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Healio everyone! We just announced Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below in February of this year, and it’s already launch day — time has sure flown by!

It’s officially out today, so make sure you pick up your copy here! To celebrate today’s release, we created this all new launch trailer:

If you somehow missed all of the goo-reat stuff we talked about this past year, or in case this is your first time hearing about Dragon Quest Heroes, here’s just a quick run down to catch you up to speed:

For you folks that just don’t have the shelf or storage space for a physical Collector’s Edition – for just $5 more than the Standard Version, you can upgrade to the Digital Slime Edition to get the 11 pieces of DLC in the physical Collector’s Edition!

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below

Hopefully you’ve met my adorable little buddy Healix… cute, huh? This is from when he was the star on Twitch! If you’d like to follow his goo-rand worldwide adventures you can follow him here on Facebook or Twitter!

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below

One thing you guys might be wondering… is this it for Dragon Quest Heroes or will there be anything to look forward to after launch?

Well I can tell you, every weekend until January 31, 2016 we will be hosting special event weekends where you can get some serious buffs and stuffs to keep going through Dragon Quest Heroes. Awesome, no? Here’s the schedule of what you can look forward to every weekend:

Every week (Saturday) midnight to 12 noon PDT

  • Bonus EXP campaign – During the event the amount of EXP earned will be increased by 20%!

Every week (Saturday) 12 noon to 11:59 pm PDT

  • Rare item campaign – During the event the chances of obtaining rare items will be doubled!

Every week (Sunday) midnight to 12 noon PDT

  • Bonus gold campaign – During the event the amount of gold earned will be increased by 20%!

Every week (Sunday) 12 noon to 11:59 pm PDT

  • Bonus EXP campaign – During the event the amount of EXP earned will be increased by 20%!

You will need to have internet connection and a valid PSN account to access the weekend events. These weekend events will go until January 31, 2016.

Anything you want to know about Dragon Quest Heroes from us? If not, we’d love to hear what you’re looking forward to! :D

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  • I’m picking this up straight from work today, and I’m so excited. You guys at SE don’t know how thankful some of us are to be playing Dragon Quest on PS4! Thank you guys so much!

    • Yeah well, if only this was a TRUE Dragon Quest game…This is more like Dynasty Warriors with a Dragon Quest makeup….meh…

    • Jubez187, thanks for being #1 to comment on the blog. We at Square Enix do know that we are thrilled to see the massive support from the Dragon Quest fans like yourself. There is a whole new generation of gamers that are just being introduced to the franchise so let’s spread the love. I’m having tons of fun with the game too!!! The way the game plays on PlayStation 4 is crystal clear. :)

  • Waiting for the Collector’s Edition to be delivered right now, can’t wait to dig in!

    • Same here. Can’t wait for it to arrive. Been looking forward to it for a long time.

    • NarutoSoul, did the collector’s edition arrive yet? You know that moment when you peel off the shrink wrap and unbox it? Till the very moment you pop in the disc it can be pretty exciting. Please have fun with it! What are you going to use your treasure box for?

    • Kaori, not yet. v.v It’s killing me right now… Of ALL days the mail carrier could be running late, lol. -rolls eyes- I’m thinking the treasure box might serve as an apartment for both of my Slime plushes (the included one and a pre-order bonus plush I got from one of the DS games). My only wish is that physical copy purchasers could preload games, I want to get to playing ASAP! >w<

    • Hey NarutoSoul– The treasure box being an apartment? I think that’s super adorable. Maybe we can make little compartments and sections for our mini DQ slime figures? How fun would a slime doll house be?!

  • I am on the fence on this one. Want it but jRPG’s don’t tend to be my thing. However, that is mostly because of the turn based combat that this doesn’t seem to have.

    • KidGreengene, please take a leap of faith and see what Dragon Quest Heroes has to offer. :) The characters have quite a personality… and though it takes a couple hours to get really invested in the game you will see some charm in its gameplay style. This one definitely is not turn based!

