Transformers: Devastation DLC Comes to PlayStation Next Week

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Transformers: Devastation DLC Comes to PlayStation Next Week

When Transformers: Devastation was announced, long-time fans were understandably excited. The Generations-inspired visuals and PlatinumGames’ distinctive combat mechanics are a perfect pairing, like pizza and video games. And the fact that many of the original actors reprise their iconic roles after such a lengthy hiatus makes Transformers: Devastation even more significant. It’s the game that Transformers aficionados have been waiting for.

But the Transformers universe is massive, containing dozens of highly specialized robots. And after spending so much time perfecting Devastation’s five playable characters, the folks at PlatinumGames wanted to dig a little deeper into the franchise’s catalog. So, they put together a swanky DLC pack, containing a trio of character skins and three Decepticon-destroying weapons. Here’s the rundown:

Transformers Devastation DLC

Nemesis Prime and the Dark Star Saber

Anyone who’s familiar with Transformers lore could probably give you a little backstory about Optimus’ human-made clone, Nemesis Prime. He has all of Optimus Prime’s strength, but he’s controlled by the evil Decepticons, so he lacks Optimus’ principles. Though, he does have tinted-red windows and a slick, black paint job. So, he looks sweet.

And instead of Optimus’ trademark Energon-axe, Nemesis wields the Dark Star Saber, a glowing sword that quickly reduces enemies to scrap. Nobody makes a purple sword look better than Nemesis Prime.

Transformers Devastation DLC

Red Alert and the Photon Disruptor

Red Alert is the Autobot’s Security Director, but he’s a little on the paranoid side. In Transformers: Devastation, he makes up for that paranoia with the Photon Disruptor, a powerful weapon that gives him an advantage during ranged battles.

Transformers Devastation DLC

Goldfire and the Golden Hunter

Bumblebee is one of the friendliest-looking characters in the Autobot lineup, but his Goldfire skin gives him a slightly more threatening appearance. And when he whips out the Golden Hunter Weapon, a pair of highly polished hand cannons, Bumblebee becomes downright dangerous.

Even though the weapons have been personalized for Goldfire, Red Alert, and Nemesis Prime, they can be equipped by any of the playable characters. So, if you want to see Wheeljack take on Devastator with the Dark Star Saber, go right ahead.

The Transformers: Devastation DLC will hit PlayStation Store on November 10th.

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  • That’s it? Meh.

  • Not a month since the game released and you guys are already announcing DLC?…

  • Darnit! I was hoping for new characters & chapters when I clicked the link. Dah well…

  • This was preorder dlc being released for everyone to purchase now.

  • just skins? meh

  • I thought Bumblebee became Goldbug, not Goldfire.

    • This gets a little wonky but here goes:
      In the original G1 stuff, Bumblebee was damaged and rebuilt into Goldbug.
      In the newer IDW G1 comics, Goldbug was a distinct and separate character. When the toyline (which has been getting closer to the IDW comics, many toys are packed with comics) needed a repaint for Bumblebee, they went with an upgraded “Goldfire” armor for him. The comic has him being upgraded and mentioning toy buzz words. This avoids IDW continuity problems but is confusing for those who were familiar with the original.


    • Over the years the names for some of the transformers become copy righted by others and then unusable. I believe it’s also happened to some of the insecticons and one or more of the dinobots.

  • If you want to get me to buy some DLC for this game, I need an extended story with more characters to play and fight !!! how about Astrotrain, the camera trio Decepticons, how about Jazz, Ironhide; more gameplay less gimmicks of little microtransactions for gear !!!!!

  • oh boy new dlc… Hey wait a darn tooting minute thats not new dlc thats just the preorder content.

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