Shadow of the Beast Update, New Trailer From Paris Games Week

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Shadow of the Beast Update, New Trailer From Paris Games Week

Hi PlayStation fans,

It’s been a great week for gaming news! Lots of wonderful announcements from Paris Games Week, and so many things to look forward to. We’re once again humbled that Sony asked for our game, Shadow of the Beast, to be in attendance amongst such illustrious company.

Shadow of the Beast

Shadow of the BeastShadow of the Beast

On the gameplay side, we’ve been very lucky to get lots of feedback from people who took the time to play our previous demo at various shows, and we’ve been working out how best to use that to improve the game. To that end, we’ve been iterating and tweaking our combat system further, as well as making adjustments to help the platforming flow better. We’re trying our best to make sure that the combat in particular has layers to discover and that truly mastering the game is going to be something players can enjoy doing as they uncover the secrets of Aarbron’s world.

So with immense nervousness, but quiet excitement, we’d like to share a new trailer with you. Hopefully fans of the original game will spot a few nods to familiar locations, and also some new things to make the return to Karamoon an exciting prospect!

Shadow of the Beast Update, New Trailer From Paris Games Week

Thank you again for looking at the game, we’re still working hard to improve it and hope to share more news with you as soon as we can.

Yours gratefully,
Matt and the team at Heavy Spectrum

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  • interesting :) can’t wait for this game

  • It says pre-order now in trailer, but i dont see it anywhere in ps store?

  • Looks really cool. Never heard of this game until I saw it being played before the conference. Definitely on my radar now.

  • Back when i was a kid i remember playing (or rather, watching my parents play) Shadow of the Beast on the Amiga 600 – the graphics and muisc were phenomenal! i however was too damn terrified by it – it was only by the time the sequel rolled round that i could give it a fair shot.
    Even though the sequel was hard as nails.

    Im very interested to see what you guys do with this – definitely noticed a couple of homages in the trailer there – Though as long as the end boss isn’t literally a giant foot I’m sure it will be fine :D

    • The sequel was the only one I could actually finish! The first game was nearly impossible and I never really put any time into the third.

  • The fighting looks as though it will be extremely satisfying! I am very interesting in this game!

  • Really looking forward to this one!!
    Nice work guys!

  • CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS! THANK YOU for bringing back some of the original Amiga feel and environment style!!! Don’t forget, it needs to have awesome music like the original did, very important. :)

  • It looks lill different than the original game that came out ages ago, but still has its own awesome look. I am a huge fan of side scrolling games and cant wait for this. Sure hope there is a phsical copy of the game coming out. I am old fashioned sorry

  • Looked interesting until it is shown to be a side scroller.

  • So when does this come out?

  • I am beyond excited for this game!! The EU store apparently has the game up for preorder with a Jan. 26 release date. Is this true for North America also? Also, is this getting a physical release?

  • Been looking forward to this one for a while now. Pure awesomeness!!!!!!

  • Looks beastly.

  • Any word on a release date for this game?

  • This is quite an awesome and visceral trip on the original visuals!
    Love that Roger Dean’s surrealist influence is still alive in the backgrounds too!

  • This better get physical retail. Start treating these IPs properly, SCE.

  • Glad to see it’s not a facelift of the original. That game was far too punishing.

  • side scrolling god of war??????????????????????

    ALL THE WAY IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FINALLY! Some new information about this title! I grew up on the original, and my jaw dropped when I heard this was being rebooted. From what I’ve seen so far, the reboot looks really good and I’m excited to play it (I need it NAO!). My only nitpick from what I’ve seen is the change to the protagonist’s face, but I’m willing to get over that.

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  • Yeah loved the game on the Amiga back in the day, cant wait for this and yes the music made the game great feel to it. ;)

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