PS Plus: Free Games for November 2015

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PS Plus: Free Games for November 2015

Drama. Magic. Zombies. Magic zombies? Maybe not that last one, but we’ve got the other three in spades with our new free games coming to PlayStation Plus. So without further ado, here are your PS Plus games for November!

Leading the (zombie) pack is critically acclaimed The Walking Dead: Season Two on PS4, by the expert storytellers at Telltale Games. The second season follows Clementine in her struggle to survive a world torn apart by the undead menace. Guide her actions and influence the game’s outcome as nail-biting choices must be made to keep on living.

Also available this month is Magicka 2 on PS4. This spell-slinging action game empowers you and your friends with the elements to defeat your enemies (or sabotage those same friends). Hysterics may ensue, which might be a welcome break after all those zombies…

These PS4 games are free for PlayStation Plus members starting on the first Tuesday of November, and you can find the full list of PlayStation Plus games below. Enjoy!

Full Lineup:

  • The Walking Dead: Season 2, PS4
  • Magicka 2, PS4
  • Mass Effect 2, PS3
  • Beyond Good & Evil, PS3
  • Dragon Fin Soup, PS4, PS Vita (PS3 Cross-Buy when available)
  • Invizimals, PS Vita

Before you go, we want your feedback! Please leave us a comment below and tell us what you think of the lineup. Thank you for stopping by.

Until next time! Enjoy.

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  • The original PSP Invizimals, or The Alliance? I’m not sure a six year-old PSP game is what people want …

    • wow… giving a psp game for vita.. what the…?

    • Yeah i want to know too, would help if it was in the video. Hope its on of the vita games and not the psp game

    • It’s the PSP version. The UK announcement links all the games to the PS Store and it’s the old PSP one not the Vita game. How disappointing

    • I’m hoping they just grabbed the wrong link on the EU PS Blog post, since the game is only identified as a PS Vita game. But yeah it’s probably the PSP version unfortunately. I thought we were done with PSP games in the PS+ lineup.

    • Well, if you see what’s business for Sony here’s an example

      Betamax Failed
      Mini Disc Failed
      VAIO Failed
      Mount A Cameras Failed
      MP3 players Failed

      Now PS Plus is taking the same way. For me it’s already FAILED

    • Yeah, great month for the Vita. Seems they really don’t care anymore

    • I’m interested in every game on the list for next month except for Walking Dead and definitely was planning on buying Magicka 2 once I actually have a PS4 to play it on. I already own a physical copy of Mass Effect 2 and the PS2 version of Beyond Good and Evil.

      Personally, I’d rather play the first Invizimals game as an introduction to the series before playing the other ones and I’m glad Sony is willing to go into the PSP back catalog again. If you want retail caliber games for Vita, that’s pretty much the only way we’re going to get them. Dragon Fin Soup also looks like it might be a sleeper hit of the sort we get every few months, judging by the video. Great month of Plus for all 3 platforms.

    • So basically we are getting one vita game crossbought with the other two platform. Sony, dont forget how you almost, if not actually, lost the last gen battle, and try not to fool with your customers!!!

    • @ShadowJR :

      * Rootkit DRM ——> FAILED

      * Memory Stick ——> FAILED

      * The Aibos ——> FAILED

      * UMD Format ——> FAILED

      * The e-Villas ——> FAILED

      * Qualia Line ——> FAILED

      * Mylo “Phone” ——> FAILED

      * PSPgo ——> FAILED

      * 3D Gaming ——> FAILED

      * PS Move ——> FAILED

      * PS VR ——> FAILED (probably xD )

      This was fun! Let’s do it again some other time! =P

    • In my opinion this is somewhat better than last month but I was expecting something bigger e.g. an actually good game that is not another indie title of the PlayStation network we expect AAA titles, look what Xbox got last month 2 amazing games on Xbox 1 and we get f all, look at your youtube announcement the amount of dislikes and hate speaks for itself, u need to step up your game Sony⁉❎❎

    • Most companies have more failures than successes. That list means nothing. Except that they’re ambitious.

    • + Bajzer123

      Why are you lying to people? Last month was Walking Dead by Telltale which we are getting, Valiant Hearts, which we already got, and Tomb Raider Definitive Edition which has been on sale for under $15 multiple times, so for all intents and purposes it’s an indie game, PLUS Microsoft already threw a truck load of money at Square Enix to get the sequel exclusive for a short time period, so this game is probably being given away in order to promote the sequel, OR to build good will towards buying the new game.

      The 360 got Walking Dead, and they got Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes, which we’ve already gotten free on Playstation.

      That’s a HUGE lie by non admission. You make it sound like they get stuff we never get.

    • Y’all complaining too much.. if you’re that bored there’s a bunch of games out there for you to go play why are you waiting for a monthly games… you do realize it’s coming out of Sony pocket whenever they give out these free games.

    • @ Orpheus_Aeons

      Sure, it was a fun exercise remembering all the big Sony Fails.

      @ misslady89

      The PS Plus games aren’t FREE, they are just a RENT you DON’T OWN THEM, so as long as you pay the PLUS FEE you would be able to play those games, but if you stop paying then you won’t be able, so it’s JUST a RENT and NOT FREE GANES.

