This Week in PlayStation

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This Week in PlayStation

You should be playing the Star Wars Battlefront Beta. You could be playing it right now! Read our FAQ for the full scoop.

Did you hear that we dropped PS4’s price? Yep, it starts at $349.99 now! Perfect time to grab one if you haven’t joined the party yet.

Here are the rest of this week’s highlights:

This Week’s Top 10 Posts

PlayStation Plus Logo

PS Plus: October 2015

1. Jurassic World
2. Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron (Bonus Version)
3. Spy (Unrated)
4. Furious 7 (Extended Edition)
5. Entourage (2015)
6. San Andreas
7. Pitch Perfect 2
8. Mad Max: Fury Road
9. Insidious: Chapter 3 (with Exclusive Bonus Featurette)
10. Cinderella

PS Store - Transformers Devastation

This Week in PlayStation

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  • THANKS to SHOCKTOBER and Playstation Now !! is no sales for playstation plus … nice move Sony trying to get people buying PS Now … and giving $15 dollars back spending $100 with no sales in the store this past weekend .

  • Super bummed Wasteland 2 was never put up for preorder. Brian Fargo tweeted it should’ve been up. Xbox has it up for purchase. Still getting it day 1 uN less someone blows it and forgets to put it on the store Tues. :D

    • I think the reason why wasteland 2 wasn’t put for preorder is because usually on playstation 4 you can preload a game and wasteland 2 most likely doesn’t have a plan for that. just like how you can buy fallout 4’s season pass and dues ex mankind divided on xbox but not on playstation yet.

  • how can the ps4 be so behind in stuff of the ps3 , i buy a bloody movie and what i need to be online to watch it . now you wont give me a refund i dont own it then do i as i was going away and bought some to watch when i am gone as i am taking my ps4 and now i cant because the bloody vita is a better machine that can do more. you can install pics or videos onto your drive/memory card and the ps4 cant . also xbox full refunds 100% no matter what if you have not downloaded the game or movie and played it but here its like you give us no info on these things then take the money and say to bad. So disappointed as a gamer who games on all formats this gen has been the worst i have seen in over a few decades and sorry to say alot of these issues are on sonys end with what i just said or cant use a usb drive externally like the PC or xbox one to play games from.

    • This is why I do not buy r rent movies on psn on ps4 and want till they allow me to download what I buy r rent. It’s crazy they took the download away from it.

    • This comment is a trainwreck.

    • Why not just buy and rent movies from a service like Vudu or Amazon and then watch it on the PS4 or a bajillion other devices.

      You’re acting like Sony blocks content from other companies. If you buy a bunch of movies on your PS4 your gonna fill up that 500GB hard drive far too soon. The average HD movie is probably between 4-10 GB of data, so you’re looking at a movie collection of like 20 games, because the first 50GB is rounding errors caused by marketing departments (1024 versus 1000) as well as the O.S.

      Then you have AAA blockbuster games which take 20-50GB each.

      So you buiy 15 games and 20 movies averaged out to 5GB, and now all your space is pretty much used up. You have maybe 50GB of shares left available to you.

    • I can see why the Xbox lets you put games on an external USB. Because it’s a huge pain to replace the drive in that thing.

      THe PS4 is painfully simple though. You pop off a thing, slide, it, take out the big Playstation screw, slide it out, take of 4 more screws, swap the hard drives, put screws back in, slide, playstation screw, pop cover back on.

      No warranty voided.

      The hard drive on the Xbox One is at the very bottom of the console and requires FAR more effort.

  • Broken Age for Vita has a bug where it won’t allow you to play the game when you take the Vita outside the Wifi area. It keeps trying to connect. Why wasn’t this caught during development? Even better question, why hasn’t this been fixed? It has been out for several months on Vita. Please contact DoubleFine and have them fix it.

  • Hmmmm

  • Well I don’t know about “how good or bad Sony is”. I”m still wondering how a Beta of a game that hasn’t even come out yet, already has players who get 40 kills a round. It’s either fake BS, or the gaming world is inundated with losers with no life who will never amount to crap, never get laid, and have no life at all.believe me, Sony isn’t the problem, the growing amount of people with no life is the problem. I understand playing better is how you get better, but not every waking hour of your existance. If you are going to put that much effort into it, put it into something important like curing cancer, being proud of being “good” at a game is pathetic.Don’t get me wrong i’ve owned every system there ever was, but it’s something i do to enhance my life and relax, it hasn’t become my life. Sony is a business they make money, and their business practices are the least of our worries, The fact that the world is full of slacking losers with priority problems is what needs fixing. Just saying.

    • Wow, didn’t know your every day Joe can cure cancer, if they only put the time into it! Lol
      Go fly a kite and worry about yourself.

    • So… you’re going to complain that you can’t make a quilt as nice as other people because they’ve made 1000 of them and you’ve made… probably 5 or less. (probably 0 but giving you the benefit of a doubt)

      I’d like to know how a bunch of 14-17 year olds would cure cancer, or people who have disabilities are going to cure cancer because they took the 3-5 hours they have when school gets out towards a game.

      Why aren’t you picking on people who are hunting and are a better shot than you, or go pick on the people who race, and tell them to go cure cancers.

      Why are you so upset that is better at something than you? Who cares if they have a life or not. There will always be someone who will obsess about something you like and will be better than you.

      Which is why they implemented communities. Go have community matches. Create a community called “Battlefielders with a Life” or what ever. and do matches on those.

    • So you’re working on a cure for cancer, then? How’s that going for you?

  • Why didn’t the new Iheartradio app get any buzz, any publicity, or even a statement about it on the blog?

  • Is there any chance you guys can put up the Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul Athena and Hades costume skins on the store as listed in the Store Update this past Tuesday?

  • I really like the new matte finish on the drive cover. I would buy this separately, if it were available.

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