Star Wars Battlefront PS4 Beta: Everything You Need to Know

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Star Wars Battlefront PS4 Beta: Everything You Need to Know

We’re days away from white-knuckle battles, blaster showdowns, lightsaber duels, and sweeping conflicts across iconic Star Wars vistas. The Star Wars Battlefront Beta begins October 8th on PS4, welcoming prospective Rebels and Imperials from around the globe to sample Battlefront’s massive multiplayer modes.

To prepare you for the upcoming Beta, we asked Battlefront Community Manager Mat Everett and our colleagues at EA and DICE to give us all the details on how to get in, get ready, and get playing. Let’s get started!

Star Wars Battlefront

The Basics

What is the Star Wars Battlefront Beta?
It’s an opportunity for the team at DICE to test various aspects of Star Wars Battlefront and its online infrastructure. Because of this, you may experience interruptions to gameplay.

When is it?
The beta opens on October 8th to players all around the globe.

Do I need to register?
Nope, it’s open to all PS4 players. There’s no need to register so you can dive into the game and join the fight.

Do I need to be a PlayStation Plus member to play it?
Nope! It’s open to all PS4 players with an internet connection.

Where can I find the Beta?
Head over to PlayStation Store.

How big will the download be?
Around 7GB.

Will there be maintenance windows or updates?
As this is a technical test, there will most likely be downtimes and restarts, etc. Full details and updates will be posted on the forums.

When will the Beta end?
October 12th. Exact times vary by region.

Star Wars BattlefrontStar Wars Battlefront

What’s In the Beta

What modes can I play once it starts?
The Beta includes three modes spread across three iconic planets, including:

  • Walker Assault on Hoth: Fight in epic 40-player battles as a Rebel to destroy the Empire’s onslaught of AT-AT’s by calling in Y-wing bombers. Or, side with the Empire and protect your walkers while utilizing their mighty weaponry to crush the Rebel objective.
  • Drop Zone on Sullust: Escape pods are crashing down and you and your team must fight to control them. With its frantic 8v8 matches, Drop Zone is sure to put your combat and strategy skills to the test.
  • Survival Mission on Tatooine: Play alone or with a friend via co-op or split-screen as you battle to hold off waves of Imperial forces including AT-ST’s, TIE fighters, elite stormtroopers, and more.

Is there a level cap?
You can advance to level five. Once you hit the level cap you’ll no longer be able to progress to higher levels, though you’ll still be able to unlock items.

Do my stats and progression carry over to the main game?
Stats and progression will not carry over to the final game.

How many players can play via split-screen on one PS4?
You can play two-player split-screen on PS4 in the Survival Mission on Tatooine.

What control schemes will be available?
Default controller layout, Southpaw, and Lefty options.

Can you play as a Hero unit during the Beta?
Of course! You can play as Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in Walker Assault. You just need to locate the hero power-ups across the battlefront.

How much customization do you have over your character in the Beta?
You can customize their hands with weapons and gadgets! Specific character customization is not unlocked in the Beta, but you’ll see a mix of options as characters will be randomly generated with male and female models.

What weapons do the Rebels have access to in each game type?
Rebel players will start off with the A280C blaster and can play to unlock the DH-17, DLT-19, and E-11 blasters. There are a few other weapons players can unlock via Star Cards, but we don’t want to spoil those. Keep in mind, the Beta only offers a taste of weapons, Star Cards, and features. We plan to reveal more weapons on our official site before November 17th.

What weapons does the Empire have access to in each game type?
With the limited selection of weapons in the Beta, the Imperial troops will be able to unlock the same weapons as the Rebels. The difference is they will start off with their own trusted E-11 blaster. Don’t worry, they won’t miss too many shots…

What vehicles will I pilot during the Beta test?
Players will be able to pilot an X-wing, A-wing, TIE fighter, TIE Interceptor, AT-ST and a Snowspeeder. You’ll also be able to control the weapons system of the mighty AT-AT.

Star Wars Battlefront, Drop Zone

Tips and Tricks

What are some strategies for each mode?
Strategies can vary depending on how you like to play, but here are a few pointers that can give you an edge in your early matches.

