How You Helped Improve Call of Duty: Black Ops III Multiplayer

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How You Helped Improve Call of Duty: Black Ops III Multiplayer

Update: During the Beta, we announced that anyone that played would receive an exclusive PS4 dynamic theme free as a ‘thank you’ from the studio. That theme is now rolling out in the US. Follow the instructions below to redeem your dynamic theme:

1. Navigate to the PlayStation®Store from your PS4 system Home Screen
2. Press Triangle and select Search, then type in “Black Ops III”
3. Select “Call of Duty: Black Ops III”
4. Scroll down to “Themes” > “Morg City Zombies Theme” and download the theme
5. After the download is complete, navigate to the PS4 Home Screen > “Settings” > “Themes” to select the theme

We’ve said it before but it bears repeating: thank you to all the players in the PlayStation Nation who were the first to play our Call of Duty: Black Ops III Multiplayer Beta!

Preparing for the Beta required a lot of work — basically, it was a launch-before-the-launch — but we all knew that it would be worth it because of the amount of data it would generate and the invaluable input that would get from you, our fans.

With the Beta, we talked a lot about “providing feedback to help contribute to a better Day One experience.” Today, we’re here to provide a recap of the most common pieces of gameplay feedback we received, and fill you in on some of the design changes we’ve made to address that feedback.

Here is a sampling of the gameplay changes and improvements that you can expect when Black Ops III launches on November 6th.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

  • Some players were dissatisfied that the Black Hat equipment was too powerful. We agree. Our new hacking mechanic scales the hacking speed based on how close you are to the target, and will require precise aim to hack Scorestreaks in a reasonable time. Time-to-hack has been adjusted upwards across the board to make it more challenging to hack, especially at the higher end of rewards. Hackers now also appear as a red dot on the minimap for the duration of the hack, which, along with VO notifications that a Scorestreak is being hacked, provides players the ability to counter by hunting down the attacker.
  • Rejack sparked its fair share of controversy during the Beta for a number of reasons, most of which were valid. Included in that list: putting players into Rejack did not count as a kill, and players were using Rejack to stack Scorestreaks. Now, putting a player into Rejack counts as a kill. Players receive kill credit immediately in-game, on the scoreboard and leaderboard, and in persistent stats. Rejack now also resets all Scorestreak progress so that it cannot be used continuously throughout a match to pad progress towards high-level Scorestreaks.
  • We’ve talked a lot about the flinch mechanics during the beta — that’s when getting hit causes your weapon to move out of position. Our improved networking code would sometimes cause bullet flinch to stack, so we put a cap on how much you can flinch while ADS. While you will still flinch when shot, it will be within tighter constraints to keep you closer to your aim.
  • We improved the feedback that you have downed your target by including the red “kill marker.” This marker will subtly grow in size with each subsequent hit, turning red upon dealing lethal damage as added reinforcement to confirm the kill.
  • During the beta, any downward or backward player movement could make the grenade toss distances feel awkwardly short. This has been adjusted so that player velocity never negatively impacts grenade trajectory. We also tweaked grenade speed and distances.
  • Players felt Concussion and Flashbang grenade types were very powerful. While both grenade types need to be in order to stay viable as equipment choices, we reduced the Concussion grenade stun time by 1 second and are now unlocking the Tactical Mask perk (the counter for both Concussion and Flash Bangs) earlier in the progression system at level 13.
  • By popular request, we’ve added a “Time in Hill” stat for the scoreboard and leaderboards in the Hardpoint game mode.
  • Players did not feel sufficiently rewarded for escorting the robot in Safeguard. Players now receive +25 score for every 3 seconds that they escort the robot toward the enemy base.
  • Players wanted additional details about how they were eliminated. The Kill Cam and Final Kill Cam now show what killed you (including weapons, Scorestreaks, Specialist weapons, equipment, etc.) and what perks the player has equipped.
  • Additionally, various weapon-balancing changes were implemented, including to the Razorback and M8A7.

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIICall of Duty: Black Ops III

Again, thank you for all of the input and for bringing these and a number of other issues to our attention. Your contributions will most definitely provide a better Day One experience for everyone.

Thank you and we’ll see you on November 6th!

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  • starwars: battlefront beta?

  • where is starwars: battlefront beta?

  • Played the beta, Enjoyed it . (Minus the campers) Can’t wait till Nov. 4th :)

  • Vohn I need to know will there be party game modes like one in the chamber, stick and stones,gun game, and sharp shooter

    • I second this! Nothing beats One in the chamber, Sticks and Stones and Gun game. Especially OITC, fingers crossed!

