Marvel Puzzle Quest Out Today on PS4, PS3

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Marvel Puzzle Quest Out Today on PS4, PS3

Hello Marvel and puzzle fans. If you haven’t heard already, Marvel Puzzle Quest is out today on PS4 and PS3! For those of you that may be wondering what does this version of Marvel Puzzle Quest offer, let me share all these details with you right now.

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign

Many of you may be playing this game on a device that you call home with, but I want to make it clear on what you will be getting on PlayStation as these are not exactly the same game.

First off, some players may want to experience Marvel Puzzle Quest without the free-to-play aspects and they should be very happy that they can play the game on PlayStation as a standalone experience. The game takes place in the Dark Reign era which encompasses much of the Marvel Universe all in one game and features more than 50 Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains. Players can jump into one of many story modes and experience match-3 in traditional Puzzle Quest fashion. In addition, play online or locally in Versus Event Mode to battle friends and/or foes in direct head-to-head matches which is a Marvel Puzzle Quest first. Climb the leaderboard as you defeat your online opponents and show the world who is the best Marvel Puzzle Quest champion!

With the upcoming Marvel Puzzle Quest launch on PlayStation, we have two DLC packages. The first volume is called Science Friction and it revolves around Hulk’s story line with six different episodes (where the Dark Avengers are trying to recruit Hulk and the Avengers are trying to stop them). Upon updating your game with this DLC, The Punisher will be automatically added to your character selection screen. You can then use the Punisher with your team to battle in the story mode or in versus mode. You can unlock Hulk by completing the “Hard” version of story. Trust us, he’s totally worth it.

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark ReignMarvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign

The second volume is called, “The Case of the Cold Chimichangas” and this time it’s about Deadpool’s story. He has two huge episodes where he takes on the Marvel Heroes and Villains as he wants to take all of the ISO-8 all for himself. Similar to the first DLC, when you update your game with this pack, Doctor Octopus will be automatically added to your character selection screen. You can then use Doctor Octopus with your team to battle in the story mode or in versus mode. You can only unlock Deadpool after completing the “Hard” mode of his story.

We’re super excited to finally bring the Marvel Puzzle Quest fun to PlayStation. Please let us know if you have any questions here in the comments or visit us anytime on our social channels on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • This would have been perfect on Vita.

  • I would have played this on Vita.

    • I totally agree. I don’t understand why these puzzle game aren’t on vita. I’m not gonna sit home and play puzzle games on my ps4 when I can play The Witcher 3. I can play this crap on my phone for gods sake.

    • And you know, you can.

  • What time today? Price of main game? Price of DLC? Looking forward to trying this!

  • Dead on why isn’t this on Vita? why aren’t many things on Vita?

  • Where’s the Vita version?

  • Come on this would be perfect on the vita. Please give us a vita version

  • Where is the Vita version?

  • Puzzle Quest started on PSP/DS. The games then went to mobile and fell into F2P. Now it re-emerges, as a downloadable game for PS3 and PS4? In 2015?

    aka “where is the Vita version?”

    Remember when Puzzle Quest 2 PSP got cancelled because of a single sound bug?

  • Vita version please and PS4 theme :-)

  • Hey, cool! I had no idea this was coming to PS4. I haven’t played it before, so this news makes me happy. I love Puzzle Quest, and i love Marvel, so this is perfect. This will be one of my go to games when i just want to relax and sit back and play a thing for a little bit. Can’t wait to get it.

  • Is it going to be possible to transfer your data from mobile to PS4 if you linked your account to facebook? I’d surely hate to start all over and loose my current roster.

  • This game is the worst when it comes to micro transactions on other platforms (I’ve played it on IOS and Steam). It’s near impossible to get the characters you want without spending money, and everything has a price tag on it. This game is the perfect example of how micro transactions ruin what could otherwise be a great game. This is based on the IOS and Steam versions as I have not played the PS3/PS4 versions.

    Also, there’s no way to transfer between IOS and Steam which would be technically possible but of course they know they’d loose money and they are an extremely greedy bunch.

  • Have this on my phone now. I guess i’m playing this on my console too!

  • This game was good but it had too many micro transactions on PC so I skipped it. Hopefully this version doesn’t have any of that.

  • This would have been great on the Vita.
    Hope you guys can consider :3

  • Really…? No vita release? I’d love to have it on the go, except without freemium crap on my phone

  • “Where’s the Vita version?”

    The damned mobile phone version of this game *requires an internet connection at all times.*

    There’s no Vita version because they won’t commit to an offline mode.

  • It’s now on the PS Store, $14.99. Damn, I was expecting it to be free-to-play like that Frozen game. lol. :p

    Maybe I’ll get it if it ever goes on sale. I’m too broke right now. :(

    • We heard from many players that they wanted a stand alone experience. So we created this version to have no free-to-play aspects and you can do multiplayer locally or online!

  • LoL15$ for a f2p mobile game you have to be kidding us. (SONY): Let’s legally rob them.

  • Really this game is not on the vita???
    This is ridiculous …. Sony ehm… Please if you don’t care about ps vita please PLEASE leave the way free for the hacking comunity, they REALLY Care about vita and Vita Owner…

  • links to the facebook and twitter pages are dead

  • hummmm… 14,99 US$…. maybe on PS Vita… but, for PS3/PS4, no… Thanks!

  • Wait for the Vita version.

