Overlord: Fellowship of Evil Out Today on PS4

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Overlord: Fellowship of Evil Out Today on PS4

Greetings recently-undead candidates! Today sees the launch of Overlord: Fellowship of Evil on PS4, which means you and the other Netherghūl can get to doing what you do best: bringing pain, fear, and suffering to the dim witted population and crushing all that stands in your way.

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil

But wait! Before we get to the marvellous mayhem, take time to hone your skills and practice your kills! Being buried six feet deep tends to play havoc with one’s fleshy bits, so you may find you’re a little rusty.

Never fear, Gnarl and his minions will have you up and slaying with the best of them soon enough. Just remember these little maggots of wisdom from him and I’m certain you’ll return triumphant and not in tiny pieces like the last bunch of no hopefuls.

Hope you enjoy the game.

  1. Greed is important, but don’t forget to buy things with your gold! Gold, really, is useless — and far too shiny!
  2. Always be on the winning side. No one likes a loser.
  3. Patience is a virtue, so be impatient! Hit everything and loot everything immediately!
  4. Practice telling the truth. That way, it’s easier to lie convincingly!
  5. Covet everything you see. Your neighbour’s house, your neighbour’s wife — covet it all!
  6. Always keep a good supply of sheep, for food… And for entertainment!
  7. Never, ever let anyone touch your helmet! They might cut themselves on the spiky bits.
  8. Always loot the dead. I’ve never known one of them to complain.
  9. Shower regularly. This might sound, ugh, “good,” but believe me; no one respects an evildoer who smells like a green minion’s armpits!
  10. Kill anything fluffy on sight!
  11. Keep your ears peeled for the loot goblin! If you don’t have ears, steal some.
  12. When faced with certain death or a particularly hazardous section, it’s always polite to let your colleagues go first.
  13. Evil always finds a way… Even if it needs a bit of a nudge.

Overlord: Fellowship of EvilOverlord: Fellowship of Evil

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