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Console Bundle Price
PS3 Rocksmith 2014 – Blues Rock Song Pack $7.99
PS3 Samurai Warriors 4-II – New Scenario Set $12.99
PS3 Samurai Warriors 4-II – Weapon Set 2 $3.99
PS4 Dragon Age: Inquisition – Game Of The Year Edition $59.99
PS4 PS Plus Rb4 Pre-order DLC Bundle $0.00
PS4 Rocksmith 2014 – Blues Rock Song Pack $7.99
PS4 Samurai Warriors 4-II – New Scenario Set $12.99
PS4 Samurai Warriors 4-II – Weapon Set 2 $3.99
PS Vita Samurai Warriors 4-II – New Scenario Set $12.99
PS Vita Samurai Warriors 4-II – Weapon Set 2 $3.99

PS Plus: October 2015


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Platform Game Title Sale Price Original Price
PS4 Citizens of Earth $4.95 $14.99
PS Vita Citizens of Earth $4.95 $14.99
PS4 / PS3 / Vita Thomas Was Alone (Cross-Buy) $2.00 $9.99
PS3 Ace Combat Infinity Stocked Fuel (10 Units + 1 Free Unit) $7.55 $8.99
PS3 Ace Combat Infinity Stocked Fuel (50 Units + 10 Free Units) $35.99 $44.99
PS3 Velocity Ultra $2.00 $9.99

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  • Choose your favorite song or artist and iHeartRadio does all the work to create your station from our library of 20 million songs and 800,000 artists. Available on PS3 and PS4 for the US.



  • DramaFever brings users its own brand of world-class content, from addictive Korean dramas and explosive K-pop concerts to blockbuster foreign films and period dramas from the U.K. Available on PS4 in the US and Canada. A PS3 version is coming shortly.


  • The Leftovers Season Premiere, “Axis Mundi” available today
  • Project Greenlight, new episode “Duly Noted” available today
  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, new episode available today
  • American Sniper, available today
  • Meet the Parents, available today
  • The Truman Show, available today


PS4 Add-ons

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

  • Season Pass ($34.99)


  • 100 Coins ($9.99)
  • 200 Coins ($19.99)
  • 300 Coins ($29.99)
  • 500 Coins ($49.99)
  • 1,000 Coins ($99.99)

Pinball Arcade

  • Red & Ted’s Road Show ($4.99)
  • Red & Ted’s Road Show Pro ($7.99)
  • Red & Ted’s Road Show Pro Upgrade ($3.99)
  • Safe Cracker ($4.99)
  • Safe Cracker Pro ($7.99)
  • Safe Cracker Pro Upgrade ($3.99)

Rock Band 4

  • All the Rage Back Home – Interpol ($1.99)
  • Backwoods Company – The Wild Feathers ($1.99)
  • Cowboys From Hell – Pantera ($1.99)
  • Divide – All That Remains ($1.99)
  • Gimme Chocolate – Babymetal ($1.99)
  • High Road – Mastodon ($1.99)
  • Jane – Jefferson Starship ($1.99)
  • King for a Day – Pierce the Veil Ft. Kellin Quinn ($1.99)
  • Mona Lisa – Dead Sara ($1.99)
  • Move Over – Janis Joplin ($1.99)
  • My Own Eyes – “Weird Al” Yankovic($1.99)
  • One Big Holiday – My Morning Jacket ($1.99)
  • Rebellion – Linkin Park Ft. DAron Malakian($1.99)
  • Run for Cover – Blitz Kids ($1.99)
  • September – Earth Wind & Fire ($1.99)
  • Sugar You – Oh Honey ($1.99)
  • Summertime Boy – Seasick Steve ($1.99)
  • The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles – Marilyn Manson ($1.99)
  • The Reflex – Duran Duran ($1.99)
  • Throne – Bring Me the Horizon($1.99)
  • What If I Was Nothing – All That Remains ($1.99)
  • Would You Still Be There – Of Mice & Men ($1.99)

Rocksmith 2014

  • Joe Bonamassa – Slow Gin ($2.99)
  • Kenny Wayne Shepard – Blue on Black ($2.99)
  • Philip Sayce – Out of My Mind ($2.99)

Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul

  • Aiolia’s Assist Phrase of Magnitude – PS Plus Only (Free)
  • Athena Original Color Costume (Free)
  • Athena’s Assist Phrase of Defense – PS Plus Only (Free)
  • Hades Original Color Costume (Free)
  • Hyoga’s Assist Phrase of Resolution – PS Plus Only (Free)
  • Ikki’s Assist Phrase of Speed – PS Plus Only (Free)
  • Seiya’s Assist Phrase of Conservation – PS Plus Only (Free)
  • Seiya’s Assist Phrase of Determination – PS Plus Only (Free)
  • Seiya’s Assist Phrase of Power – PS Plus Only (Free)
  • Shiryu’s Assist Phrase of Tenacity – PS Plus Only (Free)
  • Shun’s Assist Phrase of Potential – PS Plus Only (Free)
  • Unlock the Gold Warriors (Free)

Samurai Warriors 4-II

  • New Scenario 1 ($3.99)
  • New Scenario 2 ($3.99)
  • New Scenario 3 ($3.99)
  • New Scenario 4 ($3.99)
  • Weapon Pack 3 ($2.99)
  • Weapon Pack 4 ($2.99)


  • Trinity Prime Access Pack ($79.99)
  • Trinity Prime Accessories Pack ($59.99)
PS3 Add-ons

Pinball Arcade

  • Cyclone ($4.99)
  • Cyclone Pro ($7.99)
  • Cyclone Pro Upgrade ($3.99)
  • Jack Bot ($4.99)
  • Jack Bot Pro ($7.99)
  • Jack Bot Pro Upgrade ($3.99)
  • Red & Ted’s Road Show ($4.99)
  • Red & Ted’s Road Show Pro ($7.99)
  • Red & Ted’s Road Show Pro Upgrade ($3.99)
  • Safe Cracker ($4.99)
  • Safe Cracker Pro ($7.99)
  • Safe Cracker Pro Upgrade ($3.99)
  • Arcade Xenon ($4.99)
  • Arcade Xenon Pro ($7.99)
  • Arcade Xenon Pro Upgrade ($3.99)
  • The Adam’s Family Custom Ball Pack ($1.99)

Rocksmith 2014

  • Joe Bonamassa – Slow Gin ($2.99)
  • Kenny Wayne Shepard – Blue on Black ($2.99)
  • Philip Sayce – Out of My Mind ($2.99)

Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul

  • Aiolia’s Assist Phrase of Magnitude – PS Plus Only (Free)
  • Athena Original Color Costume (Free)
  • Athena’s Assist Phrase of Defense – PS Plus Only (Free)
  • Hades Original Color Costume (Free)
  • Hyoga’s Assist Phrase of Resolution – PS Plus Only (Free)
  • Ikki’s Assist Phrase of Speed – PS Plus Only (Free)
  • Seiya’s Assist Phrase of Conservation – PS Plus Only (Free)
  • Seiya’s Assist Phrase of Determination – PS Plus Only (Free)
  • Seiya’s Assist Phrase of Power – PS Plus Only (Free)
  • Shiryu’s Assist Phrase of Tenacity – PS Plus Only (Free)
  • Shun’s Assist Phrase of Potential – PS Plus Only (Free)
  • Unlock the Gold Warriors (Free)

Samurai Warriors 4-II

  • New Scenario 1 ($3.99)
  • New Scenario 2 ($3.99)
  • New Scenario 3 ($3.99)
  • New Scenario 4 ($3.99)
  • Weapon Pack 3 ($2.99)
  • Weapon Pack 4 ($2.99)
PS Vita Add-ons

Persona 4: Dancing All Night

  • Crossdressing Pageant Costume Set +Seaweed ($3.99)
  • Fashionable Glasses Set ($1.99)
  • P4G Midwinter Uniform Set (Free)
  • Track “Break out of …” Featuring Marie($4.99)
  • Track P4 Animation Track Set A ($1.99)

Pinball Arcade

  • Cyclone ($4.99)
  • Cyclone Pro ($7.99)
  • Cyclone Pro Upgrade ($3.99)
  • Jack Bot ($4.99)
  • Jack Bot Pro ($7.99)
  • Jack Bot Pro Upgrade ($3.99)
  • Red & Ted’s Road Show ($4.99)
  • Red & Ted’s Road Show Pro ($7.99)
  • Red & Ted’s Road Show Pro Upgrade ($3.99)
  • Safe Cracker ($4.99)
  • Safe Cracker Pro ($7.99)
  • Safe Cracker Pro Upgrade ($3.99)
  • Arcade Xenon ($4.99)
  • Arcade Xenon Pro ($7.99)
  • Arcade Xenon Pro Upgrade ($3.99)
  • The Adam’s Family Custom Ball Pack ($1.99)

