PlayStation Blogcast 184: Singing on the Battlefront

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PlayStation Blogcast 184: Singing on the Battlefront

Gather ’round, ladies and gentlemen, for another thrilling episode of PlayStation Blogcast! Today, Sid and I fend for ourselves and reminisce over the Star Wars Battlefront Beta on PS4. We also describe gifs with near pixel-perfection accuracy, swoon over scary movies, and pick games we love relaxing with. All this and more, so enjoy the show!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Star Wars Battlefront
  • Games to relax with
  • Describing gifs
  • Singing
  • No Sleep
  • Scary Movies

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Official PlayStation Blogcast: Sid ShumanOfficial PlayStation Blogcast: Ryan Clements

Sid Shuman – Social Media Manager, SCEA
Ryan Clements – Social Media Specialist, SCEA

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  • Enjoy the show!

    • I always do! Battlefront was fun in my time with it. Graphics surpassed my expectations. Seeing Darth Vader ominously walk towards me was such a cool experience. I can’t wait to play it again!


  • The Shuman Show is back!

  • I was just thinking the other day “I don’t think there’s ever been just a Sid & Ryan episode” and lo and behold!

    Also, only 2 cast members and somehow over an hour long… That’s how you know #SidIsBack

  • I really enjoyed this episode of The Sid Shuman Show With Special Guest Ryan Clements. :)

    I swear, Sid could carry a whole episode by himself but I will say Ryan does really good at keeping up.

    The show was good but I have a bone to pick… you can’t just tease a SOMA Spoilercast and not deliver. Having recently finished the game myself you got me excited.

    I will say, without spoiling anything, this game had me thinking about it for DAYS after beating it. I went to TV Tropes, Reddit and numerous Wikis reading everything I could about it. It’s one of the most disturbing games I’ve ever played without being in your face horror. The atmosphere and the implications alone are enough to send chills down your spine. Creepy and depressing. I really appreciated the fact that the game is heavily influenced by one of my favorite horror tropes: “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream” (the trope is based on the book of the same name).

    I humbly request you do a SOMA Spoilercast, and I’d eventually like to hear an Until Dawn one as well.

  • You guys really need to have a links section on your podcast page so your listeners can go to the GIFs or videos etc. that you talk about during your podcast. You’re constantly talking about some amazing thing you saw online and it drives me nuts when I’m unable to find the item you were hyping up during your show. Just stick them in your “stuff we talked about” section. Thanks.

  • Great show!
    Just stop with the deep voices. Really doesn’t suit you guys :)

  • Fantastic job as always, gentlemen. You guys were outrageously musical today, and it was magical. Star Wars Battlefront definitely feels easier to hug and I appreciate it. Sid, if you’re into Horror films, check out the trailer for Goodnight Mommy on Youtube.

  • Great show again and thank you for keeping the extra stuff at the end loved it.

  • Another great show. Glad to have Sid back.

    Favorite scary movies: the shining, the exorcist, the Texas chainsaw massacre.

    And although I normally share your taste in games, I was not a fan of battlefront. Destiny’s collaborative gameplay has raised the bar for fps’s. Going back to a game that has nothing to add besides the standard pvp stuff we’ve all grown accustomed to now, feels like a step back. And this is coming from a guy that has a Star Wars tattoo.

  • One of the best episodes in a while, might be my fav of all time. The Shuman show was back!!! And loved the chemistry between the powerhouse and the shuman (something that we dont get to see all the time)

    My fav Halloween movie is the original Halloween movie!

    Lastly, Sids remark about the Gamecube having a nice handle had me laughing out load on my way home from work!

    Also this is Luke! lol no more LBEDZKI44 just makes it easier on you all.

  • Great episode! Glad to have Sid back!

    I gotta say, this episode had me cracking up, especially that “Tales of…” fact-checking sequence!

    “Loading up fact-checking device…”

    (beeping in background) “Boop-boo-boop-boop-booo-booop-booop-boop…”

    “…Entering in facts to check… ”

    “…Searching for facts…”

    “…Please stand by…”

    “…Fact identified!”

  • “Let’s describe gifs” :)

    Great podcast guys. My favorite horror films are: The Exorcist, Gojira, Night of the Living Dead, The Evil Dead (1981), Let the Right One In and the original Universal monster movies.

  • This was probably one of the best episodes ever! I just realized that the Playstation Blogcast is like my Saturday morning cartoons! I really love listening first thing Saturday morning — it’s such a great way to start the weekend! Keep up the amazing work.

  • Great show!

    For Primal Carnage: Extinction – Yes, you get to play as the dinosaurs!

    Thanks for having so much fun with the blogcast.

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