    • Yes, definitely agree. Those games modes were extremely fun. I always got a good laugh from that. Those are the modes where everyone actually was on equal footing.

  • Loved The Beta And Cant Wait For The Full Game Just Wish Gamestop Wasn’t The Only Place To Have The Hardened Edition Since It Is Sold Out Everywhere Just Like The Juggernog Edition

    • If you dont care about having the physical disc, the Digital Deluxe version through the Playstation Store is a much better value. It is $100, but you get the game, the Giant Zombie map pack, and the Season Pass. The season pass alone was going to be $50. The only real difference between the hardened and the digital deluxe is the DD does not have the soundtrack and the steelbook.

  • I tried to play the beta half-a-dozen times and could never connect so if I helped in some way, that’s good I guess.

  • Great fixes you guys. It will definetly improve the game! However. In my opinion rejack shouldnt have its scorestreak reset. It defeats all purpose of rejack. Why would i want to revive myself. If i can respawn even faster. Instead, you should maybe increase the time it takes to get rejack the second time around. That way players cant just camp and wait for their rejack to fill up. And to be fair. The scorestreaks are hard to earn and any boost helps. Plus most of the time you die before you can get your scorstreak. Im just saying. People whined a lot about rejack, when in reality isnt as bad as other specialists.but thanks anyway!

    • Right but lot little kids where complaining unfortunately

    • En mi opinion, deberian hacer que el rejack cargue más lento y ademas que seria buena idea en zombies que los zombis sean más inteligentes y otra cosa de multiplayer que se pueda personalizar a tu especialista en todo aspecto, cabeza, manos, pies, pantalon Y ALGO MAS IMPORTANTE EN QUE ADVANCED WARFARE SE EQUIVOCO ¡¡¡QUE NO SE REPITAN LOS MISMOS MALDITOS TRAJES; QUE BLACK OPS # TENGA IMAGINACION Y QUE LOS TRAJES SEAN FUTURISTAS si estas de acuerdo dale like

    • it still has a purpose, competitive.. rejack will help you win the game, example? snd obviously.. hardpoint? holding spawns but you die? u rejack and kill him and keep the spawns? same with the hill or rotation or anything etc.

  • Thanks Vahn, the list looks good and I’m pretty stoked to jump back on. I have black ops 3 juggernog edition on preorder!! Also thanks to whoever at PlayStation made that DLC deal happen. I hated waiting during the last gen. This will be the first COD this gen that I buy and jump back into. Gonna be a good fall!!

  • So rejack is useless now

  • Hopefully the netcode was improved after the beta too, not just the game balance.

  • Cant wait for this game to come out!! I was very disappointed with the last 2 Call of Duty games & I think a lot of people were too. 1 thing that I think should also be changed is the Dart. We should have the option to throw it & not have to control it, like the Hunter Killer from Black Ops 2.

    • Totally agree with you on that really think there should be and option where you can just trow it and not control it

  • Loved the game I did not like the fact I payed 59.99 when I pre ordered so I would be able to play the beta just to turn around and see you guys made it free to play I had the feeling I was lied to and robed what would have been the point of pre ordering to get the beta just to find out you guys made it free?

    • Should’ve pre-ordered on Amazon. They don’t take out the money until after the game has shipped. So you can cancel the pre-order at any time before it’s shipped and not lose money. Or if you do digital download, they won’t charge you until the game is released.

    • Or you know. You could have just put in the miminum of 5 bucks and still get the beta. I dont see why people think you have to pay the full price for a preorder. Its a preorder, so you are able to pay it over time.

  • That’s bull**** about rejack. What reason do you even have to play rejack if it counts as a kill and resets score streak? Instead you should half the points and give half at time of putting rejack down and the other half of you finish him off. Also on score streaks have it knock you back down points a little so you have to work back up.

    • But another issue that Rejack posed was in competitive elimination games like SND during a clutch point in the game if a player with Rejack can get back up at a bad time (when the bomb time is almost up for instance) it ruins it for the other players because they killed the Rejacker fair and square yet they can just get up and keep coming. I think Rejack itself is fine in respawning game modes but for elimination games it should not be available for selection, seeing as the whole point is to eliminate the other team. But the enemies can just get right back up again regardless. For every SND game i played during the beta there was always a minimum of two players on the opposite team using Rejack, this led to them being top scorers and often ruining clutch plays by disrupting the flow of the battle. So i just think it is ok to have been left how it was but just not available for selection in elimination games.