      I don’t care for online gaming and I’ve been playing since Atari. online gaming was free for such a long time in PlayStation, but now they’re charging you for that, that’s fine, stop giving rented games on PS Plus for PS4 and return to the games we’ve used to have on PS3 and Vita, as simple as that.

      If you ask me which online system is better, the answer is XBOX, they haven’t been hacked like Sony let us without Being able to use some of our games for almost TWO MONTHS

    • Of course, and Sony is a charity organization and PS+ subscription is Free.

    • I really hate it when people complain about the games you’re getting for a measly $4 a month. Like for real don’t download them if you don’t want them woopie.

    • I’m not complaining about the fact that we are getting free games I’m complaining about the quality of the free games. I’m getting tired of indie games and crap.

    • well if you want more than just indie than plan on paying more that $4 dollars a month. ps+ is for server support, the games are just an incentive. lets atleast try to be rational

    • Wow….another month of wack games. They’re not bad but they’re not great either…. ps plus free games are starting to become pointless for me. Sony needs to wake up! Don’t stop complaining guys!!!! I feel like a lot of ppl are settling because “its better than nothing” but we used to get really good games and now they’re slacking

    • Wtf? This is what you give us? The ps4 hasn’t had something good since injustice! Seriously playstation you should be ashamed of yourselves! You give us garbage! You know why these games are free? Because no one wants them in the first place! Pathetic playstation! My faith in you is nearly gone.

    • My gut says they are trying to milk smaller indidvidual titles like shovel knight which is only $14.99 but is high enough profile to sell, either way this month and last months lineups were weak hopefully we will get something nice for Christmas and let’s not forget Xbox live gold doesn’t offer much better games than ps plus and that’s only because started a trend, not only that but every game they give away a percentage goes to the developer and that’s coming out of sony’s pocket

    • You’ve got to be kidding me! Walking Dead Season 2 is only on PS4?! It came out on PS3 first & why has PS Plus games been so weak all year long. Goodness, I won’t be re-subscribing for PS Plus.

    • Man… I even gave Invizimals a shot, but you need to have a “trap” thing to play the game with… And it’s a 6 year old PSP game… This is ridiculous. Honestly, I’d rather not even get anything and focus on good titles for PS4 with the eventual cross-buy for Vita. When is the “PS plus not supporting PS3 and Vita” announcement coming? It’s time, Sony. Save face.

    • Why did these games automatically download to my system? I did not ask for that and as far as I’m aware there is no feature that does so?

    • Does anyone remember paying $50-$60 for nes games back in the day. I think there is great value per cost in games today. You could spend $50 on a game and beat in a night 30 years ago. As time has gone on we’ve gotten more playtime for the same price. Game prices haven’t gone up in over 30 years!!! Now some games have over 40-80 hours of playtime. Quit complaining or just quit playing.

    • Was hoping for better games. (Ps4)

  • You guys didn’t even care to put the season one for people that didn’t play it (oh because is on sale? yeah fu.. you).
    It’s funny coming from a company who criticized (and blocked) EA Access for not having value.

    • It’s been out for 3 years, and I’m fairly certain has been at least partially free or considerably cheaper on PSN already. You don’t have to download Season 2 if it upsets you that much.

    • Season 1 was already free on ps plus for ps3 a while back

    • They had it as a PS Plus Game a long time ago. That’s how I got it for the first time.

    • Season 1 was already free lmaoo…please check before you rant. It makes you look stupid.

    • So not only do you look silly for getting mad about a game already given out on Plus, have you ever stopped to think that, maybe and just maybe, that Sony wants folks to buy the first season? Because they are a business?

    • Not on PS4 that their data shows that most of people didn’t have PS3 (i do)

      And this is lack of respect with your consumer that they love to say in their press conferences that they care.

    • Season 1 episodes 1 and 2 were already part of PS+ when it came out on the PS3. I’d be more upset if that is what they did than providing Season 2.

    • Plus, EU never had the season one but you guys only think about yourselves, right?

      I’m not.

    • Entitled Much? If you really want it, it’s 8$ on sale right now, so with only 8$ you get 2 complete seasons of TWD from telltale, or you know, don’t.

    • anyone who hasn’t played the first season by now has no one to blame but themselves. It’s out on numerous platforms and has been both free and on sale multiple times on all of them.

    • It’s ok season 1 is free this month on Xbox one. Just mix and match to get the full free experience.

    • + whereymyconary lol

    • Too bad there’s no down-votes to bury your stupid comment down.

    • @grbolivar great argument…

    • This is more of a reply to people replying to you. Season one was never given to US PS+ – we got the first two episodes, only.

    • EU Will likely never get twd season one because now they release the same games as US and so far playstation isnt really known to release the same gme on another one of their platforms if it was already on ps plus. Not saying they wont just dont see it happening

    • I know that we have here a lot of Playstation die hard fans, but we need to be more critical about certain attitudes that they put towards us, I’m not only talking about about IGC (which honestly, I would prefer better discounts and stable download speeds)

    • “Plus, EU never had the season one but you guys only think about yourselves, right?
      I’m not.”