  • Add my name to the list of people who want to buy a PS Vita version. I want to give you my money. Please, bring this to the Vita.

  • Hey Tim! Will buying this on the PS4 enable cross buy when the Vita version comes out? I don’t want to buy it twice, but would prefer to play on my Vita.

  • I’ll add to the many requests and state the obvious again: I’d play this on Vita with my wife with no problem. But on the TV it just doesn’t gave such a great gameplay as proven by the Frozen game.

  • No Vita, no buy.

  • I like many others on here would gladly pay for this, IF it was on the Vita.
    Also if someone knows how to tell the guys who make Marvel Future Fight, I’d pay even more for a Vita version of that game.

    • MFF on console? Not gonna happen. Ever.

      Netmarble doesn’t “believe” in consoles…nor they need the money to make ANY kind of port.

      So…nope. =P

  • PS3 but no Vita? Shame would of bought this otherwise.

  • It’s nice to see you trying to fill the void of puzzle games in PS consoles with going no free-to-play.

  • Hope the Vita whiners aren’t getting you guys down. Playing the PS4 version right now and having a lot of fun!

  • I think marvel heroes would be better :/

  • I would also like a Vita TV version if it ever comes to the Vita so I can play multiplayer locally on the Hotel Screen.

  • I am a Marvel fan, I like Marvel Universe and Marvel Super Heroes. Unfortunately, I do not care at all for Puzzle Quest or any match-3 kind of games.
    What I would like is a turn-based RPG with Marvel characters and story. Something like Rainbow Moon would be awesome! I really enjoyed the story/exploration and leveling-up/turn-based-strategy mechanics of Rainbow Moon, and if you could do a game like that with Marvel superheroes against villains and their minions, I think a lot of people would enjoy it.
    (perhaps there is already a similar game out with Marvel that I don’t know about, please let me know if there is)
    – – –
    On another note, it has been a while since I played Captain America: Super Soldier on PS3, and a sequel is quite overdue. Hopefully you guys at Marvel are working on another great Captain America game to release soon! Thanks!

    • 1) The closest thing to that are the Lego games. And, to a lesser degree, Future Fight. I don’t think anyone will ever do that kind of game with Marvel characters. And IMHO it doesn’t sound too appealing.

      2) Demiurge is NOT going to make an RPG. They are a mobile-games company. You know: simple games + lots of microtransactions. Light years away from the “deepness” you need for an RPG.

      3) You’re talking to the WRONG people here. These guys ARE NOT Marvel employees. They don’t have ANYTHING to do with Marvel (except for the license they currently have, obviously), that I know of.

      So 0 out of 3. =P

    • Thanks Orpheus_Aeons for taking the time to reply. I figured the chances of getting a Marvel-themed rpg would be slim, but it didn’t hurt to try :)
      Maybe another developer out there will make it…
      Its just taking a really long time for Rainbow Skies to get done *sigh*

  • Seriously Sony read the comments.
    This is a pass for me until it hits Vita. Exactly like Axiom Verge and Peris Solar.

  • I’d really love to grab a Vita version of this game. Puzzle games have always been most suited to handhelds, IMO.

  • So by having no free to play aspects, does this mean no waiting for timers or micro transactions?

    • Yes, that is correct. This is a full stand alone game with additional head to head multiplayer mode (you can battle your friends locally in your living room or battle them online). There are no timers or micro transactions or consumable (like health packs and roster slots) in the game.

  • No Platinum Trophy? Strike 1.
    No DLC trophies? Strike 2.
    No Vita version? Strike 3.

  • No in-game timers? A single.
    No consumables? A double.
    Not forced to play alone? A triple.
    No micro-transactions? A home run!!!!

  • Vita comments aside, (I own one and love it as well) the game is really fun. It checks all the boxes for a Puzzle Quest game and thankfully has no microtransactions.

  • It is not on the Danish store

  • For every Vita owner out there asking for a Vita version, I am right there with you. But for thise who also own a ps4, have you forgotten about remote play? Buy it for ps4 and then remotely play ot on your vita while the wife, or partner, are watching tv. Also for those asking why ps3 and vita its all about install base and there are way more ps3s out there than there will ever be vitas. I love my vita and wish more developers made content for the vita, right now its main supporters are indies. More high quality games outside of JRPGs would have really helped appeal to a wider audience.

  • Awesome!
    Just got this game and its worth every penny.
    I have 2 questions.

    1.How do I unlock the other characters? I know in the IOS version you collect points and use that to unlock the other characters but I don’t see that on here.

    2. I know the IOS version has added many charcters to the game as DLC. Will this version have anymore DLC other the 2 now available?

  • I play this on my phone…. Hmm, should try this on my PS4

  • I would own this right now if it was on Vita.

  • I’ll wait for a vita version. If not one then no buy for me

  • This guy… ^_^

  • Yeah,, really hoping for a Vita version. Honestly, I can easily see this type of game being the most played game on my Vita (as long as it isn’t the f2p version, with microtransactions). I’d buy for $15 right now, if it was for Vita. PS3/PS4 is cool, but I’ll hold off in hopes for a Vita version. Kickstarter maybe??

  • Sweet, and I don’t see a need for a vita version considering it’s already mobile with both android and ios phone platforms.

  • Looks nice but like a lot of people said,a Vita version would’ve been better.Its good to see it on PS3 but Vita was the right way to go also $15 looks like a joke.

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