Bloodborne: Patch Details, New Screenshot from The Old Hunters

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Bloodborne: Patch Details, New Screenshot from The Old Hunters

Hello, Bloodborne fans. The brand new nightmare, The Old Hunters expansion (which requires the full game), will be unleashed on November 24th. It brings with it a host of new content and improvements, but it’s not the only exciting news for Bloodborne. An upcoming patch will offer all players exciting new features in the original game, including The League, additional co-op NPC hunters, and more.

Bloodborne The Old Hunters

The League is a band of Hunters who have taken an oath and are bound by a single purpose. By aligning yourself to The League, led by a mysterious figure in a constable’s garb and bucket helmet, you can assist other players online in the game and compete in The League’s online rankings leaderboard.

In addition to The League, players will also be able to use The League cane and summon co-op NPCs within the game, perfect for tackling challenging areas and bosses.

To whet your appetite for the upcoming expansion, here is a sneak preview of one of the many brand new weapons available as part of The Old Hunters. Behold the Holy Moonlight Sword. Do you have what it takes to wield its mysterious power?

Bloodborne The Old HuntersBloodborne The Old Hunters

Don’t forget you can pre-order The Old Hunters here before November 24th to get a bonus PS4 Theme. Or if you haven’t played Bloodborne yet, get the game plus pre-order the DLC for just $49.99 right here.

As a special treat for all you hardcore Bloodborne players who have already earned your Platinum Trophy, or are close to unlocking it: in the very near future we will be sending out voucher codes for an exclusive PS4 theme to Platinum Trophy holders. There’s no other way to get your hands on this theme other than to master the game.

Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog for additional information about the patch and The Old Hunters expansion DLC.

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  • Oh… can you still get the platinum theme later? I was waiting for the DLC to come out before I grind through the chalice dungeons. They are kind of (really) tedious and I got bored with them. Hoping to go back with new weapons and maybe have a better time with it.

    • I’m not sure how far into the Chalice Dungeons you are but after I beat the main game and moved onto the dungeons, I felt the same way as you. Honestly though, it gets much better in the later dungeons. The difficulty increases and there is more variety. Some of the later bosses were my most enjoyable and challenging throughout the game. Most enjoyable platinum for me!

  • I’m really looking forward to this expansion! I just beat Amygdala, and I feel as though I’m bearing down on the game’s end. I don’t know if I’ll complete the chalice dungeons (that takes *major* dedication), but I’m really enjoying the main game! The old hunters looks like it will be another great reason to revisit the nightmare!

    • It’s hard to tell as Amygdala is an optional boss, but I’d say you’ve still got about a third of the game left. I’m on my second play through but I killed all the important NPCs so I’m gonna have to go a third time to get Platinum.

    • “Amygdala” could be a spoiler for someone tho…

  • I can’t wait to jump into The Old Hunters! To the Hunt!

  • Got my Platinum months ago. Looking forward to the bonus theme, and the DLC. A good reason to boot the game up again.

  • I go the Platinum the first week it came out. I really wish they would do Platinums for DLC like this, but it’s ok. I am so pumped for this. Bloodborne is still my GOTY so far and I will love to put even more hours into it.

  • I pre-ordered this DLC, only to find out later that my retail copy is R3. Wonder if it will be compatible…

  • Hm, didn’t know the pre-purchase was up; done. Between The Old Hunters and Fallout 4, I’m sorted through the end of the year. Thanks!

  • That new weapon looks like the Moonlight GS From Dark Souls. Looks Good Thought. The Hype is real lol

  • So excited for this expansion! Thanks for the theme! Real rewards for trophies is awesome.

  • Very excited. Platinumed this months ago, and still playing with new builds and etc. Game just never gets old.

  • Please fix the frame pacing issues in this patch. I’ve been waiting forever.

  • Sounds exciting! Really looking forward to the DLC. Any word on whether the game+dlc bundle will get a physical release in NA? People over at the Bloodborne wiki at Fextra keep asking!