      On the U.S. playstation blog, yes I’m ONLY THINKING of the U.S.

    • @Dimitri949 “Not on PS4 that their data shows that most of people didn’t have PS3 (i do)”

      Nice way of thinking bro……

    • Yeah, how dare they give us the more expensive one for free, we want the one that’s on sale for less than 8 bucks, the one that was on sale a couple of months ago for 4 bucks. We don’t want the one that costs 25, the one that we’ll need to play the Michonne episodes, we want the cheaper one for free, how dare they.

    • @Cherrywood

      Price ≠ Consumer experience.

    • It was already free once , did ya miss it ? Why should they release it again when its your fault u didn’t get it the 1st time man !

    • It could be possible more people already own Season 1 and can take advantage of Season 2. Season 1 has been out quite a while and has been on sale multiple times.

      Don’t assume everyone is in the same position you are.

    • @Spazz3870

      Read my other posts


      “Don’t assume everyone is in the same position you are.”

      This phrase can go both ways ;)

      And they came out almost the same time on the PS4.

    • What are you talking about. PS Plus is value. Walking Dead Season 1 has been free in the past and has been on sale on numerous occasions. Season 2 is the better value here. You want Season 1, and had not had a chance to get it in the past, you know you could actually buy it.

    • Yeah that confused me too. I haven’t played Season One so this is a miss for me…

    • “This phrase can go both ways ;)”

      Yeah, but Im not the one complaining that my particular situation wasn’t catered to.

    • To everyone saying that Season 1 (Episodes 1 and 2) already came out for PS3. that means nothing. You can’t transfer your save files from the PS3 to the PS4. You have to effectively start over again. I’m miffed because if I want to go forward playing season 3 on my PS4 instead of my PS3 (which has been pretty much collecting dust), I still have to buy Season 1 (as well as 400 Days) all over again. Sure, it might only be $8. But that’s not the point. Why should I have to re-buy a game because the developer doesn’t feel the need to allow the player to transfer frigging decisions. Heck, I wouldn’t mind if they just had a run down before you start, asking what decisions you made, and applying that to the save file. But they don’t. I really don’t feel like having to not only pay for the games, but take the time out to replay something that is still fresh in my head. I think the bigger problem is that nobody is really saying anything about the lack of decision transfer from PS3 to PS4. It’s all just a money grab.

    • @StackinsDPaper
      Wow so is even worse.
      Awful consumer experience Sony is providing by doing this.

      I’m not thinking about myself, but you are. (Please, don’t take this in a provocative way).

    • You’re right again. Not only is season 2 three times as expensive and the one we need for the upcoming Michonne episodes, it’s also the better season. How dare they give us the better, more expensive season for free.

      Dude, no matter how you slice it, you’re on the wrong side here. Look at all of the people who are disagreeing with you and the zero amount of people who are agreeing with you. It’s okay to admit that you’re wrong. Season 2 is better and more expensive and you’re all bent out of shape that you’re getting it for free rather than the not as good game that’s already been, and currently is, heavily discounted. It’s unusual that you don’t see how you’re incorrect.

    • @Cherrywood

      Ok I will take you price argument and ask

      Why not offer season 1 and 2 since they have a new one coming? And before you say “are crazy?” remember the price of the games that they used to offer before online gaming being added in the service?

      And since you are focusing in the price, did you noticed that they are adding cheaper and cheaper games in the line up?

    • @Cherrywood except season 2 isn’t better, and nobody is saying that it is.

      Is it more expensive? Yeah. Is it the better of the 2? Not even close. Anyone saying Season 2 was better than Season 1 are only doing so for the sake of argument.

      I think Hitokiri_03 is more upset because this forces you to buy Season 1 to get the context of Season 2. Otherwise, you just have a 12 year old girl running around in the apocalypse, with a bunch of adults looking to her to make decisions, for some reason.

      There are people saying Season 1 was on PS+ before. But that was only episodes 1 and 2, and it was for PS3, so you can’t transfer the saves/decisions to the PS4.

      Is it a free game? Yeah. Is it cool that it’s free? Sure, if you already played season 1 on PS4 (unless you don’t care about save transfers, then have at it. I’m just anal about that stuff).

      But back to your original argument that Season 2 is the better season (as though it’s an undisputed fact). That’s just plain false, and the general consensus is that Season 1 was far and away the better season.

    • I mean, 2 years ago Season 1 was 2.99 with a plus discount for PS3. There have been many other sales since that time. I do understand the different platform save problems, and literally replayed Season 1 on PSV for that same reason to jump into Season 2, but there’s nothing wrong with giving us Season 2, and not Season 1.

      This has happened on multiple occasions, Metro: Last Light on PS3, Far Cry 2, BioShock 2, infamous 2, Uncharted 3, Saints Row the 3rd, Batman: Arkham City(Asylum came later), Dead Space 3, Crysis 3, Prototype 2, Yakuza 4, God of war: Ascension…This has been an established precedent from the beginning of the service.

      The real issue here, is the lack of support of cross platform saves, especially within the same family. PS 3/4/V save data for these Telltale Season games should transfer between each other. That’s all.

