Watch the PlayStation Press Conference in Paris This Week

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Watch the PlayStation Press Conference in Paris This Week

On Tuesday, October 27th at 10:00 AM Pacific we’ll be drawing back the curtains on the inaugural Paris Games Week PlayStation Press Conference. In front of gathered media at the iconic La Grande Arche de la Défense, we’ll be announcing new games and offering some exciting updates on previously announced titles.

Naturally, you’ll be able to watch all the action live as it happens, right here on PlayStation.Blog via our Twitch channel. The show will be translated live into French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.

Paris Games Week Photos

Please note, much like E3 is targeted to the US audience and Tokyo Game Show is targeted at Japan, Paris Games Week is primarily aimed at European gamers — keep that in mind as you watch. Not everything mentioned or shown in the presentation will necessarily apply to gamers in the United States.

However, we’ll be sending plenty of Tweets and photos live from the show floor — so you won’t want to miss it!

Finally, if you’re heading to Paris Games Week, make sure you swing by the massive PlayStation booth where you’ll be able to check out a hefty selection of upcoming titles, including Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Star Wars Battlefront, and Ratchet & Clank.

Update: we’ve corrected the local time of the livestream due to a time zone error. Thank you for your patience!

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  • New games?!! OMG God of War IV?!! Or will we have to wait for PlayStation Experience for that?

    • No more God Of War games. Sony needs to concentrate on new and original games.

    • God of War just feels like food you’ve eaten so much of, the mere utterance of it makes you sick to your stomach. That series needs to just die, it could have with dignity with 3, then ruined it forever with ascension.

    • I agree with the other replies. God of War should have ended with dignity with God of War 3. Ascension was completely unnecessary.

    • Lets bring back Syphon filter already or a real Socom game.

    • Why would you ask for this when you have The Order 1887 – The New Order? It will have top end graphics but with a shortened single player campaign (as the original was too long). It will, however, have an exciting multiplayer with 3, count ’em 3, totally dissimilar maps.

    • No, we NEED more God of War games! God of War IV with first person and has PlayStation.VR would be God-Like :D !!!
      We can both have original and new games but Sony def need to serializing some of their “Big Boyz” like Jak, Sly Cooper, Twisted Metal, Syphon Filter and God of War. LOT of the fans of these series are dying to wait for the Greatness!

  • Could you guys please add your YouTube channel to the ways to watch. I find that YouTube works way better for me than Twitch and it seems I’m far from being alone when you check out sites like Twitter and NeoGAF.

  • Feeling good that some gameplay + release date of the PS4 Heavy Rain/Beyond Two Souls bundle will be revealed

  • I wished that games were created equal. I don’t see why because I am an American I wouldn’t be interested in games that sell in Japan or Europe.

    Does America just enjoy the Call of Duty crapola and that’s it?

    • It’s all based on sales to be truly honest. If a certain genre of a game outsells another genre in a region that genre will most likely have a better chance of being localized. Most games don’t get localized due to the publisher of that game deeming the game as a risky business move. Why waste money and localize a game that will most likely only cater to a small fan base and will probably not make back the money that they put into the localization of the game. If they have a game they know will do great and make back their money and more it will most likely get localized and brought over. Also it probably has to do with cultural differences that most US gamers will find odd.

    • Digital games really should be sold world wide. There’s no excuse. Even if not “localized”. Simply put a disclaimer and prominently show the language of the game. Sure most wont be in to it, but many will. Give people the option, there’s literally no downside for Sony or the publishers.

    • Of course not. He is basically prepping people for releases or games that may not have US dates.

    • The only games that aren’t released worldwide these days are generally those with heavy Japanese cultural elements, some of which even appeal to a niche within Japanese culture.

      An example would be a story-heavy game focused on Japanese history. It might not sell in the US, just as a Revolutionary War game might not sell in Japan. And to be fair, Japanese people aren’t as gun-crazed as Americans so Xbox / CoD don’t sell as well there. Thankfully.

  • Good reminder. Really looking forward to what’s in store! (hoping especially for another look at Dreams, and what Quantic Dream may be up to ;-)

  • Please announce…

    1. Support plug and play for external HDD on the PS3 and PS4
    2. Allow access to PS Now games on PS3 and PS4 at no additional cost for those who already bought the game digitally
    3. Remove the 10% OS reserve on the PS3 to just saving 5GB for future updates
    4. Support Ultraviolet
    5. Support 2 step verification for PSN
    6. Allow users to create a pin to log into PSN
    7. Allow users to buy games that they got on IGC

    • Hi:
      1.- For PLAYSTATION 3 could be a good idea. For PlayStation 4, not necessary at the moment, I believe.
      2.- This could be a GREAT strategy to introduce us to PS Now. Excellent.

      8.- BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY with PSOne and PlayStation 2 Games, Peripherals included (PLAYSTATION 3 Memory Card Adaptor).

    • 4. Support Ultraviolet

      The Vudu app on the PS3 supports Ultraviolet, and allows both streaming and downloading in HD and 5.1 surround. I don’t have a PS4 yet (waiting for black Friday – c’mon, let’s get some good deals this year!), but I expect Vudu would work there, as well.

