Powers Season 2: Michael Madsen Joins Cast as SuperShock

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Powers Season 2: Michael Madsen Joins Cast as SuperShock

Hello, PlayStation Fans! It’s Brian Michael Bendis, co-creator of the Powers comics and executive producer of the PlayStation Original Series, Powers. First off, thank you to everyone who enjoyed the first season of Powers; you all helped make it the most viewed show on PlayStation Network! As many of you have heard, we’re coming back for season two and all of us associated with the show couldn’t be more excited.

Powers Season 2

Powers Season 2

I’ve been working hard all summer, alongside our incredible showrunner Remi Aubuchon, to make this season even better than the last. Expect more action, more powerful heroes, and more of the unique storytelling that made the Powers comics the Powers comics!

(Spoiler warning: major plot points of Season 1 discussed below!)

We’ve just started shooting in Atlanta this week and the energy on set has been amazing. Picking the story up where we left off last season, viewers will finally find out who killed Retro Girl and the far-reaching ramifications of her death. I don’t want to give away too much here, but the death of Powers’ most famous superhero rocks the world to its core.

Powers Season 2

I’m also excited to announce a big piece of casting news. The incomparable Michael Madsen is joining the cast of Powers as SuperShock, one of the most powerful superheroes in the Powers universe!

After retiring 40 years ago under mysterious circumstances, SuperShock resurfaces to fill the void left behind by Retro Girl’s death. If you know Michael’s work on amazing films like Reservoir Dogs and Donnie Brasco, you know we’re incredibly lucky to have him joining our talented cast.

And that’s just one day. PlayStation Nation, get ready to be blown away this season! I will be updating you right here all production long!

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  • Cool. Enjoyed the first season. When does the second season premiere?

    • I would also like a premiere date, so I can mark it on the calendar.
      Season 1 was great, a little cheesy at times, but very enjoyable. Sharlto Copley can do no wrong.
      And Michael Madsen is a fantastic addition! Love that guy in everything I’ve seen.
      Keep up the good work, and don’t let the haters get you down!

  • I enjoyed the first season as well but it needed lots of improvement in all areas. Hope that Season 2 builds on all of those areas.

  • Is the show ever going to be available in Canada?

    • How many times did they lie and say “coming soon”

      My guess is they tried to sell it to a Canadian network but had no interest from them since they didn’t want to pay Sony for something they were giving away for free.

  • Any way to watch Powers on my PS Vita or PS TV (it would be particularly ironic if I couldn’t watch Playstation’s original and exclusive series on a Playstation TV)?

    • Yea they definitely should fix that. .if they do I might get PlayStation tv

    • Just go into the video section of the PS Store on your Vita and search for the series, click the episode you want and download it to the system. You may be able to move it from your PS3 to the Vita via USB, but you need to have the SD version downloaded.

    • Just go into the PS Store on your Vita/TV and type in Powers in the search bar. Since you are a PS+ member, you get it for free, but it’s only standard definition on the Vita/TV.

    • As others have said, this is possible to view on PS Vita, but Sony needs to do a much better job of it. Vita deserves a complete store overhaul to bring it in line with PlayStation 4. Having PlayStation Video Streaming and PlayStation Vue on the PSV and PSTV would make both devices way more atractive. Release a 4G model so that content could be taken anywhere, and phone calls/texting could be done anywhere, and maybe the handheld market won’t look so bleak.

  • I would love to be able to watch Powers Season 1. Will it be available in Canada before Season 2?

    • To be honest, I downloaded it from the internet so I could watch it on the go on my iPad rather than watch it on my TV at home. But I do that with a lot of TV :)

      It might be “Exclusive” to Playstation, but that doesn’t mean its not available from plenty of interest sources if you take the time to search a bit.

    • I realize I could pirate it, but I pay for a service that was advertised as the (only!) legitimate way for me to watch the series. I’ve been waiting years for a show based on one of my favourite comics, and months for even the long-promised ANNOUNCEMENT of when and how it will be provided in my country. It’s wildly unfair for Sony to put me in a position where, even as a paying customer, I have to choose between not watching, or leaving myself open to potential litigation.

      How about it, Sony? Will you provide me with written permission to torrent the first season of Powers?

  • Season too gunna be dope can’t wait :)

  • I’d still like to see a way beyond downloading it from somewhere online for Canadians to be able to watch this.

  • Loved season 1 so definitely can’t wait

  • Still not available to Canadians so I have zero interest. A missed opportunity, folks.

    • The first episode is, or at least it was, I added it to my library awhile back. But haven’t seen anything else for Powers in Canada.

  • Is there any way to opt out of this from automatically being added to my download history? Its hard enough sifting through a linear list to find games that I have bought without this, which I will never watch, obfuscating my efforts.

  • Cool, can’t wait for season 2! I loved the first season, watched it every week!

  • free with ps+ again?

  • Looking forward to season 2. This is one of the few Live action shows I have been able to watch in the last few years. Hope to see more series of this quality added to PlayStation Originals in the years to come.

  • I think this is a waste of investment dollars for Sony. Focus on games, and on real PS4 improvements like external storage, storage folders, better sorting, hiding things from the Library that aren’t on the system, changing PSN IDs, etc etc.

  • Im excited…oh wait..season 1 of Powers is not avalible in México.

  • I’d like to see Season 2 (hopefully) by December. It would be a nice Christmas surprise.

  • Great!!! I’ve been waiting for some season 2 news, now it’s just a waiting game until it arrives.

  • Powers is/was the worst piece of **** and PlayStation wanted to stick their name to it.

  • Are you going to force Season Two onto my download list even though I don’t want it like you guys did with Season One? Did you learn nothing from people being livid at Apple for forcing U2 down everyone’s throat?

    How do I remove Powers from my account?!

  • Season 2 is going to be free for plus members right ?

  • Great to hear the announcement of the 2nd season, I really enjoyed the first season. Also that’s an awesome cast for Michael Madsen, can’t wait to see how he and Copley work together. The show definitely gained momentum throughout the first season and left me wanting more; can’t wait to see what’s next.

  • Meanwhile, Canada doesn’t even have Season 1.

  • Can’t wait to set my calendar for the next season!!!

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