    • “I’m not thinking about myself, but you are.”

      How is that exactly?I haven’t even talked about myself at all.

      Technically, I’m in a worse position than you are because I previously BOUGHT BOTH seasons with my own money, and Im not even complaining. Enjoy only having to buy one of them.

    • lol this guy is mad they they gave away the newer game for free because he didnt buy the one that came out years ago, because 8 and even 4$ was too much? Thats just embarrassing for all of us. season 2 is 25$ and they gave it too you with multiple other games and sales, on a service you pay just over 4$ a month for. Sonys job isnt to think about you and which season of the walking dead game YOU want. I cant believe this is a real complaint.

    • In stead of killzone shadow fall should they release the ps1 Killzone first so you dont feel the need to have to pay for it?
      People who are saying ps plus games are worse now obviously havent been using the service for long or have quickly forgotten just because Sony had a few bigger months. Look it up. People have complained about the free games every month because there is always someone who thinks they are extra important.

    • Hitokiri_03

      Yeah price does matter for consumer experience.

      If your whole goal of owning a PS4 is to never have to buy a game and only play free games, sell your PS4, buy a $500 PC, and go to Humble Bundle and slowly build up a library.

      You don’t HAVE to own the Walking Dead Season 1 to play or enjoy the Walking Dead Season 2. It helps, but it’s not mandatory.

      For all you know MIcrosoft could have bought exclusive rights for GWG Season 1, to keep Sony form offering it near Halloween, or Tell Tale offered to do Season 2 for Sony.

      You have no idea what goes on in the negotiations. It’s possible that Season 1 just wasn’t on the table for what ever reason, but you’ve never thought about that have you?

      Nope instead you’re raging because your 70 cents per free game, or $4.16 cents a month didn’t get you the EXACT game you wanted, just the sequel.

      Who knows what happened or why it happened, but you’re acting like a spoiled brat.

      Yeah youtubers thumbsdown the comments. Spoiled brats litter Youtube.

    • The EA access thing is kind of off topic but to me it is a hard pill to swallow. I have it on ONE but that’s sort of my kids console, I’d LOVE it on my PS4! To me the free games aren’t a big deal, maybe I’m easy? With all the AAA titles steadily released who has time for these most always mediocre games? I’m in my early 30’s so you’d think the retro type games would appeal to me…..they don’t… all. Binding of Isaac is the only one I actually play. I think people want to feel like the cost of membership is worth it, which is completely understandable. $15 for three months right? That’s the costliest option I believe. Over three months of free games if you don’t feel like you’ve received $15 worth of games you ought to re-think it. And that’s coming from a guy who downloads most free games and plays them for 10 minutes.

    • + WSOutlaw87

      I’m not even interested in the game, I just think pretty shi… attitude towards the consumer. just that.

      + MakaiOokami

      “If your whole goal of owning a PS4 is to never have to buy a game and only play free games, sell your PS4, buy a $500 PC, and go to Humble Bundle and slowly build up a library.”

      The hell are you talking about?

      For me PS+ would be much better if they changed the “free” games for better discounts.

      “The reasons why”

      You are making a lot of assumptions here….

      It is funny that you are calling Youtube kind of comment when is YOU that are insulting another person not me….

      You guys posts remind me lot the ones I had to deal when I was criticizing the DRM Xbox one policies.

      Which is sad.

    • “For me PS+ would be much better if they changed the “free” games for better discounts.”

      -But then, what do you want? They do have great sales for a lot of these games, you just have to wait sometimes, or not miss the previous sales of the past.

      You contradict yourself by saying you want Season 1, but then would rather have bigger sales with PLUS than the free games. But…Is $3 for the whole season not good enough. That’s what it was 2 years ago. Yeah, not for PS4, cause it hadn’t yet launced mind you, but that is a publisher decision as much as a Platform holder one.

      The thing is, there is very little reason to complain. Eventually, there will be a very good sale for TWD Season 1 on PSN for PS4. It will happen. So…Just wait for the sale, or if it’s free, and then you’ll have two great games to play.

      You may feel entitled to play both, or just season 1 right now, and it stinks cause it is a well received game; but, if that principle is so important to you, and the cost is too high a price, then just wait. That’s what I do.

    • …There are so many great games out there, free or otherwise. Yes, we pay for this subscription that would want to include games that you want to play, without paying full retail price for. Sometimes that happens, sometimes it doesn’t. I personally like it when they are great games that you can’t possibly pay for, like Rocket League, cause they launched when given for free at the same time. Perfect scenario.

      Just wait for the sale though. Just wait. Telltale has given a lot of their games for free on plus, full seasons and otherwise. I’d be surprised if TWD S1 never becomes free for PLUS. Of course, you could just buy the game for the $8 sale it has. Up to you?

    • Yea u dont have download it

  • Ooooo I’m stoked to finally get to try Invizimals

  • Please don’t cut out the PS3/Vita games from the video announcements.

    • Im just waiting the announcement that ps plus won’t service to PS3 and Vita anymore. It’s coming…

    • Yeah they started that since last month. Still wondering Y there isn’t a full plus video any more. Especially since we have a nice heavy hitter like Mass Effect 2 up on plus. I’ll be downloading the trail to get a nice head start.

