Learning the Ropes in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Multiplayer

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Learning the Ropes in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Multiplayer

The brutal pace and ferocious gunplay in the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End multiplayer suite was recently detailed by one of Naughty Dog’s Lead Game Designers Robert Cogburn here on PlayStation.Blog. But his team’s work was perhaps best showcased by this increasingly out-of-control footage that debuted during the PlayStation press conference at Paris Games Week. Uncharted 4 drew long lines on the show floor as players sampled the competitive component for the first time, and I was happily among them.

Learning the Ropes in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Multiplayer

This early build of Uncharted 4 competitive packed in characters from across the Uncharted series — a crucial pillar in Naughty Dog’s approach to multiplayer this time around. Nate, Sully, Elena, Cutter, and other familiar faces smirked and scowled from the loading screen. Although the final version of the game will have a more robust loadout editor, I picked “support” (I do love being helpful) and brought Elena into the field (#TeamElena).

As Cogburn illustrated in his post, the biggest new additions to the Uncharted multiplayer are the Sidekicks, Mysticals, and the grappling hook. All things that I failed at using properly while being shot in the neck. Matches are immediately compelling, as teams move through maps together and establish “fronts” in order to exchange fire and explosives with the opposing side.

Uncharted 4, Image 09Uncharted 4, Image 08

This highlights Naughty Dog’s map design, which facilitates intense battles between sides and an ever-changing firefight that makes nearly every moment worthwhile. Ducking and weaving behind cover, opening fire on your enemies, leaping from the lethal range of a grenade — all of it felt great right from the start.

As was the case with previous Naughty Dog games, Uncharted 4 demands teamwork (and competency) from its players. A team of stray soldiers will be gunned down in seconds, whereas a coordinated group can move fluidly through cover, help downed friendlies, and survive the match much more efficiently.

Uncharted 4, Image 11

The Paris Games Week demo only scratched the surface of what Uncharted 4 multiplayer has to offer. If you want to try it for yourself, you can play the beta on December 4th with a purchase of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, or swing by PlayStation Experience in San Francisco and come play with us! I’ll be the one dying a lot.

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  • Uncharted 3 was really popular among my friends on PS3 but soon died down as the following Spring came into session. I don’t regret buying the season pass as it was such a passionate multiplayer experience back in it’s heyday.

    I don’t mind more Uncharted Multiplayer, but what do you think will be different this time around to keep more people playing versus the veterans who stick by the game no matter what? Do you think it sticks by it’s roots but in a more welcoming approach to newcomers? (powerups / sidekicks)

    Maybe the Spring-Summer transition might play a key role in that!

    • I’m confused as to how you’ve said it died out? I bought uc3 a year after its release and still play this and only this every night right now. I’m 41 and checked out every game in detail b4 purchasing and was generally disappointed with 90% of games today. ..but this one!! We are still here playing uc3 every day!

    • An auto aim feature would surely gather lots of interest for newcomers…

  • I only play Story Mode on Uncharted. Can’t see myself getting into Multiplayer on that one. When it’s not the core of the game like Call of Duty or Rocket League, online multiplayer is just not a big deal to me. Can’t wait for Uncharted 4 anyway… And the PS Plus post, like everyone else accessing the blog today. :)

    • I am the same way, but I enjoyed playing Uncharted 3 multi beta a lot, and then just played the Uncharted 3 campaign when I got the game. So I expect I’ll spend quite a bit of time enjoying the Uncharted 4 multi beta as well.

      Just so you know, Uncharted 3 multi did have a co-op mode and not just competitive. That I made sure I played each of the co-op missions a few times as there was some story context for each of those. I am hoping Uncharted 4 also has some multi player co-op missions for people to enjoy.

  • Will you be able to play the beta later on if you didn’t buy the uncharted collection?

    • NO!
      and playstation employees will kick down your door and slap around your pets and loved ones as punishment for you failing to pick up the collection.

  • I’m really happy that all the launch maps are new but I’m also wondering if we’ll be seeing ports of the U2&3 maps any time?

    • I Would love that, but it’s unlikely we would get direct ports due to the new methods of transportation. Most likely we’re going to get the maps “Converted” into uncharted 4’s gameplay style (Grappling hooks, sidekicks, etc.) But that’s purely speculation on my part.

  • Please tell me the treasure system for U3 has been either removed or vastly changed to be less rare…
    Can you still throw back grenades?

  • Uncharted’s story is amazing but I actually love the multiplayer aspect more. Uncharted 3 has been and continues to be my favorite multiplayer, ever. I hope U4’s multiplayer surpasses it!

    Btw one thing I loved about Uncharted is the way you customize your character. Hope hats and more customization options return. Also, the U2 days of having other characters from PS games was something I missed in U3 (apart from the helghast).

    Can’t wait for my favorite multiplayer to come to PS4!

    • I agree 100%. Having customization options was awesome in Uncharted 3 multiplayer. It kept the players different enough, so there wasn’t 5 Drakes running around. I don’t see why they would take it out, though. Also characters from other franchises like Uncharted 2 was pretty neat. Hopefully if we’re lucky we can have both.

