GTA Online: Lowriders Coming October 20th

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GTA Online: Lowriders Coming October 20th
GTA Online: Lowriders Coming October 20th

Check out the brand new trailer for GTA Online: Lowriders – arriving this coming Tuesday, October 20 for PlayStation 4. Catch a glimpse of some of the newly customizable vehicles included in this recently-announced addition to GTA Online, as well as a look at Lamar’s grand plans to take on the gangs of Los Santos and conquer the city’s thriving Lowrider scene.

You can also download the artwork from today’s trailer as desktops, smartphone and tablet backgrounds, avatars and more at

GTA: Online Lowrider

With next week’s release of GTA Online: Lowriders for PS4 – lovers of cars and customization all across Los Santos and Blaine County will have a suite of brand new options and a new place to go get them. Introducing Benny’s Original Motor Works, a new customs shop in downtown Strawberry that offers a huge range of lowrider customizations that can turn your classic junker into a high-spec, tricked-out king of the streets.

Visit Benny’s website via the shortcut on your in-game phone to choose from a half-dozen select customizable vehicles – then bring them down to the man himself for an upgrade that unlocks new custom lowrider mods. Deck out your engine block with covers and air filters, coat your interiors with velour, leather and patterns, choose custom colors and designs for your dials, or add a new steering wheel and custom shift levers. Give your ride lift with hydraulics – the more powerful the pumps, the higher you can bounce. And boost your stereo’s performance with new speakers and subs in the back.

GTA: Online Lowrider

Then, meet up with friends and fellow car enthusiasts to show off your new rides – use the Player Interaction Menu while inside or outside the car to open up the vehicle doors, hood and trunk, switch on the engine to flash your neons and bump your favorite radio station for all to admire. Crew car shows are about to go next level.

And keep an eye out for calls and texts from Lamar – he’s making moves of his own through a series of new missions and he’s going to need your help. You’ll want to hit up your trusted allies, wheelmen, and sharpshooters for backup too, as things are going to get hectic.

GTA: Online Lowrider

Get stocked with the fully automatic Machine Pistol or Machete from Ammu-Nation. The upwardly mobile can also expand their garage space and fleet of vehicles with the addition of the oft-requested fourth purchasable property. There’s also tons of new clothing, hair and accessory options as well as 3 new Adversary Modes and more.

GTA Online: Lowriders arrives for PS4 as an automatic update on Tuesday, October 20th. See more screens from next week’s update below.

GTA: Online Lowrider

Benny’s garage in the Strawberry neighborhood of South Los Santos is the place to go for Lowrider customization.

GTA: Online Lowrider

Taking on enemies in the stylish Albany Primo Custom.

GTA: Online Lowrider
Give your Lowrider hydraulics and make it bounce all across Los Santos.

GTA: Online Lowrider

Trick out everything from paint jobs to stereos and plaques.

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  • Sony fix the “Live from Playstion > Games” their are multiple streams Sections of the same game its annoying.. FIX it !! hope you know what i mean..

    • i miss the days of Vice City when you could go around in your Ice cream truck and sell Dope.. i miss buying a company like in Vice city and having my own gang around the Facilty.. and then i would bring my gang with me to other loctions and start a all out war shoot out.. used to be so fun to me.. Vice City was the Best GTA

    • Narrow the streams down by language. You have it set to all, so that’s what’s shown.

    • okay i did that but now it only shows the total of Broadcasters that are Americans only lol…

      i dont like that i like to Sort by Broadcast.. and have all languages like before but now their are multiple broadcasts of the same game!
      i just like to see the number of broadcast per game as high as it can be i dont like it to be split by different countries ..

      i like the total

  • what about ps3? no lovve foeus uwho don’t have a ps4? no fair im ps3 all the time !any has an answer? neex to kow thanks!

    • Not enough RAM on PS3 to support anymore future meaningful title updates to GTA Online. Anymore will run the risk of breaking GTA Online On 7th Gen consoles. So you gotta upgrade. Let see here $350 for PS4, $60 for GTA V, & 1 year PS Plus $50 = $460. Hey thank goodness Black Friday and Cyber Monday are next month.

    • Guess u got left out of the update it amueses to see poeople still getting upset because the ps3 dosent everybody time to upgrade then and if u cant afford it then earn money to afford it we all knew this was going to happen the time of ps3 development is over here soon no company’s will b developing games for the ps3 at all just like the ps2 there are still poeople who didnt switch over from the ps2 to ps3 but r they developing things for the ps2? No

    • They can’t support the old consoles forever and Rockstar has said any more updates risk breaking it.

      Anyway, this looks cool.

    • GTX 970 = ~$280-300
      750W good power supply = ~$60
      GTA V: Less than $60 (seen as low as $40)

      The real GTA V experience lives on PC. I’ve played once on Xbox One, but once I got the PC version, my life changed lol

  • Rockstar continues to show developers how you continue to give free dlc & it’s excellent touché.

  • …So “GTA V” for the last gen console (PS3) support has FINALLY stop. Luckily PC gamer’s never have to worry about buying the next big Game time since all we have to do is upgrade the graphic card. Funny thing that “Freemode Events” (Sep.15 2015) update installment was probably a wake up called for last gen console that “GTA V” for PS3 & XBox360 was coming to a close.

  • Rockstar: I know that you guys are not going to bring a Vita specific GTA game, but can you guys bring over San Andreas HD and Bully HD to Vita? I loved those games on PS2, and would gladly buy again on Vita. I am enjoying GTA5 on my PS4, one of the best games ever, but I can’t use remote play during my commute to work.

  • PC Gaming FTW!!! PS3 is dead, ppl should really stop complaining about update an just buy a PS4 but on PC their no worry for newer games

  • A 4th garage is awesome news. I prefer to have my safe houses spread out, so I can’t have a 10 car garage in each one. Now I’ll be able to buy a second high end apartment.

    Better yet, this releases on my birthday.

  • Is this update content coming to single player? I hate gta online and refuse to play it, still salty i Couldn’t fly hydra

    • I can’t say for sure,. but I would say the vehicles will come to SP (like the Ill-Gotten-Gains vehicles did), and probably the interactions (lifting your hood and such).

      I would THINK that Benny’s Garage would too, but I can’t say for 100% certainty.

    • I hope so because the garage is the coolest part, i’ve customized every car on gta exept for online exlusives but that new garage sounds epic and i loved hydraulics on san andreas.

    • Steal a Lazer from the military, it’s faster than the Hydra anyways. On the other hand, I’m mad because I can’t fly that helicopter that shoots a barrage of missiles on SP, even the military wouldn’t be able to handle me if I had one of those there!

  • What the hell with image links in this article? All screenshots have links but they all returns 404 Not Found from Flickr. Is it OK, R*Q?

  • What time does it come out ?

  • Big Swangaz and Vogues
    Them 20 inches sittin low
    We Ball 24/7. All that we know
    Screens and neon lights gon’ show
    When my trunk unlock, pop, and show
    You already know
    Paint drippin’ off the door

  • Does anyone have a general idea of how much the cars are and when the doc releases? I personally assume the the cars are going to be roughly 300k and modifications will be another 300k,
    Also, I think the update will come around at about 6:00 AM EST but I and just wondering about what you guys are thinking so please leave a comment below with your opinion, Thanks!

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