Tips on Survival
Stick to the high ground and keep your distance from the waves of enemies — allowing them to get close can spell certain death. Capture the Drop Pod before and during wave three and utilize your power-ups to dominate the Imperial forces. Also, not all waves are just your typical Stormtroopers, so gear up to take on those pesky AT-ST walkers.

Tips on Drop Zone
In this mode you have a lot of options in play style thanks to the layout on Sullust. Keeping your distance is great if you’re using the cycle rifle, but this limits your ability to play the objective.

Getting up high with a jetpack can play to your advantage against Stormtroopers or Rebels running into the deep valley paths, but note that you can easily become blaster fodder if you’re not aware of your surroundings. Finally, you can play like me and run ‘n’ gun and focus on clearing out the Drop Pod areas and holding the objective.

Tips on Walker Assault
This mode is by far the most complex in the Beta, with moving objectives, massive areas for battle, and keeping aerial assaults in mind — you’re going to be challenged in every way possible.

From the Rebel perspective: Capture both uplinks and hold them as long as you can. The longer you secure these key objectives, the more Y-wing bombers you unlock. These are key to weakening the AT-AT walkers and allow you to do significant damage to them. The AT-AT walkers only take significant damage while vulnerable.

Securing anti-vehicle rocket launchers and well-placed Ion grenades will be your go-to in the Beta. But focus those AT-AT walkers when they’re vulnerable and you should be able to hold back the Empire.

Snowspeeders are by far the most efficient way to take down AT-AT walkers. Master the Tow Cable takedown and watch the Imperials fall. But watch out for those Imperial fighters as they can quickly blow you out of the sky.

From the Imperial perspective: Assaulting the Rebel base from all angles is important. Stopping the Rebels from securing uplinks and protecting your AT-AT walkers are your top objectives.

Utilizing vehicle power-ups and securing the high ground across the map can help give you an advantage. If the Rebels can control the uplinks, get ready to take to the sky and defend your AT-AT walkers from X-wings, A-wings, and those pesky Snowspeeders.

To sum it up: attack and defend the uplinks, protect your AT-AT walkers, and destroy the Rebel scum!

Special note: Securing hero power-ups can help turn the tide of battle, so watch your back as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader take to the battlefront.

Star Wars Battlefront


Is there a Companion app I can use during the Beta?
Yes! You can try out the Star Wars Battlefront Companion experience. Available during the Beta only at, the Star Wars Battlefront Companion experience features the strategic card game Base Command, and lets you earn in-game Credits that unlock Star Cards, weapons, and more in Star Wars Battlefront. In addition to Base Command, the Companion also lets players check out game stats and progression, customize load-outs and appearance, connect with friends, and more.

What time will the Companion be available on October 8th?
Time will vary by platform and region.

Will there be a mobile app for the Companion?
During the Beta, the Companion will only be playable via browser at Prior to the release of Star Wars Battlefront, the Companion will be available on web and in the Apple App Store and Google Play store. Note that stats and progression earned during the beta will not carry over to the final Companion experience.

What browsers does the Companion support?
The latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer 11.

Is there a Sharefactory Theme I can use to customize the footage I capture while playing the Beta?
You bet! The Star Wars Battlefront Sharefactory Theme is available to download now and includes a full, 14 song sound soundtrack from the game, custom transitions, intro, title and outro clips, plus custom stickers to add to your video project.

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  • Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and X-Wings. I’m sold.

  • Can’t wait for this beta!!!!!!, I’m gonna be playing the **** outta of it

  • Nice. This and Metal Gear Online in the same week, yikes!! :) I’ll be playing both.. One with each

    This game looks gorgeous, I hope it has some good community / clan / competitive features (a mode with NO aim assist please, unlike Battlefield..)

  • As a big Star Wars fan, cant wait to give this a try (even if Im not a big fan of online shooters). Plus, it is great to see an open beta, with no dumb pre-requirements like pre-order, purchase some stuff or thinks like that.

  • Will the beta download be available before Oct 8?

