PlayStation Theater: Times Square’s Premier Concert and Events Venue

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PlayStation Theater: Times Square’s Premier Concert and Events Venue

Hi gang — today we’re announcing that Times Square’s 45,000-square foot, 2,150-capacity concert and special events venue has officially been renamed PlayStation Theater.

PlayStation Theater

This legendary theatre has been home to performances by artists such as Bon Jovi, The Eagles, John Legend, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, and many more. The theater has also hosted special events such as Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve, Good Morning America concert series performances by Janet Jackson and Usher.

PlayStation Theater

The partnership will include the rebranding of all of the Theater’s interior and exterior signage, including the iconic Times Square marquee, live performances on PlayStation Network, experiential marketing initiatives, and VIP hospitality opportunities.

PlayStation Theater

I’m excited by the PlayStation Theater initiative because it allows us to marry our tremendous brand momentum with an amazing venue right in the heart of Times Square. We are looking forward to exploring significant cultural moments at PlayStation Theater. Learn more about PlayStation Theater’s Fall 2015 lineup here.

If you live in the New York City area, stop on by starting today and tweet us a photo of the newly christened PlayStation Theater!

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  • Quite the interesting development.

  • I love seeing Sony / PlayStation continue to become an entertainment powerhouse. Their service and commitment to excellency is apparent in everything they’re doing.

  • For those who are curious, this used to be called the Best Buy theater, unless I’m getting it mixed up with some other theater at those cross streets. 1515 Broadway (at Broadway and 44th.)

  • Interesting choice. I’m surprised it wasn’t just named Sony theatre because “playstation” implies some sort of gaming event. Maybe that’s what you’re trying to get away from though because it felt odd watching baseball and hearing them say they will now be streamed over Playstation vue.

    It seems now playstation will represent entertainment instead of just gaming.

    • Yeah, that’s been the direction they’ve been going with the Playstation brand for a while- see also the renaming of the web store from the Sony Entertainment Network store to the Playstation store.

    • I wouldn’t consider it getting “away” from gaming. More like Gaming is EVERYWHERE now. Play is simple a part of human nature. I was inevitable that Gaming would grow to such heights..

      Think about it.. Gaming incorporates all other industries, Movies, Music, Writing.. all in one nice INTERACTIVE package. There is nothing like it on earth. Even when we eventually do get our holodeck.. it will still fall in the gaming catagory.. Or as I have always called it.. Interactive Entertainment!

    • Well yea. Where have you been during this whole Sony restructuring over the last handful of years? PlayStation is what’s leading the way. That’s why music unlimited and video are PlayStation brands now, along with PlayStation Vue like you said.

    • Media molecules new game Dreams going to bring all kind of arts Music, Movies, Painting and Gaming in a virtual world very soon and this Playstation branding is the best sony great decision.

  • WOW this is the last thing I’d ever expect. I’ve been to SO many shows there! Excited to check it out on the 23rd for Circa Survive :D

  • And this has nothing to do with Hello Games / No Man’s Sky being in town on Friday and Saturday?… :(

  • You paid for naming rights on a theater.


    • lol, exactly what i was thinking.

    • This is some major advertising for Sony! It’s a brilliant move.

    • On a theater in Times Square, New York City. Learn some business.

    • I know business very well, thanks.

      Advertising, great. Million of people walk by and see their brand. Don’t think it will work for them. I want to be wrong, and my point was more of a what’s the point of the news article, so my fault for not making that clear.

      That said, TV advertising is super expensive, so maybe this is better advertising for the money. They really need to make it work, because just putting your name on a theater isn’t going to sell millions of PlayStations.

  • This is an excellent iniative! Perfect location and venue. I will be visiting regularly. Just a little bothered that this is happen on a day that I am not at work. I’m 2 blocks away! I require advance notice of such endeavors so I can make time to be front and center. When you guys did the PS4 reveal at Manhattan Center a few years ago I had to pull some cards in order to gain access. This place though.. I’m there!!!

    Now. I hope you guys go BIG and line up some spectacular events! The Playstation Heroes initiative was a well put together event. Sean White, Stephen Curry, Snoop Dog… My wife and I were literally face to face with all of them. Keep it ip!

  • You MUST work out a way to stream events from this exclusive on PlayStation, and more crucially still, live 360° video viewable through PlayStation VR in future… Makes sense!

  • Lets get Kinda Funny Live 2 in there! #PSILOVEYOUXOXO

  • Very interesting! Well I hope this means we’ll get a PSX or something akin to that at some point. Would like more East Coast PlayStation conventions / celebrations :-)

  • I also hope this means they’ll pop some Sony stores or other one-of-a-kind PlayStation experiences into that venue (VR booths, something akin to the TGS Trico interactive piece, etc.)

  • Is there going to be any thing special related to PlayStation gaming and such going on in there? I live in the Bronx so it would be nothing but a subway ride into the center city.

    Hoping this will bring more PlayStation events to NYC in the future.

  • Wow! Pretty damn big deal. Plus, I see this being a huge feature for Playstation VR. Imagine broadcasting events over VR from the theater. Crazy!

  • Awesome! This is the perfect platform to showcase all of your upcoming, unannounced AAA PS Vita games that you’ve been secretly developing. I’ll hold my breath while you announce your unavailing date. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Still holding . . . . . . . . . .

  • Was wondering if the event viewer section of the 3.0 update would be of any use and I see neo that it was all for this. This is a great move. Going to stop by to watch E3 2016

    • Being able to see E3 2016 live through the Events Viewer would be an amazing development. Bonus points if it’s VR compatible.

  • Awesome news! Will be great brand exposure thats for sure!

  • So, basically you paid a lot for a giant billboard….
    Ok, so how does this improve our gaming experience in any way at all?

    Seems like a vanity project for the suits to celebrate at their next board meeting. No benefit to consumers or gamers.
    At least we see where our PS+ dollars are being funnelled to.

  • Well I will be visiting this as often as I can (BrooklynKnight) definitely an amazing venture. I hope besides the great concerts some really cool PlayStation events can/will be held here. Looking forward to you doing the Blogcast from here one day Sid.


  • Nothing to do with the theater but i was curious about the new “Home” starting in the late fall?

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