ALIENATION Update: Xeno Forces Invade Paris Games Week

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ALIENATION Update: Xeno Forces Invade Paris Games Week

Hi PlayStation fans,

After invading E3 earlier this year, Xenos have now descended upon Paris Games Week. So many exciting announcements have been made that I think I might even have died and gone to heaven already!

Playing Alienation live on stage at the PlayStation press conference was initially a somewhat terrifying prospect. The game was so cool to play on that huge screen that after just a few seconds of play I never wanted it to end!

Our goal for Alienation is simply to create the definitive top-down shooter with awesome visual effects and layers of gameplay that will keep you coming back for more.

The game is designed to encourage players to work together, combining their skills and firepower to avoid getting caught in a situation as shown in the image below.


In Alienation, up to four players can join forces online, each assuming the role of a Bio-Specialist, Exo-Skeleton or Saboteur. There are tons of things to shoot and loot as you blast Xenos in chaotic firefights in order to complete a variety of interesting mission objectives and campaign goals, designed with collaboration in mind.

Here is a trailer that we created to show you more…

If you watch the trailer very carefully you might just spot a secret cypher that we’ve not been able to decode ourselves and would love to hear about on Twitter at #alienationps4.

Another highlight of the week for me was of course the announcement of yet another new Housemarque game called MatterFall that I have seen brought to life from sketches made by our artists made just a few months back.

Last but not least, the positive feedback and recognition that our friends at PlayStation extended to Housemarque during the presentation is hugely appreciated.

It really is an amazing coincidence that the 20th anniversary of both PlayStation and Housemarque are in the same year and it is a huge privilege for me to work with such amazingly talented people, both at Housemarque and PlayStation.

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  • Can’t wait for this. Does alienation feature a strong story driven campaign that can be co-oped? My Fireteam on Destiny is kind of itching for story lol. After Hell Divers we’re left wanting a bit.

    This looks beautiful and a lot of fun to play, so I’m quick on selling this to my clan.

  • Release date of June 10th, the 162nd day of 2016 or April 8th, 162 days from today…

  • I spotted a 1062 on the video,that it?

    Anyway I’m really eager to play Alienation,the game looks great and beautiful.But I’m worried,and if the game is online-only then I’m afraid I’ll have to skip.You guys at Housemarque are hands down the best PSN devs,and you have 100% of ma support but an online-only game has no sense for me.

    I’m really looking forward to Matterfall too though…so if I end up disappointed with Alienation,I’m sure Matterfall will make up for it…eager to see some gameplay.

    And damn 20 years of Housemarque already?…thats a surprise.

  • Please be as good as Helldivers

  • when does it invade my PS4?

  • I believe Sony is targeting a March release of next year. At least that’s what Housemarque said on twitter. I was really hoping it would make a 2015 release though :( wayyyy too many AAA games releasing next year, I wish some of the digital titles would release in these next couple months to tide us over, like EITR or Shadow of the Beast.

  • I got all excited that what Diablo 3 has done for so many guys in getting their girlfriends into gaming was going to have a successor. Please Devs if you are reading this add couch coop. This is the perfect type of game to sit down with your partner and play for hours with.

  • Is couch coop available?

  • Housemarquee you guys seem to be working on so much and have already proven yourselves in the past, so I am just waiting in anticipation for all your games. I cannot wait for Alienation and Matterfall to release. Also, here’s hoping for Dead Nation 2 to be coming and it be bigger and badder than ever. Hope the best for you guys, God Bless.

  • I’m also curious about local co-op. My husband and I loved playing Dead Nation on PS3 with co-op. (We would’ve played online co-op, but the Vita and PS4 versions of Dead Nation can’t play with each other!)

    I like how the ‘spark’ particles bounce, but it doesn’t look like they emit light. This was a weird oversight I noticed in Killzone Shadowfall as well. Will those individual particles both reflect and emit light in the final product?

  • How good are these types of games with randoms online? looks fun, but friends all have Xboxes .

  • Having just discovered Dead Nation and loving every second of it, I am really looking forward to this one. A day one purchase and a local co-op night with friends. Looks like a great game. Sign me up.

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