  • WIll the final game allow keyboard/mouse play? I’d like these awesome peripherals I bought to be useful for more than one game that I play regularly. Thanks. :p

    • You bought a PS4 to play with a mouse and keyboard? I think your on the wrong platform for that. Time to consider a controller as your main source of input my friend. Just a thought.

    • you do know the beta will be on PC also right? if you want keyboard and mouse, why not play the beta on PC?

  • ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!! *(^o^)*

  • For some people 7 gigabytes of data requires a lot of time to download. I sure hope the download is able to be accessed early. This will give players enough time to download the beta and start playing on the 8th.

    • I’m with you buddy.

    • You can pre-load the Beta on Origin for PC beginning at 1am PT/10am CET on Wednesday, October 7th, so I would think that pre-loading for other platforms will start around the same time.

    • I agree, I know how long its takes to DL large amounts of data (it would take me about 2 days to DL this beta with my old ISP) i could swear it was like having dial-up.

      Thats not an issue anymore ever since i moved and got TWC service (now I have an average dl speed of 300Mbps) but not everybody has the luxury of having fast Internet available in their area

    • Haven’t been able to find it on the ps store so im guessing u can’t download it til 1pm EST today sadly

  • This will be the first battlefront game i’ve played. Don’t know what to expect, hope its better than battefield. It looks good though and im excited for it. Also the card game in the companion app sounds awesome!

  • I am definitely downloading this beta on my PS4 once it becomes available on the PlayStation Store since I am so hyped for this game. I still have the first two Star Wars Battlefront games on the PS2, so I am looking forward to this game. As in matter of fact, I might get the deluxe edition of this game on release day.

    • i already pre purchased the deluxe editon and i am stoked. I am a hardcore SW Fan hell had a SW wedding reception. hahaha

  • Here’s a question. When the beta is over and no longer operational can I delete it so it doesn’t clutter up my Library? Nope? OK, no download then

    • You said it! I love demos and betas but my library gets congested with useless apps. Wish l could choose what stays and goes. Agreed!

    • I delete apps and App Data all the time. What’s the issue?

    • It ends on October 12.

    • Create a throwaway account for the sole purpose of downloading demos and betas. After the game is deleted you won’t see it when looking through your library under your main account. And you can still use the main account to play the demos and betas (useful for the betas that require PS+)

    • It’s actually really easy to delete anything on the ps4. Or if you can’t figure it out just save up $50 and buy a 1 terabyte 2.5 sata hard drive to replace the 500gb drive it came with.

    • since when can’t you? i just deleted the rainbow six beta from my ps4 after i was done with it. this won’t be like every other app on the system?

    • Why can’t you delete it?

      Abraham, “replacing the hard drive” in an excellent idea. But is there any way to do it that doesn’t use up one of the two USB slots? I already have one dedicated to my Gold Wireless Headset. I like to have the other one for charging.

    • Queen-rexy you can go into the ps4 and replace the actual hard drive. Here is a link that should help

  • As a long-time STAR WARS fan (seeing STAR WARS back in 1977 – 1978), I’ve been waiting for a new BATTLEFRONT to be released ever since I saw the first announcement during coverage of E3 all those years ago.
    I cannot wait for the Beta to drop. I hope four days will be enough time to get feedback in. That said, I hope this does not turn into a glorified demo. :-)

  • Oh eager to try it out,gotta free some space.Finally a decent beta that doesn’t require bulls*** to be able to play it.Actually pretty surprised that something like that is coming from EA but of course that has to do with their deal with Sony.
    Will play the hell outta that Survival Mission on Tatooine.

  • Hoth Hoth Hoth!

    A pre/download option would be nice. Also, why do I have this feeling that Hero’s will be crazy overpowered. Oh well, that’s what beta’s are for! Can’t wait.

  • These blog posts drive me NUTS when it comes to driving customers to the correct location on the PS Store. When I click on the “Where can I find?” link it takes me to the main page.!/en-us/home/main

    What good does that do? Is there a time when the beta will be posted in the store? I did a search but nothing comes up.

    This is the same theme when a blog post is posted about a specific game. Drive customers to the specific gaming page. This will make more sales!

