Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Coming to PS4 October 27th

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Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Coming to PS4 October 27th

Hello, Source Hunters! David Walgrave here to talk about the exciting and dynamic turn-based combat of Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition that launches October 27th on PS4.

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Coming to PS4 October 27th

This new trailer focuses on combat, and you can see how the game plays here as captured directly from PS4 itself. But what is the combat in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition? It’s… as fluid, dynamic, and opportunistic as your imagination!

Depending on your desired difficulty mode, the combat in Original Sin Enhanced Edition can be torturously tactical, or bright and breezy! It just depends on your play-style. Take advantage of crowd control spells such as petrify, charm, and freeze — required in the harder difficulty settings, or simply ignite, inflame, poison, and electrify your way through the world — zapping water under-foot to shock, or engulfing the enemy in flames by igniting a near-by oil barrel.

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced EditionDivinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition

It’s all about using the skills at your party’s disposal to supplement each of their player-defined roles. Although featuring 12 classes (including a new class, the Inquisitor!), Original Sin Enhanced Edition is really “classless.” You can mix and match as you develop your characters, chaining abilities and taking advantage of environmental aspects such as water, ice, oil on the floor, and steam clouds, things like that.

We can’t wait for you to try the game on October 27th, and we’re excited to hear what you think!

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  • Playstation, please slow down with the RPGs. My wallet and schedule cannot handle all of this :(. It’s like you guys are trying to be too perfect

  • i need to quit my job so i can play all these games :(

  • Playstation is the best place to play! Well, equal with our PC brothers. Never before have I seen such a varied landscape of gaming greatness. So excited to play this amazing RPG. Thank you so much for bringing this exceptional game to the PS4! Easy Day One purchase.

  • Thank you Larian for getting the basics right: it looks to me like we’ll be able to READ THE TEXT easily from the comfort of our couches. Such a simple thing that so many games that start life on the PC screw up on.

    Also, who writes the scripts for these trailers? I love some of the verbiage in them!

    • They really put a heck of a lot of time and work in to making the UI work for tvs and consoles. It’s nice to see a developer put that kind of effort in rather than just slapping a game on to ps4 to turn a quick buck.

      This game is absolutely fantastic, and deserves everyone’s support.

  • Wasteland 2, Divinity and Fallout 4!! Nobody has time for this insanity! Amazing time to be a gamer. Thank you Larian!

  • Looking forward to this joining Wasteland 2 in my library.

  • Really, it’s getting quite exciting now. Just now I’m still wasting my time away with games like Dragon Quest Heroes and Samurai Warriors, but next week is the beginning for me. Starting with
    Tales of Zestiria, a week later
    Divinity, merely 2 weeks later
    Fallout4, hopefully played through a week later for
    Sword Art Online 2, The Legend of Heroes and Stella Glow (all releasing the same week)
    Again only two weeks of time for those games as the list continues with
    Just Cause 3
    And yeah….Yakuza 5 is also supposed to release this year….and these are just the games on MY list xD

    Good thing I don’t work for the rest of this year, yay^^

  • I must have this.

  • Time to upgrade my hard drive!!!

  • Theres a definitive edition for every game it seems. Even no name games like this

    • You clearly are in the minority if you think Divinity Original Sin is a no name title. This is one of the greatest and highest reviewed RPGs in years. It’s old school, hardcore, Crpg greatness. :D

  • This is the first game I’ve ever digitally pre ordered. Can’t wait to to couch co-op it up with my wife.

  • I am really looking forward to this game. However before I pre-order, can anyone confirm whether the recently announced pre-order bonus, The Last Trick Bag, will be included with a PlayStation Store pre-order of the game or is it a Gamestop exclusive? All the articles I have read make it seem like The Last Trick Bag comes with any pre-order.

  • Did Sony ever consider a WISHLIST option for the store? I need to see all the amazing games I need to get to at a glance :)

  • IGN just said this was coming in January. Weird.

  • Really another turn based combat game come on really such a waste i cant believe ppl still like that

    • Take some time to educate yourself, realize that opinions differ for good reason, and you may find new appreciation for slower, tactical entries.

  • Why is the PS4 version $60 when the PC version is has been half of that since it launched?!

    I was excited for this till I saw the price. Already waited a year, can wait till it’s on sale.

  • Super excited thank you for bringing the game to the PS4. First day purchase to sit in my collection of awesome RPGs :)

  • Can’t wait!! Looks I’ll have this to tide me over till Fallout 4. Does anyone know if this will support preloading?

  • This is a day one buy for sure!!

    There goes my social life. Oh wait, I dont have one … woohooo !!!!!

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