  • excellent idea of a reward for getting a platinum trophy!! I remember getting patches from Atari for high scores back in the day.
    I was going to pass on the DLC because I had so many other games to catch up on. I off the order it right now as my Thank YOU! for doing the little extra special things for us players. Thanks again excitement is growing….AWESOME!!!

  • Finally!!!. I cannot wait to play the expansion. I hope they are new trophies because I already platinum this game.

  • Will the frame pacing problem be addressed in the next patch? Say yes, please. :(

  • The chalice dungeons are not bad at all to all of you holding off on “grinding” thry them. Just stick to the main ones. The root chalice are the ones you’d use for your grinding weapons & blood gems.

  • Got my plat when it came out. I like the idea of a special theme for those who have masted the game. But if it just a static theme and not dynamic then that is some serious lazy BS. At least better have music added to it

    • I agree that a static theme will be as good as nothing.But they’re doing something that nobody did before,plus giving people who dedicated themselves to the game a nice real treat and you call lazy BS?…hmm oughta rethink that.No matter how lame the theme is it’ll still be nice.

    • Nope. Static themes are worthless and lazy. But since its free I’m not going to worry about it or care.

    • I can agree that getting a static theme would be disappointing. It’s like- I worked hard to get this and I’d love to use it, but I’m not gonna use it if there are other dynamic themes out there that look (and sound) WAY better.

  • New trophies in this expansion? Please!

  • Hoou what a nice treat for those who got plat in the game,great idea…one question:People who earn the plat way after will still be able to get the theme?…like a year or 2 from now.

    BTW The Moonlight Sword looks like The Blade of Olympus in the 3rd pic.

  • I have always liked how From Software includes the moonlight sword in their games. Now if only they would bring back Kings Field, where the mythos started.

  • But it will still stutter under 30fps most of the time, right?

    Just after quiting Bloodborne out of frustration with the dreadful camera controls, the stuttering caused by not being able to maintain constant 30fps on a damn PS4… I went back to play Assasins Creed Unity, the mother of bugs and bad performance. Guess what… it was a much better experience in all those areas, so enough said.

  • Oh yes… I am so happy to see the MLGS making a comeback. I hope the theme isn’t static; a nice dynamic theme would really be a gift for players that completed the torture known as the defiled chalice.

  • Does anyone know if R1 DLC would work on R1 PSN account that’s playing using R3 physical disc?

    • Linux, I would say no. It is standard in gaming that DLC has to match the region of the base game. I believe this is because of different laws governing video games in each country and yes, there are actually laws on video games. I have read many complaints over the years from people who bought mis-matched DLC on a variety of games, such as Skyrim and Dark Souls 2. Don’t take the chance.

    • Ah dang. Thought that might be the case. I guess I can get a region 3 account, set it as primary then get the DLC there.

  • I’m very excited for this! I had a blast Platinuming the game, and I’ve returned to it multiple times to do challenge runs to make the game even harder and more enjoyable. I’m very thankful the Platinum theme will now be given out in the US. Thank you!

  • I pre-ordered the DLC and am excited about the new features. I co-oped Bloodborne a lot, because I enjoy helping, but I played my game solo and the last boss I beat was Rom. I then put Bloodborne aside because of another From game, Scholar of the First Sin on PS4, which I’m still playing every day. I will return to Bloodborne when the new features go live.

    Thank you for more features, more weapons and a special reward. We Souls’ players adore variety in weapons and fashion, as you know. I really appreciate the work you put into this new series and I am happy for the well-deserved success Sony Japan Studios and From Soft have earned.

  • Thankfully I have platinum for it waiting for the dlc to have another go at the fun. Was wondering if the theme will be delivered by email or if it will be similar to a notification in psn?

  • That’s all nice and dandy, but you have silently RAISED the European price from 15 euros to 20, and shamelessly edited the original announcement.