Samurai Warriors 4-II

  • New Scenario 1 ($3.99)
  • New Scenario 2 ($3.99)
  • New Scenario 3 ($3.99)
  • New Scenario 4 ($3.99)
  • Weapon Pack 3 ($2.99)
  • Weapon Pack 4 ($2.99)
  • Chronicles 3 – Samurai News 15 (Free)
Console Theme Price
PS4 A Hoodie Theme $2.99
PS4 A Task Soldier Theme $2.99
PS4 A Wolf Theme $2.99
PS4 Alpine Summer Dynamic Theme – Full Hd $2.99
PS4 An Ocean Beast Dynamic Theme $3.49
PS4 Apple’s Venom Dynamic Theme – Full Hd $2.99
PS4 Depths Of Hell $3.49
PS4 Disgaea 5 Christo Theme $2.99
PS4 Disgaea 5 Killia Theme $2.99
PS4 Disgaea 5 Lucky Board Theme $2.99
PS4 Disgaea 5 Majorita Theme $2.99
PS4 Disgaea 5 Prinny Theme $2.99
PS4 Disgaea 5 Red Magnus Theme $2.99
PS4 Disgaea 5 Seraphina Theme $2.99
PS4 Disgaea 5 Usalia Theme $2.99
PS4 Disgaea 5 Void Dark Theme $2.99
PS4 Disgaea 5 Zeroken Theme $2.99
PS4 Electronic Super Joy Dynamic Theme $3.99
PS4 Fist Rage Dynamic Theme $3.49
PS4 Halloween Dynamic Theme $0.99
PS4 Horror High Dynamic Theme – Full Hd $2.99
PS4 Keep Out Dynamic Theme $3.49
PS4 Murder Of Crows Dynamic Theme – Full Hd $2.99
PS4 Police Lights Dynamic Theme $3.49
PS4 Q*bert: Rebooted The Mummy Theme $3.99
PS4 Red Assassin Theme $2.99
PS4 Run And Gun Usa Theme $2.99
PS4 Whispering Willows Halloween Dynamic Theme $3.99
PS Vita 3d Gamer Theme $2.99
PS Vita 3d Girl Gamer Theme $2.99
PS Vita Access Denied Theme $2.99
PS Vita Apple’s Venom Theme $2.99
PS Vita Ctrl Alt Del Theme $2.99
PS Vita Horror High Theme $2.99
PS Vita I’m The Boss Theme $2.99
PS Vita Life Theme $2.99
PS Vita Murder Of Crows Theme $2.99
PS Vita Nuclear Radioactive Theme $2.99
PS Vita Panther Eyes Theme $2.99
PS Vita Stars At Night Theme $2.99
PS Vita The Champ Theme $2.99
PSP Courtnie Quinlan 2 Theme $1.49
PSP Stacey Hannant Theme $1.49
Console Avatar Price
PS3 Donut $0.99
PS3 Keep Out $0.99
PS3 Ninja 2 $0.99
PS3 Smiling $0.99
PS3 Trust 2 $0.99

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2 Author Replies

  • Justin Massongill

    Hey everyone! I’ve tinkered with the code for this week’s post, so it should look good on desktop machines as well as on your mobile phone / tablet. Let me know how it looks!

  • Well, apart from some good titles this week, just only getting Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, and will have a good time! X3

  • Can someone help me with this problem so I just got the Rb4 Disc and am now playing on my PS4 I am using my old equipment from the PS3 rb2 bundle.
    I am having the following problems
    First I am not able to sign into my PS4 profile on the guitar when I click on guitar it goes right away to guest when I turn on my PS4 controller it right away shows my online id Saab01 how Do I change this ????
    Also on the guitar when I click on the ps button to go back to the main menu it doesn’t work any way to fix this problem.

    • I found a work around but its a hassle I have to sign in with both my controller and guitar through the rockband menu than turn off the DS4 than go into the guitar profile and switch from guest to my online ID

      Any work around to fix this headache?

  • Also how do i download all my previous dlc for rockband from my PS3 to the PS4 just look for the songs in the store and press download ?