  • So many games still to get this year, including this one.

  • The Digital Slime Edition doesn’t show up for me in the store, or else I wouldn’t have mind the extra $5. Not sure if it is because I’m in Canada…

    Either way, I already bought the normal version of the game, hopefully I’m not missing too much without the Slime weapons and other DLC…

    The game is fun so far!

    • Hi dragonmagician! The Digital Slime Edition should show up in the next few hours– 2PM-3PM PDT i was told. It shouldn’t matter that you are in Canada. :) I’m glad you are having fun so far. Aside from the Digital Slime Weapons (4 more) and the 2 maps all players will be getting the episodic content that was released in Japan FYI! See here for more info! http://na.square-enix.com/us/blog/dragon-quest-heroes-social-diary-4-dlc-episodes-free
      Please check up in a few hours if you’re interested in the digital slime edition. Thanks so much for your support.

    • Well, the Digital Slime Edition is there in the store now. But since I wanted to support you guys by pre-ordering, it looks like I will not be able to get the slime weapons. And the Digital Slime Edition is actual $10 cheaper as well in the Canadian PSN.

      Not the best way to reward your loyal fans…

    • i paid 75$ canadian for the digital download about 12 hours ago. now there is a version with dlc added on for 5$ cheaper. whats the deal here? :(

    • dragonmagician, we can fix that ASAP. http://support.na.square-enix.com/main.php?id=13321&la=1
      we’ll make sure you get all of the DLC so please message us there.

  • Already downloaded the game, how can I upgrade to the slime digital version?

    Incredible game thank for bringing this game to the west, especilly we in Mexico love Dragon Quest please confirm ASAP the west version of Dragon Quest XI =D

    • Hello fburton in Mexico! You should be able to access the digital slime version in the next few hours. We’re super happy that you’re having a good time with the game! Appreciate the love for Dragon Quest!

    • Thanks for your response!! however please take into account the possibility of upgrading my preorder….I will glady pay the 5 buck extra but there is not any option to do that

  • So why are Japanese PS3 capable of running this but NA PS3 aren’t? Did we get inferior PS3 parts?

    • Considering that you can import the game from Japan and play it on your NA PS3, that’s not the issue.

      The issue is a calculation as a company with share holders, and feeling like the extra cost to port the PS3 version might not be worth the effort. You might see a PS3 version later on, but, who knows.

      There are something like 5 times as many PS3s in Japan as there are PS4s, yet Dragon Quest Heroes is only selling 25% more than the PS4 version. Since the PS4 is doing remarkably better here than in Japan, and the PS3 is more expensive they have shifted focus.

      Again they may or may not release a PS3 version depending on whether or not it does well enough to justify trying to eek out some more sales. With the sequel we might see the PS3 and PS4 version as well as the Vita version, or we might just see PS4 and Vita, or we might only see the PS4 version.

      It’s not that there’s a logic to it per say, it’s more like I’m sure the hire ups are just rolling the die, and hoping to get lucky.

  • I was streaming this last night. It’s sooo much better than a regular Dynasty Warriors game!

    • Does this have Dual Audio?

    • Hi Trendy_Kid, the team over at Koei Tecmo is fantastic. They have found a formula that works for a very wide-range audience. I wonder how many hours you’ll pour into the game till you reach the ending? :)

  • 75 bucks is just too much for a Dynasty Warriors style game. No reason to charge that much for games.

    • There will always be a sale… eventually.

    • @Makai oh inevitably.

      My rule of thumb right now, my way of voting with my wallet, is that any game that comes out at more than 70 bucks simply because I live in Canada, I’m going to wait to buy until I can get it for below 40.

      Not every company is absurdly bloating their games, so it’s not just an exchange rate thing(or else everyone would be gouging us the same)… the exchange rate is just being used as an excuse to gouge… so the fewer Canadians who buy in at their bloated prices, the more likely they are to reconsider.

  • This is the reason why i got the PS4.
    Thank you Square and Sony for bringing this game to da West!

