6 Ways to Win the War in Transformers: Devastation on PS4, PS3

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6 Ways to Win the War in Transformers: Devastation on PS4, PS3

This week, after four months of anticipation, long-time Transformers fans were finally able to get their hands on Transformers: Devastation on PS4 and PS3. The latest action-brawler from the gurus at PlatinumGames pits five of the franchise’s most iconic Autobots against an army of angry Decepticons.

Grimlock, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Wheeljack, and Optimus Prime are ready to roll, but before you saddle up, I’d like to pass along a handful of tips that should help you win the war.

Transformers: Devastation

For Tighter Turns, Hold Circle While Driving

Transformers: Devastation moves at a breakneck pace, so you’ll need all the control that you can get. In vehicle mode, holding circle will give your tires the grip needed to take those corners at supersonic speed. Why slow down when you have sticky tires?

Transformers: DevastationTransformers: Devastation

Hold R1 to Spin Your Tires After a Vehicle Slam

After putting an enemy on his back with a vehicle slam (simply jump straight up, then hold R1), you can continue dealing damage by holding R1. You’ll spin your tires on the downed enemy, draining his precious hit points.

Headshots with Ranged Weapons Trigger Opportunities for Vehicle Attacks

In Transformers: Devastation, honing those sharpshooting skills will open up new avenues for attack. In fact, scoring a headshot with one of the game’s ranged weapons will throw your enemies off balance and trigger a vehicle attack opportunity, even at long range.

Transformers: DevastationTransformers: Devastation

Learn the Delay Combos

PlatinumGames is famous for creating deep, intricate combo systems, and this game is no different. All of the characters in Transformers: Devastation have a set of combos that require a bit of patience. You’ll press a sequence of buttons, pause for a bit, and then continue. Controlling the timing of those thumbs is essential. All of these combos can be found in the game’s move list.

Hold Square at Max Vehicle Speed to do a Flying Uppercut

When your vehicle starts shooting flames from the exhaust, you’re at max speed. From here, holding square will trigger a rush attack, resulting in a spectacular uppercut that will launch you and your enemy into the air. Once airborne, immediately hit the enemy using the Triangle button to trigger a vehicle attack opportunity. This will result in some crazy air combos. To perform this you’ll need to purchase Rush Combo in the Lab.

Transformers: Devastation

Parry is Super Useful

The timing on this defensive move is difficult, but it’s incredibly powerful if used correctly. You can even parry Devastator’s drill projectiles in mid-air and throw them back at him. Parry is available for purchase in the Lab.

Hopefully this collection of tricks will give you an edge in the battle against the Decepticons.

Transformers: Devastation is available right now on PS4 and PS3. Happy smashing.

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