Why Disgaea 5 Will be Your Most Played Game This Year

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Why Disgaea 5 Will be Your Most Played Game This Year

With only 3 months left of the year, you might think that one of this summer’s blockbusters will have snagged the title of “Most Played Game This Year.” After all, they’ve had months of lead time. Well, you’d be wrong.

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance is out today exclusively for PS4, and I hope you saved up your sick days; you’re gonna need ’em with how long these will keep you playing.

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

1.) Serious Strategy. Seriously.

Everybody jokes about the jokes in Disgaea. The horse unmentionables. The sardines. Those poor, poor Prinny souls. But those jokes only hold on because underneath the trappings of humor, and silliness, sits one of the most robust, and serious strategy games around.

Think you have a mind for tactics and strategy? See how you do on a stage full of geo panels, with 50 enemies against your team of 10 unlikely heroes. This game takes time to master, but when you do, you’ll feel like a god… or an Overlord, as it were.

2.) Millions of Levels. Literally.

Okay, math is hard. I’ll admit it. But I’m pretty sure that if you’re leveling a bunch of characters up to 9,999, and a bunch of items to 9,999, and then you reincarnate to get that sweet, sweet stat boost, that you’ll be hitting millions of levels. That math works out, right? No? Well, I can at least guarantee that you’ll be doing millions of points of damage in one attack by that time.

And how good does that feel? Really good. Trust me, you’ll want to get on my level for that damage.

Disgaea 5: Alliance of VengeanceDisgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

3.) A Longer Disgaea than Ever. Dood.

You don’t care about getting everything? About being the greatest Overlord there ever was and hitting level 9,999 then reincarnating and doing it again? Well. Okay then. I guess you’ll just have to get by with spending an insane amount of time getting just a taste of all the features.

A 40+ hour story, the Prinny Research Squad, and the ability to visit your friends’ Netherworld, a brand new Item World system, building your team with the Recruiter, and so much more. Heck, a fellow posted his screenshot on our Facebook page with over 200 hours in just the demo! A demo! (A demo that you can grab right now on PlayStation Store.) Good thing his save file transfers to the full game, eh?

4.) More Game Through the Holidays. Merry Disgaea-mas.

We squeezed all the awesome DLC into our post-development schedule that we could, because when you’ve got a game with hundreds of hours of gameplay, what else do you do but add even more scenarios and characters?

We’re rushing on a tight schedule, but all the DLC should be out by November 10th, and that means you’ll be able to make your holiday season disappear into the sweet time-sink that is Disgaea. And because we like you guys, we set up a Season Pass that you’ll be able to pick up on PlayStation Store October 13th to save some dough and make sure you don’t miss any of the 8 bonus scenarios and 6 throwback characters.

5.) Your Parents’ Expectations.

My parents always told me to be the best. And the only way to be the best is to hit level 9,999 and show everyone just how great I am… right? Right? I dunno about you, but that’ll keep me playing…

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

Anyway! We’re super excited to see how much playtime you guys get out of the game, so go grab the full game or demo right now, and make sure you tweet out your screenshots to us with #Disgaea5!

We’d also love to hang out with you on our Twitch channel at 5:30 PM Pacific today as we stream the game and have a Prinny good time. Happy gaming, dood!

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  • My copy won’t be coming ’til this Friday, I’m not complaining because the wait will be worth it. 3 days ’til I get the game in exchange for for 300 hours of gameplay?! I DON’T MIND. Also grateful that the season pass date has been confirmed. I really REAAAAALY am excited to play this.

    • Hopefully people won’t get put off by the “grind” because truth be told you can spend 100s of hours doing things the hard way, or you can spend dozens doing it the community figured out ways.

      For example… I took 300 hours to get the platinum on Disgaea 3. (Some AFK time in there) but all the stuff I learned (like you can’t get certain pirates to show up unless the item rank is a lot higher) helped me get a newbie through the platinum in half the time.

      Get involved, make some friends use the “communities” feature.

      WHen people complain that they don’t want the communities feature, I know they aren’t playing complicated games with cryptic secrets like a Disgaea, because these tools are invaluable even if you just lurk.

  • I need to get this once I shave some time off my backlog

  • I love that Disgaea games consistently have demos.

  • All I know, is that I’m over 100 hours into Disgaea 4 and I haven’t even scratched the surface. So no doubt D5 will have countless hours of gameplay.

    • The people who spend 500+ hours would benefit greatly from joining a Disgaea community.

      There’s a trick in the demo and the main game where every time you use an unopened soda (which then becomes an opened soda) you get 1/8 towards a new level.

      So you can essentially spam the heck out of those sodas. I learned about it the day before the game came out so I only got up to level 50 but then you can hire level 40s. Some people spend like 20 hours doing that and had multiple 1000+ characters in the demo.

      So to be completely fair, your game time will DRAMATICALLY change based on your community involvement or lack thereof.

      Disgaea has always been a series where you either pull knowledge and learn the tricks, or you spend hundreds of hours extra being a hermit.

  • My Pre-Order DLC Code from NISA doesnt work D:

  • …. And this game has been added to my list of to-buy titles! Wow. There are so many amazing games, I’m starting to wonder if I’ll be able to play them all!

  • RIP Life-kun. 1992-2015

  • I won’t, since it isn’t on Vita.

    Why would I ever want to buy a new gen console to play a game meant for the Vita on it?

    You might do yourself a favor and listen to your fans too, like one in particular that asked for years for a Disagea 2 sale.

    And it couldn’t have hurt, since you might have made a few more sales, to people not likely to buy your games.

