Wild on PS4 is an Open-World Game with Startling Possibility

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Wild on PS4 is an Open-World Game with Startling Possibility

Earlier this week in Paris, famed game creator Michel Ancel presented the upcoming open world Wild with a deep-set grin. His enthusiasm and passion for the project echo in Wild’s dizzying vistas, and his team’s purpose is clear: empower players to traverse a beautiful, dangerous world. Let them attune with the forces of nature. And grant them dominion over animals of all shapes and sizes.


In Wild, players live life as a male or female shaman, fighting to survive a world rife with predators, poison, and even bone-wearing cannibals. Ancel’s goal is to begin the story when the shaman is young, and follow him as his power and experience grows over time. With each new animal that the shaman learns to control, a new tattoo is etched across the character’s skin. This will help showcase a player’s experience where multiplayer is concerned. Different shamans will display their spiritual wisdom with different markings.

As some may have seen during the PlayStation press conference at Paris Games Week, the shaman will come to understand new animal types by communing with powerful animal divinities. We’ve seen the serpent divinity so far, manifested as a seductive, cunning woman spotted with scales. These divinities will ask things of the shaman in exchange for their power, from making a sacrifice to living life as their animal subjects. These meetings (and their subsequent trials) will surely be a highlight of Wild’s open-ended gameplay.


But Ancel wants to ensure that they avoid the common RPG structure that so many players have come to expect. The “Do X to be a good guy” direction is avoided in favor of complete player choice. Will the shaman start life by learning to control small animals like frogs? Or will he work harder to master stronger animals like wolves or bears? The choice is entirely up to the player.

The moment to moment play in Wild is a mix of survival and exploration. Players can traverse the land as the shaman, or call animal companions to ride (like the bear we saw in Paris). The shaman can also “possess” animals that he has previously mastered, seeing the world from their unique perspectives. Observe far-off terrain from the eyes of a hawk, or scout cannibal tribes undetected as a rabbit. Players can even lure predators by controlling sheep. But leave the shaman’s body unprotected, and death may come swiftly while his spirit is away.


Wild is still early in development, and Ancel did not show multiplayer in Paris. He notes that he’s been inspired by the multiplayer element of Bloodborne, and he hopes to bring similar ideas to Wild, like enabling gamers to invite other players into their worlds to either help or hinder their progress.

Wild is gorgeous in both its visuals and its creative vision. As Ancel’s team continues to build out the world, the promise of the shaman’s journey grows — and we eagerly await meeting new divinities who will grant us dominion over the wild.

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  • Great write up! Wild truly looks wild! It is so strikingly different from typical titles, and it is clearly of high production value, that it is a game begging to be explored!

  • This one is added to my list.

  • Why was the original gameplay changed! Before we could change into animals….now seems to be pointless be a Shaman and help people?

    Where’s the survival and team work?

    • Did you even read it? It says you can transfer your spirit into an animal’s body. It also discusses the survival aspect and the teamwork you can get in multiplayer.

    • No no. He’s right, kartphantom. When it was announced last year the gameplay and trailer made it seem you could play as any animal not control them through another character. The shaman wasnt revealed then. They showed wolves, horses, birds, hunters and a completwly different graphical style. It looked awesome then. Now it looks completely different and I don’t know if I entirely like it. Before it looked more pixar and timeless. Now it looks luke its trying to be photo realistic and honestly failing in my opinion. On top of that you have to play as a shaman who can posses animals rather than actually playing as an animal.

    • I just heard about this game a few days ago and I’m really excited for it I hope it’s released early next year and not near the end of next year because that would really annoy so many people waiting for this game. PS who gives a crap if u can’t play as animals but posses them they are doing something new that has never been done

  • I like that it breaks the mold of most AAA titles. Entirely natural setting, no guns, no sci-if gimmicks or absurd plots, and most of all respectful of the naive way of life. Native Americans (and other non-White groups) hardly get any representation in games so this is welcome.

  • One of the highlights of the show, for sure, so I’m glad we got a longer look at this incredible looking game.

    As you can tell, I’m a fan of angry bears, so the fact that you can ride them and make them part of your attack plan is a huge win for me :-)

  • Looking forward to this! But I was really expecting to be able to pick a character, to live as an animal who has to hunt for food and take shelter, not take control of one, but still..can’t wait! :)

  • Reveal caught me by surprise, and I am excited to see more. I like the adventure game-like solving, where the inventory is the wildlife indigenous to the environment you’re in.

    That being said, I want to hear details about Beyond Good & Evil! :)

    Also agree that it’s great to see aboriginal-like people get some representation, would be even better if they were more obviously dark-skinned and not just tan people with face paint.

    • What is with the agendas you are always pushing, suggesting that games are racist, homophobic, sexist etc..? If you have only ever seen games starring burly, white men, then you are living under a rock.
      This team is making the game they want to make and there is nothing wrong with it. You think you are coming off as progressive, but your constant focus on race, gender and sexual orientation just tells people that you are close-minded, since you can’t be satisfied unless the characters meet your very specific demographic requirements. Maybe you should try making your own games if this is such an important issue for you.

