Poncho Brings Parallax Platforming to PS4 Today

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Poncho Brings Parallax Platforming to PS4 Today

Hello, everyone! Today I’m here to tell you about our newest game Poncho — a fascinating new platformer that launches today on PS4.

Poncho is a game that we at Rising Star Games saw and instantly fell in love with. After seeing Poncho’s grin-inducing aesthetic and giddy mix of genres we knew it was something we had to snap up!

Made by the talented three-man team at Delve Interactive, Poncho is an open-world, parallax platformer with some seriously grand ambitions. Now I know what you’re thinking — what the heck is a parallax platformer? Good question, attentive PS Blog reader! What we call parallax platforming is the result of Poncho’s unique ability to manipulate depth, allowing him to hop between the background, midground, and foreground of the game at will.

This interesting gameplay mechanic demands that the player possesses a knack for platforming precision as well as some puzzle solving smarts, resulting in a mechanic that is easy to understand but difficult to master. It turns out though, that Delve Interactive weren’t content with implementing just one awesome mechanic (I told you they were ambitious), so they also decided to build a completely open world for players to explore!


The guys at Delve Interactive understand that as well as brilliant visuals and gameplay, the world its characters inhabit has to feel alive. Poncho achieves this by allowing players to interact with every little creature they see, with every area in the game containing randomly generated ecosystems of mysterious beings and robots that react to every movement Poncho makes.

Unsurprisingly, Delve Interactive also weaved a wonderful story into the world of Poncho. The premise behind Poncho starts with a robot, which you find waking with no memory in a strange, and desolate world, with nothing on his person but a strange and ancient artifact from a bygone era — a red poncho. The little red Poncho quickly becomes the robot’s namesake and our hero goes on a journey to discover what tragedy has befallen the world around him.


The soundtrack is also a huge part of what makes Poncho such a fun and immersive gaming experience. An amazing chiptune score composed by co-designer Jack Odell brings even more life and personality to the detailed pixel-drawn world.

As you can tell, the whole Rising Star Games team are very excited about the game’s release today — and we hope that you enjoy the game as much as we do.

Thank you very much for reading about Poncho… now go and play it!


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  • Looks interesting, will there be a demo for this game?

  • This looks really awesome! Switching between the background and foreground looks really smooth. I’m curious what the interactions with creatures will look like.

  • The trailer suggests a Vita version is coming. Is this still a reality? If so, any rough timeline? This game looks fantastic and looks like it would really fit the Vita like a glove.

  • My brain just doesn’t work like that. Im attracted to the art of this game, but skill based platformers are just not my thing.

    Looks so fun, hoping to see more exploration based platformers like “Home” in the future.

  • This looks rather good. Think I’ll pick it up!

  • no vita
    canned? no buy

  • looks excellent!

  • same deal as xeodrifter but with better graphics, lol, lambs to a slutter. We will buy crap over crap for the fun of it…….

  • Here’s hoping for a good price…

  • This looks like Mutant Mudds Deluxe on steroids, in an open-world setting. Which sounds awesome. The problem is timing. It’s way too crowded right now, so unless this is releasing at an extremely attractive price, it’s going to have to wait. Working on both AC:Syndicate and Darksiders 2, with Fallout 4 releasing next week.

    Even if I miss this now, I’ll be adding it to my wishlist so I don’t forget about it. It really does look amazing. Great work, guys.

    • Fez crossed with Mutant Mudds/Xeodrifter. Doesn’t look to be very original (even naming the game after an article of clothing is taken from Fez), but the game looks nice all the same, I guess. Glad to see a Vita version.

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  • This Look better on the so NO VITA NO BUY..

  • This Look better on the go so NO VITA NO BUY..

  • Seems really charming and cool; I’ve been a fan of “Parallax Platformers” since Wario Land on the Virtual Boy (and yeah, like some others have said, Mutant Mudds on 3DS. Which was pretty solid). Nice art, nice music – seems like a good time.

    $15 tho? Too steep for me now. I’m too busy enjoying big retail games like Dragon Quest Heroes and Tales of Zestiria. I’ll put off a purchase ’til later, when I finish up some games on my backlog and I have the moolah. Good thing the Playstation Store now has a Wishlist function, so I won’t forget!

  • No patch for the PS4, no answer on Rising Star Twitter account. This is ridiculous.

    I’ll ask for a refund at the end of the week, and grab it on Steam (which got 3 major patches already) in a sale.

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