    I played 4 on Vita very briefly, as a past Plus member.
    It was cute, being a fan of Final Fantasy Tactics, but not enough to get me to want to pay what your asking for it.

    • These games aren’t meant for handhelds, they get ported over at a later date.

      However if we take them at their word this one won’t get ported so you would have to play it via Remote Play to play it on Vita. Why? 512MB isn’t a lot of memory when you’re talking about tons of characters tons of items, network features, level creation, large areas of battle field, multi tiered battle fields, enemy densities, eventually 512MB gives out.

      They said that this game was too resource intensive for the PS3 and Vita. That’s why it’s an exclusive to the PS4, because these games like to push numbers to breaking points, then retool, and see if they can do it again. PS2 memory limitations, PS3 memory limitations. Fact is the PS3 doesn’t have a full 512MB it has 2 partitioned off blocks of 256, and the OS has to take up about 90MB chunk or so (unless they further optimized it)

      Maybe they could do work a around but the game would suffer for it. Unless they used your memory as a swap partition but that would just kill the memory fast.

    • Umm you do know the Vita cant handle this game on a technical level right? The creator made that clear months ago.

    • Lol are you telling me this game isnt worth 60 dollars?

  • Sardiiineees!!
    Man… 40+ hour story mode… Here we go again!
    I chose to only play the story and not go crazy on leveling characters to 9,999 and playing every level in existence. After all, we need to keep a real life too. :)
    Glad to see Disgaea back!

  • this will be goty thats for sure.

  • I cannot wait to play this XD

  • Mine will be delivered tomorrow. I NEED A TIME MACHINE. I’m so excited that it’s out. Can’t wait to play.

  • I had no idea there was a demo; how long has it been out? Anyway, d/ling it now.

  • and dont forget! If you have a Ps4 AND a Vita, you can continue playing the game, even if you have to go to the bathroom, lol xD

  • Like Jimi Hendrix once said… excuse me while I kiss Disgaea.

  • Will it be censored?

  • Playing the game as I type and my impression of digaea 5 is so good :) This is my very first disgaea title and i’m having a blast with it with!

  • Is the DLC stuff only accessible after the story is complete, like the last few games? Even for New Game +?

    Not interested in the DLC if that’s the case. I will enjoy the heck out of the base game though. And I’ll even buy it a second and third time if it appears on the Vita and/or PC. *NudgeNudge* ;)

    • I’m not sure about 1 – 2, but didn’t 3 & 4 have a cheat code that would make all of the extras available immediately? Then again, I only played the Vita re-releases, so maybe it wasn’t on PS3?

    • You can use them from the start

  • This is easily gonna be my Game of the Year. I live and breathe Disgaea. <3 <3 <3

  • great article. im having a lot of fun with this game.. love the franchise.

  • I want this so badly, but I really should you know, finish Disgaea 4,3,1.. I could Disgaea for the rest of my life with just the titles I already have!!

  • From the demo, I’m not really feeling the voice acting in this =/. I have Disgaea 1-4, was thoroughly entertained by all of them. But a lot of the voices in D5 is annoying x_X;; kinda messed up my excitement in the game. I’ll still buy it later sometime though.

  • Really really want this but I’m still playing through Disgaea D2 and can’t justify the 75 dollar (Canadian) price tag at the moment. I need to do more prinny labour to support my video game addiction dood ._.

  • I love turn based games. I like strategy games, I like anime. But I could never EVER get into a Disgaea game no matter how hard I’ve tried. The mechanics are just too obtuse. :( Even for a stat loving RPG fan like me, it is complete overkill. Simplify and strip things down, make it more like Heroes of Might & Magic, and I’d look at it again.

  • Two questions – what style of play is this? (FF Tactics, or regular turn-based JRPGs for instance). 2. So this is just a grind-fest?

    • k, so found out there is a demo (just surprised as very few games have dmeos nowadays). Will give it a shot.

  • Hey prinny, U forgot:

    6) A LOT OF OVERPRICED DLC !!!!!!!

    “Buy the amazing DLC character, the same that u bought on Disgaea 3, Disgaea 4 and Disgaea D2 !!”

    ._. I love this game, but C’mon i will not buy the same DLC characters every year

  • Still playing Disgaea 2 on PS3. Had to get it during that sale but had no idea what I was getting into. Quite the game I must say.

  • Disgaea 5 is going to be my next SRPG to stream on Sundays after I finish Agarest. REally looking forward to it. :)

  • This is cool and all, but why aren’t the DLC codes working yet? The store has updated.

  • “Why Disgaea 5 Will be Your Most Played Game This Year”

    I highly doubt it. I’ve tried D1 and D3, and didn’t like them. And, I haven’t found any Final Fantasy Tactics style SRPG enjoyable. I won’t even give D5 a chance, because I know I won’t like it.

  • I need this game and a PS4
    Also Are we gonna get the D4 and D5 PSVIta themes?

  • Waiting patiently for my disgaea 5 launch day edition :)

  • Where are the MGSV TPP DLC Costumes?

  • Does Disgaea 5 follow the story of Disgaea 4 ? I haven’t beat 3 and 4 yet. Please let me know before i buy the game.

  • Hey senpais XD! I’ve loved this series so far. It’s one of my personal favorites. Up to you senpais but if you want to review a playthrough with commentary for this game; then visit my channel :). It’s up to you though. I’ll be uploading the whole series within a couple days. You decide if you want the game or not ahah.


  • I believe it, D4 had loads to do

  • I love disgaea

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