Horizon Zero Dawn: Extended Gameplay Demo Unveiled

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Horizon Zero Dawn: Extended Gameplay Demo Unveiled

Hello, PlayStation community. We hope you enjoyed the live playthrough of our Horizon Zero Dawn reveal demo during the Paris Games Week Press Conference. There’s a lot more to this early slice of the game than we had time to showcase. Luckily, we’ve created a video to offer you a more detailed look at a demo that prior to this week had only been seen behind closed doors.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Extended Gameplay Demo Unveiled

Horizon Zero Dawn: Extended Gameplay Demo UnveiledHorizon Zero Dawn: Extended Gameplay Demo Unveiled

We appreciate all of your support and feedback and we’re eager to share more of our fantastic world as soon as we can. There is a lot more to show!

Horizon Zero Dawn: Extended Gameplay Demo Unveiled

In addition, we have another video that we created just for the blog, showing how our reveal trailer came together. You can see how some shots made it into the trailer almost intact, whereas others changed in subtle ways. We hope you enjoy this inside look at our creative process.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Extended Gameplay Demo Unveiled

That’s all for now, and we hope those of you who attend Paris Games Week have a great show.

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  • #colinisright this game is amazing, excited to play this game. Hope to see more of this game at PSX.

  • Cant waitt!!!

  • Nice, sure. But a *downloadable demo* would be even better! ;)

  • Guerilla/Sony, please don’t show too much of this game before I get to play it but do, please DO, at least give us a sense of how big the world map is and how much there is to explore. I’m very interested in hearing about that. This is my most-anticipated Sony-published game of 2016 unless Detroit: Become Human comes out next year, which I doubt.

  • At this point, all I wanna know is when. Don’t want to see anything more, just put it in my hands and let me find out for myself.

  • I know nothing about this game….but I want it. All of the open-world games that have been coming out lately have all been amazing.

  • When will we be able to watch 1080p60 videos in YouTube on PS4? There’s no way to select video quality in that client, and it looks like it downscales everything to 720p :(

    I want to be able to “pin” the YouTube video quality on PS3/4 to 1080p(60) and have it buffer if it needs to. It’s a must for watching these game trailers! Right now, I plug in my MacBook Air to the receiver/projector to watch 1080p60 videos like these.

  • Hoo boy this game just looks better and better each time we see it :-). Really hope you release in 2016 as planned as I’m not sure I can wait much longer!

  • I’ve already put this in my wish list. Horizon #GOTY2016

  • Excellent demo. When the game was first announced, I thought it seemed too much like Uncharted. Now I know that this is a game I will be interested in playing.

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  • That’s awesome Guerrilla…as always you guys have 100% of ma trust and faith.You guys moving to something new just makes ma respect for you grow stronger.Was eager for Horizon even before the official reveal…game looks impressive of course,if there is anyone who knows the meaning of quality is y’all at Guerrilla.
    Of course I can’t wait to see and learn more about the game but know this…Horizon is a DAY 1 BUY already.

  • Why are you using a bow and arrow to combat robot dinosaurs?

  • Day 1 purchase! I will pre-order this months in advance!

  • I get such an ”Enslaved” vibe from this game.

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