  • The link for Digital Slime Edition upgrade leads to only a page that says Buy The Normal Version.

    • Hi +Fenixsteelhart, the PlayStation store has updated so you should see no more issues. Please let me know if you do have any issues! :)

  • Hi, this Dragon Quest Heroes game looks fun. Will it be launching on PS3 or PS VITA sometime soon ? Thank-you.

    • The sequel may launch on vita, who knows, the PS3 version of this may come out sometime, depending on how marketing and corporate executives fair on their dice rolls, and while there is a PS3, 4, and Vita version of the sequel coming out at some point, no guarantees any of them will even make it here if people don’t buy the first one enough to justify doing the second one.

      So… yeah… I’m not even sure the dice know at this point and they are the ones making the decision!

    • +magicfan, this will not be available on PS VITA or PS3 unfortunately. This is exclusive to PS4 in the West.

  • Hopefully the Digital Upgrade will be available when the Store Updates. It’s currently missing.

  • Thanks so much for bringing this over SquareEnix, going to pick it up right after work and can’t wait!!

    I’m hoping though that this game alone doesn’t dictate further releases from the series in the US. Seriously, we’re really missing VII/VIII for 3DS (and an XI NA announcement), Theatrhythm, Heroes, and the various Monsters games. Still hoping for a DQ miracle, been a huge fan of this series since I was a kid and it’s scary to see so many titles not get a localized release.

    • Saveur, thanks for celebrating the launch of the game! I’ve been a fan of the series since being five, so I know how great the series is. I want as many DQ games localized for the west just like everyone here. We are seeing the immense demand for more DQ games and let’s root for more!

  • (DQ Builders too. That game looks like soooooo much fun.)

  • Game is beautiful and a ton of goo fun so far, loving it. Heard they are working on Dragon Quest Heroes 2, most likely ps4 only this time, time to make that jump people.

  • Dragon Warrior was one of the first games that made me love rpg’s back in the day and it’s really a shame they went with the Dynasty Warrior play-style.
    Definitely won’t be picking this up even tho I absolutely was a fan of the original game.

    • It looks like a higher quality game than your average Dynasty Warriors. Might still be hugely fun. People seem to love it.

      But… if what you want is turn based, people still have to buy this one if you ever want to see the name Dragon Quest and NA in the same news article without a giant question mark.

    • Spores_ I respect your stance! This may not be your style but if you get a chance, take a test drive at a retail kiosk across the nation. You just might have a touch of nostalgia kick-in when you see the smile on those slimes!

    • Hi Spores, not even worth a try at a retail kiosk for a demo? It might tap into some nostalgic moments when you see those slime smiles!

  • Is anyone else here in the US that bought the digital version of this off the store having the game lock up your ps4 to the point that you can’t leave the game or even turn off the ps4 without having to unplug and reboot the system. What I’ve played of the game so far is fun, but the game constantly locking up and forcing me to unplug and reboot my PS4 constantly if starting to get really annoying.

    • Only about 40 minutes into the game and no lock ups. BUT… the game is putting the PS4 fan into overdrive during certain scenes. I’m a little concerned about it.

    • Hi mestephen77, I’m sorry to here that you are experiencing an issue. I’ve reported it to the Square Enix customer support team to see if we are seeing this anywhere else. If this persists, please reach out to the team at this support site: http://support.na.square-enix.com/main.php?id=13321&la=1
      Hope the issue gets resolved quickly so you can carry on with the fun game!

  • Fan of both Dragon Quest and Dynasty Warriors. Game so far is a blast with all nostalgic Dragon Quest visuals and sounds. Can’t wait to get the characters from the varies Dragon Quest game :D

  • As a fellow Dragon Quest Veteran such as myself I’m missing out on this game . I preordered Tales Of Zestiria because the DLC offer good stuffs PS Store wise.

