PlayStation Store: September 2015’s Top Sellers

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PlayStation Store: September 2015’s Top Sellers

Hello, and welcome to the PlayStation Store Top Sellers update for September 2015!

Destiny tops the PS4 chart (thanks, I’d wager, to the recent release of The Taken King), followed by the long-awaited Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and global fútbol phenomenon FIFA 16. The Taken King, by the way, ruled the Add-on charts for both PS4 and PS3. PS Vita owners flocked to Metal Gear Solid 3, no doubt to prepare for MGS V (good idea), and GTA San Andreas topped the Classics charts.

We’ve got some big releases happening this month — what do you think will be at the top of the charts next time we meet?

Editor’s Note: If I’ve put this thing together properly, it should look good on your desktop AND on your mobile device, thanks to our fancy new mobile redesign. What do you think?

PS4 Games
1. Destiny
4. NBA 2K16
5. Madden NFL 16
7. Rocket League
8. Mad Max
9. Until Dawn
10. Grand Theft Auto V
11. Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition
12. DARK SOULS II: Scholar of the First Sin
13. SOMA
14. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition
15. Pro Evolution Soccer 2016
16. Dragon Ball Xenoverse
17. Metro: Last Light Redux
18. Metro 2033 Redux
19. Resident Evil Revelations 2
20. Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist
PS3 Games
1. Destiny
3. The Last Of Us
4. Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition
5. Red Dead Redemption
6. Pro Evolution Soccer 2016
7. Grand Theft Auto V
9. Goat Simulator
10. Okami HD
11. Saints Row IV
12. Dead Space
13. Batman: Arkham City
14. Madden NFL 16
15. Batman: Arkham Origins
16. Dragon Ball Xenoverse
17. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – HD Edition
18. Call of Duty: Black Ops II
19. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
PS4 Add-ons
1. Destiny: The Taken King
2. The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited – ESO Plus
3. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Reckoning
4. Rocket League – Supersonic Fury
5. Dragon Age: Inquisition – Trespasser
6. Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves
7. Batman: Arkham Knight Red Hood Story Pack
8. Batman: Arkham Knight Crime Fighter Challenge Pack 1
9. Dragon Age: Inquisition – The Descent
10. Destiny Expansion Pass
PS3 Add-ons
1. Destiny: The Taken King
2. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Reckoning
3. Call of Duty: Black Ops II Nuketown Zombies Map
4. Call of Duty: Black Ops II Apocalypse
5. Call of Duty: Black Ops II Vengeance
6. Call of Duty: Black Ops II Uprising
7. Call of Duty: Black Ops II – Revolution
8. Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves
9. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Ascendance
10. Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below
PS Vita Games
1. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – HD Edition PS Vita
2. Sword Art Online -Hollow Fragment-
3. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z
4. Assassin’s Creed III Liberation
5. Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition
6. Borderlands 2
7. Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed
8. Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls
9. Heroes of Loot
10. Ratchet & Clank Collection
PS Classics
1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
2. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
3. Psychonauts
4. Tomba!
5. Mega Man Legends
6. Wild Arms
7. Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
8. Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001
9. Metal Gear Solid
10. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

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  • Everyone… just get use to seeing Destiny’s name at the top of most charts :)

  • Good to see Rocket League still doing well, now that it’s no longer free. It’s the only online game I’ve ever been half-decent at. Tried the Star Wars beta last night for 10 minutes of spawn/death/spawn/death, then fired up Rocket League instead!!

    • Rocket League is fun and entertaining, maybe even more than call of duty. But I got back from spain on august 14 so I couldn’t get it free ):

    • for future reference, just go online and add it to your library. You do not need to actually download the game to claim it on PS+

    • That is funny since the beta opened up an hour ago…not last night. You must have special downloading powers? Please dont bash a game to promote another, even though rocket league is great.

    • @SourGrape4u Many individuals had early access to the beta (myself included). It became public today.

  • You forgot(?) to mention Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone. I think it will be the best PS4 add-on for October.

  • I’m looking forward to getting into Destiny, but I just got Bloodborne, and I feel that it will keep me busy for a long while (especially considering that I only play around 30 mins per day). I hope that Destiny still has my interest by then, but I fear that games like Uncharted Collection, holiday sales, The Witness, and PSVR will command both my spending precedence and time once I am done with Bloodborne.