  • I was wrong last week when I said “This has been the worst Playstation sale I’ve ever seen. You guys really outdid yourselves this week.

  • Grace,

    I cant find the new phantom pain costumes anywhere on the PSN store for PS3 or PS4 via my PC. :(

  • I was hoping to see Wasteland 2 Pre order.

  • nothing for me. Might pre order fallout 4 instead

  • Thanks for the article. I will download a few DLC for Metal Gear Solid V when the store is updated.

  • Horrible sale again and no ps plus discounts really at all. Your making me really regret renewing my Plus subscription bc if your crappy free indie games along with horrible deals. It is no wonder your company is facing going under and putting this kind of stuff as a sale is why I hope you do go under bc your screwing loyal customers.

    • Yikes. Calm down there, Killerlightning. I’m not so sure threatening them with “I hope you do go under” is going to help get you better sales. How about you just take a breath and wait a week like the rest of us?

    • Problem is I been waiting weeks and weeks while I get EA Access and free games on Xbox One, get free retail games on 360, while somehow PS3 can’t? If they don’t want their paying customers to be satisfied or offer them sales for them to spend more money than they deserve to go under bc of their lack of customer service and common sense. Just look on here and other places on how unsatisfied people are with the service lately, yet Sony has addressed or done anything to change our mind. Heck they were so embarrassed about the PS3 offerings you had to find out about them another way initally.

    • Many of these “Indie” games are ports of PC darlings & rate decently on Metacritic. Recall the Wii shovelwares? Those are crap.

      Plus is a great deal, though not all titles will please all. But I agree the recent sales hasn’t interested me… so killer, let’s braid each other’s hair & talk about it.

    • The mentality of people nowadays is like, “I want a rolex but I’ll only pay you $5 for it. What! You won’t give it to me for $5? Well then I hope you die!”

  • lots of good games coming out this week. it’s just a shame the ps+ offerings aren’t anywhere near that level of quality.

  • Looks like I’ll be picking up Broken Age and Super Meat boy! Thank you playstation plus!

    I think the only money spending I’ll be doing is possibly on the Witcher III soon or those Destiny emotes next week. I really don’t mind about the sales since I’m happy with the games I have currently *and homework*

    Maybe in December I’ll pick up Dragon Age on sale? Or possibly sooner than that at full price. We’ll see ;)

  • Got Disgaea 5 in the mail a bit ago, downloading Dragon Age: Inquisition GOTY when I get back home this evening, and getting Uncharted Friday.

  • Bunny Seraphina for Disgaea 5 and MGO XP Boost are all missing

    Also you didn’t list the Metal Gear Online 1.0 data in the store update, despite it being necessary to grab from the store to actually play MGO.

  • Wow only two PlayStation Plus games this month and nothing for the PS3. I don’t have a PS4 but I do have a VITA so at least I am covered in that regards. But that is lame and seems to violate the conditions of the PlayStation Plus offer on the free games.

    • You are mistaken.

      Chariot, Kickbeat, Kung Fu Rabbit, and Unmechanical: Extended are all for PS3. That’s four PS3 games total.

      Try clicking the image instead of just looking at it. We got the usual six games, most of which are cross-buy in some way.

    • go to the website and go to free games all the free games are listed for october plus games

    • Instant Game Collection™
      Membership Includes These Free Games
      Super Meat Boy, PS4, PS Vita
      Broken Age, PS4, PS Vita
      Unmechanical: Extended, PS4, PS3
      Chariot, PS3
      KickBeat, PS3, PS Vita
      Kung Fu Rabbit, PS3, PS Vita

  • Also remember how Rock Band/Guitar Hero/whatever DLC all used to be grouped into its own thing?

    Can we go back to doing that? Like 99% of the “new this week” section is Rock Band stuff and it’s near impossible to find anything unless you search, browsing is a nightmare.

  • I don’t understand how the US release of Sanvein runs so poorly but the JP release is fine. Didn’t Agetec just slap a few images on the disk and hit publish? Did the original run this badly on the PS1? It’s horrible, don’t buy it. Get it from the JP store instead.

    • Oh, *and* when it was first put on the store, it was compatible with PSP, too. Now it’s just for PS3. I mean, I bought it and downloaded it on my Go, and it’s still in my download list, but the store shows it as PS3 only.

  • SHOCKOBER !!…reallyyy…

    WOW… playstation now.!! is the reason why is no more discounts and no more AAA games for playstation plus.