  • Okay wait a minute… I pre-purchased Dragon Quest Heroes yesterday which only gave me the game and a theme. But now the game is out and the Digital Slime Bundle (which I would have gotten had I known earlier) is also out and it is actually $10 dollars cheaper than my Pre-purchase!!!

    $74.99 for Dragon Quest Heroes (Regular Edition)
    $64.99 for the Dragon Quest Heroes: Digital Slime Edition

    What a rip-off to those of us who pre-purchased the game!

    And now I’m supposed to fork out an extra $5 bucks if I want the extra items in the Digital Slime Bundle!?!?!?!?


    • Same thing happened to me as well. Paid $10 more, and got less DLC. So much for supporting a company by pre-ordering…

    • SuperGiovanni, Did you buy the game in Canada? We are looking into this right now to see if we can address this ASAP. Please send a ticket into our support site as we investigate this right away. http://support.na.square-enix.com/main.php?id=13321&la=1

    • dragonmagician– we are looking into this right now. Please send a ticket into http://support.na.square-enix.com/main.php?id=13321&la=1 and we will follow-up as soon as we find out! Apologies for the inconvenience.

    • Hi Kaori,

      Thanks for the reply.

      Yes I did buy the game in Canada (digitally off of PSN). I was very disappointed to find that the Digital Slime Edition was actually cheaper than the pre-purchase, because I definitely would have just waited the extra day or two and purchased the bundle instead.

      I’ll send a ticket ASAP though. Hopefully, with a little luck, I’ll have my copy upgraded.

    • Hi SuperGiovanni, we will ensure that you are upgraded in Canada. Please reference your name “SuperGiovanni” in the ticket so I can follow-up with this. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Hello Kaori,

      I had already sent a ticket, but I did make sure to send another support ticket just now, which included my PSN username as well so that you’d know it was from me.

      I’d really appreciate the upgrade because it was worrying to find out that the pre-purchase was actually more expensive than the bundle on the day of release and it felt completely unfair that those of us who did pre-purchase were not only charged more, but also received less for what we had paid.

      I appreciate your replies though and I really hope you can upgrade the game to the Digital Slime Edition for me.

      I’ve made sure to include my username (SuperGiovanni) when contacting support, and I also made sure to reference you (Kaori Takasue) within the ticket regarding this discussion on the blog. That should make the ticket a little easier to find.

      Thanks once again and hope to hear from the support team soon.

  • I wanted to ask a couple questions, and a Huge Fan of some of your developers.

    1. Why is it that Crisis Core and Kingdom Hearts has not been added to the Vita Library, also including the PS2 versions?
    2. Why do you charge so much for games like Lightning Returns, when it has been mentioned numerous times about flaws in gameplay?

    Glad to see you going PC though, since I definitely do not intend on buying a PS4 anytime soon.

    I’ll be back later, to see just how BADLY the Humble Bundle Blew Sony away AGAIN………
    with their Capcom Sale ( but censor my comment like you do 50% of the time ).

    Get it together Sony, you are losing……Big Time.

  • If you plan to Live Stream this game becareful there is some nasty terms Square Enix is trying to enforce on Streams, Lets Plays, and even reviews of this game it seems

    • Probably part of the terms agreed to, when they were refinanced.
      But good to know.

      I can make sure not to spend so much, thinking it was to a good cause.
      They can’t even answer anything but “the feeling you get opening shrink-wrap”…..Really?

      Clueless, because I hate shrink-wrap. It’s easily replaced.

  • Contact support for your region. Hopefully they can do a refund. I’ve gotten 3/4 of the ones I requested, and 1 I could have still probably gotten but dropped.

  • Whoa whoa whoa…

    The “Digital Slime Edition” was NOT available until launch day! Those of us who did the digital pre-order (which was many of us, I presume) did NOT have this option. And there’s no digital upgrade option either??

    I’m going to be taking this up with customer service.

  • The only game that could make me put aside Metal Gear right now is Dragon Quest. Really glad to see the series back in North America.

