A Galaxy Far, Far Away

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A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Hi all – We’ve got a lot of passionate Star Wars fans here at PlayStation’s US headquarters anxiously awaiting November 17th, the launch of Star Wars Battlefront on PS4 and the launch of the Limited Edition PS4 Star Wars Battlefront bundle. Based on the recent Beta, this is shaping up to be the biggest, most authentic Star Wars game of all time. And that’s thanks to the hard work of the digital wizards at DICE and LucasArts.

The PlayStation team wanted to celebrate the launch of Star Wars Battlefront in the biggest way we could — with a love letter to one of the most enduring and inspiring fictional universes in human history.

We’d like to thank the team at Lucasfilm, who graciously allowed us to film certain props that were used in the classic trilogy. Does that Rebel helmet look familiar? You may have seen it before!

Thanks for reading and for watching. And get ready for the launch of Star Wars Battlefront starting November 17th — the Force is strong with PlayStation!

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  • Im waiting for EA to sack up and give everyone who ordered the deluxe Battlefront a season pass for free.

    • You know, part of the rules on the PS.Blog is “DON’T BE A JERK”… I’m not saying you’re being one I’m just wondering why Sony allows EA on here :D

  • Bs move by Sony this Fall focusing on 3rd party support as opposed to strong exclusives. This is what Microsoft did last gen and that’s what made me lean towards Playstation as my preferred home console. You’re now doing all the opposite from what made me a fan in the first place. I hope Microsoft DESTROYS you this holidays in sales…

    • Umm, the games aren’t ready what do you expect them to do? Uncharted 4 was suppose to be a fall release but it was delayed to make the ending the best it can be. Sony has released some great exclusives in 2015. Sony just chooses to vary their exclusive releases instead of a wasted avalanche of releases during fall. 2016 is looking very good. I am glad Uncharted 4 is being released in March 2016 and not November 2016 based on how Microsoft launches their games.

    • @CrusaderForever they should’ve planned this out better. I also don’t think that releasing all the exclusives in the Fall would be a good move, as a matter of fact I also wouldn’t want Uncharted now colliding with Fallout 4 and CoD. The point is that they should’ve released more exclusives throughout the year. I’m not sure which “great exclusives” you were referring to tbh, since other than Bloodborne (which is a true masterpiece) everything else has been subpar to say the least…

    • The Order 1886 was actually a strong exclusive if you hadn’t checked it out. Haven’t gotten to bloodbourne yet and with the game of the year coming out in europe im hoping we get one here in states. But I agree with you about how they haven’t produced alot of ps4 games themselves yet

    • @ + xKObeercageOKx The Order 1886 was a decent game for a rainy day…That’s about as good as I can describe it…Bloodborne is the only strong title they released this year. Of course, I’d rather play Bloodborne than Halo 5, Forza, and TR combined, but that’s not the point…

  • So, no campaign, no galaxy at war, and EA wants me to pay double the normal price (with the $50 Season Pass) for this game?
    No, thanks.
    I was an avid player of Battlefront 1 and 2, but I will pass this one.
    The gamers need to send a message against this greed.

    • I’ll be skipping this one as well. If there was a single player story then I would buy it.

    • Well said…I literally fell in love with the game after playing the beta but no SP and a shameful $50 season pass announced before release made me forget the idea of getting on launch.Definitely waiting on a price drop.

  • Only 28 days to the launch, i can’t wait :S

  • Can´t wait to play this game!
    I´m with my Ultimate edition waiting for it :)

    • Is it true the Ultimate Edition only offers 2 emotes over the Standard Edition?

    • Hi crusaderForever
      I think yes, because the ultimate edition is like the Deluxe edition (there is where the two emotes are from) plus the season pass.

  • I am a Star Wars enthusiast to say the least. However, I am going to probably wait for reviews to make sure the content is worth it. My son and I want this for the local COOP. But from what I played it was only 6 waves which got boring. It would be cool if the waves didn’t end until it got to difficult for us like CoD Zombies. That way we can refine our tactics and finally push through to success against the difficult level we were stuck on. I hope this is good but I really don’t know what to expect yet.

  • Oh yeah, that commercial was amazing. Summed up my childhood pretty good. Star Wars Forever!

  • You can’t just get in a ship that’s in front of you anymore though, they took that away, along with so many other things to make it Star wars BATTLEFIELD.

  • I remember feeling like that when I played X-Wing, Tie Fighter and X vs Tie on the PC way back in the day. Still the best Star Wars games.

  • AMAZING Ad :P :P :P

  • Target audience achieved. I have my R2 right upstairs from 78!

  • I was hyped for this game, i played the Beta, and i thought it sucked, no recoil on the weapons , no jumping into a fighter, no anything really other than running around shooting with unlimited ammo trying to find power ups …Dice and EA are just jumping on the Star Wars bandwagon, what with the release of the new film , with this one. Not even a singple player campaign. NO THANKS>

  • Saw this on YT…what a damn nice commercial.

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