  • Mr.Vonderhaar I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done. From the start of this game I was so excited! I can’t wait to get my hands on it on it, especially since you have balanced and nerfed weapons and even fixed equipment and so much more! I know this is your last Call of Duty and I know it will be your best! I have my juggernog edition paid off and ready to be picked up! The hype is real and all I can say is thank you!

  • Stop pandering to the kids and players who sucked. Everyone was learning how to keep rejack down. When you see the smoke just stay on target and keep shooting till he dies. They have to jump back up eventually

  • The lag was insane at times, but it was to be expected. But I’m very satisfied with the game during the beta and can’t wait to trade in my advanced warfare

  • The thing that turned me off to rejack was that every time I used it, whoever killed me just stood there waiting for me to re-animate so he could kill me before I could even move- I gave up even using it. I agree with everyone saying that it shouldn’t reset your streaks either- what’s the benefit in using rejack if it still counts as a kill and you lose your streaks? Might as well not use it and respawn like everyone else then. I hope fixed the respawn locations- I couldn’t even count how many times I was respawned near an enemy only to be killed as soon as I spawned…irritating! and the sniper rifles- WAY too much sway when scoping… It made it damn near unusable at times! I’m glad you addressed the grenade issues too, because it seemed like no matter what I did I could barely get any distance out of them at all, and some of them seemed a little OP. I’m glad you are adjusting some of the weapons too- several times I was in a longer range firefight and was killed by a sub machine gun while my “supposedly” higher powered and longer range rifle was getting nothing but hit markers. Hopefully you guys beefed up your servers too, the lag was downright crazy at times.

    • You do realize rejack has a time period after you die. Like 10 seconds. You dont have to revive yourself immediately.You can do the smart thing and wait a bit after you die, THEN revive yourself and take out the bad guy.

  • I may have not played the Black Ops III beta but how was it improved when in reality it’s actually the same as the multiplayer in all of the other Call of Duty games? This could be why I have in interest in going back to Call of Duty or buying any future Call of Duty games. I’m not trying to bring negativity to you people, but do you guys have any idea why I call the Call of Duty games the Land Before Time sequels of first-person shooter games?

    • Well after playing Ghosts & AW prob worse cod in history, This game felt like cod just bit faster. I don’t like when people say it “copy/paste” game cuz want is Fifa? F1? Any racing games? Its really want you like to play and have fun in.

  • “Additionally, various weapon-balancing changes were implemented, including to the Razorback and M8A7.”


    No!!!!!! That gun was perfect! It took good accuracy and skill to use! People didn’t like it being burst either!

    People were mad because it was a good weapon in a form that they did not like. So now it gets re-balanced and will probably be bad.

    • whatever that gun was OP, my whole clan started using it as soon as they got to level 28 and we began tearing through the other team. It was a good change

  • Wait wait wait, about a camping system, in computer designing the map is made by each square feet, why don’t you guys add a camping system for assault and shot gunners if the stay in one spot more then 30 seconds they explode.
    Also you guys are forgetting something, please bring back one hit melee kills from knives, I hate this two hit thing

    • No way!! Panic knifing sucks and I’m so glad they changed it! You shouldn’t win a gun close quarters gun fight just cause you push the right stick faster!! I agree if you sneak behind someone you should be awarded with a 1 hit kill so the way they have it now is perfect

  • That is crap about rejack; why should it reset your scorestreak? Are you dead or are you alive? I totally understand crediting the death to someone else, but I hate the thought you lose your progress towards a streak. What’s the purpose of rejack; to just spawn again? It would be a waste then….

  • this is gonna be a good game

  • I wish they would have changed up or randomized the models’ faces a bit so i’m not on an entire team of Katnisses or frat-bros. It takes me out of the experience.

  • Sadly it doesn’t look like they addressed the spawn trap issue. I watched many streams where teams just spawned taped other people. I was even trapped in my own spawn while DEFENDING a bomb site in demolition. I wish they would figure a way to spawn people elsewhere once you spawn in the same location multiple times.

  • What about MOTHERSHIP?! This Scorestreak needs a HUDGE BUFF! 1600 pts and feels like an “Assault Drone” from Advanced Warfare is better than MOthership!

  • What I would really like to see as well is for code to bring back the clan challenges like they did on black ops 2 that really made the game fun for me and force me to play even game mode I don’t like just for the clan..they need to bring that back. Fighting to get gold sliver or bronze and have your medals to show for it.