  • i know this might be lame to ask but i was hoping this was PS3 also oh well im waiting to see what black Fri will give me on a new PS4

    • It did come out for PS3 in Japan, but it looks like they aren’t releasing that version here. Seems like a waste when you’ve already translated the game, which is half the localization battle. You’d figure they could at least release it as a digital-only game for PS3, but I guess they have their reasons not to bother. Good luck on the new PS4; I basically bought one months ahead of when I was planning to, primarily to play this game on release.

  • So, those of us who digitally pre-ordered are out of luck as far as upgrading to the Slime Edition? If this isn’t an incentive to NOT pre-order, I don’t know what is. I’m hoping a $5 upgrade option for those of us who pre-ordered will be available by day’s end.

    • Hi Zeil999, please contact this site with the comment you mentioned here. We are currently working this out with Sony and will ensure that you get the additional items!

    • Got taken care of today!!! Thank you so much for making this right Kaori Takasue and totally redeeming Square Enix’s good name!!! I shall continue pre-ordering Square Enix’s games and giving you all my monies… as long as there’s full disclosure on all available options. ^.^

  • Because I pre-ordered the game on PSN and the digital slime collectors edition didn’t exist until this afternoon I paid 10dollars more for just the base game and only Yangus’ golden axe. Meanwhile anyone that didn’t pre-order can buy the slime bundle for cheaper and get all this day one content. Really soured my experience with PSN and Square-Enix.

  • Hi, although I am very excited that Dragon Quest Heroes has made it over, I am with many others who wanted to support the game by pre-ordering via the PSN store only to find out that for $5 more we could have waited and have bought the slime version. Will there be an add on for $5 to upgrade our pre-order version or is this just a lesson for us not to support pre-order games via the PSN store?

  • Since I see folks from Square-Enix replying on here, I have to get some things off my chest in hopes for a better future.
    1. I’d sure love to see Dragon Quest VIII as an HD remake on Vita, PS3, or PS4. Sure the 3DS version will be nice, but everyone would rather have it looking as nice as it possibly could on one of those systems.
    2. Please put Brave Fencer Musashi on the PSN in North America. I want to play that game again, so please put it on so I could play it on my Vita or PS3.
    3. Dragon Quest VII on PSN as well.

    I’ll be buying this game at some point, still working through MGSV and just recently helped AC Milan win the league in FIFA 15 so right now I’m pretty busy when it comes to gaming, but this will be the next game I pick up for sure.

    • Hi Bretbaber,

      Thank you for your input. :)

      Believe it or not we monitor all of the feedback we get and send it through for consideration! With the current line-up we want to make sure if get all of the games out on time with great care before thinking about games that aren’t in the pipeline.

      Thanks for all of your support!

  • Dear Social Marketing Manager,

    Thank you and your company for getting DQH stateside. Please get approval for Dragon Quest VII (Dragon Warrior VII) and Dragon Quest VIII to be put on Playstation Network’s PSone and PS2 Classics. Also, if possible, ask them to bring over all future DQ titles as well, such a Builders and DQ11. In addition, DQ10 on PS3, PS4, and PS Vita is a really good idea. Please do it.

    With thanks,
    Pretty much every DQ fan with a Playstation.

  • I too, am disappointed with the “digital slime” Bundle edition on release day. Hopefully they can fix this with a $5 upgrade option for those that did preorder…

  • What if you’ve already preordered? Is there no way to get the Digital Slime Edition (which was released after the game came out)?

  • Waiting for UPS to drop off my copy. It has been FOUR LONG YEARS since the last Dragon Quest game came out in North America!!

  • I haven’t seen any more word about an upgrade path to the Slime Edition for those of us who pre-ordered and weren’t presented with the choice of the Slime Edition at all when we pre-ordered. Help us out Kaori Takasue!

    • zeil999, I sincerely apologize… we will make sure that in the future we work with Sony to ensure these things don’t happen. the $5 upgrade will be implemented on 10/21, next Wednesday. Please play through the game this weekend so that when you get the DLC you’d be far into the game!

