Dead Secret Delivers Dread to PS4 & PS3 in January

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Dead Secret Delivers Dread to PS4 & PS3 in January

Who killed Harris Bullard?
Delve into a dead man’s bizarre past to solve the mystery of his death before you become the next victim. Dead Secret will land on PS4 and PS3 in January 2016 and later on PlayStation VR.

Harris Bullard, a reclusive man with a mysterious past, was found dead in his study five days ago. Nobody suspects foul play, least of all the police. But you know better — this is murder, and it’s up to you to prove it. Designed for console and VR, Dead Secret is a mystery thriller in which you play as an ambitious journalist on a mission to make headlines. To get the story, you’ll have to comb the crime scene for clues and decipher the mystery of Bullard’s twisted past. Uncover secret documents, explore the dead man’s home, and piece together the puzzle to name the killer. But keep your wits about you — Bullard took his secrets to the grave, and somebody wants them to stay there.

Dead SecretDead Secret

Dead Secret has been in development for several years. The project began in 2013 and has gone through many iterations and mutations. In 2014, the team at Robot Invader decided to focus on VR, a change which required them to rip Dead Secret apart and piece it back together bit by bit. The result is a uniquely hybrid game, one designed specifically for virtual reality yet firmly connected to its console roots.

Dead Secret is also the product of many years of research into the inner workings of horror and mystery games. Chris Pruett and Casey Richardson, founders of Robot Invader, were deeply influenced by titles such as Clock Tower, Siren, and Deadly Premonition. “Casey and I have been thinking and writing about scary game design for over a decade,” Pruett said. “Dead Secret is focused on mystery, but we made sure that there’s a hefty dose of dread in there too.” Pruett describes Dead Secret as “something of a love letter” to classic horror and mystery games. “It’s a game anybody can play and enjoy, but I hope that fans of the genre will be particularly delighted.”

Dead Secret will arrive on PS4 and PS3 in January 2016 with Cross Buy support. The PlayStation VR version will launch later in the year.

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  • Sold. All over this like a rash

  • Will the VR version also be cross-buy?

  • This is why VR will be awesome. Games like this. Shut up and take my money.

  • It’s nice to hear this supporting Cross-buy and I hope that extends to the VR version, too. If so, you’ll have a similar phenomenon to right now where a person may own PS3/Vita games that are CB with PS4 and they are building their PS4 library before they even have the system. I’ve got to think that leads to more PS4 sales, and could lead to more PSVR sales down the road.

  • This is amazing, what a great game for VR and can’t wait to see what other horror games are done for VR in the future, could be Kinda Funny to see the horror of Greg’s EGO explode, :p

  • looks like we finally got our Gone Home replacement

  • I think I might wait for the VR release for this one

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  • I’m looking forward to this! Story heavy games in VR is incredibly exciting prospect, and this looks to be both unnerving and mentally stimulating! I can’t wait to play!

  • Am getting this game

  • I just finished playing this game for a review on Gear VR. I didn’t know it was a scary game when I started. I was playing it at night while home alone. Kept ripping my mask off to make sure there were no murderers trying to kill me while I wasn’t looking. Really good game. Actually reminds me a lot of the first Resident Evil in some ways.

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