Co-op Brawler Forced: Slightly Better Edition Launches Today on PS4

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Co-op Brawler Forced: Slightly Better Edition Launches Today on PS4

Forced is a cooperative action arcade RPG with puzzle and tactical elements. Sound like a little much? That’s because it defies definition both in gameplay and background. Get ready — Forced launches today on PS4!

The project started at a Danish university outside Copenhagen with a group of students gathering in an abandoned classroom to produce our first commercial game. After a while, we realized the project was consuming so much of our time that we didn’t really need our apartments anymore, so we left them and moved into the classroom with mattresses, refrigerators, a couch, and even a microwave!

After 7 months of living at the university, disaster struck — we were discovered and had to abandon our base of operations. Luckily, we found a house outside Copenhagen where we could all convene to keep the production going.

Working hard on Forced for a year still without any pay but the promise of experience, our team reached a point where money for rent and other development costs was running out. Turning to Kickstarter in November 2012, we managed to successfully raise $65,000. This didn’t last us very long though, and as the members of the team started running low on savings, it was clear something drastic had to be done. The founders went to a bank and borrowed enough to keep the team going for the last four months that was needed to finish the game.


Finally the game was finished and released on PC, going on to sell more than 300,000 copies in the following 2 years. In the meantime we worked to bring the game to consoles as well. Forced had always been intended to be played with friends couch co-op style, and after a long struggle, the game is now arriving on PS4!

Forced is a challenging co-op focused brawler. You are cast as a slave in the toughest fantasy gladiator school of them all, condemned to fight to the death while attempting to win your freedom. You will face deadly trials and huge creatures but your Spirit Mentor, Balfus, will guide you in your quest to break the chains of oppression.


Now titled Forced: Slightly Better Edition, the game brings numerous improvements since the original PC version. An entire rework of the networking has created a much more stable online experience, vast optimization and bugfixing has ensured the game runs as smoothly as possible, and new content has been added in the form of new Survival maps that challenge even the best players.

Forced: Slightly Better Edition is out today on PS4.

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  • I haven’t heard of the original. Looks interesting!

  • Congrats on your PS4 launch! It was interesting to hear about your journey to get this game made. Always glad to see another local co-op game hitting the system :-)

  • I’m really happy you guys stuck with it and fought, tooth and nail to finish your game. I wanted to get the pc version 4pk, when it launched, but couldn’t for a while. I love any game that plays like a Diablo or Gauntlet kind of game. I also love side-scrolling beat ’em ups, so anything close to those genres, I’m always willing to try, and especially when it can be played with others. It sounds like a labor of love, finishing a work of art, that you, yourselves, had fallen in love with, and it’s something I know all too well. I WILL buy this PS4 version, even though I’ll be hurting for money a little for the next two weeks, until pay day. Lol -This is how much I respect your struggle, so take my meager $15 to $20 or whatever the game costs, and know I’m making a sacrifice for your game, almost in some measure, like you guys have, just in making it. I’m confident and trust that I’ll love it once I download and play it. Thanks again for the hard work, and PLEASE, make more games! The industry NEEDS dedication such as yours!^^

  • Nice story.

    Really cool name. =)

    Awful game. =\

    IMHO you guys should’ve just PICK 1 GENRE and do your best with it. This “mishmash” of genres really hurt the game. Sometimes “being original” is NOT the best way to go.

    I’ve played the original…and the puzzle factor is…just frustratingly horrible.

    As a brawler this game could’ve been great. As it is though…it’s not.

    So I’m sorry…but I’ll have to pass.

    Good luck though…you deserve the sales for at least trying. ;)

  • Despite saying “launches today”, I can’t find it in the store. It may be there tomorrow, but by then I’ll forget about it because the news article that came out today to tell me about it. Seems to be a frequent occurrence on this blog. Get interested by the announcement, want to go see the game and possibly buy it, doesn’t exist yet, and I forget it ever existed.

    • Store updates around 5pm eastern, usually. If you can’t remember games from the blog for a few hours until the update, maybe you could make it a practice to visit on Wednesdays for a reminder, or,. just, you know, browse the new section of the store after it updates.

  • I love the trailer and the game looks like a lot of fun in the style of Gauntlet, one of my all time favorite games. Unfortunately, i am still on PS3 due to a giant back log. Once I make the jump, I will come find you guys though. Gotta support my Danish heritage!

  • I played the PC version a while back when it first came out with a friend. We didn’t beat it but it was getting quite intense, perfect for couch co-op. You need some good strategy and communication. Definitely a fun game that I recommend to anyone who has people they co-op with. Good luck!

  • I remember reading about this game on Reddit years ago. Glad to see it did well enough on Steam to end up on PS4! Saving my cash to pay off my Fallout 4 pip boy pre order, but I’d love to finally play the game once I have the time.

  • Definitely picking this one up. Thanks for bringing us unique titles, and above all, a work of passion. I hope to see more games from you guys in the future. :)

  • I purchased this game as soon as it came out without knowing about the dev team’s story and I’m glad I chose to support you guys, you definitely deserve it! Waiting for my buddy to come over for a couch coop play session, I’m convinced we’re gonna have a blast!

  • I was looking forward to playing this tonight and convinced my friends to buy it so we can do 4 player coop.
    I hate to say this but I’m completely disappointed. We can’t even get into the same game lobby to play together. When we try to join a game we get a “failed to connect” message. We’ve tried everything… we tried restarting the ps4s, adding one player to the game at a time, restarting the games, checked our connection – to no avail.
    Extensive Google searching rendered no helpful advice. Everything in forums pertains to pc versions.
    If anyone has any advice or if the devs have a patch please help!
    This game should not be available if this problem exists. In addition, if there is a big issue like this where we can’t even play together there should be a popup notification letting us know that the coop server is down or something to let players know that our game play is limited.

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