PlayStation Blogcast 182: The King and I

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PlayStation Blogcast 182: The King and I

It’s the wild, wild west, folks! With Justin and Ryan alone to run the show, all talk turns to Destiny: The Taken King, Final Fantasy XIV, and the sci-fi horror game Soma. We cover the new releases for next week, breaking news from the world of PlayStation, and so much more. Enjoy the show!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Destiny: The Taken King
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward
  • That’s right, try and stop us
  • Soma (Soooooma)
  • Our fancy-pants new mobile site
  • (and how Justin now has to re-code all the things)
  • Star Wars Battlefront Beta
  • Whatever the heck else we want!

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The Cast

Official PlayStation Blogcast: Justin MassongillOfficial PlayStation Blogcast: Ryan Clements

Justin Massongill – Social Media Manager, SCEA
Ryan Clements – Social Media Specialist, SCEA

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1 Author Reply

  • Enjoy the show!

  • Justin Massongill


  • oooooooo, a Justin and Ryan episode. been awhile since we had one of these. Normally I’d complain about the lack of Sid but you 2 alone make a a great duo. Just like Sid and Nick.

    Can’t wait to listen.

    Btw, I think this is the first time I’ve seen the Blogcast posted here before Libsyn.

  • Destineh talk? SIGN ME UP!

    I think instead of The Taken King it should be called “Sleep Deprivation” because these raids…


    See you guys on the Dreadnaught!

  • Shorter episode, but as always, it was a blast to listen to. On the subject of toddlers, I worked at a daycare/preschool over this past summer and we called toddlers the age group of 2-3 year olds. They can walk pretty efficiently, develop a larger vocabulary, things like that.

  • Great show as always! Love the more intimate episodes even though I did miss Sid and Nick. Are any of the blogcasters itching for Fallout 4 as much as me? The closer it gets the farther it feels. At this point I’m almost willing to pull a Cartman.

    P.S. Super excited to try both Broken Age and Super Meat Boy for the first time.

  • Justin and Ryan,
    You guys made quite the hullabaloo this week! I’d like to commend you two on a job well done. I’d like to ask which instruments you prefer to play (in Rock Band), and if you guys have ever play in Band Mode together? If so, do you have a band name? If not, what would you call yourselves? The Hullabaloos? I’ve searched the internet, and that name seems to be available.

    • Justin Massongill

      Ryan and I have not yet played Rock Band together, but I intend to change that soon. I can handle any role / instrument, but I prefer drums. The Hullabaloos is a solid name — we might need to claim it!

  • While I love the whole crew together, and found myself missing chicken quesarito talk, Justin and Ryan put together a really great show!
    The description of Soma being academic and special, something that remains with you well after you’ve put down your controller, has me absolutely intrigued and completely looking forward to playing it. I really loved Ryan’s worded illustration of his experience.

    And, I’m glad I’m not the only one who says Chuverches (Chvrches). ;)

    Thanks for episode, guys! :)))

  • (….and, the ending makes me think you should include a blooper reel whenever possible…. lol)

  • Loved the bonus content at the end, please keep doing more like it. Great show as always.

  • The timing of Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax’s release in the West is unfortunate, given that an updated version of the game (Ignition) will be published for Vita, PS3, and PS4 over in Japan this December. Perhaps it would have made more sense for Sega to have kept its powder dry and had Ignition be the “first” version of the game brought over here instead. The way it is now, one might worry that any drop in sales for the original game could be read as meaning “people in the West don’t want the game at all”, rather than “we should have waited to sell Ignition here instead”.

    At least there is one game featuring Kirito, Asuna, and Leafa which won’t be caught up in such turmoil; Sword Art Online: Lost Song is heading to Vita and PS4 in North America next month. There is set to be an announcement of a new “SAO IV” game next week over in Japan, but there should be plenty of breathing room between Lost Song and that game – just as there was between Hollow Fragment and Lost Song (on Vita, at least).

    • Also, is there a way to switch between the standard and mobile views of the Blog site?

      I checked the site using the browser on my PS Vita, and it till shows the standard view – but I’d still prefer the choice of going back and forth if possible.

  • Great show guys, I loved Ryan’s “mmhm, mmhm” when Justin was explaining the 3.00 firmware, it reminded me of the “hm, hm, hm” from Regular Show.

    Also, was excited to hear about Among the Sleep. Looking forward to it. But you guys kinda went off into a toddler debate. Oh well, maybe Sid can squabble on about it when he returns to the show.

  • Ha! Even though you were apprehensive about it, you both got Kloster correct again. Much love! Adding Ryan’s endorsement to Sid’s last week, I guess I need to get soma. Too funny that you finally have free reign to talk all the FFIV that you want and it comes the one week in the past year that neither of you are playing.

  • argh final fantasy xiv. too late to save my character from deletion :(

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