Introducing Tricky Towers on PS4

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Introducing Tricky Towers on PS4

Hello, PlayStation.Blog. I’m Niels, co-founder of WeirdBeard — an independent game studio based in Amsterdam. We started developing games eight years ago and have made all sorts of games; entertainment, educational, and promotional — even medical games. Now I’m proud to announce our newest game for PS4: Tricky Towers.

Tricky Towers

Ever since we started, we’ve wanted to make a console game and see the box standing in stores. This dream is now coming true. Well, partially, as boxes in stores are now almost something of the past. It has been a big challenge for our team so far, and we are very happy that Sony is with us on this ride. For everybody in the team it has been a great opportunity to show off their skills. For us, Tricky Towers is already a great experience!

So what is the game? Tricky Towers is a multiplayer, physics-based tower building game. Players have to build a tower with tetrominoes and be faster and better at it than their opponents. To spice things up, players can also use magic spells to either support their own structure or mess up the towers of their opponents. With spells flying everywhere and tetrominoes dropping like flies, Tricky Towers gives players a chaotically good time.

Tricky Towers has a number of different game modes to keep you entertained — for now we’d like to discuss the race and survivor modes.

In race mode you must build a tower tall enough to reach the finish line before your opponents do. But don’t stop and celebrate too soon — your tower has to remain upright for three seconds before you’ll be crowned as the winner!

Tricky TowersTricky Towers

Survivor mode is all about building a safe, stable tower. Each time you drop tetrominoes your character will lose a life. Lose all your lives and you’re out! Survivor mode is a tricky balance of building to protect your own tower while trying to cast spells that will tumble the towers of your opponents. There are also rumors of the survival world being a tad haunted…

We are now working on finishing up the game by creating a single-player campaign, polishing the magic spells and improving the existing multiplayer experience. We have a high standard when it comes to the small details, so we always put a lot of time into polishing up our games.

We can’t wait for the game to be released for everyone to play — whether it’s with friends at a party or battling it out against other gamers online.

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4 Author Replies

  • This looks pretty good, actually.

  • Yessss An addictive game for 2 on the couch — We need them hard.

  • Sounds interesting! Any idea when it will be released?

  • Looks great to me! I love local multiplayer games like this :-). How many people can play locally? Looks like at least three.

  • What happened to 99 Bricks Wizard Academy for PSVita? Or Tricky Towers will come to PSVita too?

    • Hi Malkavills, unfortunately 99 Bricks Wizard Academy won’t be coming out on vita anymore and there are no plans yet to release Tricky Towers on vita.

    • From 99 Wizards announcement post:
      “We think we’ve met this challenge head on and are going to deliver an experience that’s right at home on PS Vita. We’re hard at work improving the UI, tweaking the gameplay where necessary and giving the game some extra polish, to bring you a version worthy of the Vita platform.”
      Given the Vita version has been cancelled, I guess you guys think Vita is worthy of nothing. You guys will fit right in with Sony!

  • So basically mixed up Tetris and Jenga. Would have to see it in action (video) and see some reviews.

  • This looks so fun. These are the kinds of games that my wife and I tend to get lost in for weeks at a time. Thank you for your passion and hard work. We will be there day 1.

  • Oh yay another garbage indie game announced that has probably been free on mobile for years now. Xbox getting halo 5, yet another forza, backwards compatible, whole new UI. We get stickers and a garbage indie game no one will bother to download. Greatness awaits

  • This sounds amazing. Can’t wait!

  • Is this awesome game also free to play?

  • Cancel vita game, make PS4 game.

    Just like Sony.

  • I have a PS4 and PS Vita. I do think that games like this one would be a better fit for the Vita. Please consider a Vita version.

  • This looks like something my wife and I might play! Looking forward to it!

  • Coming soon free for plus members.

  • I would buy on vita but it’s a pass on ps4.

  • This looks insanely addicting and competitive! Game looks great, devs!

  • Put it on Vita and I’ll be interested.

  • Super disappointed 99 Bricks was cancelled for the Vita. This looks awesome, but will have to wait o upgrade the PS3 to the PS4 next year. I know it’s doubtful to happen, but a Vita version with cross-play/save support would be highly appreciated.

  • Effectively looks like a clone of Slam Bolt Scrappers, a PSN game from 3-4 years ago that I absolutely *loved*. (The game got buried as it came out the same week as the huge PSN hack.)

    Did any of the original devs of Slam Bolt Scrappers work on this new game? I’m all for supporting a second chance at the concept, but not for supporting devs/publishers that excessively “borrow” from other indie devs.

  • Can’t wait to try it :)

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