    • The ps3 is old system. the Vita is still kind of new. the ps4 is like a year old there kind working on vita and ps4 for now.

  • Any chance of making Walking Dead: Season 2 cross buy with Vita?

    (That’s where my Season 1 save lives and aren’t decisions in season 1 supposed to influence season 2?)

    • None of Telltale’s games have been cross-buy, so I wouldn’t count on it.

    • It’s completely up in the air. Dragon’s Crown gave you both even though it was never Cross-buy, but…. I just don’t think holding your breath is a good idea. You’ll have to hold it till tuesday unless there’s leaked info to tell you 1 way or the other.

  • Had more expectation for November…
    Xbox is providing so much more…

    • Not really… Gwg is terrible this month.

    • over the last 4 months you’re correct. for november though, the x1’s lineup is pretty awful.

      we’ve got ****** lineups across the board regardless of which current gen console you’re looking at.

    • You’re disappointed. Sure. That’s no reason to tell lies, however.

    • Sorry gregokimo27, but that statement is both subjectively and objectively false.

      Follow me on Twitter: @brg_esq
      Friend me on PSN: GStylez1980

    • Are you joking? Most of Sony’s title’s this month are AAA, while Xbox has mostly junk. This is not like last month at all.

      I truly don’t see how people can complain about these titles.

    • You must have a different definition of AAA than I do. Meh — maybe Dragon Fin Soup will be interesting.

    • GWG next month is two indie games on Xbone, and an old racer sim and an old, mediocre action RPG on 360.

    • The only game that’s over $20 dollars is Dirt 3. For some reason Amazon still sells that for a lot, probably because of niche’ crowds. On steam it’s like $15. On Amazon Stick of Truth is $15, well slightly cheaper on the 360, Dungeon Siege 3 is inferior to Magicka 2 it appears from looking at reviews, Tomb Raider Definitive edition has been on sale and cheap on sale many times, and is probably being given away for free because of the truck load of money MIcrosoft gave for the sequel to be exclusive…

      Between the 2 months, GWG is not really any better unless you really REALLY wanted to play Dirt 3 but couldn’t find it cheap enough, or you’re just a flat out broke gamer.

      It’s just not true that GWG is better than PS Plus. They all have their good months, it’s all down to what deals they make with whom to buy a bundle license of a game to give away for marketing purposes, to flesh out funding of an indie developer, or to mitigate some risks and have a safe bet that you’re getting X amount of money and maybe some boosted sales from word of mouth.

  • Magicka 2 looks funny but the others games doesn’t. PS3 games are getting worse and worse every month.

    • They’re old, but Beyond Good & Evil and Mass Effect 2 are great games.

    • Beyond good and evil is a great game… sure it’s old but if you have never had a chance to play it, i definitely recommend it. Mass Effect 2 is great… but i think at this point, would hasn’t played mass effect?

  • awful ps4 lineup. it’s disappointing to see such a lackluster lineup going into the holiday rush.

    • I’d argue the holiday rush is the one time of year I don’t need awesome ps+ games since I’m drowning in AAA releases.

    • Magicka may not be for everyone, but saying that Season 2 of The Walking Dead is awful is just ludicrous.

      Follow me on Twitter: @brg_esq
      Friend me on PSN: GStylez1980

    • @gstylez

      and i’d say spamming your twitter all over a bad lineup is pretty lame.

    • Amen, Reaper. Between JamesSoprano and GStylez it’s like reading propaganda. Lots of people are disappointed with the recent PS+ offerings. Doesn’t make them wrong and you right, no matter how often you shout down their concerns.

    • @Reaper527_ : LOL

      You gotta love these F-boys. When Microsoft gives an old AAA game…they’re like “Haha! Sony is the King because they give us NEW indie games! MS is crap, because their games, while AAA, are old as hell”. And telling everyone that “you’re not a true gamer if you hate on indies”.

      …and now Sony is giving them TWD S2 (2014), Magicka (great, nothing to say here), Beyond Good & Evil (2003, Metacritic Score: 83) and Mass Effect 2 (2010). And a (probably) crappy & old PSP game for the Vita.

      …and now they’re prasing Sony for giving “solid good old AAA games”…and bashing on MS for giving “two indie games on Xbone, and an old racer sim and an old, mediocre action RPG on 360“(*).

      You gotta love them F-boys! God bless their zombie-like hearts! LMAO! x’D

      (*) FYI the MS offering: Pneuma (2015), Knight Squad (Didn’t even released yet…it’ll do it on Nov. 16…so “Free” Day 1 game), DiRT 3 (2011…Metacritic Score: 87) and Dungeon Siege III (2011).

    • How about dropping 60 bucks on games like Fallout 4, CoD:Black Ops 3, Star Wars: Battlefront

      on this “holiday rush”?

  • I find it a little strange that Walking Dead Season Two was the game you went with rather than Season One (or both?). I love PS Plus, but this month is not for me.

