass Effect Trilogy on PS4! Remote play FTW!!

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