New Uncharted Collectibles Coming Soon

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New Uncharted Collectibles Coming Soon

Well, we’ve seen it happen already. There have been a handful of Platinum Trophies earned for Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. We’re looking forward to watching the various playthroughs of Brutal Mode and seeing more spectacular photos from Photo Mode that will be online soon, but now we want to share with you a slew of fresh Uncharted items. We’re excited to see you wear your fandom and share your Uncharted love.

Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection Gear

First up, we have something special for all you collectors out there. Pre-orders for the Uncharted Mini-Busts created by PlayStation Sr. Manager of Fabrication Arts Gary Barth, are now available on the PlayStation Gear Store in the Naughty Dog Shop. Check Naughty Dog blog and social channels for more updates about these highly collectible items.

Also, available for pre-order in the Naughty Dog Shop as of last week, is this ultra-fine, limited edition “The Dreamers of the Day” giclee by renowned artist Tomer Hanuka.

Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection Gear

For all the music lovers out there, we’re also thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with iam8bit to produce a collectible vinyl record set for The Nathan Drake Collection. This Triple LP set will feature music from all three games, and include a heaping amount of new art by the incredible duo We Buy Your Kids.

Additionally, you can now wear your Uncharted fandom with a unique set of four Uncharted themed temporary tattoos. This set will soon be available from purveyors of the finest, removable body art out there,

Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection GearUncharted The Nathan Drake Collection Gear

Lastly, we wrapped up our Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection fan art design contest with We Love Fine a couple weeks back. All winning designs are now available for purchase.

There will be more new, cool merch and Uncharted specific goods coming over the next few weeks. Keep an eye on the Naughty Dog social channels and the Naughty Dog Shop in the PlayStation Gear Store for the latest. If you haven’t picked it up yet, Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection is available in stores and digitally on PlayStation Store. Happy fortune hunting!

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  • Nice! I already bought Drake’s ring and I love it. Hopefully we’ll get Chloe and some villains.

  • Woah! That 1-2-3 shirt really caught my eye. Thanks for giving the fans a way to buy merch for their favorite game[s] :)

    Maybe I should wait for the inevitable 1-2-3-4 shirt? Kidding, of course :P

    • Janice Chu made that. She’s awesome. We’ll likely have another fan design contest with We Love Fine soon! Love our designs we’ve seen so far.

  • Naughty Dog, I have been a huge fan of you guys since the first PlayStation, but I have to say Im really upset at the way you and Blue Point Games have ignored every single request for a 30fps option for the Uncharted Collection. I do not understand, you and other first party Sony studios were able to add it for your games, but all of the sudden the Uncharted Collection can’t get it as well?

    Many people like the cinematic effect 30fps gives the Uncharted games, and many more want to play it in the same setting that Uncharted 4 will be running in for consistency. I would just really appreciate the option added for the three remastered Uncharteds, or a simple yes or no if we are going to get it at all.

    • The game has just come out, relax, theyll probably add it later like they did with the other titles you’re talking about.

      Personally, unless there is some glaring issue with hitting 60 fps with the game( I dont know, haven’t played it) then why on earth would you want a cap at 30? Its like turning on an option to cripple you controller latency.

    • Totally understand where you’re coming from but if you want to play the games at 30FPS you can do so on PS3 or PlayStation Now. We wanted to deliver the ultimate version with UNDC.

    • Totally understand where you’re coming from but if you want to play the games at 30FPS you can do so on PS3 or PlayStation Now. We wanted to deliver the ultimate version with UNDC.

    • That drake one doesn’t really look like him lol and i don’t understand why anyone would want to play a game at a lower quality frame rate, it makes no sense to me at all, but as you said he can go play ps now or ps3, just like people who want backwards compatibility, if i wanted to play ps3 games i wouldn’t of bought a ps4, but this is a good chance for others to experience uncharted

  • “The Dreamers of the Day” giclee really looks good.

  • Nice great. Hopefully I can get some of this cool stuff. Now can you please for the love of God go back to the old layout?! I use to visit the blog everyday at least 7 times. But this new layout looks so horrible it hurts my eyes. Is there anyway you guys can go back to the old one? And I may grab one of those bust. They look very nice.

  • Eric, I can’t believe that is what you and Naughty Dog see as a solution. I, and many other Uncharted fans, are asking to experience the Remastered versions in 30fps. We aren’t asking for 720p, lower textures, and less anti-aliasing. I have the games on PS3, I bought every copy at launch, and I wanted to experience the Uncharted Collection in the same frame rate that I feel fits Uncharted better.

    If Naughty Dog didn’t add that option to The Last of Us Remastered, I’d understand why it wasn’t possible. I’m just a little shocked that a company of the quality of Naughty Dog did not anticipate buyers would want this option in the Uncharted Collection, considering you were aware of the demand for it in The Last of Us Remastered and also the fact that Uncharted 4’s single player will be 30fps.

    • It’s the same reason why they didn’t include Multiplayer, 3D, or the Golden Abyss. It’s a precursor to the Ultimate Drake Collection after Uncharted 4 is done and they rushed this collection to market to fit it into a window before the big releases and holidays and to build appropriate hype for Uncharted 4. This shouldn’t be called THE Nathan Drake Collection at all, it’s all marketing and business.

  • Damn those busts look sweet…except the Drake one which looks horrible,don’t even look like him.But the Elena and Sully one man those are really nice,especially the Sully one what a great job.

  • will you deliver to Slovenija?

  • If you have the money for this stuff, please send some my way instead. :)

  • Eric Monacelli leave the cover art just like that on the collector’s edition it’s perfect. Also squeeze that on the icon for us that download our games.

  • Hi Eric. While it’s an available option to play Uncharted in 30fps via PS3 or PS Now (the latter which I definitely would not choose for quality reasons), it’s not favourable, especially with those who wants to enjoy the Remastered benefits (graphical upgrades, gameplay tweaks, etc) at its original frame rate. 30fps never was a flaw and shouldn’t be a problem with today’s generation of video games. Many of us enjoyed titles at that framerate, including Uncharted, and it certainly wasn’t any less playable because of it. After all, that’s the frame rate chosen for the Single Player of the upcoming latest instalment after all, is it not? (UC4).

  • Unfortunately, everything I said above will be overlooked as a flaw because the industry screams 60fps now, as if anything less is considered a crime. At least with 30fps as an OPTION, it leaves players the choices for those who wants it and those who don’t. What harm would there be in providing that OPTION? The Last of Us Remastered did so why not this? 30fps was one of the key things that created the “Uncharted cinematic atmosphere” and it’s ironically missing on the “Ultimate version”.

    I really do hope Naughty Dog reconsiders in providing us that. Otherwise, big thanks for providing motion blurs. That was one of the many things that sold the series as a “virtual movie experience”. Glad to see that was retained. But do please think about it again.

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