Super Rude Bear Resurrection Coming to PS4

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Super Rude Bear Resurrection Coming to PS4

Hi, I’m Alex Rose, and I make Super Rude Bear Resurrection. I grew up on super hard platformers, and I’ve always been the type of person to unlock everything in every game, but I found a lot of people who love the same games never managed to complete them.

I always thought it was a shame that people could love these games as much as me but ultimately get stuck halfway through, and end up never seeing a lot of the game even though they’d like to.

I really wanted to make a game that would fix that problem, and make a super hardcore game that everyone would be able to beat, but I wanted to make sure the game was still fun for players who are into mega hard challenges — I didn’t want to devalue their experience.

I ended up making Super Rude Bear Resurrection, a game that is arguably one of the hardest games ever to be released, but simultaneously playable by anyone.

The solution was corpses — every time you die, your body stays behind, and you can use it as a shield you can push, or a platform, or to press down buttons. Each death is progress. Tricky spike that you really can’t get past? Next time round, there’s a cushiony corpse lying on it to protect you. Arrow trap too fast for you? Hide behind a corpse and shove it forwards.

Anyone can beat Super Rude Bear Resurrection, it just takes a little determination, and it’s not tedious. You don’t find yourself annoyed at dying, because you know you’re just one step closer to victory.

Super Rude Bear ResurrectionSuper Rude Bear Resurrection

But for hardcore players who want the ultimate challenge, it means they have an insanely difficult one. If you want to collect all the Trophies, you’re going to have to complete every level without dying. And that is an extremely tall order, one of the hardest gaming challenges you’ll ever attempt.

Most games have to be designed in a way where at least most people will be able to complete it without dying. Not Rude Bear. Rude Bear is designed in a way where you never have to die, but 99% of people probably will.

To beat Rude Bear without dying is insanity. There are plenty of levels that I, as an extremely competent platformer player who has 100 percent’ed just about every hard platformer out there, and someone who’s been playing this game for 2 years straight, am still trying to complete.

And the game is very, very fair. You won’t blame the game, you’ll blame yourself. All the hitboxes are so fair you’ll be surprised you survived, not angry you didn’t. The camera pans ahead of you whenever there’s any doubt of your reactions being fast enough. And if you’re feeling extra careful, you can even control your Fairy companion and fly around at any time, scouting out areas (even the entire level) before you attempt something.

Super Rude Bear Resurrection

The engine is my proudest creation. I specialized in dynamics when studying Physics at university and making a tight controlling physics engine for a game was basically what my degree was made for. After a few hours, Rude Bear will be an extension of your brain, not a character you control on screen. Many hours of love have gone into making the game feel awesome, and making you feel like a badass when you accomplish something.

I wanted to make the game perfect for speedrunning too, so there’s a lot of great features in there too that I’ll talk about later when they’re ready to show — things like every random event being seeded on your corpse count, so every optimal run will be identical.

We’re super excited to be working with PlayStation, and launching early next year, and we’re going to be showing the game off at Paris Games Week to celebrate! So feel free to come down to our Playstation booth and experience it for yourself if you’re about.

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  • Finally! All I can say is finally. Will buy this just based on principle. Way too many games out there left unbeaten. In fact I make it a rule these days that if a game is difficult I don’t by it. Just don’t have the time with the backlog that keeps growing. Thank you!

  • Wow this looks really cool. Loving the optional accessibility. Also find it really cool that your background is based in physics, and how this has allowed you to develop a more tight knit game. Props! Plus, the person I play games with most is named SeanTheBear- ! I’m sure he’ll love the title! Haha

  • So will this have a platinum trophy to go along with the difficult challenges?

    • I can’t 100% say yes until it’s confirmed, but that was one of the first things I asked Sony when we spoke together, and it seems like it’s heading that way.

  • Hardcore platformers are just the type of games I really enjoy playing, so I got really excited reading through this blog post. It’s really tough to make a hardcore platformer to appeal to a larger audience but with this innovative an idea, I think a lot more people will pick the game up.

    I’m really excited for the speedrunning features as well. You’re probably developing on your own so I don’t expect this kind of stuff as solo development has some limitations but if there was one speedrunning related feature I’d really like to see, it would be individual level leaderboards as that makes practising individual segments of the run really enjoyable when you can compete with other people. It also helps creating a bigger speedrunning community around the game and thus increasing the game’s visibility.

