Civilization Revolution 2 Plus Comes to PS Vita December 3rd

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Civilization Revolution 2 Plus Comes to PS Vita December 3rd

Hi, I’m Joe Faulstick from 2K – and I’m excited to officially reveal that we’ve been working hard on bringing a great, strategic experience to PS Vita on December 3 with Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 Plus.

If you’re not familiar with the Civilization Revolution games, but love turn-based strategy, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Basically, in Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 Plus, you can build up a civilization from scratch with an interface designed specifically for touchscreens and consoles, or follow along with specific scenarios and see how well you fair against historical world leaders.

Civilization Revolution 2 Plus on PS Vita

Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 Plus, coming exclusively to PS Vita, introduces a number of scenarios, units and world leaders coming from Japan’s history that you won’t find anywhere else.

In one particular scenario (“Journey to the West”), you’ll use TaiZong against Saladin (AI) to capture Byzantium. The other scenarios, “Wrath of Emperor Kublai,” “Samurai Invasion of Korea,” “Z-flag Swirls,” and “Dark Clouds in the Pacific” all take place at different points in Japanese history.

And the same goes for the new Japanese leaders we introduce in this game:

  • Oda Nobunaga: Focused on medieval era/samurai bonus
  • Heihachiro Togo: Naval combat related bonuses
  • Himiko: More diplomatic related, governmental related bonuses

Civilization Revolution 2 Plus on PS VitaCivilization Revolution 2 Plus on PS Vita

Personally, my favorite is the new Japanese unit – the Yamato battleship. If you’re a history buff like me (or just have fond memories of the Anime, Space Battleship Yamoto / Star Blazers), this unit is particularly cool.

For reference, the Yamato class ships of Imperial Japanese Navy World War II battleships were feared on the open sea. They were the heaviest and most powerfully armed battleships ever constructed, displacing 72,800 tons at full load and armed with nine 46 cm (18.1 inch) 45 Caliber Type 94 main guns. (From Wikipedia). In our game though, the Yamato has much improved attack strength, at the cost of compromised defense capability, compared to normal battleships.

Anyway, if you’re ready to conquer the world, one bus stop (or plane ride) at a time, keep an eye on PlayStation Store‎ for Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 Plus.

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  • Looks Great! Keep the the Vita support coming!!!!

  • How much is it going to cost?

  • Any word on physical version with that amazing cover?

  • My experience with this game on the ipad were mostly positive, however the length of games seemed extremely long compared to Civ Rev 1(the mobile and ds versions). WIll there be any tweaks to the speed up the game, unit animations or things of that nature? Also, in regards to the control scheme. Will it allow use of physical buttons for all commands, a mixture of touch and controls, or all touchscreen? Thank you!

  • I’m interested! I played a lot of Civ Rev 1 on my DS. Will be nice to have something a little more advanced now! Although I’d really love a port of full Civ 5 to Vita(Hey you already have a touch screen version for PC….). I just like the combat so much in V than the others. It’s hard to go back to squares and stacking.

  • Yes. My Vita is saved.

    However, my Christmas now looks like I’ll be glued to the couch for hours on end play Civ Rev.

  • Hey Joe, great to see 2K finally supporting Vita after all these years! It would be nice if it could get the PS2 GTA ports mobile has, Max Payne, Bioshock, etc. I’d even love it if you guys brought over some of the mobile sports games, since Vita has nothing for hockey and basketball.

  • Looks like this will be added to my Vita list with EDF2 and The Legend of Heroes. Thanks for supporting the best handheld there is when others have pushed it aside.

  • Where is physical copy ?

  • I love vita love. Wish there was more of it. Thank you

  • Awesome news. Been a fan since the original, and was really hoping for an on-the-go fix! Just two questions for ya:

    1) Will this be PSTV compatible?
    2) Any thoughts on bringing ‘Starships’ to Vita?

  • What’s this, 2K is actually releasing something on the Vita? Yes, yes. Thank you so much; I will be getting this game. Now, can you guys bring over GTA San Andreas and Bully HD to Vita? Pretty please?

  • Nice. I can’t wait for XCOM Plus, too.

    • Yeah while Civ & Xcom were rumored months ago, it’s good business sense to release them during the holiday season.

      Vita owners are always hungry for content!

  • Awesome! Just in time for my flight to San Fransisco for psx! I used to have LAN parties with my friends on the original, can’t wait! Keep up the love for vita!

  • YESSSS!!!!!!

  • Cool. Thanks! I’ve never played a Civ game before, but I’ll probably pick this one up just to show my appreciation for you supporting the Vita.

  • Physical release? Physical release, please!!!

    I love this game and cant wait to own and play it on my Vita.

  • I was so excited when I saw this on the front page… Civ.. PS4!!!! Then I saw Vita.

  • Sounds like a pretty shameful Cashgrab, it’s about $12 on Android and there’s many user review on metacritic expressing dissapointment at that price but i have a feeling we’re looking at a complete rip-off price of $40 on Vita

    • I too, have that awful feeling we’re going to see this $12 Android (or iOS) game being sold for $40 on the Vita. I mean, people really think what the Vita need are $40 ports of $12 games?