    • Lol, that is the most antiquated list ever. Get with the future mate.

    • PS Now for purchased digital games could be a nice Trojan Horse for people to use the service.. they’re not going to buy the game anyways and having the chance to use the service could sell them on it.

  • Hopefully we get our first look @ Gran Turismo 7

  • You guys should really use Youtube Gaming as well to stream all your Press Conferences from here on out. Much better quality.

  • I’ve been looking forward to Paris Games Week ever since Sean Murray mentioned it at the end of the No Man Sky presentation during Sony’s E3 presser. I’m suspecting the release date will be announced. *fingers crossed*

  • Kind of hoping for PS1 and PS2 classics on PS4. Please let PS Now die, I can’t afford such an over priced service especially with such latency problems. It’s a novelty service.

    Fingers crossed for more Horizon and to see whats coming from Evolution and GG Cambridge.

    • What about Backwards Compatibility with PSOne and PlayStation 2 games? We ALL know it’s possible. Of course, Classics included :)

  • is this where the ps5 gets announced with claims ps4 hardware has reached it’s limit?

  • PS4 backwards compatible and PS2 classics playable on Vita please

    • That won’t ever happen. They invested countless millions in Gaikai to develop PlayStation Now. They are not going to shoot themselves in the foot with backward capability.

    • No one care about playing games from last gen or last last gen. Seriously, you are like the 2 percent.

  • So Sony Europe giving details of a show in Europe, saying it is largely for Europeans….explain then why the time given is 9am Pacific?!? At least show it in GMT/UTC or local DST.

    • It’s at 6pm CET…

      Please note that the time mentioned here is WRONG! We are going back to winter time this weekend ahead of the US so it’s actually 10am PT

  • Hope to see The Tomorrow Children.

  • PS that’s 6pm London, 7pm local n Paris…

  • A PS4 exclusive horror game with Hideo Kojima and Guilmero Del Toro. Don’t even need Silent Hill for that.

  • I need:

    God of War IV
    Heavy Rain/Beyond Two Souls Collection PS4
    Quantic Dreams new game
    Rime release date
    No Man’s Sky release date
    Sony Bend’s new IP
    Sucker Punch new IP
    Gran Turismo 7 release date
    Gravity Rush 2 worldwide release date
    Ready at Dawn entering Sony Worldwide Studios
    Super Massive Games entering Sony Worldwide Studios
    Ready at Dawn next game trailer
    Level 5 PS4 game shown
    Wild release date

  • Hoping for new IP, and update to the vita firmware maybe fix the ps4 to download audio.

  • NO. MAN’S. SKY.

    • I have finally resigned myself to the notion of nothing new on the 27th. No release, no release date, no new info and a no show from Hello Games. There has been ZERO concrete proof of anything to the contrary of them being at PGW. Don’t mistake this, I would LOVE to be wrong, but you’d think by now someone on the team would have a twitter pic or vine of the Eifel Tower if they are truly going to be in Paris. Is it all a ruse for them to jump out of the procedural cake as a surprise? that would be great..but i am thinking no at this point. On a side note, the Fallout 4 reddit is going nuclear (pun intended) for the “oh so devastating” 2 week wait that they are losing their minds… I WISH we had that problem. Guess I’ll be looking forward to Fallout now. Again, I want to be wrong, but after the “soon, i promise, secret” nonsense, playing the ostrich in the sand was a good move after all for them.

    • I don’t want to hear anything else about this game until it is released. They have overdone it and I get more annoyed now than hyped.

    • They are going to announce a special PS Plus version of No Man’s Sky which will be free but release 6 months after the original with 5% of the content…

  • Dreams release date please.

  • Note: it’s at 10am Pacific, not 9am! EU goes back to winter time this weekend while the US changes it a week later…

  • Either one of these will happen. No mans sky releases on psn on Oct 27th or No mans sky gets a mid Nov 2015 release date on psn and disc. Has to be! Sean and the whole team was just in new york partying and on talk shows talking about the game. Why would a whole dev team be out out of town in new york if the game isn’t ready huh? Its done thats why!

    • Agreed found a few articles today saying as much NMS will be amazing, but I’m probably gonna crack with it, fallout, black ops, and battlefront all coming out so quickly

    • They are saving up for a release with VR. My opinion anyway.

  • I’d love to see Sony FINALLY announce digital PS1/PS2 classics cross buy/play support on PS4 at this event, but I suppose I’ll just have to keep dreaming for now…

  • I’m hoping for an option to change username.

  • So the east coast doesn’t matter? I know. I am annoyed though when only one coast is ever mentioned.

