Astraea Coming to PS4

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Astraea Coming to PS4

Hello everyone, my name is Brandyn, and I’m the lead developer of Astraea. We are very excited to announce that Astraea will be coming to PS4 in early 2016! It’s an open-ended multiplayer sandbox game that allows you to build a town, run a farm, and make lots of friends. We will be showing off Astraea on PS4 for the first time ever at the Central Canada Comic Con this October. Our booth will feature exclusive PS4 gameplay with split screen co-op mode!

Astraea on PS4

Astraea is about giving players the freedom to design their own towns by allowing buildings/structures/objects to be constructed wherever the player would like. When you’re not constructing your town, interact with the villagers to see their energy level and overall happiness, decorate your home, or even go shopping in the capital! In Astraea, both you and the villagers will be able to plant/harvest crops, raise farm animals, participate in activities and more. Relax in your town by spending the day fishing on a boat or docks, riding around on horseback, etc.

Another unique feature of Astraea is the ability to create and play mini-games in your town. A few examples of mini-games are: archery, racing, and fishing tournaments. You can invite your friends to enter your town to compete and play these mini-games. Astraea was designed to be an open ended game, so don’t feel rushed when creating your town and let your imagination soar!

Astraea on PS4

We are very excited to have the opportunity to show off Astraea at the 2015 Central Canada Comic Con! This will be the first time that Astraea has been displayed publicly on the PS4. The Central Canada Comic Con event runs from October 30, 2015 to November 1, 2015. The table for Astraea will be located at Indie Gamer Alley in the BaseLAN section. Be sure to come visit our table as we will be showing off new exclusive gameplay on PS4 as well as split-screen multiplayer! Also, do not forget to fill out and drop off your ballot at our table as we will be raffling off some prizes!

We hope that you are excited about Astraea coming to the PS4. Astraea is a unique experience where, not only can you invite your friends to visit your town but you can develop it together! Enjoy building your town, raising farm animals, planting crops, fishing, and other fun adventures with friends or by yourself! Thank you for your interest and I hope to see you in Astraea in the future — feel free to post questions and thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Harvest Moon + MMO + Split-screen??


    • You would.
      See what I mean about knowing good games from bad ones.

      How long is it, that you have been playing them exactly?

    • Well, I like the premise so far Rezo. Why are you so confident this game is bad? Have you played it?

      Such a troll.

      This article is about introducing Astraea, & your post has ZERO to do with that.

    • Couldn’t agree more. I’m not an MMO fan, but I would love to see how Harvest Moon (my favorite series) would blend with MMO aspects. I’ve dreaming of that since I was a kid and didn’t even know what an MMO was…if they existed back then. xD It was shortly after Dino’s went extinct.

  • This looks like a super interesting game! I’m super excited to play it! Will you be offering a demo in 2016 before the game is released? :D

  • Sounds like a cross between Animal Crossing, and Harvest Moon.

    I’m sure there’s a place for this in the Playstation Community, Harvest Moon, and Farming Simulator I think did somewhat decent.

    The real question is whether or not it will have the charm necessary to be a cult classic of its own.

    Wild Season was supposed to come out sometime this year, allegedly, but I think that’s been pushed back.

    So actual question. Will you guys be doing a beta on PS4?

  • Looks charming and fun to me. I’m in!

  • I think it’s awesome when developers take gameplay we’re familiar with and take it in a new direction. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one. Will Astraea be at PlayStation Experience?

    • Unfortunately not! We don’t have any plans to do so currently and I doubt there would be enough time to make that happen.

  • Animal Crossing: ..But Fun Edition?

  • Something about the art style just isn’t gelling for me. Perhaps it’s the high detail ground textures and realisticly styled water coupled with the simplisctic character/building/props.

  • I love Harvest Moon and (aspects of) Animal Crossing, and the addition of co-op multiplayer is icing on the cake. Can’t wait to see more of this!!

  • To anyone interested, the Alpha is available for PC on their website.

  • This could be cool if you have the ability to customize the buildings and characters. I don’t mean just choosing the placement of the buildings, but actually choosing the style of windows and doors, and the shape and amount of rooms, etc.

  • That game like the harvest moon

  • This looks like Animal Crossing but with real people and without that overbearing landlord Tom Nook! :-)

  • Looks like fun – always enjoy trying something different on the PlayStation. I like the art style, also – different but also fun!

    Will this be a digital only release?

  • Wait… something’s happening at C4 this year? Holy crap! I’m so glad to hear that. I’ll be there to check you guys out, absolutely. :)

  • How many people per town or does everyone have their own town or is it completely MMO or what? Would like to be able to have an online community.

    Also, any social interaction/romance with NPCs?

    Also, please tell me you’ll add a Platinum trophy to this lol

    • You can have up to 7 other people visit your town (so a total of 8 players) online. There is also a central city that will also hold hundreds of players where you can socialize and play a variety of mini-games.

      Yes social interaction and romance is planned with NPCs.

      Platinum trophy is planned as well!

    • Then my money is yours whenever you wish to take it. Assuming you’re not going all micro transaction insane on us of course

      Oh, and how does getting new furniture/ town upgrades work? Is there a crafting system or do you buy them from the store like animal crossing or is there some stuff you get by completing challenges of getting high scores? That’d be coo

      Also, you need a forum, particularly for when people want other players to build towns with

      Oh, and will it be cross play between ps4 and PC or will we not be able to build towns with people on PC?

  • I posted on the EU Blog but I’ll leave this here too, this looks like the kind of game that would actually do very well and be perfectly suited to the Vita. Would you consider a Vita version?

    • Yeah I’m definitely considering it. I don’t have any plans for a Vita version right now, but I am looking into it!

  • This is actually my second comment, but I have a few questions:

    1. Will this be multiplayer only, or can I play single player as well?

    2. Any idea about how much this will cost?

    3. Is there a currency system so you can sell crops, fish, etc? Or is it all grown and caught for the fun of doing so?

    If you could answer any of these, it would be appreciated. :)

    • 1) You can choose to switch between single player and multiplayer seamlessly. So if you want to play with other people, just hit the multiplayer button. If you want to play single player for a while, you can do so as well. If you don’t have an internet connection, it automatically switches to single player mode. There isn’t any difference, except with single player you just can’t have people join you online.

      2) I’m aiming for $14.99 – $19.99. Not any higher than that. Also no micro transactions!

      3) Yes, the base currency is “Gold”. That’s what you will use to purchase and unlock stuff (building blueprints, clothing, designs, items, etc).

    • SOLD! I’ll be picking this up for sure, and conning a few friends to do so as well. :D The single player ability eased my worries about whether it was a gamers game, or a social game. And the no micro transactions was the final thing that I needed to hear. Can’t wait to play it!

  • Sounds like fun! Just lil confused on character models. The front pic shows low res mii style avatars but by door of the house i see a more detailed avatar. Which is it?

    • Yeah that particular character will be swapped out with a new model in the coming months. A bunch of the art is temporary!

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