  • Looks good! Base it on Dragon Age Inquisition and you shall have my money!

  • This looks beautiful. Multiplayer should be a nice touch too!

  • “Wild is still early in development”


  • I cant wait to play this lovely open world game <3

  • Should add the video in the post.

  • It looks good with a lot of promise and the open-endedness leaves gamers with near infinite possibilities. Gamers can play over and over and still enjoy the game. It would have been nice if we saw a video but understandable as it is still in development.

  • I must admit, I generally have to take these write-ups with a huge grain of salt. A while back PS published a pretty solid piece about a new game called “Wander”. I believe there were comparisons drawn between that and Journey. The article/piece really made this game sound wonderful and refreshing change of pace.

    It turned out to be one of the worst gaming purchases of my life. Not because of what the game ended up being, but because of how unfinished it was. I spend almost $40CAD on that game and have not touched it since that initial hour-long attempt to enjoy it. I was not only shocked, but disappointed that Playstation could promote such an unfinished product to its community.

    I will admit, Wild does sound pretty interesting, but never again will I get a game, or allow myself to get hyped for a game based solely on a PS article.

    • Yeah, it is actually a great write-up considering who wrote it, but these guys have to praise every game. They have no freedom of opinion here. If they hate a game, they’re still going to write about how wonderful it is. If I buy a game, sight unseen, it’s because I hold the developer in high regard and they have earned my trust by consistently producing great games. In all other cases, gameplay videos and reviews are what it’s about.

      Back when we were waiting for the PS4’s launch, we were told that ALL games would have a demo, but of course Sony never delivered on that promise, and evidently everyone forgot about it, so now it likely won’t ever happen. :/

    • @PantheMan It’s not Sony’s decision whether a developer creates a demo… they could force their own to do it, but demos are honestly a waste of development resources. Many of us would prefer they didn’t waste valuable dev time on creating a demo and in stead spent it on something that improves the game on the whole.

    • Sony said that all games would have demos. This doesn’t mean that all developers would create gameplay demos. Do you remember the 1-hour PS+ trials we had on PS3? My assumption is that that is the kind of thing Sony was referring to.

      But you are wrong about it being a waste of development resources. “Try before you by” is a very important and valuable sentiment that some developers do fully embrace. We, as the consumer, have a right to know what we are spending our money on. Sure, we can wait for reviews and wait for discounts, but this often hurts sales so much more. If you are specifically waiting to see the GameStop review and the review is terrible, you aren’t going to buy it. Does that mean you wouldn’t have enjoyed the game? No. But the developers never gave you the opportunity to come to the conclusion on your own, without spending $60 to do so, so it is their fault.
      You are also speaking in a very ignorant manner, suggesting that cutting a vertical slice from a game is going to take away from development time. Again, you are wrong. Demos aren’t created from scratch. They are just a small chunk of the game that was cut out.

    • What a demo is to a video game is about what a movie trailer is to a movie. It is important and it drastically improves sales. Unless, of course, the game (or movie) is actually terrible. Shouldn’t a developer (and their publisher, for that matter) have confidence in what they are selling? Shouldn’t they believe that a demo is only going to make people want to buy the product?

  • That’s nice and all, but when can I pre order it?

  • Ugh I hate this concept that some devs have lately that you can’t have multiplayer without letting people be ***holes….

    Yes its realistic, but realism is not always what I want.

    I really hope the developer of this lets you have the cooperative element of the multiplayer, if they choose to do multiplayer, without automatically opening it up to have people just killing you all day. Make the sabotage element something people can opt in to if they want to be ‘invaded’ to use Souls terminology, but don’t tie it to the cooperative stuff. Make them separate choices people make that are not related to one another.

    That being said, as long as they don’t go that route, I’m definitely intrigued by this game.

  • I am following this game from 2014 and almost gave up on it. But now we have this i am a little dissapointed in what we got to see in Paris because if you look to the first trailer it was AMAZING. It was said that the map of WiLD would be as big a Europe is that still the case or no?

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  • A GREAT looking game and AWESOME Idea. This is the type of game PS4 should have been released with. Can’t wait for all these great games arrive…it’s torture reading and viewing video’s of them and NOT playing them!!!!

  • Unreal Engine meets Rust.

  • Where do I sign up for newsletters and betas. Super excited for this game seems very original. Hope it goes for longevity in game play. Somehow I want this more then anything else coming out.

  • awesome looking game, well PlayStation between this, horizon zero dawn and a few other amazing games my wallet will be crying from the squeeze but i will be so happy to get these games….ps bring dengeki bunko to the PS4

  • Hello Ryan, if you can get in touch with Mr. Michel Ancel, could you ask him a favor:

    Can he release a demo version of this game, please?

    Thanks in advance.

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