  • Europe’s poll for best ps2 game says they want a SOCOM Remaster….just saying

  • I have finaly resigned myself to the notion of nothing new about No Man’s Sky on the 27th. No release, no release date, no new info and no show from Hello Games. There has been ZERO concrete proof of anything to the contrary of them being at PGW. Don’t mistake this, I would LOVE to be wrong, but you’d think by now someone on the team would have a twitter pic or vine of the Eifel Tower if they are truly going to be in Paris. Is it all a ruse for them to jump out of the procedural cake as a surprise? that would be great..but i am thinking no at this point. On a side note, the Fallout 4 reddit is going nuclear (pun intended) for the “oh so devastating” 2 week wait that they are losing their minds… I WISH we had that problem. Guess I’ll be looking forward to Fallout now. Again, I want to be wrong, but after the “soon, i promise, secret” nonsense, playing the ostrich in the sand was a good move after all for them.

  • now for those of us that are unable to watch when this goes live, will there be an archive available for us later so that we may watch the entire conference?

  • Wonder what europe coukd be getting the rest wont

    • I would be surprised if anything significant doesn’t come to the US… Japanese games don’t come to the US for cultural and linguistic reasons but neither apply between Europe and the US. The UK is 90% similar.

  • I bet new games and exciting new updates to already announced games means:

    New games we wont see for 2+ years so why even announce them now and the updates being, still no release dates for the already announced games despite us asking about them for like a year now (no mans sky for example)

  • Sony has made it clear that there is nothing exciting coming this year. So, what will this show be about? Games that may or may not come out in a couple years? I guess the “media” will get hyped and provide free marketing for a while.

  • Keeping my expectations on vita announcements low…

    • At most they’ll probably bring the new Japanese Vita colors over.. they’re not developing any new games so it’s really on life support.

  • It’s in Paris, so understandable about the hours, but hopefully the video will still be on twitch and/or youtube (I prefer youtube) to watch after I get home from work. IN HD!!!

    Really would have like to stay home and watch it!

  • I hope they will show us something really intriguing.
    And new video of Uncharted 4?

  • My Wishlist to Sony,as follows,

    1. Please bring Backwards Compatibility for PS1 & PS2 games to PS4

    2. Folders to organize actual games we bought,and to delete demos and add ons and apps from the library section.

    3. Option to delete trophies altogether. I don’t like trophies,please give the option for people to delete trophies for good.

    4. Bring Fatal Frame Trilogy to Europe for PS4

    5. Shemnue HD Collection

    6. Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Trilogy for PS4

    7. Persona 5

    8. The Last Guardian

    9. Skyrim for PS4

    10. Bring Resident Evil 4 HD Project to PS4

    That’s it for now,cheers.

    • So I noticed you’re shooting a lot of folks down for asking for more God of War, but your wishlist is full of old games. Do you not think that seems a little hypocritical of you?

    • “stop god of war,we need new ip” and your wishlist games are only remasteres,hypothetical

  • Here’s my PS4 wishlist:

    1) A Star Wars lightsaber fighting game
    2) Backwards compatibility with PS1 and PS2 games (both physical and digital)
    3) A Last of Us/Resident Evil 1/2/3-style Jurassic Park/World game
    4) A new Bomberman game (come on Konami, I know you can do it)
    5) Arcade-style sports (baseball, basketball, football, ice hockey) games (not really into the simulation type of sports games)
    6) Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance HD Collection

  • i hope this conference is good

  • What is Media Molecule working on? New IP please!! LittleBigPlanet got pretty boring. They are at their best when they dream up new things like Tearaway.

  • I want a dlc single player for gta 5 and new the order

  • @KL_O_NE

    The thing is God Of War should of ended after God Of War 3. Some people are asking for God Of War 4 which wouldn’t make no sense,due to the story.

    I’m asking for some old classics that deserve Remastered editions for PS4,I’m not asking for a whole blown sequel to be made for the sake of it.

    Shenmue Remastered Collection is high on alot of peoples list’s,including mine.Its probably the most requested HD Collection that people ask for.

    Skyrim Remastered is highly requested.

    Valkyria Chronicles Remastered for PS4 would be dream come true,considering Valkyria Chronicles 2 was released on the wrong platform,and Valkyria Chronicles 3 which is said to be the best in the trilogy is only available in japan only.

    Fatal Frame Trilogy Remastered for PS4,or release them on the EU psn.

    Resident Evil 4 deserve’s a Remastered or Remake. Pure Classic.

    • Shenmue Remastered YAAAAAAAS
      Skyrim I’m not so keen on, I much prefer the Oblivion high fantasy setting which would look epic in HD
      But Bethesda doesn’t really do remasters, they spend their time on new games and I really hope they’re working on TES VI!!!

  • I want
    1-New the Order
    2-dlc single player for gta 5
    3-red dead redemption 2
    4-jak 4
    5-single player game star wars

  • Please tell me there will be a replay of the event in the youtube channel. Will not be able to watch the live thing, unfortunately.

  • Dare i hope that you dont *completely* ignore the Vita?

  • Sony will the new Bloodborne GOTY Edition contain the old hunters expansion on the disc,or does it come on a voucher code? I wish you would confirm this.

  • so 2 hours from now?

  • Hoping for some new Horizon gameplay.
    And I know it ain’t happening but Motorstorm 4 would be the real deal.
    Looking forward for some new IPs and hopefully no more recycled crap.

  • I want an anime avatar but i have to get a ps3 or ps4.

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