Watch the Paris Games Week Press Conference Today

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Watch the Paris Games Week Press Conference Today

That’s a wrap! Thanks for watching, and keep an eye on the front page of the US PlayStation.Blog for more news and announcements.

The PlayStation Paris Games Week 2015 Press Conference is about to begin! The show will kick off at 10:00 AM Pacific (tune in a little early so you don’t miss anything), and you can watch it all live right here. Make sure to refresh the page!

Paris Games Week

But first, a note: much like E3 is targeted to the US audience and Tokyo Game Show is targeted to Japanese gamers, Paris Games Week is a regional show primarily aimed at the European market — keep that in mind as you watch. Not everything mentioned or shown in the presentation will necessarily apply to gamers here in North America. As usual, we’ll be publishing posts on all topics relevant for the North American market here on PlayStation.Blog.

Please enjoy the press conference stream, and keep an eye peeled for new developer posts and exclusive trailers right here on PlayStation.Blog.

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2 Author Replies

  • I hope to see more of Rime and Wild.

  • Can’t wait!


  • i’m ready and hoping for a few megatonz lol

  • Shenmue HD Collection!! Make it happen Sony!!

  • Looking forward to watching if I can find the time.

  • Finger held over F5 patiently waiting. Looking forward to seeing what’s coming and praying the No Man’s Sky theories come to pass!

    • Just caught up on news and see Sean Murray couldn’t make it so I doubt the big surprise release that was speculated by a few will not be in the cards. Unless his lack of appearance is a giant red herring. Ack, I just want to play it.

    • Already burnt out on No Mans Sky. Too much hype, too early

  • All I want is a Demons souls remaster on PS4. Please Sony make this happen.

  • Hope PS Vita does not get ignored this time around… :/

    • Agreed! I love my Vita and understand why it doesn’t get huge piles of development money thrown at it, but some of the loyal players and fans would be nice.

    • FYI in case you didn’t know — the folks at Somy are no longer developing any first-party Vita games. They’ve said so.

    • That does not mean there are third party games that they can announce for the ps vita… :/

    • Thanks for the unnecessary salt though and try to ignore that xcom has been leaked at least more than twice now when they could announce it pretty much at
      this event…

    • True. At least Japan does have a steady stream of Vita RPGs.

  • Backwards compatibility for PS1 and PS2 please

  • Can’t wait!

  • Wonder what Europe is going to be getting that North America wont. They are really emphasizing that this is for Europe and not North America. Also, Sony’s E3 is a US only show, not North American I’m not sure they even know what’s north of the 49th, other than hockey.

  • PS1/PS2 classics for the PS4! No Man’s Sky release date! Uncharted 4 gameplay! Sony Santa Monica, what are they up to? And BEYOND! :D

  • New games are always nice, but I’m more excited to hear about some new features. Backwards compatibility, the ability to change PSN name, Trophy sorting on PS4, etc.

    • I agree. I am more interested in new features. Games will come, but anything new announced here is a couple years away anyways.

  • Hoping no man’s sky is mentioned. Even more hope for it coming this year.

    Also the conference is at 6pm central so 5 eas for those on the other side.

  • Who else thinks MotorStorm should come to PS4!?

  • how about the ability to see when one of your friends signs in ?
    how about being able to tell the last time a friend signed in
    i want the ability in PS Now to play PS1 PS2 games the good ones not garbage ware
    Give Me better free PS Plus games Super meat boy SERIOUSLY?????
    The Ability to block more than 50 Players

  • Hoping for some No Man’s Sky news! Good vibes PS family!

  • Only a few minutes, now. Things I’m hoping we’ll be seeing today:
    + Dreams
    + Quantic Dream project
    + Wild
    + Rime
    + ABZU
    + What Remains of Edith Finch
    + Hunger

    Things I would gladly see more of, too:
    + The Last Guardian
    + SFV
    + Persona 5
    + Uncharted 4 progress report
    + Horizon
    + The Tomorrow Children release date
    + PlayStation VR release details

    + No Man’s Sky release (date)
    + Deep Down (if it still exists :-/)
    + Sony Bend and/or Sucker Punch new project (probably just a logo and some concept art)
    + New God(dess) of War tease?