    • I hate to tell them but I think Playstation Now, which I did try and for the money is a horrible deal, if it was 50 or 60 a year I would consider it, will be the death of them. The lack of real quailty ps plus games especially on PS3 and pretty bad sales last few months minus some flash sales, which is available to everyone, Sony has really banked on Now being the money maker for them. I do hope they set up their game for Plus members or they will be no longer.

    • Or, before you jump to conclusions, this paltry looking sale lineup could mean they’re planning this month’s Flash Sale for this weekend. At least, that’s what’s happened in the past under almost identical circumstances.

    • I agree. I have always thought that. It seems as if plus has gone downhill with its offerings ever since ps now has been implemented. I also believe that this is why Sony will not do digital backwards compatibility. Sony would rather you sign up for an expensive online subscription to play ps3 games rather than allowing you to play the ps3, ps2, and ps1 games that you have already paid for. If Xbox can do it, why not Sony? Give your devoted (myself included) customers what they want! Greed can be a terrible thing…

  • Seeing all the Rock Band DLC pretty much clogging the entire store this week makes this whole store update a complete mess on the web store. Flipping page after page of album bundles and single tracks over and over again. Why couldn’t you just make a tab that just says Rock Band 4, and put everything in there instead of just flooding the entire store with every last piece of DLC? really makes the store look horrible.

    I’m just here for the Persona 4 Dancing All Night DLC but just aggravating seeing page after page of seeing Rock Band DLC. It’s like:
    Rock Band DLC, Rock Band DLC, Rock Band DLC, Rock Band DLC, oh look a theme, oo another theme, Rock Band DLC, Rock Band DLC, ect..

    Surely a tab with everything dropped in there would’ve been much more sufficient.
    Yeah, course I can just use the search bar but sometimes a store update on the blog even forgets to list things or misquotes prices and puts everyone up in a tizzy fit.

    Just saying, organization could’ve helped you guys this week.

  • I really, REALLY wish you’d start grouping new dlc for a particular game together in a separate link they way it used to be on the PS3, in the what’s new section. It is quite annoying having to scroll pages of dlc for one game while checking out all the new releases.

    p.s. I use the webstore.

    • You can simply check the Games box in the Media Type on the left side of the web store to leave out other types of content. It’s not perfect, but it’ll at least show you just the games that are new.

    • I dont trust those ticker boxes. They for some reason exclude some games. If you click the Games box Super Meat Boy doesnt show up. Im not sure what else isnt showing up but thats enough to make me not trust the ticker boxes…

    • @Joeltron3030 Well that sucks… I hadn’t realized those weren’t working properly… Hopefully I haven’t missed out on anything good because of using them!

  • Dear Grace,

    Please let us purchase and use avatars on PS4 and Vita. Especially PS4. My PS3 died recently and I’ve been unable to change my avatar since. Thanks.

  • Sony, you have earned a trophy.

    Worst Sale EVER.

  • Hey Justin! Is that buy $100 get $15 back deal live now?

    • Apparently…yeah.

    • @ Orphanus

      Right after you just demanded that THEY BETTER HAVE a good flash sale planned (or else, pitchforks)…

      Unsurprisingly, you’ve tasted toejam for the umpteenth time.

      ANOTHER one of these GENEROUS promos comes along and it’s even better because you can use it on ANYTHING.

      How about 2 years of Plus for $42.50 each? Not bad…

    • That’s actually not that bad Primero! But my college CVS left a bad taste in my mouth with “These oreo’s are KIND OF $4 since you’ll be paying $5 and getting $1 back!” haha all sillyness aside it wouldn’t be that bad of an idea except for that fact that you’re investing on more years of free content VS. getting new content right now. I remember when you couldn’t fill up the meter with pre-orders, it might have been last year or the year before. I *might* spend the money on current / upcoming games, but since I have schoolwork, I’m not sure how many of them I’d play :P

      With Plus offering smaller, lunch break games recently, I wouldn’t jump on the 2 year ship just yet but that’s my opinion. I know I need to buy plus every year but I’m going to wait a little before my sub expires (december) to see what new things they’ll bring to the table. I’ll end up buying another year but I always wait until the sub is nearly up before I do. (RIP $30 PS+ cards on Black Friday).