  • Glad to See SOMA and Until Dawn are still up there. SOMA should be higher but oh well.

    The Taken King pic for this post gave me SOMA flashbacks because of the blue glow. lol. XD

    • SOMA will probably get a second wind soon enough during a Halloween/Day of the Dead sale.

    • Until Dawn is amazing. It’s like they took a Choose Your Own Adventure book and made it into a horror game. One of the few PS4 exclusives this Fall, and one of the few games to use the PS4’s camera and motion controls (but don’t worry, both are optional). The camera will secretly record short videos of you getting scared during certain moments in the game!

      Also, I’m glad to see the PS4 add-ons list isn’t all Destiny and Call of Duty stuff (unlike the PS3 add-ons list).

  • Destiny still a killer

  • Interesting to see how those sales effect the charts.

    Top ten has a l0ot of EA sports, that is not a bad thing with the good revisions this year.

  • Sure would be great to have the Crash Bandicoot games on the Vita…

  • It’s great to see Mad Max crack the top 10. Absolutely loving that game so far!

  • Looking better than ever, Justin! Still could use a bit more whitespace between the bottom of the post and the Comments header, though :-)

  • Classics still sell well, how much better would they sell if they were playable on PS4?

    Hint hint Sony

    • Alternatively you could just buy a PS TV, which nowdays you can get for $40 or less, and be able to play PSOne Classics as well as remote play PS4 games at another screen somewhere else.

  • I guess MGS 5 sale does not count the people who pre order the game. Anyway this game is a must have for anyone who know MGS and their story.

    Hideo Kojima is a legend……. Thank you

  • Can’t find the Athena not Hades Original Color Costume for Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Sould on the ps store, when are you guys going to fix that?????

  • Looking over the entire list, there are only two indie games that landed in the top-selling games for September of 2015, out of forty titles; Heroes of Loot (which is available for free on Android, and the paid version costs $2.47), and Goat Simulator (completely free via Amazon Underground Apps).

    Every last one of the rest of them are from well-known developers.

    What does this tell you, Sony? How can you use this data to provide greater value to your customers? Could this data be useful in helping to form a better strategy as far as the Instant Game Collection goes?

    I’ll give you a hint. We’re sick to death of indie titles. If more of your customers were as obsessed with indie games as you are, you’d know it, because we speak with our wallets.

    Take the hint. I know you don’t want to actually pay for licensing and distributing games from developers we know and love, but, don’t the sales figures do all the talking?

    Let October be the final month that you foist off cheap garbage on PS+ subscribers. If you won’t listen to us when we comment on this blog, you have no choice but to accept your actual sales figures. If we wanted more indie games, we’d pay for them.

  • Tearaway Unfolded? More like Tearaway Uncharted.

    • Unfortuantely this does seem to confirm that the reports on the game flopping in UK may indicate a general trend rather than an isolated case.

      Personally, I loved the PS Vita version, and was interested on getting the PS4 version, but it did looked like an important part of the focus of the game, namely in regards the interaction between Iota and You, was lost in the transition to PS4, so I decided to pass on it.

  • Thanks for putting Heroes of Loot on the list . It’s cheap but at least it made it to the list.

    • Mega Man Legends managed to grab the 5th spot of September’s chart despite being released on the 29th.

      I hope Mega Man Legends 2 will join it at the PSN soon.

  • That’s awesome… and Very nice… I want see Crash Bandicoot games on the Vita…

  • Glad to see until dawn of. The list. I’m waiting til Halloween to get it

  • I’d be curious to see whether or not Sword Art Online: Lost Song will inherit the Vita placing currently held by Hollow Fragment from November’s chart onward – and if the sales of Lost Song itself might bode well for the localization prospects of the next SAO game currently being developed over in Japan: Hollow Realization.

  • Nice to see Okami HD on the PS3 list. Still hangin’ tough. One of my favorite games of all time. Do yourself a favor and pick it up if you haven’t already. Just a massive, epic game with dozens of hours of gameplay. Sad we may never get a true sequel.

  • Destiny… everybody hates it, but still ends up buying and playing it!

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