  • I’m really surprised to see the Walking Dead Season 2. I sense an ulterior motive here. Maybe they are coming out with a season 3, and they are giving season 2 away because they want everyone to buy the new one? At any rate, I don’t have it yet for the PS4, so I don’t mind playing it again. I’ve also been wanting to try out Magicka 2. Good games, thanks a lot!

    • The Michonne episodes coming out are DLC for Season 2. So I’m pretty pleased with this news because I was wanting to get those and Season 2 is the only good telltale game that I don’t already own on PS4.

    • Great point, Cherrywood! I forgot about the Michonne DLC.

  • Shucks, I thought the delay would at least mean we’d get one half decent game.

    Oh well, Plus hasn’t been worth it in a long time now.

    • TWD Season 2 definitely satisfies your “one half decent game” quota for this month’s PS Plus line-up. Objectively, it’s a really good game.

  • Not that great better better but not great why can’t we get games like the order 1886 or knack there $20 dollars on psn

  • Beyond good and evil is one of the best games ever made. I am happy to get magicka,

  • PLEASE start offering some AAA titles for PS4, the indie games are great but the pattern needs to be switched up. Even if you gave a choice to the member of downloading either 2 indie titles or 1 AAA title THAT would be better than what’s offered these days imho.

  • I dont like these new videos, why are you no longer featuring the full line up and no voice over?

    • I’m guessing there was a scramble to either keep or change out a title or two and the last minute and thats why the video is rushed. Next month things will probably be back to normal.

  • Thanks for posting the full list of games this month. Please continue to do so instead of just posting the PS4 games.

    Personally looking forward to Magicka and Dragon Fin Soup!

  • why did u cut ps3/vita from video

  • Please put the PS3/Vita titles in the video as well. Thanks.

    • Yeah, for someone seeing the video on Youtube it’s very misleading. It makes it look like the IGC only offers two games a month versus XBL’s four.

  • Couldn’t be less excited for this entirely lackluster lineup. This is pretty disheartening. And, seriously, all those PS3 games, and you choose two that have been on sale for peanuts numerous times, and everyone will have already played? Awesome work… Add me to the list of those who will likely be defecting when their subscription ends.

    • Then go if your so quick to defect, just leave. giving out games isn’t something they have to do.

    • So quick? I’ve been on PS+ for years, you ignorant twerp. Go gobble some more Sony knob.

    • Nobody will miss you, you can leave already, don’t wait for the sub to end!

    • Seriously, you guys crack me up. Just hunker down and bury your heads in the sand; ignore the blatantly obvious fact that this service has been declining in terms of quality and value since it became mandatory to purchase it for online play. Anyone who remembers how amazing Plus used to be before PS4 cannot help but be disappointed in its recent downturn. To say otherwise is just BS. So, yeah jump down my throat for expressing MY opinion; jump to the defense of glorified Android games on a next-gen console; jump to the defense of a company who clearly couldn’t give a crap about you, as long as they have your precious subscription fee. And of course I’m not going to cancel my subscription before it expires; that would be asinine. I’ve already paid. And trust me, I won’t miss any of you toe-the-company-line stooges when I do leave, either. Good day.

    • No one cares about your analysis.

    • Ps4 games are great for me been wanting to play those also same with the PS3 games never played either of them was wanting to try mass effect never really had time to play them before and beyond good and evil is just bonus for me

      All I can say is at least we’re not getting more Indy platform era thank god if you can’t see anything good in that change you’ll just never like ps+ you should probably let your sub lapse

    • Look, I don’t agree that this is a lackluster lineup – some decent games, even if they’re very old and a lot of you have played them already, *I* haven’t, so it’s pretty awesome for me.

      HOWEVER – people giving greghove79 flack because they disagree are simply not paying attention. You say “No one cares about your analysis,” I point you to the end of the article: “Before you go, we want your feedback! Please leave us a comment below and tell us what you think of the lineup.”

      Don’t diss someone for providing feedback when feedback was requested – that’s just stupid. Disagree if you like, constructively, but don’t tell people who disagree with you to shut up and go away. It makes you look like you can’t stand the heat, yourself.

      Sony is a big boy, it can handle the criticism and doesn’t need you to stand up to the bullys for it – honest.

    • Check out the GWG lineup for next month. You might change your mind about “defecting”.

  • Been looking forward to Dragon Fin Soup, can’t wait to try it out on my Vita.

  • And I like the old way to guys announced ps plus lineup with the person talking about the games not a 30 Second trailer and why you cut showing ps3 games in the video

  • Great lineup, but cutting the PS3/Vita games out of the video is hurting you guys. Casual gamers aren’t going to read the Blog.

  • Which invizimals is this, hope its not the psp one

  • LOL they dont even try anymore. I knew this was going to be the case when they made online play for ps4 premium.

    There is NO reason that killzone/knack or some other launch AAA game is not free yet. Its been 2 years since those game came out. Instead they give us older lastgen games that they first tried to push on their rental service PS Now. After they saw that nobody was playing these they decided to give them for Ps Plus.

    Outside of Rocket League they have not given one worthwhile PS4 game.

    • You couldn’t be more right. The people in charge of PS+ NEED to be fired.