  • Never played any of the battlefront games so I cant wait to try it out with my friends. my decision to buy this game depends heavily on how good this beta, well that and reviews

    • The beta will undoubtedly have connection issues so it might not be the best idea to base your decision on whether to buy the game or not based on how good/bad the beta is.

  • I’m very happy to see that this beta is being made available to all PS4 owners and not limited to those people who pre-order this game.

    I refuse to pre-order any games because of all the problems that recent games have had at launch on PS4.

    I’ll gladly pay for a game once I know that it’s working as intended after it launches.

  • I’ll SEE all you lady’s on tha battlefront …Everbody dies on tha 8th i wonder will tha darkside bowdown an let me take my rightful place as ruler ….

  • 1. Is there an option to invert the Y-axis? (very important)

    2. Is there an option to swap L1/R1 & L2/R2? (I’m weird, I don’t like using triggers for shooters)

    • While I can’t answer your second question, I can say that when I was at a con with an inverted friend, he was able to invert his Y-Axis fairly easily mid-game in the options menu (we were playing the coop mission). But again, I didn’t see anything for swapping L/R1 to L/R2 but also was not looking for it.

    • Im pretty sure there will be an option for both considering the settings have the same layout as Battlefield which allowed this. But dont bet on that. ;)

  • Anyone have an idea on how to download the beta. Can’t find it in the store? Or do we have to wait untill the release?

  • I’m so excited! If you plan on getting Battlefront then add me on PS4. Also join my friend’s StarWars Battlefront Community in my PS4 profile.

  • Join the StarWars Battlefront. community.
    Its a community for all star wars Battlefront fans.
    Everybody is welcome, so feel free to join.
    My PSN: DONUTman555
    May the force be with you!

  • Aw man, I just capped my Hunter in Destiny. Welp, time to gird my loins for the Beta

  • Can I kill Gungan’s? That is all I need to know ;)

  • (The Sith ‘Twobells’ glanced from under heavy brows and said “****, I’m stoked!”)
    Seriously though, what he really said was, “It is a deep shame that the weak rebels cannot pre-load on the PS4”.

    True story.

  • I thought for sure all I would do this weekend is play Uncharted, but after watching yesterday’s live stream on Twitch, I have gone from no interest in the game, to be really excited to try out the Beta for myself this weekend.

  • “split-screen”

    ALL THE LOVE! Thank you!

  • Its too much… first Beta , then full game and thereafter a month later the new movie … Sniff.. Happy tears !!!!

  • Where can I find the Beta?
    Head over to PlayStation Store.

    Little more info on that please? PSN s like 52 card pickup. Is there a “Section” we can expect to see this Beta in when it’s time, or do we just hang on to our privates with one hand and blindly scroll through with the other?

    Historically, it has been the latter unfortunately. Please give us CLEAR and CONCISE directions. For example: The beta can be downloaded from PSN by clicking on XYZ Menu and scrolling to XYZ submenu followed by XYZ. The Beta will be available on Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015 @ TIME PST.

    The simple paragraph above would avoid so much confusion… But of course, what’s PSN without confusion?

    • A little common sense might come in handy here.

      For one, It will likely be on the featured tab as it is a major beta release with no restrictions. Even non PS Plus members can play. Secondly, if in the unlikely event you couldn’t find it on a featured tab, coming soon, new, etc type tab, you could always SEARCH for it using the search function!

      C’mon guys. Its NOT THAT HARD.

    • Agreed PlayStation store sucks ass.. The search engine is worst I’ve ever seen,u can’t even type a word if it doesn’t know it wtf is that. Spent last hr trying to find beta I’m NZ it is the 8th htfu

    • Yeah, just wanted to say that the beta was supposed to be released an hour ago, but so far there is no sign of there being anyone free downloadable beta in the PSN store, i checked all of the usual places where you should find it and its not in any of them. Also yes that means every single spot the in regards to the other guy that replied and gave a pretty lame answer. And yes that also includes the search tab. also, fyi, there is no “Featured tab” on the PSN store..
      If anyone else might be able to help or direct me to a forum where it might even say their having issues with the update, please update this forum. I am very dissapointed in playstation, or the makers of battlefront 3 for being so horribly vague with you’r information of where to download it IN the PSN store.