    • @ ReptileHand

      Merely a suggestion. Of course, you could buy new games that just released and save a nice chunk of money that you probably wouldn’t have expected otherwise.

  • Is it just be or are blog comments all screwed up. It looks like order and/or time stamps are all wrong throughout the site.

    • I noticed it too! It’s pretty cool but when someone replies to an earlier post, those “responses” bump down other people’s posts :3

      My comment was originally on Page 1 and now it’s on Page 2! Magic!

  • I’m not seeing the Disgaea 5 Bunny costume or any of the Metal Gear solid V DLC.

  • Do we have to wait a few minutes for the PSN store to fully update? I can’t find some of the DLC for Disgaea 5. Also, my bonus code from NIS America isn’t working either.

  • No sales at all of any kind? What gives?

    Also, PS+ really freakin sucks this month, aside from broken age. Why would we want a 5 year old game that can be bought for 2 bucks on steam regularly? (Meatboy)

    • Are you suggesting they start taking into consideration Steam Sales before they choose which games to give through PS Plus? The fact of the matter is, SMB is a new game to the PlayStation platforms. Personally, I haven’t played it yet (and I do have a PC that’s MORE than capable), and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    • Actually Super Meat Boy is the only free game Im interested in this month

    • I haven’t played Super Meat Boy either, and I look forward to trying it out for the first time on my PS4.

  • Just to let you know, the Disgaea 5 Seraphina DLC was exclusive to GameStop pre-orders and not going on PSN as a download. There is also some missing MGS DLC, as mentioned.

    • You’d think the Limited Edition would include all the bonuses (since it’s more expensive), but nope! I guess it’s just another case of NISA being NISA.

  • So is the new MGS Online DLC out or….?

    It’s released for Xbox and it was listed here and now is mysteriously absent. What’s the deal guys? :/

  • I haven’t complained of sales ever… but this one was poor! Crossing my fingers for a good flash sale this weekend, or something!

  • So much for getting Saint Seiya Soldier’s Soul. I would pay $59.99 if it was a physical copy; but there is no way, I will pay that for a digital only title.

    And to add to my disappointment, iHeartRadio is for US only. Lovely, just lovely.

    • Agreed! I was thinking the same thing. I was excited for Saint Seiya and Disgaea, but both are a bit up there on price. I guess I’ll wait for a sale or buy the physical copy of D5. And what’s up with the Plus only showing the PS4 titles? Is this part of a higher plan of fading out PS3 and Vita completely?

  • Great week we got I heart radio! AND TUNE IN RADIO APP SWEET! Just for the ps3 how about both for the vita ? I stream my music on my vita I would I HEART RADO for the vita ! Also great deal on Playstation vu we can’t wait pick it up ! THANKS GREAT JOB!
    Also great games for plus! thanks Playstation

    • Tunein Radio has been on the Vita a long time Smartsoulman79.

      I use it regularly since Spotify still can’t play on the Vita.

  • WOW, no PLUS titles for PS3 in October. The hell, sony?

  • Hi Sony team. Normally I write to lavish you with praise. Today I am not. Yesterday I was on my PS4 when all of a sudden Destiny Taken King was available for download right on my tool bar! I am not interested in Destiny, and if I was I can go to the store and find it. I did not pay $400 for a system to have publishers push commercials on me. Please refrain from this kind of sneaky advertising in the future. While Im on the subject of the PS4 toolbar, can we get some more options already? I would really love to remove some of the apps I never use from the tool bar, or have my favourite games always appear at the front. We should be able to make folders, or even make multiple toolbars and fully customize what games are on each.

    to be continued

    • Secondly, the store is a mess and this store update has gone downhill. As for this post, why are you not listing PS Plus prices in the sales chart. It completely defeats the purpose of the sale chart to have to log in and see the actual prices for plus members. Also, why are you not showcasing ALL of the free games for the month? Why only highlight 2 out of 6?
      And this brings me to the PS Store. I used to love browsing the original store on the PS3 and finding new games. On the new store forget about it. Its a mess. Half the time I go on the store on my PS4 a large majority of available games simply don’t load. So here I am staring a blank page saying “I guess I will keep my money since Sony doesn’t want me to see what games are available to buy”.

      to be continued

    • And today…holy rock band dlc. I log on to the store and click on new this week, 2000+ new entries, which I get to browse through 12 at a time looking for actual games in the mess of Rock Band DLC. Please for the love of all that is holy make a separate store section for Rock Band DLC and GH.
      So I click the little box that says “Games” and it goes from 2000 to 13 entries, and no Super Meat Boy. Which I know came out today. You need to make sure all the games are labeled properly and show up when the appropriate ticker box is clicked. There is also no way to look at Vita games without seeing PSP games. Please add a PSP ticker box.