  • RC, I am surprised and excited at the myriad announcements at PGW. I was not expecting near as much news, but was blown away that there were so many reveals in addition to new footage of highly anticipated games!

    Uncharted MP looks so GREAT! I have never played ND mutliplayer, but this looks like it may be time for me to jump in!

    I can’t wait for this week’s podcast! I hope you all got a chance to try the latest in PSVR, and I hope that you’ll talk about it plenty amidst the other games!

    Cheers from the frosty north!

  • I have legit concerns bout the MP i’ve tweeted Robert Cogburn about possible changes or at least the freedom of options https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-oxgxZAzaU

    If you’re going to have mystic aka super natural elements in the game. At least give us the option for a mode without them! please. The MP for UC3 was annoying with those kickbacks that’s what these “Mystics” are just another name for Kickbacks. And it seems you all took elements from the last of us. At least give us an option to have the UC2 multiplayer or something on the PS4 something!

  • Not trying to spam but seriously If you’re going to have mystic aka super natural elements in the game. At least give us the option for a mode without them! please. The MP for UC3 was annoying with those kickbacks that’s what these “Mystics” are just another name for Kickbacks. And it seems you all took elements from the last of us. At least give us an option to have the UC2 multiplayer or something on the PS4 something!

    • I loved the kickbacks and this MP looks absolutely amazing. UC2 MP was the worst one….too boring….not enough options.

  • Pay to win has no place in 60 dollar games. Pass.

    • Lol what? Where do you see pay to win? Naughty Dog hasn’t and will not implement that in their games. The closest that it will get to that is with DLC and weapons packs if they’re even doing that to begin with. You obviously didn’t read the article and have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • When is the store updating with Trails in the sky Second Chapter?

  • After watching the trailer,lost all 80% of ma hopes that UC4 online can be any good.It’ll probably be like the garbage that is UC3…at least I can still have hopes for the co-op.

  • After seeing what has been revealed so far, I’m looking forward to the single player, but not the multiplayer. I’m in the camp that would like to see a bare bones Uncharted 2 style of gameplay, without all the mystical & sidekick nonsense. All these extra A.I. crutches, usually just created, an imbalance in gameplay, which also creates frustration!

    I have a great amount of respect for Naughty Dog, and for the great games they create. They can do whatever they want with their game… however, I for one will not be playing the multiplayer if this is what it will included. I’m hoping that the co-op will be just as great as the previous versions of Uncharted games. Co-op is where my friends and I will spend all of our time! Good luck to Naughty Dog, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s revealed in regards to the co-op gameplay!

  • Chateau, Village, Temple BETTER be brought back.

  • As a veteran co-op player in U2/3, I have zilch interest in competitive MP. Considering how bad The Last of Us online was and how co-op got axed, Uncharted 4 is definitely not in my priority list anymore.

  • UC 2 was great, UC3 was great, and UC4 will be great as well. I’m not worried about the negative comments a few people are making and I know ND isn’t worried either. They haven’t disappointed us thus far and I know they will continue to make legendary games.
    I too play UC3 multiplayer all the time!

    PSN: H0b0withShoTGunn

  • Stop with this junk. Seriously. Just stop!! Take a step back to what made the multiplayer so good in uncharted 2. Enough of this crap already.

  • I like the look and feel of the multi player. My concern is making the game too casual! Uncharted 2’s multi player was more focused on skill rather than “perks” to give players an advantage. Can someone from ND comment on this???

  • I really hope they will add an auto aim feature like in uncharted golden abyss, to make the co-op in crushing modes more tolerable. Also, to have the neophytes gives a fighting chance when matched with professional / hardcore players. UC3 mp was had more variety but it becomre more hard and complex…the sheer difficulty was enough for me to put it down and not to play mp again in disgust.

  • Why is some people against Multiplayer mode ? Sure, Uncharted is all about the story, visual and its epic- cinematic experience of the game. But multiplayer mode is where all the FUN at, just look at Smash, Splatoon, COD for example, these games don’t even have single player yet it’s selling like crazy!
    It’s becuz of you guys that Sony doesnt focusing on Multiplayer mode at all. Imagine Ratchet & Clank or inFAMOUS with Online mode. It’s would me freakin awesome! God of War too.
    We need more animated games and multiplayer mode!
    Oh and Naughty Dog made the best decision, they decide to go the 900p/60fps instead of 1080p 30fps. This is great, keep it up playstation!

    • because mp matches are unbalanced as hell… Hope they learn thier mistakes from,previous games….

    • @Tomba25 First off it’s their bro.. Secondly, no comma.. Third, if you haven’t noticed ND is one of the best companies in the world at making improvements, look at how successful The Last of Us MP was. Also, how are you going to say it’s unbalanced when all you’ve seen is this trailer? Look at CoD and all of its power-up and yet they still remain the number 1 played MP. Balancing issues are almost always a major issue companies focus on, so quit trying to sound like you know more than you do.

  • Everything looked until i saw that girl turn into flash..why must yall make this game cheesy.

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  • hi every1..Battlefield 4 one of the best shooters I ever saw…”WICKED”..well done…PlayStation®

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