Robinson: The Journey Announced for PlayStation VR from Crytek

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Robinson: The Journey Announced for PlayStation VR from Crytek

Hey everyone, Elijah from Crytek, here. I’m lucky enough to be working as Executive Producer on Robinson: The Journey, and wanted to share a little more info on the project with you.

In Robinson, you assume the role of a young boy who has crash-landed on a mysterious planet, and must become a pioneer of sorts as you explore your surroundings, interact with the world around you, and discover amazing secrets at every turn. I can’t go into too many specifics right now, but that’s the (very) high level overview!

Robinson The Journey

As a studio, we’re really excited to be creating Robinson for PlayStation VR, and believe it’s the perfect platform for what we’re striving to achieve with the game. But what exactly are we striving to achieve? Good question.

Probably the best place to start is with a couple of VR demos we’ve shown at industry events this year. Back to Dinosaur Island 1 and 2 offered different types of VR experiences, but both acted as inspiration for Robinson. The first of those demos placed players in a more static role as a giant dinosaur stared them down at close quarters, and the follow-up featured greater interactivity as users scaled a cliff and took in their expansive surroundings.

Probably the most inspirational aspect of these demos for us was the reaction they received! A lot of players and press highlighted them as being among the best VR experiences they’d had, which felt like validation of the track we were on.

Robinson The Journey

That track was — and still is — to create the most realistic, immersive worlds possible using our CRYENGINE technology. Crytek is in a relatively rare position as a developer of both games and a game engine. We’ve found that to be a major asset as we work on Robinson, because our efforts to be at the forefront of gaming tech over the years have led us to develop CRYENGINE features that are proving to be really powerful for creating VR games.

A lot of the reaction we received to the Back to Dinosaur Island demos was about how authentic the environments felt — the foliage, the lighting, the dinos, etc. People really seemed to respond positively to the level of visual fidelity, and we do believe that this can set a VR experience out from the crowd and take the feeling of being present to a whole new level.

So, to return to my own question, what are we striving to achieve with Robinson: The Journey? You could say it’s about recreating that level of authenticity on a much, much grander scale. That means not just making something visually stunning, but also telling a story that is emotionally engaging and which resonates with players beyond the game world.

It’s a bold ambition, we know. But just as PlayStation VR will invite players to enjoy gaming in an entirely new way, I think it should also inspire us as developers to create ambitious experiences worthy of this amazing new technology.

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  • Sounds sweet, hope it’ll be released at VR’s launch or soon after.

  • Looks neat.

    Can’t wait to see it in person when it launches!

    Shout out to Colin & Greg Live!

  • Dinosaurs! Wooo!!

  • Looks interesting so far! Unclear at this point how much interaction you will have, or how long the game will be (which are questions I have with most VR games we’ve seen thus far), but in terms of a setting I’d love to explore: you’re nailing it :-)

  • For VR, this was the trailer of the show for me. I absolutely want to see how Crytek pushes the graphics interface on this thing!

  • Danger! Danger! \o3o/

  • Well ****. Saw the video for this on youtube and thought it looked so neat. Didn’t see it mentioned there that it was for VR though. That’s very dissapointing. So it might just be some on rails thing or a very short, shallow experience. Will this be playable on a normal control scheme because I’m not about to go out and spend $400 to strap a tv to my face.

  • I’m also interested to see Crytek push visual fidelity at 90fps native framerate.

    I really liked the Walking with Dinosaurs title for Wonderbook, especially the simple things like holding the tree branch out to feed the dinosaur (like in Jurassic Park). I’d love to see those Wonderbook titles come to PS4 as supporting VR as well as their original gameplay modes (but perhaps with stereo 3DTV support). Book of Potions in particular would be pretty amazing as a hybrid VR/Wonderbook title.

    To that end, I wonder if they’ll manufacture more Wonderbook “peripherals” and have them as a pack-in or option add-on to the core VR set. It would be interesting to set the Wonderbook on a floor/table to allow the stereo camera to better calibrate/detect the geometry of the room so it understands the play area better for VR games.

  • You had me at Dinosaurs, PS VR looks rather tempting now!

  • Interested to see more of this game. I know you guys are an industry leader when it comes to FPS and some of the best visuals around. Hopefully that reputation will carry over to VR.

  • This looks amazing/promising. I wish I could test the VR and this game.

  • Love the robot, it made me feel back to Portal and can’t wait to see more of this game. I love Dinosaurs and so for sure you threw out the right bait for me to buy this game.


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