      $15 and I’m buying it. Over $20 and it’s an absolute no buy, even if I love strategy games. Why would I pay a huge premium for playing it on the Vita?

      And no physical release please. What the Vita need is NOT another physical title sitting besides the whole other 3 or 4 titles you can still find in stores now. It just just doesn’t make the Vita look good. It makes it look more like that old system nobody wants and soon to be dead. As much as I love being able to buy physical copies, it has come to a point that unless the market is flooded with new titles, the Vita pathetic in-store library is affecting it’s credibility and social acceptance…

  • Thank you for bringing this to PS Vita. Definitely I’ll keep an eye out for it. Some questions, though: Will it be PSTV compatible? How much is it? Will we see a physical release?

  • Dear Sony and 2K,
    Can we please get a physical release for this game? All other previous games have been digital-only in the US, and I’m unfortunately running out of space on my memory card. If you guys make physical copies of this, I will personally purchase the game DAY ONE! :/

  • AWESOME news!Thanks guys! (-: I won’t let Vita die. Even if Sony wants it too lol. Give the 64 gb memory card a $50 price cut and the system a cut like you did for PS4, start making 1st party games for it again, and support it with apps like Spotify , HBO GO, YouTube, and Twitch, and the Vita will thrive. I’m telling you. Double down and spend some on marketing. Imagine what the Vita would do if it had the same support and push VR is getting right now. The Vita is the perfect companion to the PS4. Especially with remote play. Would be one of the biggest blunders in gaming history imo to just throw that all away.

  • This post made my day *-* … A Civ game on PS Vita is perfect! Day one purchase definitely =)

  • To Sony and 2k,

    Thank you guys so much for this, the game looks great and I can’t wait to play it. And I can’t wait for the rumored XCom port as well.

    To all mainstream media outlets “reporting” the Vita is dead since there are no more 1st party AAA games being developed (which has been the case for nearly two years),

    Sony is still investing money into the Vita with 2nd Party and 3rd party productions. The Vita has tons of games still coming, stop talking about this. The Vita is not dead. Period.

    It’s obvious the system is getting indies, Japanese localizations, and awesome ports like the game in this post. If you want AAA get a PS4 and enjoy them on a big screen.

  • FANtastic! I love this game on Android, and I can tell it’s going to be even better on PS Vita. Instant purchase the very first day it becomes available.

  • Thank you 2K for this and the upcoming X-COM EU Plus. Thank you for your continued Vita support. I will be purchasing both of these. I own and enjoy CivRev for the PS3 and I am looking for to this game as well.

  • And of course it’s download-only…

  • Yes. Yessss. YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’ll buy it only if it’s PSTV compatible!

    I hope in the near future this info will be available.

  • Wow how unexpected! I love the Civ series. I definitely will pick this up! and on the Vita to boot! Sooo coool!

  • This looks great… really hope it’s priced correctly so people will actually buy it and it not be viewed as a failure for coming to Vita, when really it’s just the price point that needs to be corrected with so many games.

  • so excited for this and X-Com! If they’re $20, both are immediate purchases for me.

    I’d love to see Pirates and Ace Patrol come to VIta/PS4 as well. make it happen! :)

    any use of Vita-specific features like rear touch, etc over the iOS versions?

  • Bring BioShock Plus to Vita and I would pay 40 bucks for that.

  • Butthurt self entitled non vita owners…

  • Sweet Awesomeness! Really enjoyed Civ Rev on the PS3, only downside was it didn’t have trophy support. Will this game on the Vita have trophies? Either way, I’ll be looking forward to it. If priced right, then Day 1, otherwise I’ll wait for a sale.

  • Now that’s a preorder for sure. Thank you so much Joe! Continue that support for the Vita. I can’t wait to play on it! Also PS I Love You XOXO because it’s Kinda Funny.

  • It’s lovely to see continued vita support. This handheld is an underappreciated gem. In a few years I predict that the vita will become a cult classic like the dreamcast and will continue to receive some degree of support from independent developers. Thank you for bringing Civilization 2+ to the vita; I look forward to playing it come December 3rd.

  • Fantastic! Between this and XCOM being ported, im pretty freakin happy! Thanks for the support!

  • YES. Now can we also have a date for XCOM? please?! I’m buying this the moment it goes up on psn, and I’ll do the same for XCOM! :D

  • cant wait intel this game hit PSVita its awesome

  • Dear Sony and 2k

    might as well consider porting NBA 2k much appreciated !! :)

  • We have been talking about this game over at Reddit for over a month when someone noticed this game was sent to be rated by the ESRB a while ago. We are so glad to finally see an official announcement and date.

  • BTW: day one buy for me!

  • Well that gave me something to smile about.

  • Im curious, how much of a Civ game is this for real? Where does it fall on the spectrum?

    -full Civ PC game
    -simplified and slightly dumbed down PS3 game (still really fun and worth it)
    -or really minimal mobile port


  • i can finally dust off my vita and use it

  • physical release please !

  • thanks 2K to finally suport Vita with Civilization and XCOM!! I need more games of 2K in vita!!!

  • I’ve never played a Civ game but I would consider it for Vita, thanks.

  • I’ll grab this if it launches at a decent price. What I’d absolutely love though is any PS2 GTA port for the Vita. Would be so awesome.

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