    There’s a riot right now on the European blog, you’d better take it seriously because we won’t stand for such dirty practices.

  • Hell yes I know what my strength/arcane dude is gonna be rocking! So stoked for this!!!

  • Holy crap!! An exclusive theme for platinum-holders?! That makes me so happy! I didn’t stop playing the awesome game until I had the Plat, great to see I’ll get an exclusive theme because of it! You guys are awesome!

  • I’m a massive Dark Souls and Bloodbrne fan, I’ve already platinum’ed the game! Looking forward to this expansion lots! Will there be any new PvP elements at all? (Gun nerf) thanks!

  • Just preordered it!


  • Wow, an award for having the plat! Besides just having the plat and the prestige! I hope more companies start doing this. Its a nice nod to those who put the time in playing your game

  • I usually hate everything, but that sounds awesome. Great gesture to owners of the base game.

  • Do i need to platinum the game before the 24th in order to get that theme, or can I plat it whenever and still get it?

  • I was bummed Moonlight Great Sword doesn’t exist in this game, not anymore!

  • Fix the freaking frame pacing already!

  • I like how they’re incorporating the Moonlight Greatsword into Bloodborne as well! As is FromSoft tradition. I also like the Solaire reference! Bucket Helmet = Solaire’s great helm. The League = Warriors of Sunlight/Heirs of the Sun. Good stuff.

  • Do you know when we will be getting the email for the platinum trophy theme? I platinum’d the game like a month after release and never received an email.

  • I’ve platinumed the game a few months ago. ( Good luck with the Defiled who are going to that dung lol )
    I have a question, The expansion pack is a content with some extra areas in Yarnham, does that mean we have to play the story back again until we reach the addition content? Or are we allowed to start up where we left? =) ( my excuses for bad english )

  • Can’t wait. Is Moonlight Sword the one that the giant wolf boss was carrying during Dark Souls 1? Never gotten far enough in Dark Souls 2 to see it. That wolf boss was my favourite boss in the whole game.

  • Moonlight Sword is basically in every From Soft game, it’s not just from Otogi. It goes all the way back to King’s Field.

  • The Moonlight Sword is originally from the King’s Field games and it has been in many of their games since, including a variation in Armored Core. Also, I second Otogi being an amazing game, especially 2. BRING IT BACK!

  • Is NA getting a physical release of Bloodborne The Old Hunters?

  • If I’m going to buy this, I need to get A physical copy, because my internet will not allow me to download this. Between this and Gravity Rush Remastered not getting a physical release in NA, all the games I was looking forward to are unavailable to me. I’m getting tired of this, I’m getting rid of my ps4, it’s not worth owning one if the games I’m interested are unavailable to me. Thanks to the small hard drve in the ps4, the data cap of the the only intenet provider I can afford, and SCEA only releasing digital versions of the games these games, which were thee only reason why I bought A ps4 for in the first, I got screwed over by buying this crap. what was the purpose of putting a disc drive in the us version of the console, if all they are going to release in NA are digital only games!?

    • spend 90 bucks or less, get a 2 TB drive, and stop complaining…… use the 500 GB as a backup in case the 2 TB ever fails.

  • What about a dueling arena? I was getting so bored of being level 180 because I couldn’t join any games or fight people. Is level 180 even that high? Not by DS2 standards.

  • It’s too bad that the retail version of the complete package is only coming to Japan and Europe, and not North America. I’ll probably just pass on the whole thing now.

  • So, is it confirmed US won’t get the “Complete Edition” in physical format? I’ll still get the DLC, but it would be disappointing to get it and a month later that they announce one. If I have enough money, I might sell my vanilla copy and but the complete version if this happens tho…

  • Anyone here had that bug where you spawn at the lamp in Forbidden Woods and instantly someone scream and there’s a hunter attacking you? Valtr is nowhere to be seen and I haven’t even spoken to him once!!

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