Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival Coming Exclusively to PS4, PS Vita in 2016

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Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival Coming Exclusively to PS4, PS Vita in 2016

Today I’m immensely happy to announce that Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival, a brand new installment of my classic football simulation games, is coming exclusively to PS4 and PS Vita in 2016.

For those of you who don’t recognize me, allow me to introduce myself. I was a geek from childhood, and happened to be just the right age when home computers became a thing. I taught myself to program, and wanted to make games like those in the arcades.

I sold my first game when I was 14 or so, in 1980. In 1988 I started work on Kick Off on Amiga and ST home computers. After launch, they reached the top of the charts and won at industry awards such as the 1990 Golden Joytsick “16 bit Game of the Year”. It was banned from the magazine offices because people were playing it too much!

Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival

However, the industry started to become unfriendly towards small developers and individuals like me during the 1990’s, and so I went into the industry in other ways, working with companies in the US, the UK, and Italy. Eventually, I went into teaching game development which is what I have been doing for the past eight years in the Netherlands.

I never really stopped wanting to continue the story. I watched as some competitors with big budgets and licenses took over the market, and I was sad because they forgot the lessons I had taught them.

As one person, I had managed to beat large companies in sales figures without having licenses and gigantic budgets. I did this by focusing on what is the most important part of games: gameplay, and I am very good at that.

I was not the only one who could do this — there were many others — but the industry focused on graphical realism and high production values. But recently indie game development has made a comeback. As I saw that the industry was beginning to change and embrace the indie spirit again, I knew I had to try one more time. Talent is being valued once again and this is a wonderful thing.

So, what can you expect from the new Kick Off? The important things will not change. The ball is not stuck to your feet; you can shoot the way you want; aiming and swerving the ball will be 100% under your control.

The game is going to be in 3D, but only because it is actually easier to make games like that these days. I may offer different camera views, but the default views will be the classic top down approach of Kick Off 2 and GOAL!, perhaps with small adjustments.

The spirit will be that of the old games, but designed with the modern hardware in mind. This is particularly true of the controllers. 25 years ago home computers used an eight-direction joystick with one button. These were digital, not analog. You could only aim in eight directions. The new game will make full use of the analog controls, and the gameplay is tuned to work with these.

The effect is that the feel and the spirit of the original game is retained, but the possibilities for precision and skill are vastly improved.

If you like to know more about the development of the game you can follow me on Twitter.

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  • I remember playing Kick Off for NES, where you could only see the head and shoulders of the players, then I also played Super Kick Off for Genesis. These games were about gameplay and not whether Cristiano Ronaldo is licensed or not. So, I’m excited! Especially knowing that this will be coming for Vita!

  • I remember Kick Off on Amiga being the only football game I could actually play, due to how intuitive it was. I look forward to hearing more about this title.

    • Love to talk to you more about that; I’d like to understand that intuition, as many found the game very difficult to play :)

  • Glad to hear you’re getting an opportunity to remake your classic, and I really appreciate hearing your story. Best of luck its development! :-)

  • So this is soccer at its best basically arcade style looking forward to hear much more.

  • Wow, I spent a significant amount of my early teenage years playing Kick Off, Player Manager & Kick Off 2 (especially Player Manager) on my Amiga 500. As a thank you I will be picking this up day 1.

  • Thanks for support the Vita. Please don’t cancel the Vita version. Day 1 buy for me

  • I am taking good care of the Vita version, it is important to me.

  • Sorry, but Sensible Soccer all the way :P

    • As SS was a clone of KO and I designed and coded KO, who knows what you might think when you see the finished game? :)

  • Take my money.


    I never post………… But it is like a dreams come true !!! My first thoughts were Russian are so fast and the 10 french is so over !!!

    Any soccer fan should play this !!!!

  • I never got to play any of the classic Kick Off games – the closest I got was Microprose Soccer on Commodore 64. That said, it’s good to see that the PS Vita is on the list.

    Has there been much thought put into the various competition format options on offer?

    While one might expect to see a “standard” league and/or cup setup based on those seen in most European countries, it would be interesting to see alternate structures based on the playoff-oriented setup in Major League Soccer (to include a split between Eastern and Western conferences), and/or the “split season” Apertura/Clausura format seen in Mexico and several other Latin American countries.

    Not to mention the various opportunities for international club play nowadays, to include the chance that each continental champion has to play at the Club World Cup.

    • I have many ideas about the competition formats, but certainly aiming for a cup and league competition at least.

  • Wow, amazing, can’t wait! Hoping the Vita version is Playstation TV compatible…

  • Woaw. What a news :)
    So many memories on KO and KO2.

    I hope we’ll be able to edit the teams (like in PES which does not have the licences) and play online.
    Looking forward playing the revival ;)


  • Kick off in your pocket…wwhhaatttttt I know people that would buy a Vita just for that reason. Tournaments use to be held in my living room week after week on the Amiga with this game. So many joysticks were smashed to the ground with the ear bleeding sound of NNOOOOOOOOO.

  • My favorite soccer games to date have been Sega Soccer Slam and Rocket League. So I like sports games, just not real-world sports simulations focused on licenses and authenticity.

    Look forward to seeing your game in action.

  • Got scared…..thought it said Dino Riki for a moment…my mom got me that garbage for the NES instead of Mario…the pain..

  • Hmm, an old-school soccer game on my Vita? Color me intrigued! Will definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

  • This is literally the best news ever! I haven’t played Kick Off 2 for at least 18 or 19… hours!

    I know it’s still early days, but is there any chance that this will ever come out on the PC?

    If not, I guess I’ll be buying a PS4…

    Oh, by the way… THANK YOU!

  • Dino Dini, welcome back!

    What exciting news. I played Kick Off 2 religiously back in the day including both Final Whistle and Return to Europe. So many different ways to score, so hard to master. Years of late nights before big exams :) You can’t talk about the Amiga era with mentioning this all time classic.

    Many of the sequels including Kick Off 3 and Kick Off 02 had no involvement from Dino and subsequently were awful.
    Having said that, I felt the Megadrive version of Goal also didn’t capture the magic of Kick Off 2.

    There have been numerous attempts to replicate the Kick Off formula, especially on mobile. Although good attempts, SSC 14, Natural Soccer, Active Soccer 1 & 2 have all fallen short. I actually prefer the Kick Off inspired Tiki Taka.

    One of the reason I believe Sensible Soccer succeeded, was its ability to capture the atmosphere of Kick Off 2. The crowd chants, the player celebrations… they we’re all done extremely well.

    Best wishes Dino, I hope you succeed in capturing the romance of the original. I can’t wait to play it!

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