Happy Halloween From Until Dawn and Supermassive Games

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Happy Halloween From Until Dawn and Supermassive Games

Hi everyone, I’m pleased to be back on the PlayStation.Blog to give you a heads up about how we’re celebrating Halloween with Until Dawn.

The latest update to Until Dawn has added 11 hidden pumpkins throughout the game that will only appear around Halloween. We’re challenging you to find them all. They aren’t all easy to find and you might have to move the camera around to spot all of them. If you find one, take a screenshot and tag it with #UntilDawnPumpkin. We’ll be keeping an eye on how many people spot them and will retweet some of our favourites – so get searching!

Happy Halloween From Until Dawn and Supermassive Games

We’ll also be doing a Director’s Commentary live-stream on October 30th through the PlayStation Events introduced in version 3.0 of the system software. Tune in to watch us play Until Dawn and talk about how we created certain scenes and what we were trying to achieve.

The guys at PlayStation have also created a new Until Dawn theme for PS4 being released for free just in time for Halloween.

Until Dawn PS4 Theme

Have a happy Halloween all!

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  • Cool, I’ll keep an eye out for hidden pumpkins. I just got this game in time to play for Halloween. What is up with the preorder dlc? Is that something that will never be up to purchase from the PS Store for the rest of us to play?

    • The free theme sounds great, but Halloween is in two days! As for pre-order DLC, you really aren’t missing much but a convo/brief interaction between boyfriend/girlfriend. You could always purchase it from a 3rd party seller as well.

  • Just so you guys know, my friends and I had a good time with this as a party game. If you have multiple people, let them choose a character they wanna be and which ever character is on the screen at the time, who ever picked that character has to play. Can be pretty fun when you have to choose who dies and lives.

  • I think I have had enough space between my first completion and now, that playing again, looking for these Pumpkins will hopefully feel as fresh and exiting as first time around. Hopefully this time, I manage to save more (if not all) of the nitwits, but its gonna be really hard not to pull the trigger on Emily again :P

  • Awesome Until Dawn got a special Halloween Day going on.

  • Supermassive Games, thank you for such an awesome and unique game! I loved my play throughs and now will be hunting pumpkins. It is great when a developer offers continued support for their games. You guys are awesome!

    Any chance of news that Until Dawn will live on through sequels of similar style games!?

  • Have been waiting for Halloween to get this do plan I’d to buy this, take kids truck or treating, come back n play this

    • Add me to the list of people wanting clarity on the availability of the preorder dlc
      Can you please set our expectations?
      The last code on eBay sold for over 30 dollars.
      Too much.

  • Pete Samuels you just gave me a great idea. I’m going to buy this game and let my guest play it on Halloween.

    follow the buzzards


  • Thanks for the great game and the free theme!

  • I am all about doing this. Gotta find a few more of the clues and totems anyway :)
    Fantastic game, guys. I personally think it’s the video game equivalent to Cabin in the Woods (a personal fave movie of mine).
    Please keep doing what you do, and I hope to experience more of your art in the future!

  • I really hope that the “sleeper hit” status that has been associated with Until Dawn has translated into sales capital for the Supermassive Games team. It’s a great game that I thought I would enjoy, but exceeded my expectations; I’d love to see a sequel happen one day.

    I really need to play through it again and chase that Platinum; perhaps a search for pumpkins is yet another reason to do so.

  • PS: PlayStation Theme Team; game related themes are the best, and I’m confident, most popular themes on the store. However, I prefer, and I’m sure I’m not alone, when they don’t include the games name or copy of any kind.

  • I have yet to buy this, but I definitely pick it up come Black Friday. Thanks for the free theme and Happy Halloween to you guys and the Playstation Nation!

  • Is there a link for the theme? Only the digital game comes up on the store when searching “until dawn”

    • i’im not seeing it anywhere either. in addition to searching for until dawn, i also looked at all themes sorted by release date, and it isn’t showing there either.

      i’m not sure why sony makes these promotional themes so hard to find. i never found the free godzilla theme either.

  • Very cool! This game is such a treat. Can’t wait for a sequel.

  • After making an amazing game, they gift us with a PS4 theme? Supermassive Games just earned a new BIG FAN!

  • I can’t get this free theme :(

    It says, that I don’t own the game. But I definitely do have this game in my Library.

  • I will buy the Extended Edition of Until Dawn soon on physical. It’s the only way you can play the added footage. Nice to know that it’s already on the disc.

  • Where is the theme?

  • I can’t find the “Free” theme anywhere.

  • I ALSO cant find the theme and I am looking on the online store where is it ?

  • So far I’ve heard it isn’t available in North America

  • The theme is now available in the store. Search “Until Dawn.” It is a static theme though. Better late than never.

  • i cnt find this theme anywhere in the NA store is it only in the EU store?

  • I prefer when themes have great images/scenery from games without the game title splashed across it.
    Let the art speak for itself, words are not needed (or wanted)

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  • I’m a bit late seeing this but nice treat Supermassive.I haven’t played Until Dawn yet but I can’t wait to do so.
    And I saw some of ma friends rating the theme and never thought it was free…thats awesome will download today.

    Thank you.

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