Behind the Chaos of Just Cause 3

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Behind the Chaos of Just Cause 3

When talking about any Just Cause game, people usually imagine a sandbox game with a huge world, creative destruction, and tons of explosions. They are not wrong. But it’s nice to have a reason for all that chaos, right?

We came up with a really original one: save the world and get some sweet revenge. That’s a much better reason than “I felt like it” — at least in our minds.

Behind the Chaos of Just Cause 3

In Just Cause 3, Rico comes home to save his homeland, Medici, from the rule of the despotic and manic General Di Ravello. This man and Rico go way back. Di Ravello is actually the reason why Rico left his home in the first place, so it’s no secret that they’re not on the best terms. This is the hardest challenge Rico has faced yet: not only will he need to free the people of Medici and beat Di Ravello, but also protect his friends. Let’s see how good he is at multi-tasking!

Just Cause 3

But why didn’t Rico challenge Di Ravello ages ago, you ask? For a long time, Di Ravello’s craziness was confined within the borders of Medici. However, with the discovery of Bavarium, a miraculous ore that has amazing military capabilities, Di Ravello’s ambitions have expanded beyond that… to conquering the whole world. No pressure, eh?

We’ve brought back some familiar faces to Just Cause 3, including Sheldon. There are also some brand new characters that you, together with Rico, will meet for the first time: such as Annika, the leader of the outlaws with connections in the underworld. You’ll also meet Dima, a brilliant scientist who plays a key role in the story, and Rico’s best friend Mario.

Just Cause 3Just Cause 3

So, there you go: a reason for Rico to come back home and blow a lot of stuff up.

We hope you enjoy playing and destroying the world of Just Cause 3. For the people, of course.

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  • I preordered but I have a feeling this game is gonna be a lot like JC2. Hopefully I’m wrong tho

    • Hopefully, you’re right… New area with modernized JC2 gameplay? Holy crap! Pre-ordered in May – the JC series is pretty much the only thing I would preorder nowadays because they will deliver it with 100,000 tons of destruction.

    • I also hope you’re right. JC2 was one of the most fun games that I have ever played. If it’s anything like 2. It’ll end up my GOTY.

  • This game looks promising. I enjoyed Just Cause 2 and played it a lot on PS3. Whenever I get a PS4, this game will be towards the top of the list to play. :)

  • I’ll buy if and only if COOP is added.

  • so… do we get more then 4 story missions this time. i think that story trailer is already more story then existed in JC2. love these games and i really hope they step it up in the story department which it looks like they did.

  • Day 1 purchase! Looks so fun!

  • Absolutely beautiful and the most fun/chaotic gameplay! <3

    The views and environments alone are truly stunning!! I can't even imagine what kind of fantasty/rpg landscape could come out of this game engine! :D

  • The sheer size of their maps combined with the freedom of the half Batman half Mexican James Bond character makes this worth full retail, regardless of the lacking story missions or online/co-op play. However, I think the power of the new consoles will help improve that. It’s a great breather from the GTA sandbox nonetheless. Excited for this day one purchase.

  • Can’t wait to try this one.
    Of course it will be through Steam or Humble Sales.

  • Looks sweet. You can start seeing the nice graphics power of the ps4.

  • can anyone tell me if this has any kind of online MP like team death match or something?

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