  • Hope this Pre order fix happens soon the poor guys that pre ordered this are stuck with a standard edition which was 10$ more cant up grade either for 5$ on the store yet not the best of standards for a pre-order launch and yes I created a ticket to Customer support in hopes of a fix fingers cross it swiftly gets resolved for this gem of a game which is far better then Hyrle warriors ever was

    • I created a ticket as well. So I’m hoping for a fix.

    • Thank you! We are sorry for the inconvenience. The CS team will handle the inquiries carefully. This game is truly a gem, so we want to make sure the issues are resolved regarding the digital slime edition. Thanks!

  • Take my $5 and Give me Slime Sony or give me a refund and I’ll pay the $5 myself.

  • Akira Toriyama traits are strong with this one,ha yeah I know Dragon Quest for quite a while but it never was ma kind of game and turn-based combat literally gives me nausea which is why I never played Dragon Quest or any old JRPG/RPG for that matter but this new one seems different and I’ve already read in the comments that its not turn-based which is great news so I might give it a try in the future…game looks cool.
    Also the game is totally beautiful so great job with the graphics.

    • Hello Welmosca!!! Yes, when the main character goes into high-tension mode you may see some Akira Toriyama-san esque traits for sure! Please do give it a shot as the game definitely has quick paced action. It would be awesome if you can give it a try! There are demo kiosks at select retailers across the nation so please give it a shot! Thank you!

  • Still no Digital Upgrade to the Slime Edition on the store. Very poor handling SE.

    • Sorry andremal— we have confirmation that this upgrade will be available on 10/21 for a month. :) $5 will get you all 11 DLC.

  • Canadian purchased the game 74.99$, found out minutes later that a cheaper 64.99$ collectors slime edition was available. I quickly contacted support who told me they may not be able to do anything? really? is it our fault who ever pre-ordered or purchased the game within minutes of launch would find out another version would be available like 15 minutes later!? it’s not even about the 10$ at this point. It’s the fact that I might be stuck with less content with no way to upgrade and that Sony said “We will see if you get approved. Wait 5 business days. In the meantime PLEASE don’t play the game” So I paid more, I got less content and now I can’t even play the game!!! because it might “ruin” my chances at a refund. Lovely….just lovely.

    I want to know how thousands of people not just myself around the world will have this rectified? I don’t give a crap about the 10$. I want everyone to be able to upgrade to the bundle slime collector’s edition without having to re-purchase the game as that would be ridiculous. Can we all get a code to simply download the content of the slime edition? I guess a 10$ credit to my account wouldn’t hurt either since games in Canada a nearly 100$ each with taxes ><

    • The digital slime edition has now creeped up 15$ to 79.99$. Because of the mistake that was made to us who pre-ordered and never knew the digital collector’s would come out we should still be able to buy it for 64.99$

    • Hi Valthudnir,
      First of all apologies for your sour experience. No one needs to repurchase the game. We have fixed the Canadian pricing issues for new customers yesterday, and are implementing an $5 upgrade button on 10/21. You can also take your issue directly here as we are ensuring those who purchased in Canada already that had the pricing issue be compensated. http://support.na.square-enix.com/main.php?id=13321&la=1

  • Got it day 1! Ganbatte Dragon Quest! We want you back full force and to stay a big series this side of the world!

  • Wow. A lot of whiny little girls on here complaining about the digital slime price caused it to go up 15$ Overnight. Used to be 65$. Guess I Should have bought it last night before all the hate by illiterate whiners caused squareenix and Sony a sale. Maybe before you complain learn how to read. There is no base 5$ upgrade. It’s 5$ more than the pre order for the digital slime Edition, but the price was wrong yesterday…and cheaper. Way to use your voice morons.