      You guys have listened to our feedback in the past so Im sure you will pass this on to the relevant people. Thank you

    • I just wanted to say that I share your exact thoughts. A bunch of times I get the TV app bumped to the front even thoug I do not use that app at all on my PS4, why does it keep positioning itself up there? and then the Destiny game app ready to download?…
      As I said, your exact thoughts.

  • Wow… In terms of quantity alone the amount of games on sale the past two weeks has been minuscule. What the heck is going on, Sony?

  • Too bad I already own Broken Age… Tim Schafer FTW! Amazing game designer and master of the blurb! Broken Age is clearly the best PS+ title this month. I will give kickbeat a try.

  • Onigiri looks interesting; however, having seen the in-app-payment structure, I can not shake the feeling that this will end up akin to a Gameloft mobile game – free-to-play, featuring nothing but pay-walls, pay-to-win, energy limits, and a constant bombardment of in-app-payment requests.

    I will wait for the reviews from users to come out to see how this actually ends up working.

  • The Star Wars Battlefront beta isn’t directing to the game page. Also, the Hades and Athena costumes for Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul aren’t listed, nor is the Bunny Seraphina costume for Disgaea 5.

  • I just saw a Nickelback tracks add-on for Rockband in the store; it had a price associated with it. Does that reflect what you’ll pay us to download it? j/k :)

  • I cant find the hades nor athena skins, please fix that asap!!!

  • Not all the games on sale made your sales list. Saw Tales from the Borderlands season pass was on sale for $15 and store and just picked it up.

  • Aww. Where’s my Wasteland 2 preorder doods??! :p

  • Wow! Ridge Racer Unbounded and MotoGP 14 for $20 each?! I remember when Ridge Racer Unbounded was like $5 a couple years ago in a sale. PSN don’t even try anymore. I think they actually raise their prices up and put in the weekly sale to mock us. The PS4 success has gone to Sony’s head and they feel that they don’t need to try anymore. Bring back the old PS+ discounts from a couple years ago.

    Halloween sales used to be the best but now I have no expectations this year.

  • Oh, wise Grace Chen, been trying to get a solid answer as to whether or not the slime weapons come with the pre order of Dragon Quest Heroes on PSN. Hope you can provide an answer before the week is up.

  • Metal Gear Online is great so far. Although where are the costumes that are suppose to be coming today? Xbox 1 owners already has theirs.

  • Wonderful Drop this week!!!! l will be getting a few games!!


    I dont really post that many stuff in here , BUT i am really concerned about one thing and I need to ask :

    are we getting Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax for PS4 ?? Its out on Japan for PS4……

    PLEASE PLEASE reply back and let me know , I have been waiting for it for since last year

    • Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition (a completely separate game) is the one that got released for PS4 in Japan. And I would say it would be up to Sega to make that decision. I’m crossing my fingers for that release, but in the mean time, I bought DBFC for PS3 to show my support for getting these games released in the west. You should probably do the same. ^.^

    • Happy that you enjoyed the lineup this week donjohn13! What games are next up on your to-play list?

    • Got the star wars battlefront ps4 edition+tales of and dragon quest preordered this week :) my paycheck right there haha

      Waiting for Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax to be out PS4

    • I would it go with the Vita version instead , not really playing ps3 anymore….

  • Metal Gear Online is great so far. Though where are the costumes that was also suppose to be out today? Xbox 1 owners already acquired theirs.

  • Sorry for the same post guys. I thought my original post wasn’t sent through.

  • Again with the CRAPPY Sales!? Seriously?? Wow. *sigh*

    You people better be preparing some out-of-this-world Flash Sale or something (Halloween Sale?) because this “trend” is starting to look so pathetic in so many levels. SMH

  • Geez, the sales keep getting worse and worse lately. Four straight weeks of weak sales. Would be nice to see some older classics go on sale, especially those that have never been on sale to my knowledge. Also, hoping to see saga frontier, vandal hearts, jade cocoon, einhander, and some actual good ps1 CLASSICS hit the store soon.

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