Tricia Helfer Joins the Cast of Powers Season 2

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Tricia Helfer Joins the Cast of Powers Season 2

Once again it’s Brian Michael Bendis, co-creator of the Powers comics and executive producer of the PlayStation Original Series, Powers. I am broadcasting to you from Atlanta where the second season of production is underway, and I cannot wait for you to see all the incredible goodies we have in store for you!

Powers: Tricia Helfer

I told you last week when we announced the addition of Michael Madsen to the cast in the role of SuperShock that the story would be picking up where we left off last season. *SPOILER ALERT* for those of you who aren’t familiar with the comics or may not have seen last season yet (What are you waiting for? Go to PlayStation Store now!) We’re diving deep into the “Who Killed Retro Girl?” story and exploring what the world of Powers looks like in her absence. Losing Powers’ most famous superhero, played by the incomparable Michelle Forbes, is certainly going to shake things up in a BIG way.

Speaking of shaking things up, I’m so incredibly excited to announce another super cool piece of casting news. Fans and sci-fi nerds everywhere, and that would include me, will be very happy to know that the one and only Tricia Helfer is joining the cast of Powers! Yes, ‘Number Six’ herself, Battlestar Galactica’s own, is on the show. Tricia is playing FBI Special Agent Lange, a woman who, just like in the comics, shares a sordid history with Sharlto’s character, Detective Walker, and walks a fine line between the Powers world and the government, serving as both an ally and enemy. Lange happens to be one of my favorite characters in the comic, so I was hoping we’d find someone VERY special — and we did.

As another fun exclusive for all the PlayStation fans, we’ve also cast Lost’s William Mapother in the role of Calista’s estranged father. I don’t want to give away too much, but anyone who watched season one knows that things won’t be rainbows and sunshine when their paths finally cross.

Season two is really starting to take shape and I know you’re going to enjoy all the cool new stuff we’ve added this time around. I can’t share too much yet, but I’ll be back here again soon with more updates!

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  • yawn.

    • Boo! Just go away please. I see you trolling on every article you post.
      Do you have anything nice or positive to say about anything, fool?

  • I tried to watch season 1, but it was really hard to get into. I remember very little. I don’t know if I actually finished the season or not. Surprised the show is continuing.

  • More great news for the series. It is nice to see some non gaming content coming from PlayStation. Hope to see more exceptionally crafted shows in the near future.

  • I’m curious how the people that work on the show feel about Sony actively blocking millions of people from viewing it.

  • Really looking forward to Season 2. The first season was a big hit in our household.

  • I enjoyed season one. That isn’t to say that I thought it was great. I definitely felt that it had to choose what it wanted to be… a CW show or a HBO show. But it seemed to walk the line of trying to be edgy but never really becoming adult. I mean, the death scenes of someone walking into a room and then buckets of blood being tossed out of the room was supposed to be gory (amount of blood) but just came off as not having the sack to make it truly gruesome and showing the deaths.

    I’ll follow one more season because I hope they figured certain things out from Season 1. Doubt I will stay much more motivated for a season 3 if they didn’t, though.

  • “Number Six” joins the cast, yet we still don’t get the show in Canada…
    SCEA really should change its acronym to SCUS, it’s far more fitting.

  • Great News!!
    I can’t wait to watch it!

    Oh Wait, I can’t.

  • I wondered where the Minus money was going not to improve anything but a bunch of D level actors in an awful show most of the world can’t watch.

  • This show was a pleasant surprise for me. During its run, I looked forward to each new episode as much if not more than any other superhero show on TV last spring. Noah Taylor, Michelle Forbes, and Eddie Izzard were great in it (hardly D-level actors), and I look forward to next season with EDI.

    I am sorry to hear it still isn’t available in many regions.

  • Tricia makes everything better!

    • Yes she does. She killed it on BSG, my favorite show of all time. My wife’s fav too.
      And I still have the Playboy with her photo shoot, stashed safely away.

  • I liked the series it was cool my wife hates that young chick though the one who had something to do with retro girls situation. I can’t think of her name right now.

    • Her character was named Calista, played by the actress Olesya Rulin.
      The funny thing is she’s actually 29 years old, playing a teenage girl. Who’s bright idea was that? Really?!?

  • I’m sad when I read this from all the people blocked from watching this. I really enjoyed it and I’m excited to watch more but I hope Sony makes torrents not the only option to view it since it free to the US if we have plus.

    Only region lock should be the language barrier in my option. Instead I have to import or illegally stream content.

    Just happy the playstation console wise are region free. I can still get my dumb games from Japan. Yippy

  • Fantastic!
    Too bad the show is not very good. I really love Sharlto Copley and wish the best for his career. He is a South African super star. His real life story is amazing!
    And Tricia Helfer… do I even need to say anything?
    But its wasted talent IMO in this show.

  • Hi Brian, I figure it’s been a while since anyone asked this.

    Have they licensed out the show for Canada yet?

    I know you likely don’t keep track of this stuff, but it’s a bit nuts that you just can’t watch it up here unless you wan’t to import the bluray. That’s dumb, right?

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