    • Quantic dream project and rime are sure bets to have some presence there.

      Hoping for no man’s sky too!

    • you got some of them? haha although I imagine you’re disapppointed by the actual release date of NMS (granted, we’ve finally got one at least)

  • Is there a way to watch it live on YouTube?

  • please no more Indie games
    give us GAMES now stop delaying lateness awaits

  • I want a release date for no man’s sky

  • Looking forward to updates on Last Guardian, Shenmue and general system updates.
    It would blow my mind if a new Valkyria Chronicles was announced though. :)

  • WHERES YOUTUBE??/????/

  • Rocket League got major cheers. Amazing.

  • So…..Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls Remaster is only or Europe? It would be nice to see them release in the US too. Love Heavy Rain but never played Beyond.

    • I would say you should not. I saw the game at its fullest and while it is a great premise, an interesting concept, it is executed poorly. Like Indigo Prophecy. Heavy Rain is by far the least terrible of that trilogy but when you know the background of the making and the stuff in the other games, it falls apart and leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Well, at least it did in mine. At the very least, I would say, if you play it, do NOT think about it too hard or else the story falls apart at the seems. Cause Heavy Rain is still the best game he made by far. I can only hope Detroit won’t fall to the same problems but now, I don’t have any hope unless it proves me wrong. It does LOOK super gorgeous though. That’s always been Quantic Dream’s strongest aspect :)


    Valorie Curry THE FOLLOWING right?

  • It was awful …just like every modern videogame conference, excepting for Nintendo, because they actually show not only games, but GOOD games.

  • Not much to talk about here. That seemed like a press conference that didn’t need to happen.
    Oh well, I wasn’t expecting too much anyways. meh

  • Well.. kinda disappointed by that (did enjoy the VR stuff but once again – no price or release window)

    The release date for No Man’s Sky also sucked.

    as someone said earlier – hyped way too soon and burning itself out, it’ll have such a limp release now.

    Wild – for me, it’s a meh at best … and same for Horizon ..but guess I’ll review it nearer the time.

  • That press-conference was unbelievably painful to watch and listen to. When the presenter pauses to wait for applause and no applause is forthcoming, there is something wrong. And this occurred in the very first five minutes of the presentation when he was listing some games – dead silence! Or perhaps there is a rule in Europe that says when people attend conferences, they are never to smile, applaud or in any other way, show that they are actually alive. If so, spike their water with caffeine pills.

    Or perhaps it’s time for Sony to recognize that their individuals with fancy titles are not very good at public speaking nor engaging an audience; therefore, it is time to rethink who get’s up on stage. Break a five and hire professional public speakers. You can do better, this was certainly not it.

    • Please tell me you are 12-13 years old and are just naive. You see in sound design microphones are designed to block background/abstract noise in order to prevent feedback. Most of the time using compression and noise gates. The conference was running off a direct feed from the presenter not a room mic. So in fact they were doing there job by blocking out applause and crowd noise. I mean seriously educate yourself before you mouth off and look like a complete idiot.There was crowd participation and applause. It was loud. You just could not hear it. Why would you want to? Sorry but as a sound designer I may be anal but this is common sense.

  • When the camera pans out to the audience to see their reactions and everyone is just sitting there silently, that is not an issue of “sound design”, it’s an indication that the presenter was unable to motivate, excite, or in any other way, capture the attention of the audience. When the audience does not know if it is time to applaud, that is not an issue of “microphone placement”, that is an issue of failing to connect to the audience. There was an overall feeling of lifelessness in the audience tonight; punctuated by tentative and hesitant applause. Look at how tentative the audience was when clapping after Call of Duty trailer/gameplay was shown. Sound design could have been perfect – immaculate even – for this conference. But that is utterly irrelevant if the speaker is unable to be dynamic and/or engaging with their audience. And this conference is prime example of that.

  • Shuhei is my friend and I am excited to play games with him in the future like some of the VR games coming as well as wild and no mans sky. :) love PlayStation.

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