  • 1. What about Clans ?
    2. What about Clan War’s?
    3. Can you and could you bring back
    A. The Commando
    B. HoneyBadger
    C. BAR

  • If Black Ops III uses the same antiquated time-to-kill design philosophy that prevents Call of Duty from ever being more than a twitch-and-lag snack of a game, I don’t see how any of these improvements really matter.

  • Please consider having dedicated servers for the PS4 version of Black Ops III. Thank you.

  • Yes, everything is fixed :3

  • I CON’T WAIT 6/11

  • Blackhat was great as it was :(

  • i honestly think that this is going to be the best cod ever other black ops 2

  • Didn’t stay long enough to be able to use or see someone use Rejack, but I feel like this would still be ok as long as your death before using the ability won’t count as a death, but only as a kill for those that killed the player. Guess they only made it like this to lower the chances of being killed right after you respawn. I’d say it’s pretty fair still, nothing bad about it if I’m right.

  • Vonderhaar Take out black hat the person who earned the kill streak should be the one benefited by it. Also take out blast suppressor only if you make it so nothing shows on the mini map when you use the exo like ability. people have not needed to worry about movement and blast suppressor in past call of duty games. plus for people who use blast suppressor it takes up a perk slot so you can not have things like toughness and scavenger.


  • I hope that increased that “Shieva” semi automatic fire rate. Damn that gun shot slow as hell. I hope all of the semis don’t shoot at that rate.

  • The game will be legit but just saying the lag on the beta access was terrible….

  • I loved beta but I just want to know if I can splitscreen with my brother in the full game.

  • I was having a blast playing Advanced Warfare, but I took a break to play the Black Ops 3 beta. The lag was INTOLERABLE, unplayable most of the time, yet this is not even on the list of things to fix! All of the so-called “problems” with Black Ops 3 are nonsense compared to the lag problem. It was ridiculous to empty two full magazines point-blank into an enemy before being killed.

    On a really bad day, my internet throughput is 35 Mbps Down and 11 Mbps Up; isn’t that good enough? If the lag is not fixed in the released version (which it probably won’t be), then the only alternative is to file a class action lawsuit against Treyarch to get our money back. I expect to be recording and publishing horrific Black Ops 3 gameplay starting on November 6, but I would rather be proven wrong.

    Since the beta ended, I’ve gone back to having fun playing Advanced Warfare, so if anyone thinks they can defend Black Ops 3 and Treyarch, then you must explain why Advanced Warfare does not exhibit the same problem; please explain why Advanced Warfare always plays nicely but Black Ops 3 was mostly unplayable. It’s not difficult to see where the problem is.

    • the issue is simply xbox

    • Now that is funny. Go file your claim for 59$ lol it’ll cost you more thn the games worth in court costs etc. Your threat doesn’t even make em blink an eye there bud , Judge would prob laugh at you too !

  • I only played for a few minutes as there wasn’t a tutorial for beginners and I had no idea how to play the game. On top of that, I was always killed within 5 seconds after I spawned. So even if I wanted to learn to play through trial and error, it was going to take way too long.

    Out of those minutes , here was my feedback
    Training mode – new players need this to learn the control. In other fps games you start with no weapons , and the game puts you through an short train mission where you are taught the controls for movement, aiming, weapon switching, wespon mode switching, and so on before you are dumped in a newbie
    Multiplayer level . After you reach something like level 10, you leave the newbie queue and the game puts you into more difficult mp matches based on you level and performance statistics.

    If you die a lot, it prompts you if you want to scale back a bit to a lower level queue so that the game can be enjoyable again.

    COD needs this badly. I’d like to speak to other aspects of the game, but since all I did was die for several minutes because I was horribly mismatched with other players by the matchmaking system.

  • Please just remaster World at War or Modern Warfare 2 for the next gen consoles and you will have many people throwing their money at you including me.

  • Just a thought and 27 more days is a lot but, is it possible that the levels you earn in the beta will still be their when the full game comes out?

  • Fix the bloody ttk.


  • Im so lucky my birthday comes out when black ops 3 comes out Im getting it for my birthday ps3 version

  • Wasn’t there also talk about a free “calling card” or something like that for beta testers? Any info on that, anyone?

  • Wasn’t there also talk about a free “calling card” or something like that for beta testers?

  • why only in US? and when get this theme in UK?

  • I did not have my PlayStation yet when the Beta was out but I had played it on Xbox One. Could I still possibly get the PlayStation Theme some how? Looks good!

  • And yet still no Hardcore Free for All.

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