    • So you’re in Canada and are upset and everyone because you didn’t get to capitalize on the incorrect listing of the Digital Slime Edition? Nice…

      What we whiny little girls are complaining about is that this was posted in the article

      For you folks that just don’t have the shelf or storage space for a physical Collector’s Edition – for just $5 more than the Standard Version, you can upgrade to the Digital Slime Edition to get the 11 pieces of DLC in the physical Collector’s Edition!

      To me that reads like a $5 upgrade would be available later today. My comment was even answered with this –

      + Kaori Takasue on October 13th, 2015 at 3:08 pm said:
      +andremal, sorry to make you wait!!! The upgrade is ready after the store update!

      That still reads to me like there would be a $5 upgrade for those of us that pre-ordered prior to launch day. So thanks for your whiny and bitter feedback. Enjoy paying the full and correct price! ;)

  • Not going to lie I’m a little upset and disappointed the Digital Slime Edition came out on release day rather than being part of the pre-order bundle which solely came with the Goolden Axe. Also it does not seem in the NA PSN store at least at the moment, that the DLC is even purchasable separately from the full game bundle for those who already own the game, or even offered to those who pre-ordered the game. I was wondering if this will be addressed especially for those that pre-ordered the game such as myself.

    • Hi Silabus–

      Yes, the upgrade will be available come Wednesday, 10/21. We have fixed the pricing issue in Canada yesterday. Moving forward we will clearly announce when updated versions of the game will be available so that it is user friendly. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

  • So I see you mentioned that there would be the option to upgrade to the slime edition for just $5 more dollars. I see that no where. I preordered a lesser version of the game because there wasn’t the option to buy this particular version. Can you make this ootion available to us digital preorderers?

    • Hi Kazu_da_Stealth,

      We got confirmation that a $5 upgrade will be added on the PlayStation store on 10/21. Thank you!

  • I see a lot of talk about people with the digital edition being able to upgrade, but what about people who bought the day one physical edition? Are we going to get shafted because we had the option to buy a physical collectors edition that was much more expensive than this digital slime collectors edition? It seems completely arbitrary that digital buyers can get the full game content for an extra $5, while physical buyers would have to pay an extra $40 for stuff they may not want, like a keychain and plushie, just to get that same content. Why is the slime content not being released as $5 DLC, rather than this mind-boggling rigmarole of SQ-EX support having to upgrade everyone’s digital copies, while shafting people who bought the standard physical copy?

  • Preordered this as soon as I got my ps4. Awesome game, even my 8 year old loves it to death and he’s a huge fan of Rocket Slime and the Monsters series. I’ve been a huge fan of DQ since I was a kid with the original Dragon Warrior game on the NES. I own every single DQ game in the US and am dying for the 3ds games to come here. I will gladly buy all of them for me and my son. For those curious about this game, you have to try it. It’s tons of fun and very challenging in areas. Great to see some great characters return in this. Hope the sequel gets released here too!

    • Thanks for your feedback cobracommand69!!! From one generation to the next, we’re so glad to hear that you were able to pass down your Dragon Quest love. My father introduced me to the game in 1987 so I know him and I share the same love toward slime!

  • Like so many others, I happily preordered Dragon Quest Heroes only to find out that I should have waited until after release for the better “Digital Slime” edition. I asked Sony for a refund so that I can purchase the special edition. They told me that a request would be made and I would know in 3-5 days. If they refuse to allow me to purchase the special addition for $5 extra, I can assure you that it will have a severe chilling effect on me ever pre-ordering a game from them again.

  • still waiting for my slime edition to arrive in the mail

  • Ok, i ordered the Day One edition, and the 5 weapons showed up on DLC and were downloaded and installed. However, checking equipment and inventory etc. NONE are there. When do these show up in game? Please tell me they don’t show up in an in-game store like Witcher 3 for outrageous coin???!

    • No, they should’ve been put directly into your inventory. I also had the Day One edition and claimed and downloaded the 5 items in the same way, and I could equip the slime weapons once I got to the first camp. You should be able to see them in your battle records under the weapons collection right from the first battle; if they are not showing up then something is wrong and I would suggest trying to download them again.

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