      I am a long time supporter of the battlefront series, and just wish to have the proper information needed, been waiting for this day for a little while now and I feel like im gunna be let down

    • There is a tab under Spotlight in the PS store saying Play the Beta 10/08-10/12. But as of 1:00 am CST when i click the tab it takes me to a pre order the deluxe version of the game..

    • Make an Australia account it will work i try it i have the beta now :)

    • As soon as u open the play station store stay on the welcom tab and move to all games and it is their

  • <—-anyone else think this avatar looks like a boob on a lollipop? Anyway, back to the story at hand. Def going to DL on Thursday! WHOOOHOO!!! This will be on my PS4 for the GF, and also for friends when they hangout. Easily the best looking game on console. But for me, my assault will be on PC!!!!!!!!!! I get this is a beefed up BF4 engine, but since I get well over 140fps in BF4, Im still looking forward to close to 120 in SWBF! Yes my monitor is 140hz, and has a 120 mode. But in all reality, I'll prob just use GPU upscaling to use 4k and play at 60hz/fps. And there is my lead to my next statement. HURRY THE FRICKENFRACK UP WITH TRUE 4K SUPPORT SONY. YOUR GPU'S SUPPORT UPSCALING SO EVEN THAT WOULD BE A NICE START! ATI HAS VSR!!!!!! USE IT!!!! IT WAS DEVELOPED ON THE GPU YOU ARE USING!!!! EEEEGADS!!!!!!! NERDS AROUND THE WORLD MADE THEIR OWN VSR(Virtual Super Resolution) DRIVERS WITHIN WEEKS AFTER THE R9 WAS RELEASED! AND EVENTUALLY ATI OFFICIALLY RELEASED THEIRS AS WELL! WHATS YOUR EXCUSE?!?!?!?! Ok thats all for my rant. By the time we see 4k support for PS4, Ill have a 8 or 12k TV. Neato.


  • Join Star Wars Battlefront MP community. Looking to play all modes with community members. Come to the community to find others to play with. #Greatnessawaits

  • Like Testing New Things. <3

  • Do I need to be a PlayStation Plus member to play it?
    Nope! It’s open to all PS4 players with an internet connection. How can someone with out playstation plus play that’s crazy that means they can do it to all games to play on the Internet I don’t no why we pay to use are own Internet play are games when it’s free on pc.

    • Its just for this beta, it does not mean that without plus people can play all their games online. stay in school or go back. The level of thickness in you is extreme.

  • Han Solo Shot First

  • Add me for the beta Im gonna be playing alot of the beta and the full game and I wanna have a squad to roll with.

  • There are people already streaming the beta, How so ? it’s still 7/10…
    I couldn’t find it anywhere in the store, Will it hit the shelves on 8/10 ?

  • Go to PlayStation store well that’s crap. Spent last hr trying to find beta search engine is rubbish. I’m NZ 30 mins it is the 8th I could be downloading.

  • Please how do you download beta don’t tell me PlayStation store the search won’t even allow you to type in beta its beyond frustrating

  • soooo…. I live in the Eastern time zone… is there a specific time that the beta will be available? (midnight? noon?) will I be able to play it tonight at midnight?

  • Soooooooo Hyped for this game!

  • Well PSN it’s the 8th……… Iv been awake since 3am hurry up dice New Zealand is waiting

  • Still Waiting

  • Not sure why everyone has such an issue with where to get this… its an ORIGIN game… just log into your damn ORIGIN portal jeez… it was RIGHT ON THE MAIN SCREEN!!!!

    PC version pre-loaded…

  • Its October 8th, Still not on the store :(

    • Dont feel left out. Says its no longer available in Canada psn when clicking on alink of a friend is playing .

  • yeah, but the 8th where? it’s 15 minutes till the 8th here in sweden.

  • Cant find the beta in the ps store ._.

  • Will it be available at 12am or is this something that gets added to the store at 5pm? Can we pre-download it before the beta starts?

  • Does any know what time the beta will launch?

  • Can you download at Midnight on EST?

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