    But yeah this was a wonderful surprise and I’ll be following this game really closely. Inspirational stuff, Alex.

    • Individual level leaderboards are planned, and ghosts are working ingame. I’ve not got them uploading/downloading from PSN yet, but they work perfectly ingame when stored locally right now, so that’s definitely a feature I 100% want in releaase.

      The practice mode is something I really care about too. It’ll be a bit like Rock Band’s practice mode (as a strange cross genre analogy), where you choose two checkpoints, and once you clear it it restarts and totals how many times you’ve beat it in a row without dying.

      Thanks a tonne!

  • This looks like the games I have recently been enjoying, and I am looking forward towards it. Not to sound like a broken record, but is there any plan to bring this to the Vita? I really enjoy games that have cross-play functions. Thank

    • Haha, I have to use vague words again here, but: I am very keen to develop on Vita. And we’re running on Vita devkits. We haven’t fiddled with cross-play yet so I can’t 100% confirm what I haven’t coded yet, but that’s what we’re aiming for.

  • I would normally say these types of hard-as-nails platformers are not for me, but that’s because they haven’t thought through what pushes many people away. You have, and that extra accessibility layer with corpse manipulation is genius and really makes me want to give this a shot :-)

  • I can’t express how excited VOMbooWOP is for this game. Ever since “n game” first came out on PC I have played it for countless hours. The greatest addition, in my opinion, was the leaderboards, and the ability to watch ANYONE on the leaderboards’ speed run. My favorite thing about n, was the engine. I felt as if I was controlling the ninja with my mind, not the controller. You could put that ninja on any pixel you wanted, defying what seemed impossible. Super Rude Bear Resurrection is the type of game that seems right up my alley, and I know it will deliver on all of these levels, and some. I can’t wait to finish this game and review it. I will definitely be getting this day one. Keep up the great work Alex Rose, we hope to see more from you in the future. Can’t wait!
    P.S. I dare you to attempt getting the n++ platinum trophy! I don’t think anybody has it! Cheers!

    • Haha, thanks a tonne! I wish I had time to try and get the n++ trophy but I’m so busy making the game, I’ve not even given it a spin yet.

      There’s always someone out there who’s better anyway :P .

  • Oooo love the concept….and the music in that trailer!

  • Oh my! Super Meat Boy-like with a twist! I’m very excited for this. I can see myself beating the game casually even if I die, then come back and try to beat every level without dying.

    • Yeah that’s how I play levels when I make them :P . Play them through, make them fun, and then a couple weeks later I’ll go back and sit on it for like 20 minutes trying to Rainbow it. (Which is what I call dying without corpses. I dunno how I’m going to manage to get everyone else to call it that too :P )

  • When will it stop?! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those indie hating ppl. I play tons and most likely will play this one too. I just need a AAA announcment sprinkeled in here once in a while on this blog. The PS4 is saturated with Indies and it be nice to hear Sony announce a new big IP. Sorry for my rant, much luck on your release.

  • Agreed.
    And wanted to add, Vita is more for this, which is also a Sony system. Remember,……. Sony?

  • Normally I’m not into the [super-hard, die-a-ton-of-times, make-no-progress] type of games; but this sounds like a neat idea, where even if you die you’re making progress towards finishing a level. So this game should appeal to a wider range of players, such as myself. Good luck on your game.

  • You underestimate how much I suck at these games! But I’m liking what I see so far.

    • Haha, don’t worry, at conventions I’ve seen 3-4 year olds beat this, and managed to get some parents who never play games to have a go and get through a few levels. There’s hope.

  • Wow! Love this!
    Maybe a get for ps4.. But I Definitely(!!!!) would buy for Vita, this is perfect for Vita! Please, Vitalize this! =)

  • Did you beat Ghost ‘N Goblins (NES), Battletoasd (NES), X-Men (Genesis) and Contra (NES) with only 3 lives?

    • I didn’t own a NES, but I beat SG&G with 1 life on hard mode (completing it through to the end once and then unlocking the full ending and completing it through again).

  • Alex, I wish you all the best! I can’t wait to play Super Rude Bear Resurrection. I was a huge fan of the early tough games on the NES and think the idea of leaving the bodies behind is one of the most innovative gameplay concepts I’ve heard of in recent years. I’ll be there on launch day! Have a blast in Paris!

  • No vita no buy! SONY please don’t let the VITA have a young and tragic death!

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