    • Javier and dizee if you want the games that bad. BUY THEM !!! i see those games for $20 alot ! or even cheaper sometimes ! thats what they are in the PS Store … RIGHT NOW !!!! seriously …. people keep saying UGH BUT I WANT KNACK AND KILLZONE !!!!! well if you want it.. THEN BLOODY BUY IT ! you sound like one of those people who buy a PS4 and not buy a game cause ” you expect it too be free on PS+ at any given time ” seriously and if your answer is ” well i don’t wanna buy it ” then you must not want the game then there for why waste a PS+ freebee for a game you don’t really want ? and if you say you don’t wanna pay $20 for a game you wanna try out too see if you like. well that’s $20 it’s not a big loss… also there is SHAREPLAY ! find someone to share play it with you then problem solved.

    • “There is NO reason that killzone/knack or some other launch AAA game is not free yet.”

      sony cares more about asia than the west. asia has gotten killzone, guilty gear xrd, natural doctrine, and thief for ps4 already.

    • Sony please, next time include a brand new sedan for the entitled kids in here :)

    • @javierich0 – Calling for the jobs of people that work and negotiate with developers and publishers to provide you with free games year-around for $50 a month is beyond deplorable. You’re talking about real people and their livelihood, and all because you received Magicka 2 instead of whatever other game you wanted, but just won’t buy yourself. Despicable…

      Follow me on Twitter: @brg_esq
      Friend me on PSN: GStylez1980

    • + javierich0
      You want to fire people who work every month to get you games? Given their lineup this month and in others they’re doing a fine job and I’m happy to support them with my monthly subscription.

  • Thank you for the RPG games for this month. I appreciate it.

  • im so happy i didn’t renew my subscription. this service is pathetic. $50 a year so i can rent games that i can’t even choose myself.all i want is to play online.

    • I’m sorry your getting 24 games for free(or your 50 a year which is irrelevant because your paying to play online not these games) per each of there consoles you own so you could be getting 72 games for free each year if you own all three or 48 if you own 2 so by all means they should ask you specifically what you want each month for your pennies per game your paying them

  • The PS+ lineups have been terrible. On PS3 they gave out really good games. Please give us better games!

    • do you know how dumb your post sounds right now ? you say gives us good PS3 games. now if they gave you games YOU WANT AND LIKE ONLY .. that doesn’t mean others are gonna like them too. stop being inconsiderate and thinking about yourself only. other gamers out there may like these games and not have them on PS3 or PS4 and such.

  • Walking Dead cross plat for Vita?

  • pretty horrible ps4 lineup….

    • how is it horrible ? because they arn’t games you play ? doesn’t mean it’s a horrible line up it can be a fantastic line up but they arn’t games you play

  • Weak Video this month.

    Ok lineup. ME2 already owned. Looking forward to trying out Magicka2 and Invizimals.

    Yes. please clear up which Invizimals title is the one included in the IGC.

    Is TWD Season2 the whole season or just the first episode which is usually free anyway?

  • Yes, could you please clarify which “Invizimals” game you’re talking about? Is it Invizimals: The Alliance. Invizimals: The Resistance. Or one of the older PSP Invizimal games? (I believe there are 3 available on the Vita)

  • Yay!! three games that arent crap!!! Now if only I didnt have them already…

  • Dragon Fin Soup and Magicka 2 for me, the others I already own. Well, not Invizimals, maybe my kids will like that one.

    I really, really, really don’t like this new method for announcing Plus games. The old videos where Ryan was narrating them were far better.

    TWDS2 and ME2, while good games, seem like filler.

  • What a load off crap again not worth the money we pay

    • These 5 games aren’t worth 4.99? That’s less than a latte, you broke bro?

    • these games arn’t your cup of tea we get it .. but it doesn’t make it crap. not every month is gonna be GTA V and COD and Assins Creed or BF for us. Indies are games too. I’m betting you never played some of these titles or alot of them so how can you say these games are crap ?

    • “These 5 games aren’t worth 4.99? ”

      something is only worth as much as you’re willing to pay. i wouldn’t pay for anything the ps4 is getting this month.

    • Umm. You pay $50 for the online service. Sony throws the games for free as a thank you. You get 6 free games each month, that is 72 games. That is less than $1 for a game. Even if you only have a PS4, some games are crossbuy and you still get more than 2 games a month. I am not even mentioning when Plus membership is on sale during the holidays for $40 or less. Bottom line, you don’t pay that much.

    • “You get 6 free games each month, that is 72 games.”

      quality over quantity. 72 games means nothing if 65 of them aren’t worth downloading for free, never mind actually paying for.

    • Yea it is what are u talking about

  • Been looking forward to Dragon Fin Soup. And this is the best lineup PS+ has had in a while.

    • Yeah i’m actually pretty happy with this month
      i really wanted dragon fin soup and even though i still havent finsihed season 1 getting season 2 of the walking dead is nice

    • Everything I’ve seen about Majicka’s magic system looks really fun so I’ve been curious to try it. I also haven’t played B&G yet, an embarrassing fact that I have no excuse for anymore.

  • This is a pretty good month. I’ve been wanting Magicka 2 and Dragon Fin Soup has been on my radar as well. For those that haven’t played them Mass Effect 2 and The Walking Dead Season 2 are both fantastic.

  • Not exactly thrilled about Invizimals… PS Plus free games are normally aimed toward audiences a bit older or at least something for all ages, but this sure isn’t. Dragon Fin Soup looks interesting though, I’ll be certain to give that one a shot. I already had The Walking Dead Season 2, but Magicka 2 should be enjoyable!

  • the ONE game ive been waiting for is gonna be free i wish we had the opton to buy instead of getting it free that game dragon fin soup

  • I’ve purchased beyond good and evil two weeks ago on a sale :/ thank you, Sony.
    That aside, I’m excited about dragon fin soup since the announcement! Great news having it for free next month.
    Also magicka and invizimals look very interesting.
    Pretty decent line-up for me this month.

  • the only game i don’t care about is Mass Effect 2. BUT OMG MAGICKA 2 !!!! THANKS SONY I CANNOT WAIT !!! i can’t play the first on my PC cause my PC sucks .. but ohhhhhh man !!!!!!! I Can’t Wait !!!!!!!! TWD S2 ok cool too bad we didn’t get all of 1 back then and never heard of Dragon Finn Soup and BG&E … well i would never have bought it. but i’ll try it. Great month all in all :)

  • Oh, I forgot to mention the big fish this month.
    Twd is my favourite telltale game so far.
    Does this means that we’re gonna have some news about the upcoming dlc? e.e

  • Disappointing. I’m not going to play any of these games. At least we got Broken Age and Super Meat Boy last month.

  • Whoever made the list should be fired. I don’t expect to have AAA games. But start with Season 2 when season wasn’t given for free for the ps4 audience is just wrong. Trust me, Magika 2 is bad, very bad. Pretty sad that Games with Gold has been the better the last 6 months.

    • Be careful DogFace, it looks like the Sony Defense Force is out in the comments. Just a warning, they may be coming for you next.

    • @TeamGreen615 : LOL. Sony Defense Force. LMAO.

      Why didn’t I came up with that? xD

      PS: You should read my reply at #8 (OP: Reaper527_). ;P

  • So no more PS3/PSV games in video? =(

  • Well, I played Beyond good & evil back in PS2… I’ll check it again for sure on the PS3!

  • You know, I was really excited when I got my PS4 and Injustice was the free game that month. Then Infamous First Light in January and Transistor in February were both really good. I’ve been disappointed every month since. I will not be renewing my PS+ when it runs out this month. Step your game up, please.

    • expand your gaming Taste Please

    • “expand your gaming Taste Please”

      how about ps+ expands its gaming taste to something beyond the same rehashed and overdone indie clones?

    • ” how about ps+ expands its gaming taste to something beyond the same rehashed and overdone indie clones? ” yeah i forgot all AAA titles are completely original too. none of the gmes are carbon copies of other games fully or by there elements. yup. you completely got me there ! * rolls eyes *

    • @JamesSoprano : OMG. That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. xD

      By your logic it’ll be exactly the same to play “Crisis City” (literally THE WORST GAME EVER) than Rainbow Six: Siege. Or GTA (1) than GTA 5.

      Just… wow. SMH

  • Isso not a hater but, this sucks. Mass effect lanch in 2008!! And obvious PS vita is índie platafform now

  • I know i’ll be on the minority here but, i would like a psp game with the ps plus Vita line up.
    I would love to have tactics ogre or Daxter.

    • actually .. you know. i would love too see more PSP games in the mix too. i own Tactics Ogre but it would be cool if it was free. IMO they did ok with PS+ PSP freebee’s ( tho i got robbed out of one of the games i put in my basket and it wouldn’t go through no matter how much i tried i should have contacted sony on that but oh well, guess i’ll never play Monster Hunter on PSP .. not that they even bring us any of the monster hunter games os Playstation anymore anyways and it’s just for nintendo now sadly ) but yeah so many PSP games they could bring out like .. FFIV Complete Edition and Dissida’s and other FF games and R&C games and many other titles.

    • PS+ included PSP games for the Vita’s first 2 years or so. It seems they’re now going for cross-buy with PS4 games instead.

  • Love you guys TWD season 2 is what I’ve been waiting for (right on time, especially now with the TV show is on). I’ve played season 1 last year on steam and loved it and I didn’t want to go back to PC. Since I got my PS4 I didn’t touch my PC what so ever, and honestly, I don’t want to go back to PC. PS4 is amazing and so convenient that I don’t have to deal with upgrades and what not. I’ve been PS user since 1996 and I still have all my PS consoles :)

  • I realize that ps plus will not be giving anything great anymore but come on. TWD2 has sold for a $1 and ME2 somewhere between $2-5 continuously for the last 3 years. It is almost like you are intentionally looking at what has gone on sale 1000x times and literally isn’t selling anymore and selecting those games versus games that people might actually get excited about. I’ve had + since may and honestly haven’t got my money’s worth out of it. I will not be renewing next year because I doubt I will recoup the $40 I spend for +.

    • my $50 Sub isn’t over till January – March time frame and i already got my $50 worth that i am satisfied with. but then again. i’m not picky :)

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